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Getting married to J was one of the best decisions for erotic satisfaction I’ve ever made. We share the view that anything that feels good to both of us, that doesn’t hurt either of us or anyone else, is OK. One thing we especially enjoy is giving each other nude massages. J loves it when I straddle his back, my thighs over his and my pussy hair tickling his bottom, my hands rubbing scented oil strongly into his back, neck and arms.

Last Sunday afternoon when it was hot, we both decided at the same time that we felt like being naked and opening up the massage oil. Anxious to be the first giver, I was coating his back liberally when suddenly he suggested I rub a fair amount onto my breasts. Not knowing what he had in mind, I did as he directed, rubbing the sweet-smelling liquid all around my breasts and chest, making sure my nipples were coated abundantly. He said he’d love it if I lay flat on top of him and rubbed my oily breasts in long strokes up and down his back. The next few minutes were absolute ecstasy!

My breasts and nipples always become quite sensitive when I’m aroused, and sliding them up and down J’s back like that, over and over, sent me straight to the brink of orgasm. I thought of stories I’d heard about certain establishments in the city where “body slides” are offered, the massage the girls must love as much as the customers! I was getting off on it, but J’s moans told me my soft breasts and hard nipples rubbing along his back were delighting him too!

But before I could come, J rolled over, revealing an impatient erection. I moved lower to trap his cock in my oily cleavage, escort ataşehir exciting the head with little licks, pressing my tongue into the tiny hole. Rubbing my moistening pubis against J’s leg as I fellated him, orgasm came closer and closer when suddenly J wriggled away down the bed underneath me! I knew he wanted me straddling his face as he held my thighs with his hands and thrashed his way through my pussy hair with his tongue to take my swollen clit between his lips, sucking it with the exact degree of friction he knows I love. Losing control, my head fell backwards dizzyingly and I squeezed my breasts hard as I ground myself into his face, peaking at last in a huge flood of feeling all over my husband’s wonderfully relentless mouth.

A minute passed. Still murmuring and wriggling in pleasure, I rolled aside, cupping my genitals to soak up every last sensation. But J’s hands would not leave me alone. Their arousing caresses indicated he needed his own release.

He knelt between my spread legs to gaze lustfully at my glistening fleece, and ran a lubricated finger very very gently along my wet, open sex-lips, knowing from experience that my clitoris usually needs time to cool down before it can go on to bigger and better things. As his finger stroked and gently dipped in and out of me, he bent down and started to use his mouth again on my right leg, kissing and licking from the crease next to my bush, all along the smooth underside of my right thigh. He lingered in the sensitive space behind my knee before nuzzling his way down my leg which I put on his shoulder then straightened kadıköy escort completely as he kissed his way to my inner ankle which he circled and licked. The feeling of J’s mouth, teeth and lips moving with skill all over my skin is something I can never get enough of – he seems to know exactly where and how long to nibble before it gets ticklish.

After attending to my right foot, he glided his tongue equally slowly all the way back down my inner leg, refusing to go faster even when I urged him loudly. Then he brushed his tongue back and forth from side to side on my outer labia while his hands moved up to caress my breasts, using his thumbs to keep my nipples hard. Believe me, there was no way they were going to subside! After a moment, he moved his tongue across to the other side of my mound and started his incredibly arousing tongue-work along my other leg, letting his right hand go back to massaging my mound directly. By the time his mouth had finished its tantalising journey down to my foot and back again, my juices were a warm puddle beneath me and my need for relief from the torment was urgent. I pushed my hands between my thighs to replace his, my fingers greedily rubbing my clit in the fastest and most reliable method I have for bringing myself off.

J simply smiled at me, massaging my underthighs from my knees down to my bottom and back up again as he savoured my auto-erotic display. At this point, I believed he would allow me to go all the way myself, as I know how much he loves plunging into my hot pussy straight after I’ve climaxed. He says it’s like my pussy is maltepe escort bayan somehow aching to be filled, surrounding his cock in a clinging hot juiciness.

As I continued to masturbate gloriously, my husband placed my feet on his shoulders. J gives a fantastic foot massage anytime, but to feel his warm thumbs rubbing both insteps in small firm circles while my clit received its favourite treatment was just sublime. My wrist speed increased as my mind focussed on releasing the pleasure deep inside, when suddenly my hands were wrenched away onto the pillow next to my head, my legs still over his shoulders were pointing straight at the ceiling, and J’s thick, throbbing prick was embedded in my extremely receptive vagina! The momentary shock of his entry suspended my path to climax, but our mouths locked in real tongue-battering style and my cunt responded, urging my hips to thrust back hard at him, desperate to come.

The build-up was too much for both of us. After ten giant strokes, J’s head snapped sideways, his eyes shut tight and he pushed himself all the way in. He cried out and I watched his face express enormous pleasure and satisfaction as he spurted himself into me over and over. I wriggled my pelvis against his and rubbed my feet along his legs as he groaned again and again with the last waves of orgasm.

As soon as he released my wrists, I rolled him easily to my left and before he could slip out of me, my hand was on my clit. I stroked frantically, swept up in the heat and passion of our sensual love-making, and then I was there, exploding from within, J extending my pleasure by exciting my breasts and neck with his hands and mouth.

As the glorious waves finally ebbed away, I pulled the sheet up over us drowsily and we hugged comfortably. Drifting in semi-sleep towards nightfall, I reflected in peace on our wonderfully satisfying siesta.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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