Summer Lovin

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Big Boobs

I always had a thing for my sister Serena. Since we where kids I looked at her differently than I did other girls I liked. But it wasn’t until three summers ago that things changed between us. It was the summer after my 19th birthday.

Serena was 24 and had been away at college for six years. She had graduated so now she came home for a while. Every holiday, if she could, Serena would come home and the air in the house was always a little strange. I had never seen her as my sister, only as the object of my lust. She had changed a lot since we where kids. Her dark tan skin glistened in the sun on those hot summer days. She spent most of her days at home outside under the sun, or taking short dips in the pool. Her body sent shivers down my back when she paraded around the house in the tiny bikini. Her perfectly round breasts never fell out of her top as she bounced around. Her beautifully sculpted ass almost made me hard every time I saw it.

On my days off I would stay at home with Serena. When she first came back I would watch her through my window as she swam or sun bathed. One day I worked up the courage to join her. I donned my favorite trunks and bounded down the stairs. The very thought of being that close to such a beautiful girl made my penis take notice and perk up a bit. As I walked outside she didn’t budge. I was pretty sure she was asleep so I took a moment to stare at her perfectly portioned form. It was such a more provocative view up close than it was from my second floor window. My dick was fully erect by now and I needed to get rid of bahis firmaları it before she woke up.

I walked to the diving board and with a running start leaped off in her direction with a cannonball. The splash hit her and she sat straight up.

“What the hell Jason?”

“Sorry sis, you looked hot so I thought I’d cool you off.” I was never going to let on the truth. I just wanted her to chase me into the pool so I could get and excuse to touch her.

“Well do you know what the punishment for getting me wet while I am tanning?”

“If I remember correctly it is a dunking, followed by a slash fight, yeah.”

“That’s right but this time I am going to add a little something.” It worked she was getting in. His plan was going great. She jumped in a swam after him. He didn’t try hard to get away, he wanted her to force him under the water. She did just that, he felt he erection growing again when she grabbed his feet and pushed down on his head. He wondered what the ‘little something’ was, and it didn’t take long.

“You know little brother, you should really find a better way to stare at women.”

“What are you talking about.” Oh, crap she had caught him, he thought. How would he get out of this, surly she had seen his erection.

“Don’t play dumb Jason. I saw you staring at me, and I saw how excited you got. Don’t look so surprised, I just think if you are going to stare there is no reason for you to imagine the parts you can’t see.” Jason’s mind was going crazy, was she going o get naked. “Mom and Dad won’t be home for a few kaçak iddaa more hours why don’t we go inside and cool off, and I’ll give you your birthday present. I doubt you’ll care if it is a little late.” Jason took no time getting out of the pool. It amused Serena to see him barely dry himself off and run inside. It was only a few seconds after Jason got to his room that Serena came in.

He was already hard and naked by the time she arrived. She had never seen him naked and his nine inch dick amazed her. Her mind no longer guided her. She instinctively went down to her knees and crawled to him. Jason shook when his sister placed her soft lips on his raging cock. She slowly kissed it playing with him, her mouth kissed every inch of his dick before she took it in her mouth. She sucked his cock until he was about the come. His body was rejecting every order he gave it and instead was frozen in the splendor of the moment. His hands moved to the back of her head as she moved back and forth on his dick. She retreated just in time for his load to blast all over her face. His legs went limp for a moment and when his vision returned Serena still had a ravenous face and she shed her bikini and moved toward his still hard cock.

Jason grabbed her at the waist and guided her onto his dick. A small moan escaped her mouth when he touched her wet pussy. She gave little resistance to his large cock as he slid inside of her. Slowly at first he began to thrust in and out. He was gentle at first and she moaned each time he pumped.

“Fuck me, Jason. Fuck my dirty little kaçak bahis brains out.” Jason picked up speed and Serena’s tits began to jiggle with the motion of his thrusting. Her head began to jolt as he pounded her harder and harder. “Oh, God Jason. Oh, Oh, Oh, Shit. I think I am about to come. Harder, Oh, Oh, Oh.” She was screaming louder and louder. He could feel his own load about to blow again. Serena let out a terrific yell as she came.

“Serena, I am going to come.”

“Oh, Oh, Oh, do it in me. Oh, Oh, I want your come in me damn it.” She was still letting out moan after moan of pleasure when Jason felt his come jet out and into his sister. She was smiling when she grabbed his head and pulled him in. They kissed passionately while they stayed in fucking position.

Jason lifted his sister off of his dick and laid her down on his bed. Spreading her legs to get a good view of her pussy, he could see both of their juices flowing from her. He bent his head and began to lick her.

His right hand was massaging her pussy while his tongue explored the depths of it. Using his left hand he began to rub her body until he got the her breasts. She let out a deep moan when his rolled her nipples between his fingers. Her stomach began to rise as her breathing again became heavy. She clamped her legs around Jason’s head and her hips began to gyrate. She was thrusting her pussy into his face and he was using every finger he had plus his tongue to massage and tease her pussy. She screamed almost deafening Jason had her legs not been around his head. Her juices covered his face when she came again. Her entire body then went limp. Jason escaped her legs and carried her to her room. He put her in her bed slowly then crawled in next to her, both naked they slept like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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