Soft and Slow

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It is early, about 5 am. I slowly start to wake. As I do, I feel your warm naked body next to mine; I smile, remembering the past night. I slowly turn toward you seeing that you are still sleeping. I watch you sleep, your breathing so steady, so peaceful. The cabin window of our room faces the east, and the morning light is just breaking. You look so good in the morning light. The glow of the night before shows on your skin. I just lay there looking at you, I see your breast partly uncovered, and your nipple is firm, why? Are you dreaming, or is it just “your” morning wood?

I should just let you sleep, after last night I know you need sleep also. That is what amazes me, why am I awake and ready so early? It must be the mountain air and you. You stir a bit and turn onto your back, I lay still as to not wake you. I listen to your breathing, and you drift off again. The sheets have been tugged down when you turned, your breasts are uncovered, and your nipples are hard. I wonder if you are dreaming, and what about.

I touch you softly on your exposed shoulder, making small circles with my finger. I slowly trace a line up to your neck, touching ever so lightly. I don’t want to wake you, Just yet. I move up to your face, I brush a finger along your cheek and down to your lips. They are so full, and the way they are pressed together it seems as if they are enjoying something. I trace a line from your lips down between your breasts then back up, slipping to your ear. I cup the side of your face and gently place a kiss on your lips. They are as soft as a rose petal, and just as sweet. I back off and just watch you, looking at the glow on your face, the fullness of your lips.

You start to stir, taking in a deep breath, making your breast swell, as you exhale your eyes start to flutter. They open, you see me looking at you and a sleepy smile comes across your face.

I say, ” morning,” you just smile.

I kiss your cheek, your hand moves slowly toward my thigh, and finds something. A large grin forms on your face and you say,

” I can’t believe you are up and want more, after last night.”

I just smile and tell you ” it’s you that causes this.”

You just close your eyes and slowly stroke me. I gently kiss your cheek, then your ear, and give the lobe a little nibble. I pendik escort move up to your lips and just brush across them a few times, I plant little kisses on them. Your breathing quickens, I kiss you a little harder, and then taking your bottom lip into mine I nibble ever so gently. I feel your tongue push through your lips; I release your lip and find your tongue. You lick my lips and push into my mouth to find my tongue as we play and tease. I love your kisses, so soft and warm, and full of passion.

You are still holding my cock in your hand, so I decide to reposition before you get me to crazy. I break from our hot kiss and slowly kiss my way down to your tits, making sure your ears and your neck get plenty of kissing and nibbles. I make it to your breasts, and start with the right one, kissing, licking and lightly sucking the nipple as well as all around it till it grows hard. Then I move to the left and continue to do the same till it too is hard. I look down at my hard cock, a drop of dew has formed on the tip, and I take a finger and retrieve it. Bring the dewdrop to one nipple I coat it, and then go back for another droplet, doing the same with it. Then I lightly blow on the wetness, your nipple gets harder. I flick my tongue slowly on it, then engulf your tit and roughly flick my tongue till I have licked it clean. I see you are enjoying this; you look down and see more droplets formed on the tip of my penis, so much so that it is starting to trail down the head. You look up at me and smile. I scoop up the wetness and coat the other nipple, gathering more for a second coat. Then doing the same tease and suck to that nipple. I continue my teasing on your tits, rubbing them softly then a little rougher kissing and sucking them both. You are breathing heavy now, you reach for my cock but I will not let you grab it, your fingers just brush up against it. This is driving you crazy. I don’t let up on your tits, I go for more, licking and sucking. I can tell it is working; you are starting to moan and roll your hips as if fucking the air. Suddenly you grab my head and pull it in tight while I have a nipple in my mouth, I suck hard on it, and grab the other with my hand and squeeze. Your whole body tenses as you have your first orgasm of the day.

You loosen your grip on my head; maltepe escort I give your nipples a few more licks making you shiver with excitement. I set up on my knees in bed and look down at your pussy. I can see the wetness oozing from your hood, smiling, I feel I did well. My cock throbs. The head is wet with pre-cum. You don’t say a word, you just look at my hard cock and smile, and then with one finger you touch the tip gathering dew. You rub it on your lips then lick your finger. You motion for me to bring it closer to your waiting lips. I move up to you, you grasp the shaft and give it a few stokes making more dew ooze from the tip. You lap it up, and then placing a hand on my hip you have me straddle you with my cock aimed at your tits. I place a pillow behind your head so you can suck me while I play with your nipples. You tease the tip with your tongue, licking around the head. My balls are rubbing between your tits, while I tweak your nipples.

You go down on me all the way, and suck very hard, almost to hurt but more pleasure. You start to bob up and down quickly, stroking my shaft with one hand. The other you have reached around and grabbed my ass. You feel me swell in your lips, and you know I will cum fast. You cut lose and slap my ass, this catches me by surprise and I jump pushing my cock down your throat. But you don’t miss a beat, sucking harder you slap my ass again, and with that I clench and start to blast. I pull back quickly and as I do cum shoots from my cock hitting you in the face, down your neck. The second spurt I aim at your tits. You reach your hand out and milk me; pulling me to your lips you suck the rest out.

I set back and look at you, cum covered and smiling. Taking a finger you wipe cum from your cheek, bringing it to your lips you lick it clean. I then start to play in the man paint on your tits. Rubbing it around on your tits and around your nipples. You finish cleaning your face then join me in painting. I lean down and suck your nipples hard, making them stiffen. I taste cum on your tits it’s good. I lick your tits some more then slid up next to you and we kiss deeply sharing the taste together. We lie there holding each other, warm and relaxed.

You have not moved, your still on your back. I am next to you, holding you close. kartal escort I slowly move my hand from across your body down to your patch just above your pussy. It’s still damp from before. I ease a finger to your lips and work it in a circle. You let out a little giggle as you twitch. I press further and find you are wet, very wet. I slid my body down, kissing on the way, arms, belly, hips. Then I reach my goal, your hot wet pussy. I touch your inner thighs and push lightly; you spread your leg for me. I ease up between your legs and kiss your thighs. I can feel the softness of your thighs on my cheeks as I inch my way toward my goal. I am close; I can smell the sweetness that I wish to taste. I kiss my way to the gold. I flick my tongue across your lips, and then blow a cool breath on your clit. I can see the heat building in you, as it swells I can tell you’re ready. I tease your clit with a quick flick of my tongue, then another. I can feel your legs tensing around my ears, as your pussy swells with each lick.

I slide a finger in, and slowly start to pump. My hands are on your thighs spreading you open, I am still licking your clit as my finger curves upward inside you. I look up to see you gripping your tits hard. I have found your spot, you quiver, and then I go for the cream. I don’t let up, sucking harder, fuller. My finger presses your spot, rubbing it till you are ready to scream. Your juices are flowing, streaming down from your lips wetting your ass and the bed. I move my left hand down and slide it under your hot wet ass. As I cradle your ass with my fingers, I slide my thumb into your tight little hole. This sets you off and you start to buck wildly. Thrashing about I have a hard time staying on you but you grasp me with your hands and pull me into you.

Your heavy breathing has become gasps, and then screams. (I think you like it).

You burst out, saying, “FUCK ME! HARDER!”

Your whole body spasms, as your legs clench around me. You gush hard as you orgasm flooding my face as well as the bed. I lap up as much as I can, then come up for air. You are panting heavily, and so am I, then I dive in to finish. Licking up all you have given me, making you shake with pleasure. As I slow my licks you start to calm down, till I am just lying there with my head on your legs. You reach down and slowly pull me up toward you, we kiss deeply, but we can sense that we are drained.

We snuggle up to each other, the cool mountain air is in the room, and the sun is climbing fast. But we will need to sleep more this morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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