Sub to My PA Ch. 03

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Sandra, my dominatrix Personal Assistant, has gone on vacation leaving Fiona, her new deputy with the key to my cage.

With Sandra away Fiona began to abuse the power and responsibility that had been delegated her.

She delighted in hurting, threatening and humiliating me more than she would have dared when Sandra was around. And she used her power to show off to her colleagues and lord it over them.

We began as normal on the Monday. Fiona was there when I arrived at 7am. She ordered me to undress and bend over my desk. She caned me until I begged for mercy then she locked my cock in it’s cage and hung the key on a chain around her neck. I put on my tight lacy panties then my usual suit and got on with my work while she returned to her post at the reception desk.

At lunchtime she walked into my office with Racheal and another girl; a new employee called Lisa.

I panicked and asked her what she thought she was doing.

“Don’t worry slave. These are my best friends. I’ve told them everything and sworn them to secrecy. They won’t tell anyone.”

I protested but she told me to shut up and take my trousers and knickers down. Which I did.

She pointed at me:

“You see his little cock cage. I’m the only one who’s got a key. He has to wear it so the dirty pervert can’t touch himself. And OMG he has the smallest dick. You have to see it.”

She took the key from around her neck and undid the lock. Racheal and Lisa squealed when they saw my tiny erect dick spring from it’s compact prison.

“Oh bless. It’s all stiff and still so small.

“Yeah. He’s not allowed to even wank.”

“Oh that’s so unfair. Poor thing. He must be dying to jerk it.”

They looked up at me with a mocking look of pretend pity

“Are you boss? Are you dying to wank your lickle willy?”

I nodded, breathlessly.

“Go on then little dick perv. Jerk it quickly. Quick before we lock you up again.”

And I did. I wanked while they watched. The three girls poked their tongues out at me as I gripped my stiffy in my forefinger and thumb and tugged. They sneered and giggled when I gasped and my face went red as I twitched a dribble of cum over my fingers and onto the carpet.

Fiona told me I’d better have the mess cleaned up by the time they got back from lunch. She demanded I hand over my company American Express card then they went out leaving the reception staffed by an agency worker.

They were away from the office all afternoon. They got back a little before 5pm just in time to close the office, administer my punishment and unlock my cock from it’s cage. They were clearly drunk and were showing off to the other girls in the office. They told me to go home and wait to find out what they had planned for me tomorrow as they were all going for more drinks that evening.

The following morning I arrived at 7 and waited in the office to be spanked and locked up.

Fiona didn’t turn up. I waited in my office listening to the other receptionists arrive.

I heard phones ring as business started and departments became busy. Then a knock on my door.


Two young women I didn’t recognize opened the door and walked in.

“Fiona says she can’t come in till later. We’re from the agency. I’m Gilly, this is Di. We’re here to lock you up and give you your morning punishment.”

I protested but they knew what they were doing and soon I was bent over with a gag in my mouth.

They were very professional as they spanked me.

Di was efficient and her blows painful but the other; Gilly, seemed a little more reluctant.

They both gasped and sighed when they saw how small my dick was as they put the cage around me.

Gilly gripped my shaft and fiddled with the lock system.

“Oh Di; you go and have cigarette while I finish up here. I won’t be long.”

When Di had gone Gilly looked at me sympathetically.

“You poor man, being locked up all the time. You must be dying to cum.”

I nodded.

“Quick then stick it in my mouth and let me suck you off. There…oomph…schleurph. Oh my. That was quick. You poor little man!”

Di knocked on the door and said it was time to go.

I asked them to put the key in the drawer or with reception but they said that wasn’t what they’d been instructed so they couldn’t. I asked if they were coming back at 5 to do me and unlock me and they said it wasn’t in the diary but that they probably could if Fiona called them before their appointments were all filled up.

They wouldn’t even give me a phone number.

All that day my panic increased as the clock ticked towards 5pm and Fiona didn’t arrive. I got the other receptionists to call her and any other contact numbers they had. They called her and I called her but she didn’t answer. I left messages on her ansaphone, sent texts, emails, everything.

Eventually at 4:30 she phoned back. She sounded angry and her speech was slurred.

“What the fuck is this about? I leave the office for one day and I’ve got a hundred messages. I’m with my mum and my sisters bursa escort and my aunties what is so important that it can’t wait till the morning? I don’t need this shit.”

I explained that I was still locked up and the women who’d locked me up had taken the key and left no number and weren’t coming back.

Fiona gasped as if she’d completely forgotten. Then I heard her giggle and her voice muffled as she talked to someone else;

“Hold on, my mum wants to have a word with you.”

I could hear laughter and chuckling then an older woman’s voice:

“Hullo, is that Fi’s boss? Oh right. So what’s the problem? Don’t worry she’s told us all about your little dick and you being a sissy pervert who likes getting spanked by girls.”

I said that’s not quite how it was but she told me to stop taking shit and that I was on speaker so they could all hear me. I heard a lot of female voices jeering in the background so I explained my situation.

Fiona’s mum listened patiently then spoke:

“Don’t worry Dave. My son Lee’s a locksmith. He’s seen all sorts. I’ve phoned him. We’ll be right over. Mind; you’re interrupting a family day out at the beer garden and we’ve all had a lot to drink so don’t mind us. We’re dying to meet you and I was just telling my sister I could spank a fellah’s bum harder than her and she said she’d like to see me try so you can help us settle that one.”

Fortunately everyone in the office had left by the time Fiona and her family arrived. There were a lot of them: Fiona and her mother Pearl; Fiona’s sisters; Annie, Winnie, Jacey and Coral; her aunts; Ivy and Rose and a load of other women: cousins, neighbours and friends. All drunk, rude and all in a state of sexually aggressive excitement.

They gathered round me while Fiona told me to undress so they could see my cock cage.

I did.

“Now turn around Dave.” She pointed at the raised tender skin, the raw wounds and the cuts and wheals on my bum to the delight of her family: “There. That’s from me caning him and spanking him. I have to do it twice a day. I get paid for it.”

They all begged to be allowed to have a go. Fiona went to the cupboard and took out all the canes, paddles, whips, brushes, slippers and crops and handed them out. She made me bow down before her, to demonstrate her power. I begged to be punished. Then they took turns to punish me.

After an hour Fiona’s brother Lee the locksmith turned up. None of the master keys he carried could open the miniature lock so he had to use saws and bolt cutters to cut the bolt. Fiona’s family watched as I lay on my desk, naked while Lee sawed, drilled and fiddled with the cage tight around my cock. Eventually he got it off. My little erect dick was sore, cut, weeping, straining as it sprang out.

The locksmith whistled and looked at my diminutive member:

“Blimey mate. My sister wasn’t joking about how small it is. Poor man. Heh! Your poor missus, lol. Here’s my card; I’ll lock you back up and give your wife a proper seeing to, no extra charge. I’ve got all the tools you need!”

Fiona’s family took out their phones and took pictures of one another next to my dick; sneering at it, squeezing it, making pinky signs and pulling angry faces.

They stayed and partied in the office untill the office drinks cabinet was dry then they left me to clean up. I didn’t care: it was so good to feel my little dick in my knickers without the metal cage.

The next day was no better. Fiona had clearly decided that, in Sandra’s absence, she could do what she liked.

She was late for work again; arriving after all the other office staff. But still made me pull down my pants and bend over her knee to be spanked.

I protested, scared that we’d be seen. that just made her more angry. She pointed out that Racheal and Lisa had already seen me and all the girls in the office knew what a pathetic little dick sub I am. She made a particular point of punishing me as hard as she could for ages until I couldn’t help but yowl and cry out in pain. Then she’d finished I looked up through my tears to see the faces of several female employees peering at us through the office window.

Without a cage I found it impossible to leave my dick alone. I masturbated constantly, ferociously and openly all day long.

One of the cleaning staff caught me wanking by the staff vending machine and dragged me through the factory to reception and gave me and Fiona a piece of her mind saying she’d tell Sandra everything that’s been going on when she got back. Fiona panicked, realising she’d get in trouble with Sandra for letting me out of the cage with no way of mending the lock.

She phoned her brother to come over and fix the cock cage but he said it would have to be later as he had a job on till 6 and was playing 5 aside after that and it would need to be at their family home.

When we arrived at Fiona’s house her mother Pearl laughed at me and led me into their living room to meet more female family and friends. There were a lot of women there including some older ladies who görükle escort I took to be Fiona’s grandma and her great aunts.

She introduced me:

“This is Fiona’s boss; the one with the little dick who she has to spank, you remember I told you. His dick’s normally locked up but he’s had a bit of a crisis so our Lee’s coming over later to fix it:

“David: you’ve met most of these already but those are my aunts, some girls from work and this is my mother Mary.”

She leaned down close to the old lady’s ear:

“Mum; this is Fiona’s boss; the one with the little cock. I SAID THE ONE WITH THE LITTLE DICK MUM.”

She turned to me again: “Sorry; mum’s a bit mutton. But she can still see. So get your clothes off. Let everyone see. They’ve all come to have a look at the little wonder.”

I undressed and was subjected to their scrutiny and derision. It made me very erect but they prevented me from touching myself.

One of the aunts; a large voluptuous grey haired woman called Prudence was curious to know how a dick so small might feel inside her cunt. Prudence explained that she hadn’t had sex for some years and had become concerned that her pussy might have closed up. The other women laughed and told her it doesn’t work like that. But she said she’d like to try anyway.

“If I start with something little I can work my way back to getting a proper seeing to!” as she put it.

So I was made to lie on my back while Prudence took off her knickers and lowered herself onto my miniature erection.

She giggled as my dick entered her pussy lips, then made an ‘ooh’ sound.

“I can barely feel it. But it’s quite nice. Tickles a bit. Mmmm”

She moved her hips back and forth and my dick slipped out. She grunted:

“Oh shit. It’s come out. I was just getting into that. Put it in again. Fuck me.”

I entered again, she moved her hips and I slipped out again. After a short while she became angry.

“Bloody useless little dick.”

Finally she lowered herself onto my dick carefully and moved very cautiously. She was heavy, her tits swung over my face and she pushed me down with her hands. I looked up at her, whispered “Sorry”, grunted and shot my load.

She sat down with all her weight on my flaccid dick and cursed.

“Is that it? I’m not even halfway there.”

The other women jeered and hissed.

“Sit on his face Pru. Let him use his tongue on your. Give him a taste of his own cum. You deserve that orgasm Auntie P.”

Prudence turned herself round, straddle my face and and lowered her hips onto my upturned face. I tasted my cum on her pussy lips as she began to grind her cunt and her clitoris hard against my nose, tongue and chin. I stuck my tongue into her and worked it hard as I struggled for breath. Finally she shuddered to an orgasm then sat back on my face and, with a sigh of relief, opened her bladder pissing in my mouth and over my head. The other women cheered her on.

I was still cleaning up the mess on the carpet when Lee arrived with his mate to fix the cock cage lock. I lay on the floor while they fiddled and screwed and Fiona and her family watched.

Eventually the men were done. Lee put his tools away and turned to his sister:

“Sorry Fiona; I’ve had to weld it and it’s stuck shut now. You won’t be able to unlock him; least not till I can get someone out with some specialist cutting tools. It’s Thursday now so I can sort it on Tuesday, or Wednesday. I don’t know where you’ll get a lock for that miniature cage though, they don’t make them any more.”

He saw the look of panic in my face and grinned: “Sorry mate. If you was planning to do the business with your missus just call me. You can tell her: satisfaction guaranteed. She can ask my mum if she wants a good reference, isn’t that right ma!”


At home that night I had to hide my cage from Debra and Amy.

I thought I’d got away with it and went to have a shower after they’d gone to bed but Amy walked into the bathroom as I was getting out of the shower. She looked at the cock cage and asked me what was going on. I told her that it was a medical device. She gave me a look and asked me what condition I was being treated for. I remembered she’s a physio and knows more about human physiology than I do. Then she said if I was ill it was her duty to tell her mum. So I begged her not to and I told her I was trying a new male comfort product out for work. It was part of early trials before we went into product development. She didn’t look convinced and said she’d phone Sandra in the morning.

The next day was Friday. I got in at 7 and Fiona was late again. Racheal and Sophie came to my office and told me that Fiona had put them both in charge of me while she was out for the morning.

I told them that was fine but one of them should attend to the reception desk while the other attended to me. They told me to shut up. I was bent over my desk and spanked by Racheal while Sophie sat astride my head.

When they saw me put on my lacy knickers they decided to escort bayan dress me in a frock and tights and make up.

“Perfect. Down you go. Our new receptionist: Davina. Behind the desk.”

Fiona came in after lunch and laughed when she saw me in my cress behind the reception desk. She’d invited her mum and aunts and cousins to the office for drinks.

I sat at the reception desk while Fiona and her friends and relatives drank upstairs and partied in my office.

Which is when Sandra walked in

Realising there was no way out I blushed and told Sandra I hadn’t been expecting her back till Monday.

She looked me up and down and looked around the office:

“I got a phone call about your cage and realized something was wrong. Although I didn’t expect to see you looking so…”

She appeared lost for words and edcided to follow another line of thought.

“Where’s Fiona?”

I glanced up to the management offices.

She charged up the stairs and before very long we were back to normal.

Racheal, Lisa and Sophie were back behind reception.

Fiona’s family were gone.

And Fiona and I were in the boardroom being interrogated by Sandra. I was still in my frock and make up.

Sandra listened to us describe the events since she’d been away. Occasionally she interrupted to clear up a discrepancy in our accounts, to ask one of us to explain why something had happened or to settle between us as to whose fault something had been.

After a while Sandra’s face went from stony anger to exasperation and finally she began to laugh.

“I go away for 5 days and now everyone in the office knows everything. In fact it appears that half the town knows. Fiona: I knew you could be vicious and cruel and humiliating; you have fulfilled all my expectations in that regard. But I didn’t expect this level of poor judgement and recklessness. David: you are far more pathetic than I had ever even imagined. There’s a lot of tidying up to do; but we can make this work. Fiona: you have so much to learn. David, go outside and close the door. I will call you when I need you.”

I listened outside and heard raised voices followed by begging. Then the sound of a cane on tender flesh and yelps of pain. Silence and sobbing, tenderness and finally laughter.

Fiona called me in. She was sitting on the desk with her arm around Sandra.

Sandra spoke first.

“Fiona can’t stay here at this company now. But don’t worry; I’ve got the perfect position for her in a company run by some of my friends. It’s a female led firm. They need a woman with her energy, cruelty, enthusiasm and contempt for the male employee. And she’ll learn to be a little more subtle, keep away from her awful family and resist the desire to show off. Now you must thank her, apologise for having let her down so very badly and show some respect.”

I looked up at Fiona and thanked her. And I really meant it. Tears filled my eyes as I was overwhelmed with feelings of submissive devotion to her. I begged her to let me kiss her feet one more time. With Sandra’s permission she made me prostrate myself before her. I was bawling as she left the room.

Sandra became more business-like and ordered me to sit on the chair in my frock.

“So David. I have done everything to keep your submissive shame a secret. I’ve done it for your sake, for the good of the company and for your family. In a few days you have undone all of that. It seems that now all of the girls who work here are aware of your submissiveness; of your little cock; of your pathetic perversions. You appear to have allowed most of them to punish you, humiliate you and spank you. Obviously I will speak to them and ensure their confidence. There will be a price to pay; for you, anyway. You will not be able to play the part of the big boss man now. They all know. It will have an impact on the whole company. Female employees throughout the firm will notice and begin to act accordingly. They will become more dominant. Other male employees will need to become more obedient. This may be a good thing.”

I nodded. The implications were huge.

She leaned over the desk and lifted the front of my skirt with her cane to reveal my welded shut cage. I stuttered:

“Please Sandra. Help. I can’t keep this on all weekend. Debra and Amy might see. Phone one of your friends please.”

Sandra picked up the phone and made several calls. When she’d explained what we needed I could hear laughter down the line.

“We’ve located a replacement cage but it’s part of a private collection in Singapore. If we can agree a price it might be here in a week. And we would need a specialist to cut this one off without chopping your balls. The whole thing’s going to cost an awful lot of money. I’m inclined to leave it on. I think it suits you better without a key.”

I knew there was no point in arguing so I thanked her. She told me to shut up and continued:

“My problem now is; with whom will I replace Fiona as my second in command? Ah well. I guess I’ve got until Monday to decide. Have a good weekend, I believe I’m going over to your house for drinks on Sunday. That will be a pleasure; do tell Debra I’m looking forward to it. But I don’t need to remind you to be here on Monday morning 7am sharp. Don’t be late.”

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