Spank Me Red Ch. 02

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I had hoped to take Mikki on another week end get away but, she called me and told she had got engaged. She told me that she had told one of her bride’s maids that I was looking a woman that liked to be spanked. She asked me if she could give me a call some time. I told her, sure. A week later a woman called Terri gave me a call and we made a lunch date in Colorado Springs a Hickory Pit Barbeque on Tejon St.

When we met I was surprises how much older she was than me. She waddled over to the table where I was sitting and asked “Are Beau?” I nodded and she sat down. We ordered from the menu and we both ordered extra hot sauce on our pulled beef. We made small talk while we waited. I figured I would make a quick getaway after lunch until, I felt her bare right foot tickling my crotch. Teri continued until my cock hardened. She grinned and said “You like that Honey?”

She told me she was a widow and her husband a year ago. “I am very horny as you probably guessed.” In my mind I thought she probably fucked him to death.” Reading my mind she said. “No, I didn’t fuck him to death.”

“Would you like to come up to my place in Denver this weekend?”

How güvenilir bahis could I refuse?

I typed her address into my Garmin, found her house and knocked on her door.

“Hi Beau.” she greeted me. “Come in and sit down.” She made us wine coolers to drink. “Let’s sit on the patio in the backyard.” We made small talk about our families until we got a little drunk. Teri broke the ice “What kind of sex does you like Beau?” “I would like to spank your butt and suck your bodacious breasts!” I said. “What about you, Teri?” I noticed her nipples had hardened under her t-shirt. “Come to my bedroom and I’ll show you my toy box. Big Boy.”

Her Pomeranian dogs followed us into the bedroom yapping at our heels. “Out you go..!” she said and pushed them back into the hall. She took a large cardboard box out her closet and set in on king size bed. “Check out my toys Beau…”

I found a red ball gag and variety of dildoes. Some were battery powered and rest was hand powered. A good supply of lubricants, including something labeled “Gun Oil”. “Let’s get it on! ” I suggested. We stripped and crawled on to her bed. “Roll over on you tummy and spread güvenilir bahis siteleri your cheeks.” I instructed.

I lubed my rampant cock with the Gun Oil and put Vaseline on one of her dildoes. As I slipped Spikey into warm cunt she groaned with pleasure. “Let me get up on my hands and knees so you can get deeper in me.” I began thrusting into her pussy slowly. “Oh…Fuck me harder and faster…!” She said.

I pushed the vibrator deep in her brown-pink rectum. “I going to cum..!” She said and flooded the sheets. I felt her squeeze my cock and I shot load semen deep into her cunt. “Oh Baby I haven’t cum that hard for years..!” she said as she collapsed on the bed. I pulled the vibrator out of her ass and observed the brown stain on it. “We’ll have to do something about that.” Teri hopped up and ran into the bathroom. Ten minutes later I heard the shower running and went to sleep for a nap. She woke me dressed in a white terry bathrobe. “Did I wear you out baby?” She asked when she got back to the bedside. I got up to urinate and went into her bathroom.

When I returned Teri said “I hoping that you will fuck me up the butt and give me iddaa siteleri cum enema!” “Let’s go out to breakfast and shopping for sex toys this morning.” Teri suggested. She took me to a sex emporium and began filling our shopping carts. An hour later we met at the checkout stand.

We went back to her house and headed to her bedroom. We dumped bags of sex toys on her bed. “I’m getting turned on just looking at all this stuff. What shall we try out first?”

“How about letting me shoving a stick of margarine up your asshole? ” I suggested. Teri returned and handed me the margarine. She laid on the bed spread her pump cheeks wide open. I pushed stick of margarine slowly up her gapping rectum and watched it disappear.

I dropped my pants and shorts to relieve my growing cock. “Fuck me Baby.!” She said. How could I refuse?

I slipped my rampant cock into her waiting asshole and buried it with one stroke forward. I pumped her ass like a jackhammer until I blew my wad deep into her intestines.

Teri gasped in ecstasy and I pulled out. “Thank you..Baby! I rolled over on the bed and Teri hopped off the bed and headed toward the bathroom holding her cheeks together. When she returned, I told to lie over my lap. Teri lay down and I began spanking her pump bottom.. “Harder..Harder….Oh..Spank- Me- Red!”

That’s What I Did…..” Oh Beau …I think I Love You..!” with tears in her eyes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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