Taking Care of Business Ch. 06

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Several weeks passed since Ryan’s encounter with Reb. He didn’t have much time alone with her to chat about that day but he did notice she was dressing sexier, had her hair and nails done and seemed happier overall. The only time they had alone to discuss their encounter was a few stolen moments in a conference room after a meeting. Reb had asked him to stay to discuss a procedure. Once the door closed she gave him a passionate kiss. “Damn,” Reb said when she pulled away, “I missed that.” Reb reached down and squeezed Ryan’s cock through his pants,’ missed that too.”

Ryan gulped, “ummm, though you said we weren’t going to do this again?”

Reb smilted, “I wanted to tell you earlier but I told Stan about what happened. Thought it would make him jealous or something. Nope. He just told me he was fine if I had a guy on the side to satisfy me. He figures he can’t do it like he used to now that he’s older. So as long as I’m discreet, don’t come home with any diseases and don’t neglect the house or him, he’s ok with me having sex with another guy.”

“Wow,” Ryan was stunned, “ok.”

“Yeah, shocked me too.” Reb handed Ryan a piece of paper. “I’m sorry I’ve been so damn busy to say anything. With all the work we have we might have to wait awhile before we have a chance to be together again. But write down your phone number and address, maybe an opportunity will present its self.”

Ryan wrote down his number and address and handed the paper to Reb. Reb gave Ryan a piece of paper with her cellphone number on. “Now,” she said, “I don’t expect you to be at my beck-n-call. If you have plans or even if you start seeing someone, I understand.”

Ryan took the paper, “I understand. You’re in luck though, I’m not looking for a relationship…too much hassle.”

Reb kissed Ryan again, “gotta run, I’ll see if I can make time for us soon.” Neither had extra time with work and family. They would talk but they only got to see each other at work.

One night Reb left early and Ryan worked late with Beth. Beth was a tall, slender but not super model thin, blonde haired, brown-eyed beauty. She was the girl in the office that all the guys wanted to fuck but she wouldn’t let them. They had both stopped working to grab dinner before the cafeteria closed. “Hi Ryan,” Beth said, “you gonna eat down here or up at your desk.”

“Hey Beth,” Ryan replied, “probably back at my desk since I only have 15 mintues.”

Ryan and Beth chatted about work and their kids while they paid for their food, rode the elevator and walked back to their desks. Ryan had problems concentrating after that. He kept thinking about what Beth would look like naked and in various positions with his cock buried in her mouth or pussy.

A couple hours later Ryan was daydreaming about Beth bent over his desk with her c-cup breasts in his hands as he took her from behind. His cock was rock hard and causing a noticeable bulge. Ryan was so lost in his fantasy that he didn’t see Beth walk up to his desk. “Ryan,” Beth said as she poked his shoulder.

Ryan jumped with a surprise, escort kartal “What!” His heart was beating fast from the shock. “Oh, h-hi Beth. Sorry, didn’t hear you.”

“S’ok,” Beth smiled, “just coming to see if you were taking your half hour dinner break?” Beth looked down and saw the bulge in Ryan’s pants. She licked her lips and though I know what I could do with that.

“Beth,” Ryan said. This time Beth was zoned out in her fantasy.

“Sorry,” Beth said. “Ummm…I can help you with that, be a nice dessert.” Beth pointed down to Ryan’s crotch. She liked what she saw and wanted it.

“Take care of wh…,” Ryan began to say. Then it hit him that he was standing in front of his fantasy with a plainly visible woodie. There was no way to hide it. “There isn’t any place around here to take care of this without risk of being seen.” He thought he’d risk agreeing with her to see if she was serious.

Beth smiled, “Oh yes there is…follow me.” She turned and walked away. Ryan followed his eyes squarely on her swinging hips and fine ass. Beth led him to the end of the hall to a door that led to a room full of network equipment. The door was locked and, as far as Ryan knew, neither was authorized to access the room.

Ryan looked confused as Beth removed her high-heeled shoes and handed them to him. “Hold these,” Beth said as she dropped them into Ryan’s hands. Beth climbed on the counter, lifted a ceiling tile next to the wall and then climbed on top of the refrigerator next to the wall. Ryan saw that the wall didn’t reach all the way up to the next floor. Beth was able to slip over the top of the wall, replace the ceiling tile and drop down into the locked room.

“Come in,” Beth said after she opened the door. She quickly shut it when Ryan was inside.

“Impressive,” Ryan said.

Beth smiled, “Thanks!” She took Ryan’s hand and led him through a door on the far side of the room. This room was empty save for a desk and a filing cabinet. Once Beth shut the door it was quieter without the hum of all the network equipment. Beth turned towards Ryan with a hungry look in her eyes. She was slowly unbuttoning her shirt as she stepped closer to Ryan.

By the time Beth stood in front of Ryan, her blouse was unbuttoned, revealing her pink lace bra. Beth shrugged her blouse off her shoulders and let it flutter to the floor. Ryan’s cock was leaking and jumped in his pants at the sight of her creamy white breasts encased in pink lace. Beth released the clasp to free her beautiful breasts and allowed her bra to join her blouse on the floor.

Her pink nipples were hard. Ryan couldn’t wait to feel them in his mouth. Beth pulled his shirt off, revealing his hairy chest. Their lips met and their tongues intertwined. Ryan moved his hands and began to massage Beth’s soft breasts. Beth brought her hands up and ran her hands over his chest. His groans joined hers every time Beth rubbed his nipples.

Ryan’s cock strained against his pants. He thought it would rip through the fabric. He had to get his pants and underwear off and maltepe escort release his beast. Ryan kicked his shoes across the room. Beth moved her hands down to his pants before Ryan could. She opened his pants and pushed them to the floor. Ryan didn’t want to be the only one naked. He reached down for her pants while Beth grabbed his throbbing cock and began to slowly stroke. Ryan’s kissing drew wilder as she stroked. Ryan had to concentrate but he finally managed to open her pants. When he slipped his hands inside her pants he found nothing but her bare flesh. She doesn’t have panties on, thought Ryan, oh hell I have to have her soon.

Ryan pushed her pants down and broke their kiss, both breathing heavy. Beth kicked her pants to the side. Ryan took Beth’s hand and said “why don’t you lie down on the table.”

“Oh yeah,” Beth said lustfully.

Ryan led Beth to the table, helped her up and made a make-shift pillow from his shirt. Once Beth was comfortable, Ryan stood by her feet. He placed her hands on Beth’s knees and gently parted her legs. Beth spread her legs wide, revealing her delicate pink pussy. She was completely exposed to his hungry gaze from her dripping pussy up to her big clit. Ryan kneeled at the end of the table and leaned forward. The scent of her arousal made his cock throb yet again. He stuck his tongue in her drooling pussy and tasted her nectar. Mmmmm…heaven thought Ryan.

“Jesus hun,” Beth said breathlessly, “eat that pussy…oh yeah, just like that…yeah, tongue that cunt!” Ryan was lapping at her fuck hole, slipping his tongue in and out of her as he licked. Ryan wished he had all day to explore, ravage and pleasure her beautiful body. But he didn’t and he wanted to make her cum on his face.

Ryan withdrew his tongue from Beth’s juicy hole. His tongue glided up from her pussy to her big clit. He’d heard of women with big clits but he’d never seen it up close. It didn’t stop him as he took her clit in his mouth and began to suck it while he flicked it with his tongue. Beth’s hips jumped and her moans were loud. Ryan was trying to make her cum fast as he could and slip his cock deep inside her juicy cunt. He moved a hand from her knee and slipped a finger inside her wet pussy.

“AAAAAHHHHH…” yelled Beth, “no baby, stick your finger in my ass…in my ass baby…now!!”

Ryan pulled his wet finger from her fuck hole and down to her ass. Thanks to the river of pussy juice flowing from her, his finger slid in and out of her ass easily. Ryan continued to finger fuck Beth’s ass while he sucked and licked her oversized clit. He was doing all he could to keep her clit in his mouth as her hips were bucking wildly.

“Ryan…don’t stop Ryan,” screamed Beth as she wrapped her fingers around his head and pulled him tight against her crotch. “Yeah, suck that pussy…harder…harder…YESSSSSS…” Beth’s body stiffened as an intense orgasm overtook her body. “I’m cumming Ryan, don’t stop!” Ryan continued to suck on her clit and finger her ass as he felt jets of Beth’s sweet nectar squirt against pendik escort bayan his chin and neck. Beth kept screaming for him not to stop as her orgasm continued.

It was getting hard to breath for Ryan but he was determined to keep Beth cumming until she stopped him. Just when he thought he would suffocate, she pushed his head away. Ryan withdrew his finger from her ass and stood up. He looked down to see a puddle of pussy juice on the table, her heaving chest and a huge smile on her satisfied face.

“That was incredible,” Beth said as she stood from the table, “but we’ve only just begun.” Beth kissed and licked Ryan’s lips, chin and neck. She moaned as she tasted herself. Beth moved down Ryan’s body, kissing her way down to his hard cock. Beth looked up at Ryan’s face, smiling as she grasped the base. “I can’t wait to have this in me…but first.” Beth’s words trailed off as she devoured his cock, swallowing his entire 8 inch pole.

Beth stroked his cock as she sucked, her tongue stimulating the spot below Ryan’s head. She kept it up till Ryan started thrusting his hips, trying to get more of his cock in her mouth. Beth knew he was ready. She released his cock, stood up and bent over the table. “Fuck my cunt till I cum. Then I want you to fuck my ass and squirt your load.”

Ryan stood behind Beth and slowly penetrated her. Damn she’s fucking tight, Ryan thought. Beth moaned as Ryan slowly worked his length in and out of her. After several strokes his full length was deep inside Beth and her pussy was ready to be fucked hard.

“That’s it,” moaned Beth, “now fuck me hard!” Ryan did just that. He grabbed Beth’s hips and began his assault on her pussy. Ryan pulled her hips back as he thrust hard, the head of his cock piercing her cervix. Their bodies slapped together with the force of their mutual lust. They both knew neither would last long with the furious pace of their fuck.

Both were moaning louder and louder as they used each other for their sexual gratification. “I’m close hunnie, cum on my cock,” grunted Ryan. Her pussy is so tight, thought Ryan.

“Keep fucking me, I’m almost there,” moaned Beth breathlessly, “don’t cum in my cunt.” Ryan moved a hand from Beth’s hip and began to finger her clit. “Oh fuck yeah, I’m going to cum!!”

“God Beth, me too,” yelled Ryan, he knew he couldn’t hold out much longer.

“Cum in me, just don’t stop fucking me!” Beth screamed as her orgasmic bliss pulsed from her crotch. Ryan couldn’t hold out anymore and plunged his cock deep inside Beth. Her spasming pussy milking shot after shot from him. Ryan couldn’t believe he could cum as much as he did. When they finally parted Ryan was still a little dizzy from the wonderful experience.

Even though neither had much strength, they gathered their clothes, dressed and snuck back out of their sexual hide away. On the way back to their desks Beth ducked into the bathroom, “catch ya later studly.”

Ryan went back to his desk to try to start working again but it was hard to concentrate when the scent of Beth’s pussy still filled his nostrils and kept taking his mind back to their fuck session. Ryan watched Beth return to her desk, turn her computer off and leave. His eyes never left her wonderful ass as it swayed back-n-forth. Wow, he thought, really beginning to love working overtime.

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