Spanish Doctor

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CHAPTER 1–In the Beginning

During the early 80s, my parents knew this Romero guy. He was a doctor, had money and drove a kick-ass sports car. Taller than most, he was from Spain and had dark complexion. He was my parents age and everyone treated him like an uncle. This was especially so because at our house, Marijuana was the recreational drug of choice, and he always shared the good stuff. So you can bet that my parents often invited Romero and his wife, Linda, over to our house. It was almost like clock work, every Saturday night the four of them would toke up all evening long and act like crazed idiots out our back deck, all the while my sister and I hung out in the den watching TV.

On one such night, I was watching some show with my sister, Annie, when she kicked me, telling me she wanted a soda. We were in our teens, which meant that we often communicated in a physical way. Annie would kick me, and, as her older big brother, I would naturally whack her back or give her a good pinch. This was our way of getting along. Normally, I would have told her to screw-off because I was wrapped up under an afghan blanket, and lounging back in a cozy spot on the couch. I was comfortable, even though Annie was laying on the rest of the couch and kept jamming her feet into me. But, I knew Romero’s wife (Linda) was in the back and I wanted to catch another glimpse of her. Linda was extremely attractive. More importantly, she had huge breasts and always went braless and wore skimpy tops. It was clear to everyone that she liked showing off, and I did my best to look every time I got the opportunity.

I hustled to the kitchen, grabbed a drink, and then went for a look out the back window. It was dark, but I could hear them and after a few seconds I could see them. They were sitting in chaises and talking away with Fleetwood Mac in the background. They always played that album. It must have been my birthday because I got a glimpse of Linda getting out of her chair as she started to dance around and sway to the music. Her body was amazing, and I loved how she rolled her long straight blond hair off her bare shoulders. She turned to me and I could see her erect nipples poking through her tube top. She starred in many of my fantasies and my cock got hard just watching her. This was especially so since given that I had no one else to drool over since my girlfriend dumped me during the summer after I tried to get into her pants. Linda was grinding away, almost seductively. I spotted my mom cheering Linda on while my dad watched and sipped his beer. Linda was hot. I started to rub my cock to full mast when my sister yelled, asking where I was with her drink. I ducked away from the window, but I think Romero saw me.

I raced back to the den and plopped back onto the couch handing my sister her drink. All the time I had my hands carefully in front of me so as to hide my predicament. I quickly grabbed the afghan and threw it on my lap. Yet, as soon as I was in my spot, wrapped up again and comfortable, Annie started kicking me with her feet and tried to pinch my arm with her toes. She was wearing shorts and a tube top with the Charlie’s Angels on the front. I told her to quit it or I was going to yank her top down. Though still developing, she had a full B-cup holding up her top and from the points poking through I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra. Well, after hearing my threat of stripping her, she gave me this funny look, and thankfully stopped bugging me. Fine, she said, she wouldn’t kick me anymore but she needed to stretch out her legs. And with that she leaned back on the couch and propped her bare legs across my lap.

My eyes about jumped out of my head when she put her right calf on my lap and pinned my subsiding erection to my leg. The pressure was intense. She had put her leg on the exact spot that seemed to make my cock swell and throb. I barely bit back a groan as I leaned forward grabbing her legs. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw a sly looking smile come to her lips.

“Ned, what’s with you and the funny face? You got a problem in your shorts?” I turned red as she giggled. I thumped her knee with my knuckle and in retaliation, she tried to knee me in my stomach, but this only made her leg slide along my groin area, now making my cock totally hard. Her eyes widened as she giggled more.

“Uh nothing, stop it. I’m trying to watch the show.” Really, I couldn’t watch anything. I could barely see straight. I picked her legs off me, afraid she was going to figure out that I had a massive problem. Her legs were smooth and cool to the touch and I told her if she didn’t stop that I was going to give her a twisting, which meant I was going to twist one of her nipples until she cried uncle. Annie laughed at this, and pushed her chest toward me while sticking her tongue at me, brazenly daring me to do so. Well, she asked for it. So, I was reaching out to grab her right nipple when suddenly Romero peered into the den, izmir escort bayan almost as if he had been listening in on our antics. We quieted down and sat up. He looked at both of us for a second or two, almost staring. Then he cracked a smile, asking with his Euro accent, “Hey Ned, you mind helping me in the Kitchen? I need some more candles.”

Well, this was kind of a problem. I still had an erection of sorts, though it had died down. I was only wearing nylon gym shorts, which wouldn’t do much to hide my sizeable bulge. I darted into the kitchen, leaning low, making it look like I was comically practicing one of my wrestling moves and flipped out of the den. My sister yelled after me, calling me a show off, but again I got the sense I was being watched.

I moved briskly to find the outside candles. They were above the stove in a cabinet. I moved a chair in front of the stove and pulled myself up to get them. Romero stood in the door way, watching and waiting, and then walked over to grab the candles from me as I handed them down. As I turned, it was obvious he was looking me over. It was a predatory look and I got a lump in my throat. He took the candles and helped me down. On the way I felt him grab my waist and then slide his hand onto the top of my ass. I swear it felt like he cupped me. He left, walked outside, and didn’t look back. I’m not sure what I felt standing there with my heart beating. A little confused to say the least.

I slipped back into my spot next to Annie, who this time had my blanket. I was a little too flustered to care and sat down like nothing had happened. I reached over and flipped the light off leaving us in near dark.

“Ned, sometimes I think Romero’s kind of weird. You know, the way he looks at us.”

“Uh, yeah, I guess,” I said noncommittally, staring at the TV.

“No really, I mean, he watched you walk out of here, and he was staring at you, your . . . well, you know.”

I froze as she said that. Had Annie seen my erection. I guess she couldn’t have missed it. I didn’t saying anything in response. But she kept talking.

“Ned, come on, you obviously had a problem in your shorts,” she said teasing me and poking me in the ribs with her toes. “You always do when Linda comes over!”

“Annie! For crying out loud, I do not.”

“You do!” This time she said in a loud whispered. “You always get a BONER.” More laughter on her part.

“Christ all mighty! I do not!” I must have turned a deep red.

“Liar,” she whispered some more. “You know I felt it earlier when I put my leg on you. You had a major BO-NER.” As she said the last, she stretched the word out, snickering more. Strangely, I started to get a rise in my shorts at her just saying this, and I instinctively put my arm across my lap even though I don’t think she could have seen without the full light.

I told her, “Look, just drop it. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Hey Ned, I don’t care if you have one or not. But you know Romero was looking at your bulge when you went into the kitchen. I think he wanted to get into your shorts!”

“Annie you’re perverted and that’s totally gay.”

“Oh yeah, remember what happened last month at the movie.”

All the breath in body seemed to have left me. “What?” I could barely speak.

“Yeah, I saw how he touched you.” Her voice was a little raspy when she said this. Now my heart was in my throat and my mouth became dry. I just stared ahead, my mind racing.

“What was it like?” she asked in a hushed tone as she together, clenching her knees and legs together under the blanket.

CHAPTER 2–Conan the Barbarian

Romero had once taken the two of us to see the Conan movie. We had been shopping at the mall and decided to catch a flick. In the theater, we piled the shopping bags in the seat between Annie and I, while Romero sat down next to me. I didn’t think much about it until I noticed his hand was dangling over the arm rest. This made me feel a little uncomfortable because the tips of his fingers would sometimes touch my leg below my shorts. But soon I was too caught up in the movie. It was a great flick and we began wolfing down the popcorn I had tucked between my legs. Right around when Conan began fighting the big ass snake, Romero reached for the popcorn, but missed the bag. Instead his fingers grazed my shorts, in the most private place I had. He froze. I froze. Several seconds passed before he yanked his hand back after realizing his mistake. My throat went dry and I stared at his fingers, which were back to their place dangling above my leg on the armrest. Not soon after he reached again for the bag. I watched as he missed it, this time briefly running his fingers along me. Again he pulled his hand away as soon as I looked at him. Something was up. Romero had just touched me on purpose. Strangely, I started getting an erection. I think I knew what was going to happen next and as much as I was crawling escort izmir out of my skin, it kinda of turned me on.

While I had known this guy when I was younger, he had at times in the past “accidentally” touched me before. It was like over time he was working up to doing more and more stuff with me. For some reason I never told him to stop. Even though I was sure as hell not gay, I think I secretly liked him touching me. Hell, I always told me self, I was a teen and everyone enjoys getting a little attention that way.

I was getting hard, and actually wondering if he was going to try to touch me again. It didn’t take long before it happened again. This time, he reached into the bag and pressed his fingers against me, kind of pushing the tips of his fingers along my shaft. It felt crazy and great and scary all at the same time. The pleasure of it was intense and I made some slight noise. He pulled back. I looked over at Annie and she seemed to be watching the movie. Soon, Romero put his hand in the bag again. This time he stroked me. Long and slow strokes. This happened a half-dozen times more. I never told him to stop. Then I made the mistake of pushing myself against his fingers. I don’t think I could have helped it. I was feeling very excited. I looked at him. He was watching the movie, but I saw him unzip his pants and put his hand through the zipper. Even though it was dark, I knew for certain he was squeezing himself. Inexperienced as I was, I could see the outline of his cock through his pants.

When I reacted to him touching me, I think this emboldened him. He then reached back down, this time ignoring the popcorn bag altogether and put his hand right on my dick. At first he didn’t move his hand and I sat there frozen. He then began to touch me as he touched himself. He began to slowly move his fingers along my dick, which had grown to its full length. I didn’t move a muscle as he fondled me. I was just wearing gym shorts, and my erection had pushed through the bottom of my shorts along my leg. His fingers discovered this and soon he was rubbing me. He pulled back my shorts even more. His hand disappeared to his face but when I felt his fingers again, they were wet. It felt incredible as he rubbed his saliva on me. I didn’t know what to do.

My arm was resting along my leg. He grabbed my hand placing it across the arm rest. I swallowed hard as he did this, realizing that my had was inches from his crotch. Then he just stopped everything he was doing, and carefully zipped himself up. He didn’t try to touch me again and I sat there with an aching hard on, confused. After the movie, no one really talked to each other and we went home. I masturbated furiously in bed all that night, coming twice. This was definitely a period of confusion for me, wondering how I could have enjoyed a man touching me, wondering whether I was straight or not. It was after that I went after my girlfriend, trying to prove just how straight I was. I tried too hard, because she got pissed off and dropped me cold.

I was thinking about this as Annie watched me. I kept pretending I was looking at the TV. I heard the barest of moans from her lips and she moved more under the blanket. Was she touching herself?

“Hey brother, you can tell me about it, its ok. I won’t tell mom and dad,” she whispered.

When I didn’t say anything. She kept asking.

“I saw Romero touch you underneath the popcorn bag,” she said while breathing heavier. I could see out of the corner of my eye that she was doing something under the blanket. I could smell her scent. It was a strange aroma, and I really started to get an erection thinking about it. My dick swelled underneath my hand, shoving along my fingers and out the bottom of my shorts. I couldn’t help it as my fingers rubbed my cock.

“Oohh,” Annie moaned. From the light of the TV I think she could maybe see my erection and it strangely turned me on. Her body moved in a slight jerking fashion and her knees legs parted under the blanket. My mouth was dry as it became clear to me she was pleasuring herself. This turned me on even more and I began to stroke myself. Annie gasped and I looked at her. She was staring at my cock as I stroked it. Her eyes were fluttering and the afgan had fallen off one of her knees. My eyes widened as I saw that she had one of her hands underneath her shorts and she was rubbing her breasts with the other.

“Let me see,” she whispered hoarsely. “Show me how he stroked you.”

God help me her talking turned me on and she slid her feet under my leg sending electricity through me. I pulled my shorts all the way to the side and began jerking myself off. She spread her knees to watch as she pulled her top down over her left breast and squeezed her nipple. It was fucking intense. I stretched my legs out as I was reaching a climax. Then it dawned on me that someone else was watching us. I could her heavy breathing coming from the other room and I could make out a izmir escort shadow from the door way. It was him, Romero watching us. For some reason it turned me on having someone watch me and because it was him, maybe more so. I didn’t stop. Annie fingered herself frantically and moaned as she came. It pushed me over the edge. I exploded all over my hand and shorts. Annie ran down the hall out of the room, not even looking at me. I heard footsteps walking away. After a while I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and went to bed.

Annie acted like nothing had happened and never talked about that night. But she looked at me strangely thereafter.

CHAPTER 3–The Night We Stayed at Romero’s

Some time had passed, and one night Annie and I crashed over at Romero’s and Linda’s house. Linda had gone to bed early, but the three of us hung out in his living room and watched cable shows. I sat next to him on the couch and my sister lounged on an arm chair next to him.

He had stripped down to his underwear and had us do the same. Annie took off her clothes without batting an eye, daring me to do the same in a playful way. Nervously I did, not sure whether we should around Romero, but I guess it was no big deal. We watched TV for a while and Romero had the lights off. As the night went on, my sister had started to fall asleep and I noticed that he had his hand in his underwear. He was slowly moving his hand around. I knew that he was masturbating in front of us. I slowly began to get hard and squirmed around on the couch. He moved his hand next to my ass, touching me. I froze as I felt him put his hands inside my underwear and began to touch me. I mean really touching me. My dick began to rise and I gasped as his fingers explored me.

I remember looking at Annie, who pretended to be sleeping, but I saw that she had one of her eyes open and was watching him touch me from behind while he visibly stroked himself. He had pulled his underwear down to his balls and we could clearly see his cock as he stroked it. It was the largest thing I ever saw. I just kept watching television and would discretely watch him. My sister was rubbing her legs together. Nobody said anything.

Then he then began rubbing my foot and then lifted it on to his lap. He began rubbing my foot directly onto his erection. His cock was hot and hard. I could not believe how audacious he was being. My sister’s eyes partially opened and then slammed shut.

At this point, I myself started to act like I was asleep. I had my eyes cracked open and could see him clearly due to the light from the TV. After a while he reached over and began rubbing my sister’s stomach while stroking himself. She was wearing a blue bra and with red panties. I saw his fingertips disappear above the top of her panties. His hand reached deep down. My sister sucked in her breath as he found the spot between her legs. She slightly parted her knees. Her eyes were closed and I watched him finger her. My dick was so hard it hurt.

Then at the same time he reached between my legs and began rubbing my groin. He pulled my underwear down and pushed me onto my back and roughly started jerking me off. I kept acting asleep. But, because I was laying on my back with my head inclined, I had a clear vision of what he was doing to me and my sister. His cock was sticking straight to his belly-button. He then let go of my sister, leaned over and placed his mouth on my dick. And sucked me hard. His breath was incredibly hot and I could feel the stiffness of his goatee on my balls. It was the most incredible feeling and I thought my dick was on fire. Then I felt this further burning as he penetrated my anus with his finger and rubbed me from my inside.

In the little light that was there, I could see that my sister’s eyes were wide as saucers and that she was looking at me. She was feverishly rubbing herself insider her panties and squeezing her left nipple though her bra. This went on for a bit. He then shoved his finger deep into me and I groaned loudly. It hurt and burned but I was so turned on I didn’t want it to stop. I could not believe what was happening.

Then he stood up and took off his underwear all the way off. His cock flopped all over. It was so big. He walked over to me and leaned over to look at me. I pretended to be asleep. He then got on his knees and brought his cock in front of my face, inches from me. My face was pointing toward him. He then slowly brought his thing to my lips and rubbed it all over me and then began to jerk off, sometimes banging his meat into me. My heart pounded in my skull. I could smell him. It was powerful. He pushed a little and my lips parted. My teeth were closed and he just slowly rubbed his cock against my teeth. Then he leaned over and began rubbing my dick again. I tried to keep my teeth closed, but I involuntarily groaned and he inserted his cock all the way into my mouth. As he pulled out I shut my teeth again.

He grunted, maybe angry. Maybe frustrated. He reached down with his hand and rubbed my anus with his fingers.

“Suck it,” he whispered as he pushed a finger into me. I gasped at the pain and pleasure and his cock went fully into my mouth.

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