Surprise Visit

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I was on my way out to go bar hopping with friends so I was dressed in my black mini skirt, lacy black low-cut shirt with my black bra, panties and heels.

I open the door when I hear the knock and there you stand.

I reach up and pull down your head to kiss you deeply moving my body close to you, feeling your hands move down to my ass as our tongues are locked, and pull me in to feel your cock against my stomach.

I move my hips against you, feeling it harden more; feel your hands go under my skirt to feel my legs.

I pull you in the door and close it and go to my knees, rubbing my face against your crotch feeling your bulge.

I stand up pulling my shirt and skirt off, leaving myself in only my bra, panties and heels.

I get back down to my knees and pull your zipper down slowly, my hands sliding into your pants feeling your hard cock; pulling it out, kissing it, licking it, stroking it as your pants slides down your legs.

I look up at you and ask, “Baby, what do you want me to do for you?”

You kartal escort tell me, “What ever you want, baby.”

I pull your pants down, my hands sliding up and down on your cock, feeling the veins popping as I rub it slowly and firmly, your cock throbbing in my hands. I notice moisture glisten on the tip of your cock, lean down, my tongue licking the pre-cum off the head of your cock.

I look up at you and let you go as I take my bra off, throwing it behind me. I wrap my tits around your cock, sliding them up and down over it, sucking in the tip as it comes up, love hearing your moans. I play with your cock like this for a couple minutes, love watching your face, flushed with lust and passion.

Wanting you completely naked, I stop and remove all your clothes.

I stand up and slide my panties down, my ass facing you as I bend over my round coffee table, my legs spread wide. I finger my pussy in and out while you watch, my juices wetting it completely. I take my finger and lick on it then maltepe escort bayan rub my clit, letting you watch me, my ass moving as I masturbate.

I see you grab your cock and stroke it as you see my finger slide in and out of my pussy. Watching you stroke your cock, I moan out loud, telling you how good I feel with you.

I turn around, sit down, kicking my heel off as I place my feet on the table, my legs spread and motion with my finger to come over to me, my hands running up and down my inner thighs, then to my pussy, inviting you in.

You grasp my inner thighs, pushing my legs further apart and slide your hard thick cock into my pussy deep and fast, my legs wrap around your waist as I feel you start to fuck me hard. My hips bucking to meet every thrust, my pussy tightening around your cock, I feel you go deeper.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good inside me…. fuck me hard, baby!” I groan out loud.

I pull your head down to slide my tongue into your mouth and kiss you as we fuck like escort pendik animals, grunting and moaning as we get closer and closer to cumming. Our kiss deepens the closer we get to our orgasms, tongues intertwining, lips sucking and nibbling.

You look down at me and tell me, “Baby, your pussy feels so good around my cock. So tight, so wet; you’re going to make me cum.” You pound into me harder and faster, our breathing becoming labored as we feel our bodies take over and feel the intense pleasure building inside us.

Suddenly, you grunt that you are going to cum and I moan into your ear, “Pound that cock in me; explode inside my wet pussy, baby! Shoot that hot load of cum into me!” My words take you over the edge I feel your body tense as you jerk your cock deeper into my as you unload your hot cum into my drenched pussy.

Groaning out loud, you say, “Yessss, baby, cummingggg!”

Feeling your body convulse, my orgasm take over my body, I yell, “Cummingggg baby… oh god…. cumminggggg so hard!” as my pussy pulses around your cock over and over, my legs tighten around your waist.

We both slowly breathe as our orgasm subsides and you pull my head to yours as our lips meet and you ask if I was busy the rest of the night. Bar hopping, nah! I got better things to do!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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