Sisterly Seduction

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It had been weeks since Penny and her younger sister Marina had gotten together for a sisterly heart-to-heart talk. Oh, yes, they often rung one another up to chat on the phone and keep abreast of how life was treating them and their families, but it wasn’t the same as being together and enjoying the company of one another.

Besides, something had been gnawing away at Penny’s psyche for sometime now of a sexual nature that involved her sister Marina until finally she decided she had to act upon it or go crazy thinking about it.

Thus, one morning Penny decided to ring up Marina to invite her over so they could enjoy one another’s company that they always did. They were very close as with many siblings. Perhaps even closer.

Maybe it was a Greek thing, their having respect for keeping the greater family together, or maybe it was just due to their having been very close since early childhood. Whatever the reason Penny and Marina were not only sisters but also the best of friends.

Penny heard the phone ringing on the other end of the line, anticipating hearing Marina’s voice.

“Hello,” said Marina in her soft, quiet voice.

“Hey, Sis, good to hear your voice,” said Penny.

“Oh, Penny, I was just thinking about ringing you up,” Marina replied.

“Now, isn’t that a coincidence. You know, two minds thinking on the same wave length,” Penny chuckled.

“Yeah, but then we often seem to know what the other is thinking,” Marina agreed.

Penny smiled warmly at the very thought of hers and Marina’s closeness as she said, “Marina, I’m calling to see if you’d like to come over so we can have a sisterly chat and catch up on things.”

With a touch of surprise in her voice Marina said, “Now, isn’t that another coincidence. I was thinking the same thing.”

“Well, then, do you think you can get away for a couple of hours to come over to spend some quality time together?” Penny asked invitingly.

“Certainly,” said Marina as she looked up at the clock hanging on the kitchen wall. “It’s a few minutes after 9:00. I’m already dressed, so I can be over at your house in about a half hour. That would give us plenty of time to chat.”

With a broad smile on her face Penny said, “That’s great, Marina, and while you’re on your way over to my place, I’ll make us a scrumptious Greek salad with lots of Kalamata olives and feta cheese and some anchovies on top. Sound good?”

“Sounds delicious. Just the way Mom makes it. Oh, and I’ll stop off at the Greek bakery and buy some whole wheat pita bread,” Marina said.

“Great. I’m already salivating from the very thought of such a lunch. But first we talk,” Penny said enthusiastically.

“Yes, we’ll talk,” agreed Marina.

Penny’s salivating was not due just to the thought of their lunch of Greek salad and pita bread. For quite some time now her thoughts would recreate the times the two modeled at Lady Rose’s large, Victorian mansion on Piper Point at her special dinners with entertainment afterwards for her guests. Both Penny who herself was a fashion model for the popular women’s magazine Feline and owned her own modeling and photography studio and Marina joined other women as well, and in the process of modeling they would see one another totally naked, and the modeling usually was a prelude to what best could be described as sex orgies.

Now Penny was bisexual and lived the lifestyle with her husband Mark’s consent, and even though her younger sister Marina had engaged in sexual activities at Lady Rose’s parties, she was not bisexual nor did her husband know what she had done with other women. The best to be said of her was that she was just bi-curious.

Anyway, over the course of the months Penny began to look at Marina in a different light. She slowly became intoxicated with the idea of enjoying sex with Marina even though she knew it would be incestuous. Nevertheless, her sexual attraction to Marina was there, and Penny could not deny it no matter how much she tried to get it out of her head.

Many were the times Penny visualized her having sex with her sister, and often when she daydreamed about it, she often masturbated until she exploded with intense orgasms.

When the two of them were together, Penny now looked at Marina and saw her naked, and the desire to make it so eventually had her wishing her fantasy would become a reality. Therefore, today’s invitation for Marina to come for a visit was for more than a good sisterly chat and lunch. Penny wanted to see if somehow she could seduce Marina and enjoy her lovely body in every way. She just didn’t know how she was going to go about it.

The time between Penny’s phone call to Marina and her arriving at the house went by quickly, and within the twenty minutes or so Marina was in the kitchen, putting down the bag of whole wheat pita bread onto the table near the place settings. A vase of pink roses and greenery graced the centre, the colour pink again symbolic of The Ladies Network to which Penny was a Sister member and wore the ankle latin sex tapes porno bracelet with the rainbow on it around her right ankle and had put Marina’s name up for consideration to the Membership Committee for her to become a Sister member, too.

Having set the bread down onto the table, Marina went over to Penny and gave her a big hug.

“Hi, Sis,” she added along with her hug.

“Hi, Marina. So glad you could come over,” answered Penny. “I just put the salad into the ‘frig, so let’s go into the family room and get comfortable.”

“Lead on,” Marina said even though she knew the way.

In the living room among other pieces of furniture there were a long cushiony sofa and a matching loveseat that formed an “L” shape with a table in between, making the three pieces into an ensemble. Penny sat down on the sofa and Marina on the loveseat so that they were facing one another by turning sideways with their backs wedged into the corner against the bolster cushions.

Now, Penny had deliberately selected revealing clothes, hoping to spark some interest in Marina. She had put on a white, cotton shirt with a “V” cut pointed collar that exposed her large cleavage, and beneath the shirt that wasn’t of heavy material she wore a see-through, lacy bra to support her large breasts, thus revealing her nipples that pressed against the material already from pre-sensual arousal.

Deliberately Penny wore her shirt outside loosely fitting white shorts with no panties that showed off the outline of her very dark hairy crotch. None of this could have escaped Marina’s attention. Penny also had kicked off her toeless sandals before sitting down.

Marina wore a white T-Shirt that also allowed Penny to see her nipples pressing out against the material and a short blue skirt, the two colours of Greece. When Marina sat down, her skirt slid up to her mid-thighs.

Marina and Penny looked at one another and smiled.

“Well, Sis, I must say you’ve definitely dressed comfortably. I can actually see the outline of your pussy,” said Marina

“The better to tease you with, my Dear,” giggled Penny. “No, honestly, you and I have been naked in front of one another many times. So, this isn’t the first. And you know I like to feel free around the house. If I could, I’d go around naked.”

Having said that both Penny and Marina burst out laughing.

Once Penny and Marina had got themselves under control and wiped away their tears of laughter, they talked about anything and everything. The one topic of discussion that usually if not always entered into their conversation was sex, sex in general and sex with their husbands: how their sex lives were; did they add anything new to their lovemaking; did they live out any fantasies.

Of course, Penny shared with Marina some of the lesbian lovemaking trysts she’d experienced, telling her how exciting they were. How she loved making love with another woman. She wanted to emphasize her lesbian, bi-sexual lifestyle, hoping it might peak Marina’s interest as well as make her horny.

Penny said, “You know. How it was at Lady Rose’s wild dinner parties and how we modeled lingerie and sex toys and sexually satisfied her guests.”

“Oh, yes, how could I ever forget Lady Rose’s dinner parties and orgies. They were wild,” answered Marina. “And she certainly paid us well for our services. That’s for sure.”

Penny nodded her head in agreement.

“Do you think your husband knows about them?” asked Penny.

“Gracious no!” exclaimed Marina. “He was, however, glad for the extra money so we could remodel our house.”

“That’s good, but tell me, Sis, did you really enjoy yourself at Lady Rose’s dinner parties and what came after?” asked Penny.

“You mean the sex?” asked Marina in return.

“Yeah, the sex with other women?” said Penny. “You know it was easy for me since I am bisexual and I still see Ashley, my first lesbian affair.”

“Well, I was nervous the first time, but I became used to it,” Marina said as she put her right hand onto her right thigh and slid her short skirt up a little while at the same time bringing her left leg off the floor, turning around on her butt, and bending her knee that allowed Penny to see up into Marina’s shadowed crotch.

Penny also saw Marina’s nipples become hard and erect beneath her white T-Shirt, both sexually exciting her and making her pussy wet that she could tell by squeezing her thighs together, a motion Marina did not miss as she locked gazes with Penny.

“My, just thinking and talking about Lady Rose’s wild, sex orgies I have to admit, Penny, is making me hot and horny,” purred Marina.

Penny smiled salaciously at her sister and said, “I know what you mean. I’m wet between my legs. Look,” said Penny invitingly as she pointed down at her crotch and spread her legs slightly that showed a wet spot.

“My, you are wet, Sis,” agreed Marina.

“Now is as good a time as any,” thought Penny, “to make my move. I’ve been waiting for an lezbiyen porno opening, and this is it.”

Penny looked intently at Marina and said point blank, “Marina, I told you Mark bought me a large massage table. Didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did,” answered Marina. “He really takes care of my big sister.”

“Well, what would you think of my giving you a massage to help relieve some of the tension?” Penny asked as matter-of-factly as she could, considering the set-of-circumstances of both Marina and her being sexually aroused. “It’s very relaxing.”

“I…I don’t know, Penny. What if someone should come to the house?” asked Marina.

“Oh, not to worry. The kids are still in school and Mark is at work. Besides, the door to what Mark and I call ‘our playroom’ locks from inside,” Penny said reassuringly.

“I’m still not sure. Modeling and being sexually active with other women at Lady Rose’s parties was one thing, but now it’s just the two of us,” Marina shied away from Penny’s invitation.

“Oh, come on now, Marina. After all we’ve shared together. What’s the harm?” asked Penny.

After a moments hesitation Marina said slowly and deliberately, “Maybe you’re right, Sis. Our talk has wound me up like an uncoiled spring.”

“Good,” said Penny as she got up from the sofa, walked over to Marina, took her hand, and lifted her up to lead the way to the play room.

Penny locked the door from inside behind them.

Once inside the play room Penny told Marina to get out of her clothes and set them on a stand against the wall. Marina did as told.

Even though Penny had seen her sister naked before on many occasions, she, nevertheless, stood in awe at her beauty. Her Greek facial features of dark, long, black hair that she wore down her back; her dark eyes and long lashes; her feminine curved eyebrows; her luscious lips. They were all brought together by her light olive complexion.

It was the same with her body. Marina had large breasts, smaller than her own, but very ample with large areolas and nipples. She wasn’t as big as Penny, but she was, nevertheless, well built with a smaller waist that led to round, firm hips that equaled in size to her breasts; beautiful legs; and her abdomen had that beautiful Eastern Mediterranean look with a dimpled bellybutton and full Mons of dark, black pubic hair.

“Sis, do you know how beautiful you are?” asked Penny.

“No, I’ve not thought much about it. I know I’m not ugly, but I’ve never considered myself beautiful,” Marina said matter-of-factly.

Penny sighed, “Well, you are beautiful. Take your older sister’s word for it.”

Marina smiled appreciatively at Penny.

“All right, now lie face down on the table and rest your head on the two rolled towels while I get things ready,” Penny said softly, almost as if she were purring with satisfaction, while I get things ready.

However, Penny did not take off her clothes, thinking that would be too obvious.

Thus, Marina got up onto the table while Penny lit some jasmine-scented candles that were on wall shelves around the room and turned off the lights, leaving the room caught up in shadows with flickering flames in the red glass holders that undulated against the walls and reflected in the mirrored ceiling that Marina had failed to see when she and Penny first entered. Her thoughts were too focused on what she had agreed to do with Penny.

To add to the seductive ambience Penny turned on some Eastern Mediterranean music, the slow kind one would play for belly dancers, to help Marina drift into another world, a world of their Greek ethnicity.

Penny reached over to a table and took a bottle of jasmine-scented olive oil and poured it on Marina’s back, beginning from the lower neck and down her spine until it formed a small pool just above the juncture of her ass.

She then put the bottle down and began to work the scented-oil over her back, using her talented fingers to caress and sooth Marina’s muscles. As Penny massaged Marina’s back and sides, she felt her begin to relax.

“Feel good?” asked Penny.

“Feels wonderful,” answered Marina. “Your touch is so gentle, Penny.”

“That’s fine. I’m glad you’re enjoying the massage, and I promise you I’m going to make you feel even better,” Penny said almost in a hushed, salacious whisper.

The Eastern Mediterranean music was lulling Marina into her past as she let herself fall under the spell of Penny’s tactile manipulation of her body. On her down strokes Penny spread her hands outward so that they covered not only Marina’s sides but also the top of her buttocks, and on her upward strokes she spread her fingers and slid the tips so that they caressed the bottoms of Marina’s breasts where they touch her chest.

Penny then worked her thumbs in a kneading motion up Marina’s neck vertebrate to the bump, the bone that is called the occipital protuberance. When Penny did this, Marina moaned with shear relaxation, and Penny smiled approvingly which Marina could have seen, too, liseli porno if she had been facing up and had her eyes open. However, Marina was losing herself under the skillful, gentle hands of her big sister and the lyrical sound of the music playing on the CD.

Now that Penny had finished with Marina’s back and sides she took the bottle of oil once more and ran two little streams of it down the centre of her thighs and calves and then began to work on Marina’s legs.

Penny used her nimble fingers to ply Marina’s smooth flesh, gently squeezing it between her thumbs and first two fingers. She also took turns working both hands on Marina’s feet, including toes; insteps; ankles; calves; soft, bottoms of her knees; and finally thighs.

It was on the top of Marina’s thighs that Penny paid the most attention. She worked her hands at the very top where thighs meet the bottom of the ass cheeks, and then, taking a deep breath since she didn’t know how Marina would react to her touch, Penny slid her oily hands onto Marina’s ass cheeks and massaged her beautiful globes of feminine flesh while sometimes squeezing her supple flesh with her working, talented fingers.

Marina was so caught up in Penny’s expertise massage therapy that she didn’t say a word…definitely did not make an objection that Penny was becoming too personal…or much of any kind of response expect a perceptible slow exhalation of her breath from complete relaxation. Penny’s hands were doing their magic on her sister, the kind of magic she had hoped for before beginning the seductive massage.

“Well, things are working out thus far better than I thought they might, but now to see just how far I can go with my hands and fingers,” thought Penny within her aroused, female brain.

Penny poured oil onto her middle finger to make sure it was good and wet, and then she slid her left hand onto Marina’s left ass cheek as she insinuated her right hand in between her legs at the inside of her knees with her fingers pointing upward towards. Penny then moved her hand cautiously between Marina’s legs, inching her way towards Marina’s crotch until she felt the tips of her fingers touching her sister’s pubic hair.

She was now at the gate of Marina’s nether lips as well as her smooth, starburst asshole.

“Dare I or not?” Penny questioned herself.

Penny didn’t want to offend Marina by going too far, but on the other hand, it was for this very reason she had invited her over to the house: She wanted to seduce her sister into an incestuous, lesbian love fest, something she had thought and dreamed about for sometime now, especially since the wild sex orgies at Lady Rose’s home.

Marina hadn’t made a move or protest. She just lay there relaxed.

So, Penny thought, “I’ll never know how Marina is going to react to my personal touch if I don’t do it.”

She, thus, with some trembling and trepidation within herself, inched her fingers onto Marina’s pussy and slid them up between her oil-coated labia until they met her vaginal slit. Once there Penny paused, waiting for some kind of response. Seconds that seemed like minutes…minutes that seemed like hours…passed before Marina pressed back onto Penny’s fingers that pushed her fingers up to the first knuckle of her middle finger.

Penny felt the warmth and creaminess of her sister’s vagina, and the touch sent chills coursing up and down her spine, allowing her sigh with great relief and satisfaction.

“She wants it. Marina wants me to touch her pussy. Oh, how I’ve waited for this moment,” Penny sighed deeply within herself as her heart beat faster with sexual excitement and her breathing became deeper and more shallow.

Now, knowing how to proceed with her, Penny thrust her middle finger as far inside Marina’s vaginal canal as was physically possible, past the soft row of ridges and onto the front of the spongy area where lay the G-Spot that, like her clit, had become enlarged and puffy from sexual arousal.

Marina moaned and spread her legs some to give Penny better access to her womanhood, and Penny took advantage of it. However, with Marina lying down on her stomach, Penny wanted something else, leaving her pussy until she had her lying on her back.

Therefore, Penny semi-reluctantly withdrew her cream-coated middle finger from Marina’s pussy and slid it downward past her pee hole; between her swollen labia; over her blood-engorged clit whose head she felt as she flicked it back and forth with her fingertip; and her puffy, elongated shaft that blended into her hairy Mons.

With each touch of each different part of her pussy, Marina flinched with pleasure and sighed with sexual arousal. She did the same when Penny backtracked along the same erotic path from Marina’s Mons to her vaginal slit where she then drew the side of her index finger past her slit, along her perineum, and onto her smooth asshole.

“Oh, Penny, what you’re doing to me. Your hands and fingers are driving me crazy. I didn’t expect this when you offered to massage me,” said Marina.

“I know you didn’t, Sis, but my desire for you has been growing and growing over these past months. I think it really all started seeing you making love with other women at Lady Rose’s dinners and sex parties,” confessed Penny. “How I wanted you then.”

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