Special Agent Aurora Ch. 03: Exam

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After two hours of tedious paperwork, I was signing my name to the last paper in the large stack that Melinda from HR was helping me fill out.

“Okay Ms. Giordano, let me just go run a few things by Mr. Moore and then I think it’s time to send you upstairs for your physical. Once our doctor has pronounced you healthy enough for your new position, we’ll just have a couple more things to sign and you should be good to go to come to work for your first day of training tomorrow! I think Mr. Moore already has a mission lined up, so he’ll be happy you could fill this position so quickly,” Melinda told me.

A few minutes later, she returns from Mr. Moore’s office and gives me the okay to head upstairs to check in for my appointment at the ASC Clinic. I think it’s so cool that ASC has its own clinic instead of needing to refer its agents to other doctors after they return from missions where they might have sustained injuries. After my strange “interview” with Mr. Moore, this evidence of professionalism comes as a relief and sign that I am doing the right thing in accepting this new job.

I walk down the hall and take the elevator to the 14th floor and make my way into the clinic lobby. I check in with the receptionist and sit down to wait for the nurse to call my name. I look around and see that there is a lot of childish decor. There’s a TV in the corner playing Tangled, an under the sea themed mural on one wall with cartoon baby animals, a table with chairs, and a pile of those weird kids toys you only see at the pediatrician. The receptionist laughs at my look of confusion.

“Oh I guess no one told you honey? Well, one of the main objectives of the ASC Clinic is to provide family care for its employees, it’s one of the best benefits for working here,” she tells me.

“Oh that’s so awesome! Yeah I didn’t know thanks for deciphering my weird look and letting me know,” I answered her. She just chuckled at me and went back to her work.

A few minutes later, a nurse comes and calls my name. She’s pretty tall, almost a foot taller than my 5’2”, and is wearing cute, purple scrubs covered in teddy bears. She has a nice figure, a pretty face, and beautiful caramel-colored hair tied back in a ponytail. She’s the kind of woman that would have intimidated me in high school when I had still thought I was chubby and not just curvy. I follow her through the door and down the hallway.

“You’re going to be in room 7 today sweetie, but first let’s get your height and weight,” she says.

I step out of my stilettos, which only further emphasizes our height difference, and step onto the scale.

“Okay, 139. Starting to lean towards the high side for someone so short, but I think it’s probably because you have more muscle mass than the average woman from all the different trainings you’ve had to do. Oh and also, you’re cute and curvy!” she says, giving a little tap to my ass.

“Oh!” I squeak out, “Okay.”

She just chuckles at me.

“I’m sorry Aurora, I work mostly with kids and sometimes I forget to switch to ‘adult mode,'” she explains, “Now stand along here so I can get your height.”

“5’2″, aren’t you a cute little thing!” she exclaims.

Wow, I have already been blushing too much today, but I’ll soon find out there’s still a lot more to come.

“Okay sweetie, let’s head to room 7 now. Just follow me,” she says and I follow her.

The room had the same childish feel as the lobby except for the giant-looking, very intimidating gyno table tucked into the corner. The leg holders were still tucked under the end of the table, and I hoped it would stay that way. But anyways, I took my jacket off and placed it on one of the chairs along with my purse before hopping onto the table.

“Now that you’ve set your things down, how about we take you over to the potty and try to get a urine sample?” she asked.

I figured by her use of the word “potty,” that she still wasn’t in “adult mode” and just agreed to go with her. She took me by the hand and walked back out into the hall toward the bathroom. She came in with me and closed the door behind us, really surprising me.

“Oh umm…it’s okay, I can take it from here,” I tried telling her.

“Now be a good girl Aurora, I need to be here for security reasons. We’ll need this sample to test for drugs and such and someone needs to be in the room with future agents to make sure there’s no funny business going on. Now let’s get that skirt off you so that we can start,” she tells me and unzips my skirt before I can argue.

Although I’m plenty embarrassed, I figure this will all go by quicker if I just follow instructions. So, I step out of my skirt and place it on the counter above the cabinet that the nurse is rifling through. She stands up and pulls out one of those little plastic cups and a package of wipes.

“First, I’ll wipe you clean and then we’ll see if you have to go pee-pee. Please roll down your panties Aurora,” she tells me.

Humiliatingly, I walk back over to the toilet and push my elvankent escort panties down to my knees. I stand there blushing, trying to cover my pussy.

“Come on Aurora, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, I’m a nurse,” she says as she pulls out a wipe. She spreads my outer lips with one hand making me gasp a little and with the other, she wipes me back to front. Then she leans in closer to study her work.

“Oh my, aren’t you excited! I’ll need another wipe to clean away all this wetness,” she says as I shut my eyes in mortification and clench my hands into fists by my side. She takes another wipe and I feel her wipe me again, thoroughly cleaning away all of the arousal that Mr. Moore has caused me to leak out earlier.

Then, I feel her grasp my hips and push me to a seated position on the toilet and she pushes my knees wide apart.

“Okay Aurora, time to try and go pee pee!” she says as she kneels down and holds out the little cup right under my exposed pussy. I try to imagine I’m somewhere else and relax enough to go to the bathroom in front of another woman, but my bladder was too shy. After a few minutes with no results, she gets up and turns the sink on a little bit to try and get me to pee. But I just can’t! She’s kneeling right in front of my very exposed pussy, just staring at it and waiting for me to pee! She just sighs and goes to turn the water off. She comes back to pull me up to a standing position and pulls my panties back up to my hips.

“You weren’t a very good girl Aurora, but I guess we’ll just have to try again later,” she scolds me as she grabs my skirt, the plastic cup, and takes me by the hand to walk me back to the room. I walked behind her, disappointed in myself for upsetting the beautiful, tall nurse and didn’t realize she hadn’t let me put my skirt back on until we passed a father and his son who gawked at me.

We got to the room and the nurse walked in after me and bent down to get something out of the cabinet under the sink.

“I guess we’re out of adult sized gowns, so you’ll just have to go with the kids size. But I don’t think it will really be too small since you’re so fun-sized!” she said and handed me the paper gown. I look down at it and see it’s covered in little, cartoon kittens. I think back to when Mr. Moore had called my “his kitten” and remembered how wet he had made my panties. How wet they still are…even after the nurse wiped my pussy. I hope she can’t smell it! The wiping incident was embarrassing enough.

“I’ll step out now so you can change. You can leave your underwear on for now, but that’s all you should be wearing under the gown,” she told me before she stepped out. I quickly stripped and put the gown on, which only just reached the bottom of my asscheeks.

A few minutes later she stepped back in and washed her hands before walking over to me. So quickly, before I noticed what she was doing, she had undone the front of my gown, revealing my breasts!

“Well you certainly aren’t small everywhere are you,” she grinned before putting the stethoscope right in between my breasts and listening for my heartbeat. The cool metal made me cold and my nipples soon grew erect. Soon she finished, and with a reluctant face, she closed up my gown again. Then she attached the blood pressure cuff to my arm and turned it on. In the meantime, she used an otoscope to look into my ears. The cuff beeped and as she took it off, she told me my blood pressure was normal. Next, she went and got a tongue depressor.

“Now open your mouth nice and wide, stick your tongue out, and say ‘Ahh’ for me Aurora,” she told me. I did as I was told and she stuck the stick into my mouth. She just looked for a few seconds, but then she started to push it deeper into my throat as if to see how deep it would go. It was kinda scary and she only stopped once I started to gag.

“Huh, not bad,” she muttered to herself, “Okay Aurora, time to take your temperature!”

I opened up my mouth again expecting her to put the thermometer inside, but she just laughed at me.

“Oh no Aurora, at this clinic we take the temperature anally. Now roll onto your tummy so I can see that cute bum of yours,” she ordered me. I tentatively rolled onto my stomach, wishing my appointment could be over soon. She pushed my gown up to my mid back and rolled my panties down over my butt. I heard her snap on some gloves and then she went to spread my full cheeks apart. I felt the cold lube on my sphincter and squealed a little. She quickly smacked my right buttcheek in retaliation.

“Now Aurora, try to continue behaving like a good girl! Even my younger patients behave better than this,” she scolded me again before continuing.

I found it hard to believe that young children would be more okay with this than I was but I didn’t say anything because I just wanted to finish up with the appointment. She started applying the lube again and worked her pointer finger into my most private hole. After she had gotten it down all emek escort the way to her knuckle, she took it out and stuck in the cool, glass thermometer. Instinctively, I clenched, which was a big mistake because it only made the sting worse. I’d never had anything back there before and it hurt!

“Relax Aurora, this will only take a few minutes,” she tried to soothe as she started caressing the cheek she had spanked a few seconds ago.

Suddenly, the door swung open and a man holding a clipboard walked in. I jumped up in surprise and tried to cover up my nakedness.

“Aurora! He’s just the doctor. Because you were such a bad girl we will have to start all over with taking your temperature,” the nurse says as she pushes me back down to the table and smacks my ass a few times. It makes me clench my ass again and with the thermometer still inside, everything stings all over again. My eyes get a little watery and take in a few deep breaths so they don’t see me cry. Then the doctor comes over and starts rubbing my stinging cheeks.

“I’m Dr. Carlisle. Are you going to start behaving like a good little girl Aurora? I would hate to give Mr. Moore a bad report,” he threatens me while still rubbing my bottom as I look down at my hands in shame.

“Well Dr., she hasn’t been an especially good little patient so far, but I think she’s learning,” the nurse answered for me.

“Excellent,” he says giving my bum one last pat before going back to his clipboard on the counter, “while you take her temp again I’ll just start on these questions.”

“Sounds good Dr.” she replies as she pulls the thermometer out of my ass and wipes it off with a paper towel.

“Aurora, any family medical history I should know about? Hereditary conditions or heart disease, things like that,” he asks.

“Umm NOOO!” I squeal as the nurse pushes the thermometer back into my little hole. They both just laugh at me.

“Okay, how about your diet? Do you drink enough water and eat plenty of fruits and veggies?”

“Ess octerrr,” I mumble before the nurse pinches the sensitive underside of one of my asscheeks, “uhh I mean yes doctor,” I speak up clearly.

“Do you smoke?”


“Good girl. How often do you drink alcohol?”

“Only every once and a while. I think the last time was at my sister-in-law’s baby shower a few months ago. It was just a couple of flutes of champagne.”

“Any problems with depression or anxiety? Constant worry and stress, problems sleeping, or problems finding motivation?”


“Good. Now when was your last menstruation?”

“J-just three days ago,” I say with a blush.

“You’re pretty regular?”


“Number of sexual partner? And remember sex doesn’t just have to be penetrative, it can also be oral or anal.”

“Ha!” the nurse laughs, “with her tight little hole, I’m going to say she’s never had anal,” she says as she removes the thermometer, “98.6 degrees, perfectly healthy,” she reports as she goes to put the thermometer away and wash her hands.

“Well Aurora?” he prompts again.

“J-just one,” I answer.

“Oh okay. Did you use contraceptives? Are you currently on the pill?”

“Umm we just used c-condoms. I’ve never been on the pill”

“Oh well good, that means we’ll have no issue administering the mandated ASC contraceptive. It’s just a simple vaccination that will be effective for about 3 months. But we’ll get to that later. For now let’s move onto the next part of your exam,” he says as he goes over to wash his hands.

“Nurse, please open the front of her gown so that I may begin the breast examination,” he instructs. She walks over to me and not only does she open up the front of my gown, but she pushes it off my shoulders and rolls the gown all the way down to my waist. It’s just barely keeping my pussy covered! Next, she gently pushes me backwards so that I’m lying on my back and moves my arms so that they’re up and over my head. The doctor walks over and just looks over my breasts, making me blush again. He gently cups them and moves them up and side to side, so he can see them from every angle.

“Looks good so far. Pretty symmetrical and no puckering or dimpling. Now I’m going to start checking for lumps,” he said as he focused in on my left breast. He was very thorough as he deeply squeezed and pressed on my breast starting at my areola and moving outward. He was just doing his job, but his deep milking of my breasts was starting to feel good and my nipples grew stiff. After he finished groping my other breast he started pinching my sensitive nips to check for discharge and I had to stifle my moans.

“Very good girl Aurora, your breasts look healthy to me. Now I’m just going to examine your tummy before we get to the pelvic exam,” he says as he starts putting pressure on my stomach and feeling around. As he moves lower and gets closer to my waist, I can’t help but let out a little giggle.

“Oh my! Are you ticklish little Aurora?” he playfully asks before eryaman escort he tickles me again, this time making me laugh so hard that when he stops and I fall back to the table and take a big breath, I can feel my boobs jiggling. He just chuckles at me as he continues to move his hands lower. Eventually he slides off my panties. He palpitates my lower belly, just at my pubic bone and goes all the way down until he reaches the little patch of curls at the base of my slit. Then he gives me one more little pat down there before reaching under the table and pulling out the attachments for my legs.

He leaves his palm out facing me and says, “Okay scoot down until your bum reaches my hand and your legs rest comfortably,” he tells me. I scoot down like he says and move my legs into the attachments. He clicks the attachments into place before spreading my legs out even further, giving him a perfect view of my pussy. Then he sits down on one of those rolling chairs and slides on some gloves.

“Okay Aurora, before I take a closer look with the speculum, I’m just going to look for any unusual growths and do a manual exam,” tells me before scooting down closer to my pussy to get an even better look. He moves his hands all around both of my plump pussy lips before he parts my slit. I gasp as he gently roams his fingertips over my clit and hope he doesn’t notice how aroused I’m getting. Next he gently eases two fingers into me and I hear the embarrassingly wet, sloshing sound as his fingers sink in deeply and start feeling around in a circle. I feel myself blush and cover my eyes with my hands.

“Well somebody’s sure wet! Fortunately this tendency will come in handy on some of your future missions. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about Aurora, this is just a healthy reaction to stimulation of your sexual organs. Which appear quite healthy,” he says as he removes his fingers, “but I’m still gonna take a look with the speculum and do a routine Pap smear.” He rolls away and quickly returns with the metal speculum the nurse hands him.

“Looks like I don’t need any lube,” he chuckles but I don’t think it’s very funny. It looks pretty big and it feels super cold as he begins to insert it inside me. I shiver a little, which causes the doctor to place his other hand on my pubic mound to hold me in place. He cranks the tool, forcing me open and I start to shake a little at the pain and discomfort.

“Just relax Aurora,” he tries to soothe as he starts petting my little patch of hair at the top of my fleshy mound. I think he thought it would be comforting, but it just makes me horny and more difficult for me to stay still. But I don’t want to disobey and just want to finish this exam so I try my hardest to stay still.

Once he finishes opening me up, he takes a small flashlight and looks inside of me for a few seconds. Then he gets the swab for the Pap smear, making me flinch for a second. He starts rubbing my mound a little harder and tells me to calm down again. His treatment of me makes me feel like a naughty little patient and a little embarrassed. I wonder if I have behaved immaturely compared to his other patients and that’s why he and the nurse have been treating me the way they are. I hope I haven’t upset them enough for them to complain to Mr. Moore. That would be mortifying!

“Okay everything looks good Aurora! I’ll just have the nurse administer our ASC birth control and you should be good to go,” Dr. Carlisle tells me. Unfortunately the nurse pipes back in.

“Actually doctor, she was a bit of a bad girl earlier and we weren’t able to get a urine sample. Do you just want me to take care of it?” she asks.

“Sure, sounds good. The catheter equipment should be in the cabinet above the sink. I’m going to move onto the next patient as you wrap up here,” he tells her before he gives me one last smile and walks out the door.

“C-c-catheter?” I ask in alarm, “can’t I just get a glass of water and try again?”

“I have other patients to take care of little Aurora. I gave you plenty of time earlier to try and go potty, I’m afraid now we’re just going to have to do it this way,” she tells me as she gets the vaccine set up as well as the catheter and the stupid, little plastic cup. I’m still sitting there with my legs spread wide open, in front of this beautiful, tall woman that treats me like a naughty, little girl and I hope this will be over soon. She cleans one asscheek with an alcohol swap before she stings me deep with the syringe. I try not to give her even more ammunition to treat me like a child, but that shot hurt damn it! And why did it have to go in through my already sore ass?! A few tears leak out and I don’t swipe them away before she sees.

“Oh little Aurora, it’s okay sweetie, we’re all done with the shots now,” she says as she rubs my cheek in a circle around the bandaid she put on me. She gives me cheek a little tap before going over to get the dumb catheter ready. She puts the tube together and comes back over to me with the little cup. She pinches at my urethra and it really stings as she attaches the catheter. I can immediately feel my bladder releasing into the damn cup as she massages little circles into my stomach. I blush–AGAIN–and try to look away as I finish and she takes the cup back and removes the stinging catheter.

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