Sister’s Secret

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Sally stumbled in the door to the kitchen. Stacy, her sister was waiting for her, sitting on the counter. “Your late little sister. Where have you been? You don’t look like you want to run into mom or dad right now.”

“I was out with Kevin. Please don’t tell them! I’ll do what you want. They can’t find out we messed around.”

“What will you do for me? This is serious. You’ve been drinking and out with a boy.”

“I’ll do whatever you ask for a month, whatever it is. I don’t care, just don’t say anything.”

“Your on, little sister. First let’s get you cleaned up.”

Stacy took Sally by the arm and led her to the bathroom. She pushed the door open and led her sister in first, what a tight little ass she had and a great set of hooters, they got to be d-cups easily. Stacy turned the water on in the tub, and started to fill it up. She turned her attention back to her sister. She pulled her red hair back from her face. Her green eyes showed a bit of sadness with thankfulness. Stacy couldn’t stop herself; she leaned down and kissed her sisters lips. Sally gently kissed her back and tried to put her tongue in Stacy’s mouth. Stacy regained control and removed her sister’s shirt; she threw it to the ground. She unhooked her bra and tossed it. Stacy looked down at her sister’s chest, which wasn’t weird. He sister was five-six and she was five-ten. Wow, amazing she thought. I wish my boobs were big like hers. I got smaller c-cups. She had to bend down as she unfastened her sister’s pants. She slid them down and helped her step out of them. She went to pull the panties down, but to her surprise only a clean shaven pussy was in front of her with a little arrow pointing down. She helped her sister into the tub. She threw caution to the wind and took her clothes off. She double checked the door to see if it was locked and slid into the tub behind Sally. “We haven’t been in the tub together in years. It’s nice having a big sister that will take care of you no matter what.”

Stacy took the washcloth and started to wash Sally’s back and shoulders. She reached around the front of her sister with both hands and put soap on her breast. She rubbed it in good, perhaps a bit too good. Sally laid her head back on her sister and whispered, “Your hands feel good on my boobs.”

Stacy moved her hands off. She didn’t want to give Sally the wrong idea. She cleaned Sally’s back, stomach and legs. Sally took her sister’s hands and guided them between her legs. Stacy cleaned the outside of Sally’s lips. Sally then pushed one her sister’s finger inside of her. Stacy started to pump her hand in and out. Sally started to moan a bit. Stacy then realized who this was she was fingering. She pulled her fingers out and stood up. “Where are you going? We were starting to have some fun like we used to.”

“You’re my sister and drunk. I can’t, not right now.”

Stacy helped her sister out of the tub and dried her off, careful to avoid her breast and slit. She dried herself off and pulled on her robe. She put Sally in her bed after giving her a set of pajamas from her drawer. She walked down the hall to her room, far away from her sisters and her parent’s room. Right of being the oldest, she was twenty-four and her sister was only twenty-one. She slipped into her favorite pair of pink panties, with little cherries on the front, right above her clit. She slid a pink night shirt on over the top. She walked over to her bed and fell in, pulling the covers on. She couldn’t stop thinking what Sally made her do. That’s right Sally did it, not her. Still it was getting her hot. She couldn’t fall asleep. Her hand found its way up her shirt and she started to massage her small breast. Her nipples were getting hard and her groin was getting wet. Her other hand ran down czech couples porno her stomach and found its way to her mound. Her panties were more soaked then whenever she masturbated in the past. She rubbed her clit for a few minutes, and then slid her hand inside of her panties. Her hand worked her bud, and then she slipped in two figures and pumped herself, slowly at first and then faster and faster. All she could think of was her same hand doing it to Sally. She moaned quietly. Then as she came, out of nowhere she shouted, “SALLY!!”

She didn’t care if anyone heard. She would say she was having a bad dream. She drifted off to sleep.

The next day, a Saturday, the parents told the two girls that they were going out of town for a few days. They had business to take care of. The girls would be home alone. After the parents left, Sally walked up to Stacy and said, “What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. Do you remember last night?”

“What part? I got wasted and don’t remember much. You did take care of me though.”

“That’s all, nothing weird or unusual?”

“Nope.” Sally lied.

“We should watch a movie, then maybe play dress up like we used to when we were little, go through moms clothes. Remember?”


They put in a boring movie that Stacy didn’t pay attention to. She thought about her sister. She must remember, if she didn’t she was acting like she did. Sally was always a keen girl. Was she playing with her head because of the servant thing? She had to know. “Sally, you remember that you’d do anything I said? That I promised you I wouldn’t tell mom or dad?”

“Yeah. What is it?”

“I want you to go and get me something to eat.”


Sally did as she was told. She brought back some food, which Stacy ignored. “Now rub my feet.”

Sally sat at the end of the couch and rubbed her sister’s feet. Stacy admitted her sister was good at it. “Now my back. First I’ll take my top off.”

She had on a wife beater and a pair of boy shorts. She pulled the wife beater over her head and threw it at her sister, who swallowed hard as she seen Stacy’s breasts. Stacy laid out a blanket and got down on the floor face down. Sally straddled her sister’s butt and massaged her sister’s back, moving her hips lightly back and forth. Then Stacy rolled over, so it looked like Sally was ridding Stacy. “My front is a bit tight. Work out the kinks.”

Sally started with the shoulders. Worked her way around Stacy’s small breasts and started on her stomach, same back and forth motion, gently brushed their groins together. Stacy waited a bit then moved her sister’s hands up and on her breasts. Sally was getting confused. She was calling her on her bluff. She did remember last night. She wanted to do this for a while; Stacy was really going for this. One thing left to do before she knew for sure. She started to work her way down her sister’s body and rubbed her hips. She slid her fingers into her sister’s shorts and started to remove them. She half expected Stacy to protest but she raised her butt and let the shorts be removed. Stacy’s pussy was glistening in the light. Stacy opened her legs, inviting Sally in. “It’s not going to lick itself. Last night showed me that I really want you.”

Sally bent over and kissed the inside of her sister’s legs. She moved up her thighs and kissed her mound. Her pussy lips were so wet, and she was tight. Sally licked up her sister’s cooch and flicked her tongue on her clit. “You’ve done this before, haven’t you little sister?”

“Yes, Monica was over. We got a little drunk and were curious.”

“Have you done it since?”

“Once in a while. Last time was about a month ago.”

“She is so hot! We should call her.”

“After czech estrogenolit porno this. It’s our time.”

Sally went back to eating her sister. She put her mouth over her slit and slid her tongue inside her sister. Stacy bucked and Sally tried to stay in. She moved her tongue around and in and out. Stacy was going crazy. She was going to cum any second. Sally read her sister like a book; she reached up and toyed with Stacy’s clit, sending her over the edge in a mind blowing orgasm.

After Stacy calmed down and stood up on weak knees. “Monica is a lucky girl. You must have her so in love with you.”

“She is the master. I’ll call her. It’ll be weird if you do. I’ll tell her she will have a good time over here and that she should sleep over.”

With that Sally called Monica. She could come over in forty minutes and spend the night, although sleep wasn’t planned on.

Stacy and Sally got ready quick. They shared a shower and some passionate kissing. They dressed in jean skirts and t-shirts. Sally chose thong panties, and Stacy chose a pair of panties without the crotch. Sally loved how Stacy looked in them. She kissed Stacy one last time before the door bell rang and they heard Monica walk in. They went out to greet her. Monica was an attractive girl, brown hair like Stacy; her breasts were about the same size, about twenty-two. She was taller than Sally, not as tall as Stacy though. As she walked in she asked, “What are we going to do?”

Sally responded, “Try on some clothes. You game?”

“Sure I didn’t expect your sister to be babysitting us.”

Sally walked over to Stacy, “She’s not.”

With that she kissed her sister on the mouth and made sure Monica knew that she was using her tongue.

“You two are involved? How Long? That is really hot!”

“We started last night. She’s one of us now.”

Monica stood there for a few seconds letting it sink in, then walked over and kissed Sally, then Stacy. While she was kissing Stacy, Sally pushed her way in and the three stood there kissing. Monica looked at Stacy and said, “We’re going to have fun with you. Beat you upstairs.”

She left running for the stairs, a trail of clothes led the way as she was running. The sisters followed her up the stairs, heading towards the closet.

Monica was in a pair of pink heart patterned stockings and looking at panties when they got there. She settled on a pair of pink see through and slid into them. She put on a half bra and strutted around the closet. Stacy was amazed at how hot she looked. Sally took of all of her clothes and slid into a black thong with a matching bra that had holes for the nipples to pop out. And she pulled on a pair of matching stockings. Sally walked up to Monica and tongue kissed her while her hands fondled Monica’s body only stopping to rub her pussy through the panties. Stacy took off her top and skirt. Monica caught sight of her crotchless panties and walked over saying, “I love them. I could eat you now, but you’re not ready.”

Monica handed Stacy a pair of tan stockings and bra that matched her panties. “Now your amazing!”

As soon as Stacy got dressed, Monica pushed her into the wall and kissed her, pushing her tongue into her mouth. Monica fell to her knees slowly kissing, licking and nibbling her way down. She pushed Stacy’s legs apart and watched in amazement as Stacy opened up. She kissed Stacy’s mound, running her tongue over her bud. Sally was watching with her hand on her pussy rubbing it in circles. She walked over and knelt beside Monica and the two of them danced their tongues around Stacy’s pussy. They flicked and licked, sometimes touching their tongues together. Stacy was getting weaker and she slid down the wall onto czech first video porno the floor. This did not stop her sister and her friend. They only went faster and harder. Stacy was shouting their names, which made them get more into it. Stacy felt the fire burning out of control and in seconds she came all over their faces. They turned and licked each other clean. Monica panted, “We need a bed.”

Sally responded, “Mom’s room is free.”

They walked hand in hand down the hall into the master bedroom. Monica fell down on the bed and Stacy moved up next to her, kissing her deeply. Sally slid in between Monica’s legs on her stomach and kissed her inner thighs. She licked up her thigh and across Monica’s pussy. Her friend’s pussy looked amazing behind the pink panties. She slid a finger in the side and opened her friend up. She pushed two fingers in her hole and licked her clit through the panties. Monica started to squirm in rhythm with Sally’s hand and tongue. Stacy watched the scene and crawled off the bed and slipped behind her sister. She pushed Sally’s legs apart and slid the thong off of her. She laid down and placed two fingers in her sister’s wet cunt. She pumped in and out; the memory of last night came back. She had the courage to do now what she should have done last night. She lowered her head and licked her sister’s pussy. She mover her hand to her sisters clit and helped her sister on her knees. Sally sucked Monica’s clit like a small cock and fingered her with lightning speed and Stacy slid her tongue into Sally faster and faster with each strode. She rolled Sally’s clit in her fingers. Sally was holding on, she stopped eating Monica and pulled herself up Monica and layed on top of her, they began kissing and Stacy moved up and fingered both of them while they ground their pussies together. Sally and Monica began moaning then screaming into each others mouths. In moments the came together.

Stacy slid up next to the girls and Sally straddled both of them. Sally kissed Monica then Stacy. They all were tired, but wanted more. Sally suddenly jumped up and ran out of the room. She came back with a double headed dildo. Monica sat right up and spread her legs. Sally pushed one end into Monica and then herself. They got as close as they could, pussy lips spread around the dong, with just enough space for a hand and Stacy reached down and grasped the thing and started to rock it back and forth into her sister then into Monica. Both girls rubbed their breasts and tweaked their nipples. Stacy was moving her hand as fast as she could, trying to bring off both girls together. They were comming in moments. They both looked up at Stacy with grateful eyes. They pushed her back and kissed her on the mouth from each side. They began humping her stocking clad legs, pussy juices causing them to slicken up. They ran their hands together over Stacy’s pussy, pushing a finger in each. They twisted their fingers around each other, causing Stacy’s mind to run wild, while the two girls ridding her legs were starting to get the same way. They were kissing each other wildly, only pausing to breathe and let out a scream of delight. Stacy raised her legs, hard to do with the coming orgasm and the girls on her thighs. The girls started to buck wildly on her legs, stopping their finger massage of her pussy. They still were inside of her and the wild movement was pushing her over the edge. The girls on Stacy’s legs started kissing each other and their free hands worked each others clit. This pushed Stacy over the top. She came so hard that the bucking got the other girls off at the same time; they collapsed on Stacy, breathing hard. Barely able to kiss each other like they wanted.

After an hour of kissing and grouping, Stacy said, “I need a shower.”

“We’ll join you.” Monica said getting up.

They all got naked and entered the small shower. They pressed up against each other and started kissing and fondling in the shower.

After a two and a half hour shower they sat naked on the couch covered in a blanket and fell asleep in each others arms.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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