Storms of Passion

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Rachel and I have always been close. Even though she is seven years my senior, we have always shared a mystical bond that defies words, a deep spiritual, mental and yes physical bond that transcends any one that ordinary people can comprehend.

This bond had its beginnings in my childhood. Growing up, Rachel was more like a big sister to me rather than an aunt. When I was two, she would begin looking after me when mom and dad were away and as a result, I formed a tighter relationship with her than I did my other older siblings who were much too much into their own teenage crap to pay any attention to me.

When I hit grade school, I remember coming home where Rachel would always be there waiting for me. She was much more of a tomb boy than her sisters, my mom and her eldest sister Miranda who was a prim and proper stick in the mud. I loved spending time with Rachel because she was down to earth and genuine and that is what drew me to her even closer.

Perhaps she was too genuine in that she never mixed words. She would tell you what was on her mind and what she thought about a subject and wouldn’t care whether or not she was tactful in doing it. In her words she was a “free spirited redneck” who was very much on the trashy side but she was damned proud of it. In her words Rachel was “Delightfully Tacky and yet Unrefined.”

Rachel also could care less about what people in “polite society” thought about things and this would sometimes get her into trouble but that didn’t bother her. She was proud of who she was and the way she was and if people couldn’t accept that then to hell with them.

Despite her “rough” exterior, this did not slow Rachel down when it came to her social life. During her teenage years and on into adulthood, Rachel had no trouble at all in attracting a man. Although she was not what you would call a supermodel with a perfect smile and figure, she was far from being ugly.

She stood about 5’7′ tall weighed about 135-140 pounds with shoulder length sandy-blonde(almost what you would call dishwater blonde), and had the most gorgeous hazel eyes, full pouty lips and a sexy body measuring 36D-26-37. Rachel could have any choice of men and she often did.

By the time Rachel had reached 18, she had gained the reputation for being “easy”. She knew she was sexy and wasn’t afraid to show it. Also she was not ashamed of her body in the least bit and dressed fairly provocatively when in public but when she moved out on her own at age 21 into her mother’s(Aunt Ruby) old white wooden frame 1300 square foot 3 bedroom one bath house, she wore little if any clothes.

I remember when I was around 16, I would go over to her house and she would let me smoke cigarettes and drink beer. She would dress modestly when I was around seeing I was still young but physically speaking I was far from a little boy.

At age 16 I had reached my full adult height of 6’1″ and weighed around 190 pounds with a muscular well toned body, wash board abs dark brownish-blonde hair and hazel eyes. It was during this time when Rachel first developed a crush on me but didn’t act on it out of respect for my parents and because I was too young.

When I turned 18, mom and dad told me it was time that I moved out on my own so I decided to enroll in college at the local university and move in with Rachel. By this time Rachel was 25; However, this living situation lasted only a couple of months because she eventually moved in with some loser named Steve and ran off and eloped.

I didn’t like the guy, there was something about him I couldn’t put my finger on and I told her so. However, I still loved Rachel and didn’t judge her but deep inside I was jealous because I wasn’t the one sharing her bed.

When she left I felt I had nothing to lose so I confessed my feelings for her and told her I loved her. Much to my surprise and delight she didn’t patronize me or be little my feelings for her but gave me a loving kiss on the lips. I told her if anything happened, I was here and she could come back here and no questions would be asked.

Rachel left and began her new life with Steve. Despite many times of trying to have a baby over the next 3 years which ended in numerous miscarriages it was determined Rachel had a medical problem and that she couldn’t have kids. The doctors told her she had to have a hysterectomy to cure her medical problem. This marked the beginning of the end of her happiness and for the next 6 years she would be locked in a “marriage from hell.”

During this time I had been going to college studying Industrial Operations Management and working at one of the local plants. By the time I was a senior in college I had worked my way up to shift supervisor. After graduation, I began working as a Plant manager and in the next 18 months I had worked my way to Production Control Manager.

Also during this time I had done some renovations on Aunt Ruby’s old house. First of all I had it cleaned canlı bahis on the outside and repainted I took off the old roof and had a nice grey metal roof put on. On the inside I pulled up all the old white linoleum tile and put in light maple colored hard wood floors. In the kitchen I replaced the floor with ceramic tile

In the master bedroom area, I extended it out about 750 square feet and made it into a nice master suite with a tile shower, whirlpool bath, double vanity sink with granite counter tops, a storage closet and in the bedroom I put in a huge walk in closet which was more than enough for me.

In the kitchen, I built on an extra 800 square feet. I updated the appliances and put in a dishwasher and built a nice laundry area where I could not only wash and dry clothes with a nice super capacity front end loading washer and matching dryer, but had a space large enough where I could fold and hang clothes and iron them when needed.

Off from the laundry area, was a 12×14 foot utility room to store laundry detergent, mops, brooms and even had a utility sink and a drain area to let them dry. Lastly I put in a nice spacious 8×8 foot walk in pantry for food storage.

Finally, I had redone the two spare bedrooms and the guest bath. I turned the smaller bedroom into my home office where I could do work on my computer when needed and made the guest room up nice for any company that may drop by.

It was about 18 months after I had finished the renovations that Rachel would move back in with me. I had received a call out of the blue one evening and it was Rachel. She was saying that she had had enough of her “old man’s crap” and wanted to come home rekindle our family bond. I didn’t really know what she meant but said I would be glad for her to move back in.

Deep down inside I wanted Rachel for myself and had ever since I moved in with her at age 18, It turned out she would want to get to know me in the Biblical sense.

She arrived on a Saturday evening in June. It was a fairly warm evening just before sunset, the high in the mid 70’s. I had just finished cleaning up from cooking supper and had just dressed from taking a shower when I heard somebody pull up in the yard. I looked out the window and knew it was her because she was driving her same old pick up she had been driving ever since I could remember.

When I opened the door I was stunned at what I saw yet at the same time very aroused and very pleased. Rachel was dressed like a naughty little school girl wearing a white shirt that came only down to below her sumptuous breasts and was tied in a knot just under them. Her shirt was open enough were you could see her tits and had an ample view of her cleavage.

She was also wearing a very short red and black plaid s skirt that barely covered her ass and showed off every curve. Her long luscious legs were beautifully tanned and she was wearing white knee high socks and black saddle shoes. Her hair which had been sort of dirty brownish blonde was now a bright almost platinum blonde color. She had let it grow to her just above her shoulders it had been done up nicely in little pig tails.

“Dave honey,” she squealed as she stepped up on the porch threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug and kiss; however, this was no ordinary “auntly” kiss. Rachel laid a deep passionate tongue probing, tonsil swabbing, toe curling French kiss square on my lips and as she did, she pressed her sweet warm body into mine so that her sumptuous breasts were rubbing against my chest and her crotch grinded against mine.

As we kissed, Rachel’s hands moved over my body and I responded in like manner. Tried as I may, I could not keep my cock from growing rigid and erect and press through my lounge pants against her crotch where I know she felt it press up against her.

Instead of being taken aback or embarrassed by my arousal for her, Rachel just smiled and whispered in my ear with a seductive purr “Mmmmm, it seems that someone’s excited to see me; Well that’s good, because I am excited to see him also.” With that, we broke the kiss and I helped Rachel in with her bags.

“It’s so wonderful to be home again with family who cares,” Rachel said with a soft sigh as she sat by me on the couch and lit a cigarette. “I see you have kept the old home place up and even made some improvements. It looks great but it could still use a woman’s touch,” Rachel added with a wink and a grin.

I took Rachel on a tour of what I had done and when she came to the whirlpool she exclaimed with glee. She also teased me by saying ” Hmmmm, we both know what the hot tub is really for, you naughty devil you, thinking you could tempt me into taking a bath with you. Well, it worked,” she said with a naughty wink and stripped right there in front of me like it was no big deal.

“Man I could use a good hot bath and slip into something more relaxing,” Rachel said with a smile and then she added with a devilish grin bahis siteleri and a naughty wink “Wanna join me hun, I could use the company.”

I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming There was my own aunt making a pass at me. It’s not that I minded, but it was all happening way to fast for me I just thanked her but I told her I would take a rain check.

“Okay, well suit yourself,” she said playfully then added but don’t think you gonna get off that easy. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve and I don’t think there’s a man on God’s green earth who wouldn’t want this,” as she ran her hands over her body and stroked her pussy.

Rachel kept her word because every chance she got she let me see her naked and she would tempt and tease me. I wanted to fuck her so bad that I couldn’t stand it but I was in a moral quandary of what to do.

She was may aunt, my mom’s sister for god’s sake but yet she was a young vibrant sexy sensual woman who I had strong sexual feelings for and I would have given my soul to jump her bones and fuck her right there on the spot. It would take about three weeks but soon my dilemma would pass, my hesitations vanish and by magic fate would ordain us to become lovers.

I remember the night my moral dilemma vanished and we crossed the line and became lovers. it was a stormy night in late Rachel had been out partying with her friends celebrating her girlfriends birthday who had just turned the big 4-0. She had been dressed in her hot short little black party dress, a dress that looked more like a piece of lingerie than a dress.

It was nearly Midnight when Rachel came in drunk as hell, full of energy and ready to share her evening. I thought she would be give out seeing she had worked all day but she was loaded and happy. She had a seat on the couch, lit another cigarette and began to tell told me all about her exploits of the evening.

” OH god baby you should have been there, we had a ball,” Rachel said smiling as she took a long drag from her ciggy. She then leaned over and whispered, in a giggly crazy voice ” You know what hun, you could have gotten you some sweet cherry pie from the birthday girl, but don’t worry, I gotta enough for both of us,” Rachel said with a smile of the Chesser cat from “Alice in Wonderland”©

It was about 12:30 when Rachel stood up and said she was going to take a shower but then when she went to get up she could hardly stand she was so tired. “Fuck this shit”, she said laughing. “I think I’ll just wait till morning, just help me get to my room”

I walked Rachel down the hall to her room and helped her sit on the edge of the bed. ”

“Wanna undress me baby,” she said leaning back and I almost declined but something inside said “do it” so I helped her out of her dress then sat on the bed behind to undo her bra.

I was no stranger to sex and had undressed many a women in my time but for some reason, I guess the fact that she was my mother’s sister which made me so nervous that I fumbled with the clasps and couldn’t get them undone.

“Here sweetie” she said as she pulled the straps off her shoulder and let her bra fall. She then pulled it over her head and handed it to me. “That’s how you take off a bra.”

She then laid back and when I just sit there she grinned saying, “well aren’t you going to finish undressing me,” so I pulled her panties stockings and garters off.

That’s much better hun, she said taking my hand and softly stroking it. You know I could use a good shower I am filthy,” she said smiling “but I don’t think I could stand up. Wanna help wash me off?”

I helped her walk down the hall through me bedroom into the master bath and removed my clothes and got into the shower with her. I turned on the water and showered her off as I lathered her up then rinsed her off.

“Mmmmmm this is nice,” Rachel said. “Too bad I’m completely plastered or I would return the favor and we could fuck in the shower,” Rachel added with a silly grin.

I turned off the water and helped her out of the shower and dried her off. I then walked her back to her room and helped her get in the bed.

“How about a nighty-night kiss,” Rachel said and that is when she made her move on me. She rolled me over laid on to of me and was going to lower her pussy on to my cock when she fell over sideways, passed out from a combination of the booze and exhaustion. I covered her up kissed her gently on the lips then turned out the light and went to my room to go to bed.

It would be around 3:30 in the morning when I would be awaken by a violent thunderstorm raging outside. The lighting began to flash and the thunder woke me up as it roared with all of the ferocity of an angry lion guarding its territory. The rumbles were so loud they shook the house and the lighting was so intense that it lit up the night sky with all the brilliance of an exploding star.

The rain was also coming down in torrents and I was bahis şirketleri almost certain that I heard at least marble sized hail pelting the room. Also the wind gusts were making angry howling sound as they whip around the hose and knocking things over in the yard. I quickly fetched my weather radio to see what was going on.

I was not the only one who had been awoken by the storm. I looked up and Rachel was standing in my door dressed only in a short sleeve white waist length lace robe which was open in front so anyone could see her sumptuous naked body, including her nicely shaved oh so pink pussy.

I almost creamed as she stood in front of me and removed her top, letting it fall to the floor. I turned off the radio and putt it beside my bed. Suddenly hearing the weather conditions weren’t as important as what I figured was about to happen.

“Dave Honey can I sleep with you?” Rachel’s voice trembled as she spoke with almost a child like voice. “it’s come up a storm outside and I am scared of the storms but I know I will be safe in your arms .”

I lifted up the covers and patted the mattress beside me, inviting her to get into the bed. She crawled under the covers and got right next to me, placing her sweet warm soft naked body next to mine.

Just then her child hood fears slipped away and I saw a side of Rachel that I kind of knew was there but hadn’t really seen until tonight and now I saw it in its fullness.

“I know what would make my fears fade away,” she said smiling at me. “Making love in during the storm. I have always wanted to do that but never had the chance until now and I cant think of anyone else I rather do it with.”

Rachel scooted her warm naked body so she was lying with her back to my front and I had my arms around her holding her. I found myself getting aroused and her fears about the storms, were gone and my hesitations about making love to her had now vanished.

I took the chance and began kissing her ear and kissing and nibbling the flesh on the sides and back of her neck. Next, allowed my hands to caress her body. I cupped her breasts in my hands and while I kept one hand on her breasts, I let my other one run across her newly shaven snatch.

Rachel just purred with delight saying ” Oh yes baby, I have waiting so long for this.”

Rachel turned her head so that our lips met and we passionately kissed as our bodies continued to rub together. My cock was rubbing against the back side of her pussy so Rachel instinctively parted her legs and allowed my monster tool to be thrusted into her warm moist tight wet box.

I slowly began pumping her from behind and Rachel gasped for breath as wave after wave of pleasure streamed through her body.

“Oh god yes-s-s-s-s-s-s, baby take me,” she panted in a breathy voice.

We continued to fuck in this position as I slowly pumped her. In addition to make her even hotter and hornier, I began biting her on the neck, giving her hickeys. This sent Rachel straight into orbit as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss crashed through her body.

It wouldn’t be long until Rachel would climax. I felt her pussy quiver and her juices trickled over my cock. She tried to hold back as long as she could but the pleasure was just too great and she came flooding my cock with her cum.

“Oh God baby, I want more,” Rachel panted as she gasped for breath. “I wanna be your hot little slut to do with as you please. Fuck me until I can’t fuck anymore!!”

Rachel turned to face me and we cuddled together as our naked bodies intertwined and we moved together, passionately kissing. Her breasts pressed up against my chest and her cunt rubbed against my fully erect throbbing cock. Rachel’s hand took my cock and guided it into her eagerly waiting pussy.

Rachel rolled me over on my back laid on top of me as she slowly began riding me cowgirl style. I put my hands on her hips and guided her motions while her hands caressed my chest and torso. She used long intense fucking motions as her cunt gripped the sides of my cock and milked it for all it was worth.

As we got into it, Rachel pulled me up so that I was almost sitting upright and we held each other as we continued to rock back and forth. I began nursing on Rachel’s breasts as she cradled my head there, and this only made our passion that much hotter.

As the next wave of pleasure rippled through our bodies, Rachel laid my back down and she arched her back as her climax cascaded through every pore of her body. Rachel gulped and as she did she flooded my cock with more of my sweet nectar. This signaled my cock to let go of its monster load and I let her know I was about to cum.

“Oh yes baby,” Rachel purred. “Fill me with your hot sticky cum I wanna feel your manhood deep inside me.”

I let go of my load and Rachel crooned with delight as I spunked my manhood deep inside of her.

“Take me doggie style baby,” Rachel moaned as she dismounted me and got on her hands and knees. I got behind her placed my still rigid cum soaked 9 inch cock in her pussy and slowly pumped her from behind, gradually building up speed until we had a good pace going.

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