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“I am sick and tired of being treated like some little girl,” Dawn complained, stamping her 18-year-old foot in frustration. “Why can’t I go out and stay until midnight like David?” she asked. “He’s only 19.”

“Honey, I know you’re impatient to grow up and do all the things that go along with that,” Sara, her mother answered her. “But you just need to wait a little bit for some things. David had the same 10:30 curfew when he was 18 as you have now. Fair’s fair, isn’t it?”

“Well, then it was unfair to him, too,” she retorted.

“That’s what I said,” David laughed. “I agree with you, but that’s the way they are.”

“What about when Janie comes to visit?” Dawn asked, referring to her cousin who was coming to spend a month. “Are you going to humiliate me with this stupid curfew even then?”

“We’ll see what kind of a curfew she has and make a decision then,” Sara replied. “Is that fair?”

“We’ll see,” Dawn said, still disappointed.

“I’ll tell you what,” David said. “If you want, you can come with me until you have to be home and I’ll make sure you get here in time. I’ll just go back out until I have to be here.”

“You’d do that?” Dawn asked, staring at him. “Why?”

“Let’s just say I feel sorry for you,” David replied. “If you don’t like it, fine, but I had a momentary weakness and thought you might appreciate it.”

“I do,” Dawn said. “Really. I just thought….”

“What?” David asked. “Get it out.”

“Just that you’d rather be with your friends and not your little sister,” Dawn answered lamely.

“It crossed my mind,” David said. “But like you said, you’re growing up. Let’s see if you can behave like you are.”

“I think that’s very nice, David,” Sara said. “And you should be more grateful, Dawn. He didn’t have to offer.”

“I am grateful, I’m just mad about it all,” she said. “Can we go now?”

“I’m ready,” David laughed. “See you later, mom,” he said, kissing her on the cheek. “I’ll make sure she’s home on time.”

“You’d better,” Sara said, “or you’ll pay the price, too.”

“Come on,” Dawn said, opening the door. “My night’s almost over already.”

David laughed as he followed his sister out of the house. He hadn’t been kidding when he’d commented on how Dawn had grown up. She had a pretty nice ass under her shorts, and he had noticed that her t-shirts were sticking out farther and farther all the time. A few of his friends had commented on how she was developing and he knew there would be no objections to his bringing her along.

David carefully drove to the old railroad station outside of town where he always met his friends. When they got there, John and Henry and Bill were already there, as well as Mary and Sue. David smiled when he saw Sue. She had been very friendly lately and he knew she had a reputation as a girl who would let things go along farther than the other girls. There were a couple of remarks about him bringing his little sister, but Henry and Bill quickly voiced their support for her presence.

Dawn felt a bit shy with all these older friends of her brother’s, but they quickly accepted her and soon she was laughing with them as they gossiped and told stories about each other. Out of nowhere a bottle of vodka appeared and was passed around. She watched as everyone took a swallow right out of the bottle, some of them coughing as they swallowed the strong alcohol. When she took a swallow, she almost gagged, it was so strong. She had never tasted strong alcohol and it surprised her how much it burned as it slid down into her stomach.

Slowly the bottle went around and around until it was empty. Dawn noticed that her face felt flushed and that she was very relaxed. She laughed when Sue leaned on Bill and kissed him, rubbing her body against his. John and Henry quickly voiced their complaint at being left out of the action. Sue laughed and broke off her kiss, moving back away from Bill.

“Well, Mary’s here, too,” she laughed. “And I’ll bet Dawn wouldn’t mind playing, too,” she added.

Dawn gasped when she heard this. She certainly wasn’t about to make out with any of these boys, especially not in front of everyone else. Mary didn’t say anything, so Dawn assumed that she too didn’t mind the idea.

“But there’s only two, or three of you and four of us,” Henry complained. “How is that fair?”

“Well, let’s draw straws,” Sue laughed. “Big straw for me, medium one for Mary and a small one for Dawn,” she suggested. “Whoever draws the straw gets to make out with whoever goes with the straw. Then we’ll do it again and that way everyone gets some loving.”

“That sounds okay to me,” John said. “What about you guys?”

Everyone voiced their approval but Dawn, who stood there in shock.

“How about it, Dawn, are you going to join us?” Sue asked, a twinkle in her eye. “Or would you rather watch for now?”

“I think I should watch,” Dawn replied, feeling her face flush with embarrassment as everyone stared at her. “I mean, at first anyway,” she said, feeling street blowjobs porno foolish, and young.

“It’s no big deal,” Sue said, rescuing her. “More for me and Mary, isn’t there? Now we don’t even need straws, we can just do evens and odds.”

“Let’s do it then,” John said. “I need some loving already.”

They threw fingers until it narrowed down to Bill. Then they did it again and Henry won.

“Well, it looks like Bill’s mine for now,” Sue said, “and you can have Mary, Henry,” she said with a laugh, wrapping her arms around Bill’s neck.

“I think Mary’s beautiful,” Henry said, putting an arm around her shoulders.

As Dawn watched along with her brother and John, the other two couples began to kiss and make out. She felt a tingle in her belly and also felt her nipples getting hard as she watched them. She could see that they were French kissing, their tongues circling each other and then plunging deep into their mouths. She could see that Bill and Henry were letting their hands wander up and down Sue and Mary’s bodies, squeezing their asses and even their breasts as they continued to make out.

Finally they broke for air, their eyes bright and their lips red from their kissing.

“Hey, it’s our turn now,” John said.

“Who gets who?” David asked, a big grin on his face.

“I’ll take Sue,” John said, “you take Mary.”

“That sounds just fine to me,” David said, pulling Mary close to him.

As he bent to kiss her, he could see that her breasts were heaving and that her nipples were hard underneath her shirt. Dawn watched nervously as her brother began to make out with Mary. She thought she was much prettier than Sue, though Sue definitely had the more outgoing personality. Mary had bright red hair and freckles all over, but she had the sweetest face. Dawn thought that her own breasts might be as large as Mary’s, while Sue definitely didn’t have big breasts, but she had an exciting, willing manner that her short blonde hair made seem really irresistible.

As Dawn watched her brother making out with Mary, she was surprised to see his hand moving up beneath her shirt and obviously cupping her breast. She felt her own nipples tingling and realized that she was holding her breath. She was even more shocked to see that Sue had let her hand drop between John’s legs where she was obviously holding his cock. Dawn could see that it was big, filling his pants as Sue continued to massage him as they kissed.

Finally they all broke for air and Dawn noticed that David had removed his hand from beneath Mary’s shirt while Sue continued to lightly rub John’s cock through his pants. Then Bill and Henry stepped forward again, this time grabbing the girl they hadn’t been with the first time. Dawn watched as they again began making out, now sort of regretting her decision to just watch. It looked like so much fun and it made her feel funny just watching.

Now they were actively groping each other, their hands wandering all over. Henry and Sue were the boldest, though, rubbing each other’s crotch like crazy while they kissed. She noticed that all of the boys now had big lumps in their pants, including David, and she wondered where all this was going to lead.

They broke for air again and switched off, now completing the pairing off of everyone but her. She was really feeling excited watching them now, with David finally being with Sue. He had his hand all the way down the front of her pants and she had unzipped his and had pulled his hard cock out and was massaging it in her hand. Dawn couldn’t believe it as she watched the action. This was her brother who she had never even seen naked before and Sue was playing with his cock right in front of her.

They finally broke their kisses and Sue groaned out loud as David’s fingers did their magic between her legs.

“I’ll do you if you’ll do me,” Sue panted in David’s ear, jerking on his cock with her hand.

“What about Dawn?” David asked, glancing at his sister and seeing the look on her face as she watched.

“She said she wanted to watch, so let her watch,” Sue said, rubbing her finger across the tip of his cock and smearing the precum that had formed there.

“God, do it already,” David groaned as Sue smiled at him.

Dawn couldn’t believe it when Sue sank to her knees, still holding David’s cock in her hand, then leaned forward and began to lick and suck on his cock. She had never even imagined seeing something like that and the shock was so great that she just sat there with her mouth hanging open as Sue continued to suck David’s cock. Sue lifted her face from David’s cock for a moment and looked up at Mary.

“You going to join me or is this all for me tonight?” she asked, licking David’s cock again.

“You won’t say anything, will you?” Mary asked Dawn. “I mean, you don’t mind?”

“N-n-no, I don’t mind,” Dawn stammered, shocked that she had even been asked.

“Because I love to suck cocks,” Mary admitted, student sex parties porno blushing as she said it. “And I’d hate to let Sue have them all.”

“No, go ahead,” Dawn said, feeling very grown up now. “I don’t mind, really.”

“Oh, good,” Mary said, smiling at her as she sank to her knees in front of John.

She quickly pulled his cock out of his pants and began to lick and suck on it alongside Sue. Dawn found herself watching how they did what they were doing, surprised that Mary was able to let all of John’s cock into her mouth as she worked on him. Dawn noticed that Henry and Bill had moved over to sit on either side of her while they watched John and David getting their cocks sucked. Dawn couldn’t help glancing at their laps to see the very prominent lumps there. Henry caught her staring at his crotch at one point and smiled.

“Here, I know you’re only watching, not really joining in,” he said, unzipping his pants and pulling his hard cock out and holding it in his hand, shocking her totally. “But why don’t you hold this and sort of keep me worked up until it’s my turn,” he said, reaching for her hand.

Dawn was so shocked that she didn’t even resist as Henry wrapped her hand around his cock. She was surprised to feel that it was so soft even as it was so hard. And warm too. She allowed Henry to slide her hand up and down his shaft and then he let her hand go, but she didn’t let his cock go. She couldn’t believe how this was turning out, watching her brother and his friends make out and get their cocks sucked, and now she was actually holding one of them herself.

“Here, you can do mine too,” Bill said, reaching for her other hand and placing it on his cock which he had freed from its confines.

Dawn was ready to burst with delight as she sat there slowly jacking the two cocks while the other two boys got theirs sucked. Her nipples were so hard and excited now that she thought they would break. As she continued to play with their cocks, Dawn heard David groan out loud and clutch Sue’s head tightly to his crotch. She heard Sue moan and saw her throat convulsing, realizing that David must be cumming in her mouth. Her mouth was hanging open as she watched, seeing a dribble of cum slide down the side of Sue’s mouth as she struggled to swallow it all. Then John groaned and Mary noisily began to gobble his cum as it filled her mouth. It all ended too soon as far as she was concerned, as Sue and Mary slowly got to their feet, smiles on their faces.

“That was nice,” Sue said, licking her lips. “And it looks like Dawn’s got the next ones all ready for us, too,” she said, her eyes lighting up as she saw Dawn with both cocks in her hands.

“Dawn!” David said as he realized what she was doing. “What are you doing?”

“They asked,” she stammered, “and it seemed okay,” she said, releasing them both in embarrassment.

“Hey, you’re doing fine,” Sue said, coming over to stand in front of her. “David’s nuts if he thinks that he can get his cock sucked in front of you and you’ll just sit there quietly and watch. I appreciate you keeping them nice and hard for me. In fact, you keep doing that while I suck him this time,” she said. “That way you’ll feel it when he cums. It’s so cool.”

“Yeah,” Mary said. “That’s a good idea. You hold their cocks and we’ll suck them off.”

“It’s okay,” Sue said, taking her hands and moving them back to the two cocks on either side of her, “isn’t it, David?”

“Sure it is,” he agreed, shaking his head as he watched his little sister slowly wanking his two friends.

“And I think that you owe me something,” Sue said, smiling at him as she pushed her shorts to the ground, revealing that she was wearing no underwear. “So get to work,” she said, bending over and taking Bill’s cock into her mouth, her ass sticking up in the air.

Dawn could feel Sue’s mouth as it brushed her hand as she continued to wank Bill’s cock while Sue sucked it. At the same time, she was shocked as she saw her brother drop to his knees behind Sue and stick his face into her pussy from behind. From the sounds coming from behind Sue, Dawn assumed that David was licking her pussy. She was so excited that she couldn’t believe it. Here she was, a guy’s cock in each hand while two girls sucked the cocks while they each had their pussies licked by two other boys. She was really enjoying herself now, getting bolder about her handling of the two cocks in her hands. She looked down at Mary getting her pussy sucked by Henry. She could see that Henry was thrusting two fingers in and out of Mary’s pussy while he sucked on her. Mary was groaning around John’s cock as she sucked him, her ass gyrating as Henry continued to suck her pussy.

Then Henry groaned and Dawn could feel his cock swell in her hand, then she could feel cum spurting down the shaft and she knew that it was shooting into Mary’s gulping mouth. Then she felt Bill’s cock swell in her other hand and he, too, was cumming in Sue’s submissive cuckolds porno mouth. As she watched Sue, Sue opened her mouth, showing Dawn a mouth full of cum and more shooting from the end of Bill’s cock. She continued to stroke his cock, milking the cum from it into Sue’s open mouth. Then Sue pulled away, pushing back into David’s face as he sucked her pussy. Dawn was left with Bill’s cock still oozing cum from the end and she let her hand slide down over the head of his cock, smearing the sticky cum all over it.

“Now, do it now,” Sue panted, reaching behind herself and pulling on her ass cheeks, spreading them wide.

Dawn stared in shock as David stood behind her, his cock sticking straight out in front of him, then he pushed forward and his cock disappeared from Dawn’s view and she knew that he had put it into Sue’s pussy and was fucking her. Then John got to his feet behind Mary and stuffed his cock into her pussy, too, fucking her as she gasped, cum filling her mouth and smeared across her face.

Dawn watched as the two girls got fucked, one of them by her brother. She still held Bill and Henry’s cocks in her hands, but they were now limp. She massaged them in vain, unable to get them hard again as David and John fucked Sue and Mary in front of them.

“What should I do?” she asked, worried that she was doing something wrong.

“Well, if you suck on it, I know it’ll get hard again,” Henry replied.

“No, I don’t think I could do that,” Dawn replied, embarrassed again. “Isn’t there another way?”

“Well, if you let me play with you, I’m sure it’ll excite me so much that I’ll get hard again,” Henry suggested, “and then I’ll be able to fuck them, too.”

“Do you think so?” Dawn asked, blushing again as she pictured what he was saying to her.

“Yeah,” Henry said. “You’re really cute, even if you are a bit young. It turns me on just thinking about it.”

“About what?” Dawn asked, really massaging his cock now.

“Playing with you,” he said. “What did you think?”

“Oh, you know, like fucking them, too,” Dawn said, blushing as she heard the words come unnaturally from her mouth.

“I’ve done that,” Henry said. “And so have a lot of other guys. But I’ll bet you’ve never been touched before, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Dawn replied, embarrassed.

“That excites me,” Henry said, gently letting a hand slide up her thigh. “And you’ve never touched a cock before tonight, right?” he asked, letting his hand move up over her belly to cup one of her breasts, his fingers finding her hardened nipple and gently pinching it.

“Oh, that’s…I’ve never done this before,” Dawn sighed, enjoying the gentle squeezing and kneading Henry was giving her breast, not forgetting about the two cocks she was holding. She felt Henry’s cock twitch in her hand and become just perceptibly harder.

“I can feel it,” she whispered as Henry continued to play with her breast.

“So can I,” Henry said, looking up and seeing David stare at him as he fucked Sue. “Do you like this?” he asked, pinching her nipple firmly.

“Oh,” Dawn gasped, “it feels nice,” she nodded.

“How about this?” Henry asked, again letting his hand slide down across her belly to the inside of her thigh. “You’ve got really smooth legs,” he said, sliding his fingers up under the loose leg of her shorts to gently brush her pussy through her panties. “And your panties are wet, too,” he said, rubbing his finger into her slit through the panties.

“Mmm,” Dawn moaned, loving the feeling of Henry’s finger on her pussy. “Oh!” she exclaimed when she felt Henry’s finger slide to the side of her panties and press under the elastic to slide right between her pussy lips to rest on her wet hole.

“Do you like this?” Henry asked, rubbing his finger slowly up and down Dawn’s virgin slit.

“Umm, yes,” Dawn breathed, feeling Henry’s cock suddenly grow fully hard in her hand. “It worked!” she exclaimed, sitting up straight and dislodging Henry’s finger from her pussy.

“I told you,” he said as David groaned and slammed himself up against Sue’s ass, cumming inside of her. “Now I’ll be able to fuck her, too,” he said. “Thanks.”

And then he shocked Dawn by leaning over and gently kissing her on the lips, his hand sliding between her legs to rub her pussy through her shorts.

“Shit, that worked for me, too, just watching,” Bill said, his cock now hard, too.

David and John had finished cumming in the respective pussies that they had been fucking and now pulled their flaccid cocks out. Sue and Mary stood up, stretching their backs from being bent over for so long, and Dawn could see a dribble of cum running down the inside of Sue’s leg.

“You ready for me?” Henry asked, moving over next to Sue, his cock sticking out in front of him.

“Mmm, yes,” Sue said, reaching out and grasping his cock in her hand. “Nice and hard, too.”

“You can thank Dawn for that,” he said. “She got me really excited.”

“I’ll bet,” Sue said, smiling at Dawn’s blushing face. “I can see why. Now lay down on your back,” she commanded. “I’m tired of being bent over.”

“You bet,” Henry said with a smile, laying down on the ground.

“Ahh, yes,” Sue said, squatting over him, her back to his face. “This will be nice,” she said, guiding his cock to her pussy and lowering herself onto it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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