Step Dad Teaches Me a Lesson Ch. 04

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Mmm…what happened? Oh wow! I can feel someone touching me and a voice “Daddy?” I was a little disoriented.

“Oh my! Lexy doll you came so hard you passed out. Watching you cum was so hot… daddy couldn’t take his eyes off of you.” Larry said as he tweaked my nipples gently. “Now do you think you could get your brain to work so we can talk about this party of yours, you wanted honey?” He’s fingers roamed all over my body, leaving a trail of goose bumps.

Aww… He sweetly called me honey! “Ok daddy I’ll tell you exactly what I want but you have to hear me out no interruptions ok?

1st, The guests, I want Roger, uncle Mike, Alan, and Mr. Vern, and of course you.

2nd, We’ll take our SUV so we have room for the necessities like food, drinks, maybe some porn, and lots of condoms, lube and make sure everyone has those little blue pills just in case. Clothes aren’t really necessary, we’ll wear something for the road but that’s it we’re all going to be nude the entire time at the cabin. I plan on getting fucked, fingered or licked on the road so no panties or a bra for me, another reason the SUV will be awesome, tinted windows!

3rd, once we get there, I want 1 or all my holes filled with a cock or two. I don’t care if I’m on my back, on my knees, against a wall or a door, or even if one of you carry me, I don’t care if it’s outside, in the lake, on the bed, in the bathroom, on the couch, or even on the floor just to be clear daddy. I will be fucked.

4th, Daddy as you know I’m a bit of a nymphomaniac and I don’t care which one of you fucks me as long as I cum hard and often.

5th, They all wear condoms except for your daddy of course. Is that clear and detailed enough for you Daddy?” I say with a smile on my face trying to think if I left anything out.

“Well that’s a nice little list honey, and if you’re sure you can handle all of us who am l to say no to my cock princess.” I was about to have very interesting phone calls with the guys my little girl wanted but I had a feeling it wouldn’t take much to convince any of them to join the fuck fest, so while my cock princess was taking a shower I figured I get a move on the calls.

My first call was to my best bahis firmaları friend Mike:

*Larry: hey Mike!

*Mike: Larry! What’s up man. Thought you’d still be on vacation?

*Larry: yeah I was but we had a change of plans, Claire’s sisters marriage is falling apart so our vacation was cut short.

*Mike: aww man that sucks… So what can I do for you.

*Larry: well Mike… I don’t know how to say this so I’m just going to say it. When I came home early I walked in on Alexa getting ass fucked by Roger.

*Mike: what the fuck! Your co worker was fucking your daughter! What the fuck man! What did you do?

*Larry: yeah I fucking walked in on him drilling my daughter’s ass, but that wasn’t the worst part…

*Mike: what?!

*Larry: she was screaming for him to do it! But that wasn’t the worst part…

*Mike: she was getting ass fuck her!

*Larry: yeah and right before they saw me Roger came in her ass and she was playing with her pussy so hard that she started to squirt right in front of me, but that’s not the worst part…

*Mike: what the actual fuck Larry? Let me get this straight you walked in on Alexa getting her ass fucked by this guy, Roger and she let him cum in her ass and while playing with her pussy she saw you and she and started to squirt! What the fuck is worse than that?!

*Larry: I couldn’t believe what I saw, I was so fucking pissed all I saw was red. I kicked that mother fucker out and when I came back there she was with her legs spread wide still playing with her pussy. And do you know what she said that I was fucking up her high and that I should fuck off! That’s when it got bad…

*Mike: what happened man?

*Larry: I snapped man that’s what happened! I called her a slut and a whore and pull her off the bed and made her suck my cock! Then I made her take a shower and told her to wash that fuckers spunk out, and then I walked in to the bathroom and finger fucked her ass while she held the shower head to her pussy. And then I dragged her by her hair and threw her onto my bed and royally ate her pussy out. And then I fucked her pussy so hard and came inside her while she squirted like hell… And Mike?

*Mike: kaçak iddaa yeah?!

*Larry: she loved every minute of it and she wanted more… So we’ve been fucking ever since then, she’s into kink man and while fucking her she asked me for a gangbang, a fuck fest for a whole week! And she gave me a list of what she wants and who she want, and your on that list man.

*Mike: What! She wants to fuck me? What the fuck man… tell me joking?!

*Larry: well here’s the thing she’s a whore and wants to be treated like a whore, she wants to be fucked… hard and often. She wants to be DPed man! And I want to know if your interested in taking part? But man I can tell you right now she’s the best fuck of my life, she fucks like her life depends on it. And she sucks the cum out of your cock like a fucking vacuum! No matter what happens with Claire I won’t stop fucking Alexa, it’s just too good.

*Mike: holy shit! That’s a lot to take in man. I mean don’t get me wrong Alexa has a fantastic body and her tits are amazing… she’s a fantasy girl, but she only 18! She wants you and I to fuck her? That’s just nuts man!

*Larry: no she doesn’t want you and I to fuck her.

*Mike: that’s what you just said man… don’t fuck with me like that!

*Larry: no man I’m not fucking with you. She wants Roger, Allen, and Vern to join the two of us. She wants five men to fuck her nympho ass. So are you in or out?

*Mike: FUCK! Five men! I’m getting hard just listening to you tell me this fucking story and now I’m even harder thinking about fucking that ass and pussy for days. I’m in… ALL the way man! Lol

*Larry: oh yeah! And Mike? She has the tightest pussy and ass you’ve ever fucked man…*groan* fuck!

*Mike: What the fuck Larry you ok man?!

*Larry: oh yeah! My little bitch is in heat so she sucking my cock like a lollipop! Baby uncle Mike’s excited to fuck your holes, do you want to talk to him *gasp* fuck you little bitch!

*Alexa: *gasp* hey uncle Mike! Sorry about that I almost choked deep throating daddy’s cock.

*Mike: its ok honey, good girls always deep throat a cock honey, so they gag a little. Now your daddy was just telling me the most interesting thing and about kaçak bahis a very special party.

*Alexa: oh you can call it a gangbang or a fuck fest uncle Mike! Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen… you, Vern, Allen, Roger, and of course Daddy fucking, sucking, licking and coming on me or in me! *giggle* it a fantasy I’ve been having and daddy is going to make it a reality! So tell me uncle Mike are you going to fuck my little pussy and ass and make me cum like a whore? Can you fuck me till I squirt? I love squirting uncle Mike and I think you’ll love it too!

*Mike: oh yeah you little slut I can’t wait fuck you while you squirt, my cocks hard just thinking about it.

*Alexa: Ahh! uncle Mike daddy just made me sit on his cock! Oh my god! daddy my ass! Uncle Mike! Daddy is fingering my pussy! Ahh! it’s too much for my little hole daddy!

*Larry: Come on slut take my cock and fingers! How are you going to take your uncle’s cock in your pussy and my cock in this ass if you can’t take 3 fingers in this pussy now! Do you think he’s going to ask to put his cock in your pussy! Put the phone on speaker I want to hear what Mike has to say!

*Mike: That’s right Alexa, if it’s a fuck fest you want that’s just what your going to get, so you better listen to your daddy and let him stretch you little holes up. Cause honey I’ve got a nice thick piece of meat that your going to have to take!

*Larry: Oh don’t you worry Mike she’ll take it all, won’t you slut! *groan* tell uncle Mike what your doing whore! *fuck!*

*Alexa: Ohmygod! I’m playing with my clit uncle Mike! Oh… I’m so wet! Daddy’s got 3 fingers pounding my tight little twat! Oh god! fuck my ass and pussy hard daddy! Oh! My little clit is so hard and sensitive uncle Mike, I wish you were here to suck it! Oh! FUCK I’m squirting daddy! Pound me harder!

*Larry: wet my fingers you little bitch! Cum all over my cock while I cum in your ass! Ahh fuck! *roar*.

*Mike: Fuck that was better that porn. Larry you ok man?

*Larry: oh yeah! This little bitch can drain a cock. She’ll be the best ass you’ve ever fucked man! So your in for this weekend right?

*Mike: hell yeah I’m in. Text me what we’ll need for the trip.

*Larry: will do man! We’ll all meet at my house, we can take the SUV. See you then buddy!

Oh yeah, I’m going to make all my Lexy dolls wet dreams come true. And we’re both going to love it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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