Stormy Weather Ch. 03

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As the storm continued to blow the phone rang, it was the station his mother had not arrived and they wondered where she was. I told them she had left a half hour ago, but I would go down the road and look for her, maybe she was having trouble getting there in the storm.

I put on my windbreaker and headed outside, I got into my truck and drove down the road, and I found my mother’s car in the ditch while a pair of telephone poles lay across the road. I got out of my truck quickly and ran for her car door to see she was not hurt, but she was petrified as she looked all white and her hands gripped the wheel tightly.

“Mom, Mom!” I yelled rapping hard on the glass of her window.

She just sat there not looking at me or moving in anyway, she was breathing rapidly as her breasts heaved up and down in her blouse. I pulled her door open and I pried her hands off the wheel reassuring her that she was going to be okay, I undid her seatbelt and lifted her up out of the car and carried her over to my truck. I called her station from my cell phone and told them due to the weather she could not make it in.

I pulled into our driveway and I carried my mother inside the house, up the stairs to her bedroom, she finally looked at me with tears in her eyes. The whole ordeal with losing control of her car must have had her upset and she reached up pulling me down to her kissing my face all over.

“Oh Brandon, oh baby it happened so quickly, I barely got my car out of the way when those two poles went over in front of me.” She whimpered while kissing me.

“It’s okay now mom, I’m here.” I said to her returning her kisses.

Our mouths were not locked together in a passionate kiss, I now tore open the front of her blouse and undid the clasp of her bra roughly, exposing her heaving breasts. One hand was now roughly fondling her breast while the other held the back of head while we continued to kiss. I pulled my mouth from hers to go down and suck one the breasts, the nipple fully erect, the flesh now very hot. My mother arched her back to give me better access to them and she let out several soft mews of pleasure as my sex kitten of a mother was now on fire with passion.

I reached down and undid the form fitting slacks she was wearing today; I pulled them from her and stood up to remove my own clothes. My mother slid her panties off and then spread her legs beckoning me to get between them; I got between her legs and slid my cock into her wet pussy easily. She moaned aloud as it penetrated her deeply, she reached down illegal bahis and pulled her legs up as far as they could go; my cock was now in as deep as it could be now.

“Oh yes, oh yes, fuck me hard Brandon, fuck me hard.” She urged me on as I grunted harder to give her what she wanted.

“Oh fuck mom, oh yeah you are so hot.” I groaned as my cock continued to plunge in and out of her hot pussy.

Soon we were both cumming together and my cock was now shooting load after load of hot incestuous cum into my mothers’ unprotected pussy. We both laid there holding onto each other, panting in exertion at how physical I love making could be. Soon we were both sleeping in each others arms as the storm continued to rage outside, when I awoke the bedroom was empty. I walked through the house naked and found my mother at the computer; she had always scolded me about using the computer in storms here was she doing the same thing.

I looked over her shoulder to see what she was doing and she had her resume out, video that she had on the computer of her weather reports. She had her e-mail open with the compose box with every e-mail of every station near where I was going to go to college.

“Brandon, I have given this a lot of thought and after all that we have done together I cannot go back to being you father’s wife any longer. You make me feel so good, so alive right now, I want us to continue our relationship, if you don’t mind having your mother continues to be your lover.” She said to me in a very low calm voice.

“Dad is really going to be hurt, but yes I would love to continue having you as my lover, I see you are looking at stations near where I plan on going to school.” I said to her.

“Yes when your father gets back in a couple of nights, I will ask him for a divorce, hopefully we will split everything down the middle and then we will get an apartment near your school and I will hopefully land a job as well.” She explained as she hit enter on the keyboard and sent off her resumes as well as her videos to all of the different stations.

I spun her around quick, my cock was now hard again and it was now bobbing crudely in front of her, I pulled her closer to it and grabbed her by the back of the head. She now sucked my cock into her mouth and was slurping loudly as she gave me a blow job while sitting in the computer chair. She had one hand on my ass, while the other stroked my cock with each time her head went back and forth.

“Fuck mom, that is damn good cocksucking.” I said to her as I pulled my cock out illegal bahis siteleri of her mouth and pulled her out of the chair.

I spun her around quickly and bent her over the desk, I spread her legs and sat down in the chair myself, and I put my head between her legs so I could eat her pussy. The taste was intoxicating blend of her own juices and some of my cum from our previous fuck session. She humped her pussy against my face, as she was now enjoying her own oral stimulation, as I continued to lick her cunt and probe her clit, I now stuck a finger deep into her ass which made her groan aloud.

“Oh Brandon baby mommy is cumming, keep licking me, keep licking my clitty.” She screamed as she humped her pussy against my face in orgasm.

I now stand behind her and stick my cock into her wet pussy; I fuck her so hard that the monitor almost tips over from its place on the desk. I continue to fuck her from behind, my mother moaning and groaning with every thrust of my cock, soon she is screaming that she is cumming again. Now I tired, but my cock is still hard, I pull it out of her pussy and I plop down in the chair, my mother taking the hint and she now straddles me.

She climbs on top of me as my cock slides inside of her; I pull the lever under the chair so it is now sitting its lowest so her feet are now flat on the floor. I place both hands on her ass and she begins to ride my hard cock now, after a few minutes of this I’m now shooting hot load after load into her. Unbelievably I’m so spent we cannot make love the rest of the night; we eat a quiet dinner and sleep in each others arms.

When I awake the next morning I find myself alone in bed and a note on my mothers’ pillow explaining she had gotten up during the night and had gotten an e-mail letting her know that she had a job interview. Then I notice a new message on the phone, my mother had called from her cell phone letting me know that she called a garage about the car and she had taken my truck to the interview in case any problems with the road along the way.

My mother called me from the state capital and told me my father was flying in a day early when she said she had called him, she told him they really needed to talk. She had the job, she was going to spend the night to find a good apartment and then she was going to get a motel room. When my father arrives he is going to drive up and they were going to talk about getting a divorce.

When he arrived he rented a car and drove to the state capital, they had a very long talk about how canlı bahis siteleri she needed to live and she needed to be out on her own. He said he was very hurt by her decision, yet he too agreed they had grown apart and he felt the age difference was some of it. She told him she did not want the house, just her car when it was fixed and if they could split the bank account down the middle. He agreed to do this and then he asked if she wanted any alimony, she told him she could make ends meet on the money in the bank and the new job she had gotten at a news station here.

Mom had called me and told me to get ready to pack, we would have to move up to the new apartment soon and I still had college starting in a couple of weeks. We spent most of our time packing, while dad spent most of his time at his office, he drew up the papers himself, and all that was left to do was to sign them. Mom had her lawyer go over them she knew dad would not have screwed her over but she still wanted to be sure. With every thing in order she signed them and we were off to her new job and I was off to college.

We unloaded everything from my truck, then we went furniture shopping and then grocery shopping, when we put the groceries away, we ate a light supper. I have dying to make love to my mother again, something that has not happened in a few days now. She took a shower and I got the air mattress pumped up for us to sleep on, then she came out of the bathroom wearing a black lace teddy.

“I guess it would be bad luck if we did not make love the first night in our new apartment.” She said dimming the lights.

She then strode around the room lighting candles that she had set up earlier, once she had them all lit she came over to the airmatress and got down on her knees we kissed for a moment and then she pushed me onto my back. Her hand grabbed my hard cock out of the boxers and began to stroke it, I looked at her dumbfounded for a moment, and I thought we were going to make love. She saw the expression on my face and a smile came across her face as she continued to jerk me off.

“Well this is how our little romance got started, me jerking you off, now let me do this, I assure you we will still make love tonight, I just want to remember how this all started.” She said to me.

Soon my cock was shooting out thick white jets of cum out of the head of it; they landed on her hands and arms when this happened. She looked at me and licked the cum from her hands and arms, this looked so sexy as my beautiful mother swallowed all of my cum. She then stood up and dropped the teddy, she climbed naked on top of me and we kissed each other. I could taste the saltiness of my own seed as our tongues dueled into each others mouths and she was right we would make love tonight.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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