Taking One for the Team Pt. 10

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I re-read the email for the fifth time. Again my heart sank, no matter how many times I read it, no matter how I tried to make it sound better than it was, the truth was I didn’t get picked for the management position. Instead, Jennifer Hacobstein got the job, I was supposed to be her second, which was a massive jump for me in the company, but I wanted the management position.

Jennifer was old school. She was going to go in there like she had done many times over her career and do the same thing over again. I replied to the email the kindest way that I could, but I made sure to voice my opinion. I re-read it to make sure my point had come across clear but not ungrateful or jealous. I would do the best job that I could under Jennifer, but I would voice my opinion when asked.

There was a knock on my door, and I knew it was either Lauren or Samantha. Tiffany had not been included in the email.

“Open the door,” Samantha said as I sighed and walked to the door to let her in.

“I don’t want to hear it,” I said as I walked back to the laptop.

“Well, tough,” Samantha said as she followed behind me. “You got to Lauren’s position in half the time that it takes most, and I know it’s not what you wanted, but you know what, suck it up!”

“Wow, that’s not what I expected,” I replied with a smile.

“Oh well,” Samantha shrugged. “I know Jennifer very well, and she deserves it just as much as you do, she has opened more new warehouses than anyone else in the company, and she deserves a chance to open the flagship in a new area.”

I sat back and nodded. “I hadn’t thought of it that way,” I said.

Samantha was right, of course. Jennifer had opened the most warehouses, stores, and retail outlets. She had turned down the district manager positions four times. She liked what she did, and she was good at it. No wonder they gave her the flagship.

“She will listen to you, but the final say is her call, and she will let you know it,” Samantha said. “She is ironclad, so trying to smooth her over won’t work, not even your charms will work on her.”

“You sound almost envious,” I smiled up at her.

“I liked working with Jennifer, she was my idol coming up in the company,” Samantha said with a slight grin.

“Then, I will be happy to learn from her then,” I said as I felt better about it.

“I am sure she is happy to have you,” Samantha said. “She likes to teach young people the ropes, so to speak, but as I said, she won’t put up with much.”

“Point taken,” I nodded.

Samantha settled down on the couch across from me. “Why do I have a feeling this visit wasn’t only about the email?” I asked as I folded my arms and leaned backward in my chair.

“Because it’s not,” Samantha said.

“Okay,” I waited.

“What do you think about Pamela?” Samantha asked.

“Not you too,” I said, shaking my head. “Tiffany came by last night and asked me the same thing. She even hinted that Pamela was interested in joining the three of you.”

“Not just interested, expecting,” Samantha nodded. “She asked a lot of questions and hinted that she would make a good fourth.”

“Four,” I shook my head. “I barely can keep up with one of you, the three of you are a stretch as it is,” I said, shaking my head.

“Oh please,” Samantha said as she shook her head and leaned forward.

“What?” I asked.

“You are living most red-blooded male’s fantasy, no strings attached, fuck buddies, that know about each other and have no problems with you fucking us whenever and however you feel like,” Samantha said. If you wrote down what you go through in a week, you would have over a thousand male followers within the hour.”

I smiled and nodded my head, the thought of writing all of this down had crossed my mind. “You said Tiffany came by last night?” Samantha asked. “What time did she leave?”

“About Seven,” I said, looking at the time it was midday.

“How many times did you two go at it?” Samantha asked.

“No,” I shook my head. “Trick question, you already know the answer. I know you guys are on a group chat with each other.”

“The answer is five,” Samantha said. “And that’s only because she got sore and fell asleep.”

I nodded.

“And I am fine with that, so is Lauren, and I bet if Pamela were a member of your harem, she would also be,” Samantha shrugged.

“Still eludes me on how this happened,” I said as I looked back at her.

Out of the three, Samantha and I had the most interminable talks. We could talk for hours, while the other two started talking, which always led to sex.

“Why?” Samantha asked. “It has happened, why think about the details?”

“Because you guys have to get something out of it, not just sex,” I replied.

“We do,” Samantha said. Lauren needs you more than you think, being dumped by a man she was married to for over fourteen years for a much younger woman has taken a toll, now that same woman has taken up his finances and has more control over his life than Lauren ever had, she won’t admit it, but it canlı bahis stings.”

“And I play a role, how?” I asked. “All we do is fuck,” I smiled.

“All?” Samantha said. “To you men, all it is a fuck or sex, to Lauren it’s a lot more, she can turn you on, hell she made you cum the most in one night than the two of us can do in two nights.”

That was true, Lauren had a knack for getting me to go repeatedly, even when I didn’t think I could. “That’s an ego boost, not only can she do it, but you like it and look forward to it, that makes her feel wanted, more than just a fuck, she feels like a sexy woman every time.”

I hadn’t thought of it like that, I knew Lauren had her kinks, and we still talked about her ex the idiot, but I didn’t realize she felt unsexy. There were plenty of men that would love to be with her; second, to Pamela, she had the looks and the body.

“And we all know about Tiffany,” Samantha shook her head. “You turned on the part of her that I bet she had hidden and kept away from people.”

“Very true,” I nodded.

Tiffany had hidden her sex addict side for too long, even though she had done many things as a teenager, she buried the rest of what she liked and wanted to do, so that no one could judge her. Now it was all out in the open, she dressed differently, and she wasn’t too ashamed to blurt things out anymore.

“She credits that to you,” Samantha said.

“And you?” I asked.

“I have giants tits,” Samantha said. “Nowhere near average on a body that most men would say that I am either too big or others too small, I am not full-figured, and I am not skinny or average, and I have enormous breasts.”

“That you do,” I nodded.

“Nearly every woman I have had as a friend has asked why I don’t get a reduction, except for Tiffany and Lauren,” Samantha said. “Every guy has either mauled them to death or didn’t know what to do with them,” she smiled.

“I do,” I smiled again staring at her chest, even with her wearing a long shirt and jeans they were immense.

“See,” Samantha said as she smiled. “Things like that make me feel that getting a reduction would be a waste.”

“So, it’s not just sex,” I nodded.

“Granted, the sex is a huge part of it because unlike most, you can actually walk the walk,” Samantha said, “But no, it’s not just the sex.”

“Plus, you can make me pass out with those things,” I laughed.

“A huge plus,” Samantha giggled. “I have never done it before you and now.”

“You like it,” I smiled.

“Honey, I don’t just like it. I look forward to it,” Samantha grinned.

“I might not wake up, one of the times,” I laughed.

“It would probably be the best death known to man,” Samantha laughed along with me.

“Damn right,” I replied.

“See,” Samantha nodded. “Most guys wouldn’t agree to that and mean it, sure they would say it, but I take these out, and their eyes would just glaze over.”

“Want to try me?” I asked, staring at her chest.

“You’re too much,” Samantha grinned. She reached for the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head.

“Wow,” I said, even though I had seen her chest many times, it always felt like the first time I saw them, even now encased in a vast dark blue bra they were immense.

“You’re staring,” Samantha grinned as she reached behind her to unclasp her bra.

“Not staring, admiring,” I replied.

Slowly Samantha let her bra fall off her chest. Her breasts fell naturally downward, their size and volume made my dick stir.

“Well?” Samantha said as she stood in front of me. “Still want to bury your head between them, even though they make it disappear?”

“Oh yes,” I said even before she could finish her sentence, I was standing up and cupping them in my hands.

I loved the feel of them. They made my hands look small. Samantha loved that I wasn’t like most guys who mauled and pawed at her gigantic breasts. Instead, I cupped and squeezed them, tweaking the small nipples and lightly pulling on them.

I bent down and started sucking and licking on one, then the other. “Yes,” Samantha moaned lightly as she held my head against her breasts. “The other,” she moaned as I gently nibbled on one, I moved to the other. Samantha stood firm as I admired and teased her tits, they were sensitive, so I knew she was enjoying every touch and sensation.

“Okay,” Samantha said as she pushed me back onto the seat behind me.

She knelt before me as I scrambled to take off my pants. Samantha quickly sandwiched her boobs around my dick the moment it sprung free.

Within seconds my dick disappeared between her giant mountainous boobs. Her cleavage had taken my dick deep inside and didn’t want it to come back out.

Slowly Samantha started to bounce her large breasts up and down as she looked up at me. “You love my big boobs, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do,” I said, staring down at the sheer volume of her breasts on my lap. I could barely make out the head of my dick as she lowered her tits on top of it.

“Love, they bahis siteleri can make your big black cock disappear?” Samantha teased. They all knew getting tit fucked was my favorite, and Samantha was the queen of tit fucking. She knew just how to get me to cum within her cleavage.

“Yes,” I answered

Samantha started to squeeze and lift and drop her tits harder and faster, never taking her eyes off me. The sound they made as they slapped against my thighs filled the room. I sat back in my chair, feeling the pressure of her large, massive breasts on my dick’s sides. With each lift and drop, I felt like I was going to burst.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Samantha said. “You want to cum between my big P cup breasts, don’t you? You big boob lover.”

“Yes, I do,” I said, staring at her.

Samantha wrapped her arms tightly around her breasts as she squeezed them tighter around my dick. It was enough to send me over the edge.

Samantha smiled as my dick shot its load between her breasts. Not a sign of my cum made it out of her cleavage. Samantha slowly let my dick go, and there it was a full load of cum dripped and slid down the sides of her breasts.

“You messy boy,” Samantha said as she traced a finger down her cleavage then licked it clean. “mmm,” she said as she did it two more times.

“It would seem you love it more than me,” I said.

“Oh, you have no idea,” Samantha said as she stood up. “Think you got another round in you?” she said as she peeled her jeans off her body. Her thick thighs and ass bent over as she turned away from me.

“You bring that ass back here, and I would,” I said as I remained seated.

“What?” Samantha said as she sat down on my lap, her ass rubbing against my cock. “Like this?”

Samantha rubbed her ass in circles on my dick. “Oh,” she said as she trapped it between her ass cheeks. “Look what I got.” Samantha pressed backward, trapping my cock between her cheeks and my body. She started to bounce her ass up and down.

“Fuck,” I said, looking down and seeing my dick between her cheeks. “Keep it up, and it might go in,” I said.

While the other two let me fuck them in the ass, Samantha held firm that her ass was an exit only no entry was allowed.

“Now you know the answer to that,” Samantha said as she stood up.

It didn’t matter; I was already hard and ready to go again. I bent her over as she looked back at me. “Fuck me hard!” Samantha said. “I want your cum deep inside me.”

Samantha was a real cum slut, while the others liked to be fucked and fucked hard for a long time. All Samantha wanted was my cum, inside her, on her, in her mouth, she didn’t care. It drove her wild when I came on her face.

I buried my cock deep inside of her while holding her thick thighs. Our bodies collided with each other with each thrust. I loved how her ass bounced off me with such force that it sent waves all over it. “Yes!” Samantha screamed. “Fuck me!”

Just a few hours ago, Tiffany had screamed the same thing in this same room, bent over on the floor as I fucked her ass. Now Samantha was screaming it. The two of them were so different, but at the core, they were the same, they loved getting fucked.

I grabbed a handful of her red hair and yanked it backward. The slapping of our bodies meeting made me go faster. I watched her ass bounce off me.

“Cum for me,” Samantha said through gritted teeth. “I want it,” she said as she looked at me. I didn’t hesitate to hold her close to me, pushing myself deep inside of her.

“That’s it,” Samantha closed her eyes as I came inside of her. Slowly I let her go after I was finished.

“Told you,” Samantha winked at me. “More than just sex, but sex is a big part of it.”

I looked at her with a smile as we got dressed. “We are meeting the others at the restaurant for dinner,” Samantha said as she got to the door.

“That’s nice to know now,” I said sarcastically.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The restaurant wasn’t too far from the villas and was located near to the beach. I was the first one there and ordered myself a couple of drinks. Tiffany came in and sat nearest to me; she was all smiling. “What?” I asked.

“Just thinking,” Tiffany said as she looked at me.

“About?” I asked

“Wouldn’t this be the first time in a long time she hasn’t made you pass out?” Tiffany smiled as the waiter came to the table. Tiffany put in an order for some drinks.

“Yes,” I said as the waiter left.

“Thought as much,” Tiffany nodded.

Lauren and Pamela showed up at the same time. I had to say the two of them together made me think a lot of talks had been going on between them. As they sat down, the stares in my direction confirmed my thoughts. Samantha was the last to arrive.

“Sorry had to get cleaned up, had a huge mess to deal with,” Samantha said as she sat down.

“She means he came between her boobs again,” Tiffany said.

Pamela looked directly at me. “Is it that much all the time, or just sometimes?”

“Most of the time, not every bahis şirketleri time,” Lauren said. “You will get used to it.”

“He hasn’t decided yet,” Samantha said as the waiter brought out the menus and the drink orders.

“I will give you more time,” the waiter said.

We all laughed as he walked away.

“If he only knew,” Tiffany said.

“If any of them knew,” Lauren added as she looked around. “What do you think most of them would say?”

“Some would be intrigued,” Pamela said. “We are already getting some looks from some of the tables.”

It was true some of the people at the restaurant were already giving us some looks, who wouldn’t be staring? All four of the women I was sitting with were absolutely beautiful. And all of them were showing vast amounts of cleavage.

“Four white women and one black guy is sure to make people talk,” Samantha nodded.

“I wonder what they must be thinking,” Pamela smiled as she looked at some of the people looking in our direction.

“Who knows if they are thinking anything?” Lauren asked. “We could be co-workers just enjoying a night out after work. Or a couple of friends… or…” Lauren said. “If that bitch stares at me with those eyes one more time!”

We all laughed as Lauren shook her head.

It was apparent we weren’t co-workers or just friends, the way they were dressed, and how we talked and smiled at each other, anyone could see there was a lot more than just the normal friendships.

“Fuck them all,” Pamela said as she raised her drinks, we all raised our glasses and smiled.

To say I had the best time of my life would be an understatement, the drinks came hot and heavy, and the food was to die for, I had eaten my fill and finished off some of the leftovers of the others. It wasn’t my idea as they kept scooping it onto my plate or pushing their dish in front of me.

“We will let you two get better acquainted,” Lauren said as she needed help to stand upright.

Tiffany and I were used to this kind of drinking. It seemed Lauren and Samantha were not. Pamela didn’t drink as much as the rest of us.

“I’ll get them back to their villas,” Tiffany said as she locked their arms into hers. “Come on, ladies,” Tiffany said.

“Who is she calling a lady?” Samantha said as she looked at Lauren.

“I think the both of us,” Lauren said.

“Take the long way,” I smiled.

“What he say?” Lauren asked.

“No idea,” Samantha replied.

“Will they be okay?” Pamela asked as she looked at them go out of our sight down the beach path and behind the tall bushes.

“Tiffany can handle them,” I nodded.

We walked along the beach with our shoes off and just talked about my upcoming move to the other side of the country. She spoke about her clothing line and making a move back to the states.

“So,” Pamela said, stopping abruptly. “Are we going to talk about it or not?”

“I…” I said as she shook her head and took my arm as we continued to walk.

“You don’t know why I would think about it, right,” Pamela said as she looked at me.

There were more than a couple of guys that recognized her at the restaurant, and I am sure many others knew who she was but didn’t want to intrude. Her name had been on the front of magazines, pictures on billboards and the sides of buses. I remember buying an underwear catalog to see her inside.

“When I saw the four of you sitting by the side of the pool, I knew just like the others at the restaurant there was something more, then when I realized at first I was turned off, who would want to date someone or be with someone that is sleeping with someone else?” Pamela said, shaking her head. “Then, when I saw how much fun and relaxed the four of you were, I realized, it’s easy.”

“Easy, huh?” I shook my head. “It’s far from easy.”

“But it is easier than dating one woman,” Pamela said. “You have to admit that, at least.”

She was right of course, it was much more comfortable, even though I knew we weren’t in a solid relationship, I knew it wasn’t just sex anymore, it might have started that way, but I was in a different kind of relationship now, with three potentially four women.

“You don’t have to pretend to like the same movies if you want to go out to eat, you just go, between the three of them they would convince the others that it’s the place to go, if one of them is having a hard time or feeling left out they lean on the others as well as you, in my eyes, it’s perfect,” Pamela shrugged.

Again someone had pointed out something I hadn’t seen or thought. It was true. I did have help if Tiffany had a bad day and wanted to vent, she would talk to me then if she thought I didn’t understand her or felt I wasn’t listening she would speak to one of the others. It was the same with Samantha and Lauren.

“I guess you’re right,” I nodded.

“Then there is the sex,” Pamela smiled. “From what I have heard, you are holding your own in that matter.”

“What they don’t tell you is how exhausted I sometimes get,” I laughed.

“You laugh, but I am serious, they are beyond impressed and satisfied in that department,” Pamela said with a straight face. “Holding your own with three women is something to be proud of,” she nodded at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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