Teacher’s Pet Ch. 2

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Antoinette looked at herself in the mirror. She appeared the same…innocent, sweet and yet teasingly delicious in her skirt and zip-down the front shirt. Inside, however she felt like a new woman. Completely released from her gilded cage and with a fire spreading throughout her body. She closed her eyes and relived the experience she had just had. The smell of his cum was still on her lips and the taste lingered as if by choice.

She straightened her hair, putting it up again so that it was in its perfect place. She reapplied some lipstick and pinched her cheeks. Turning from side to side, she admired her body in the mirror. Her nipples pleaded with the fabric of her shirt were hard and stiff underneath. Coyly she slid her hand down her skirt and felt how wet she still was and was surprised that her juices were flowing more and more. As she fingered her sweet cunt she ran her other hand over her lips and admired her naughty stance.

Finally she composed herself and walked out of the bathroom. Toni made her way down the hall and she spotted a drinking fountain. She walked slowly because she knew the bell was about to ring and students would be filling the halls. She reached the drinking fountain just as it rang and ever so seductively bent over to let the cool water flow across her lips. She could feel the eyes of the passing guys go directly to the hem of her skirt, which was teasingly high upon the back of her legs. She felt wild and free now that she knew her body belonged to Mr. Lancaster. Her teasing power had heightened and she was thoroughly enjoying it.

She sauntered her way back to her English classroom. Her hips sways with the pounding of her heart and her body felt as though it could melt at any moment. Still, she remained collective and took her time making her way back. She wanted him to wait, thinking and wanting her bad. And he was doing just that.

* * * * *

From the moment bahis firmaları Toni had left the room he was speechless. His skin tingled, his heart sang, his eyes glazed. He could not believe that his lovely and most reserved student had unleashed such a desire in him. His cock was almost completely hard and he could think of nothing more then fucking her right then and there. The thought suddenly jogged his memory and he realized that he had a class of students waiting. He walked in looking very frazzled no doubt, and squeaked out the assignment. The students, paying no less attention then they normally do, muttered about and packed up their things. As the bell rang his heart lept and he started to breathe harder.

Having never had an affair with any of his students, he wasn’t quite sure what to do or expect. Should he take her back to his apartment, should he ask her out, should the talk about it..? His mind was a mess and it wasn’t thinking too clearly. He mindlessly rustled through papers on his desk but he froze when he hear the door to his classroom creak open. He couldn’t bring himself to raise his eyes. The footsteps of her boots came closer and he held his breath.

“Why do you look so frightened Stephen?” a deep voice said from the other side of the desk.

“Oh, Principal Gregory! I’m sorry I just didn’t notice you and…um…well it’s been a long day hasn’t it sir?” He managed to stutter as he relaxed a little in his chair.

“I just wanted to check up on you and see how things are going with this year’s freshman class. Everything alright?”

“Oh yes, we have a lively crowd this year, eager to..learn.” Just then Toni strolled in the room. She greeted the principal as if it was no big deal that he was there.

“Good afternoon Mr. Gregory. How are you doing today?”

“Oh just fine thank you, I was just talking to your English teacher here about your class.”

“This is kaçak iddaa one of our brightest students, Antoinette. She’s been a pleasure to have in class.” He smiled and blushed a little. “For instance today she’s staying a little late to discuss her English paper to make sure it’s the best it can be.”

“Well it sounds like you’re going to do well at this school Antoinette. Keep up the good work, I’ll leave you two alone so you can finish up.” he walked out of the room and Toni just laughed.

“Well Mr. Lancaster, I must say red is a fitting color for you.”

“Yes, can’t you tell I handle situations under pressure well?”

She walked around the desk and sat on his lap, “The real pressure is right here.” She kissed him deeply and rubbed her hand between his legs. Even through the material she could feel how hard he was. He moaned against her lips and then quickly reached out pushing all of the things on his desk to the floor. He picked her up and tossed her on top of the desk. As he climbed on top of her, he loosened his pants and pushed them down to his knees. His lust for her had taken over and he was sliding her skirt up around her waist.

She raked her hands across his back and screamed for him to fuck her. He braced himself against the table, his arms spread over her shoulders and pressed firmly against the table. He let the head of his dick slowly push open her pussy lips until she begged him to go all the way. “Deeper, fuck me now!”

With that he buried his hard cock inside of her. They both inhaled sharply and began grinding their hips together. He reached up and unzipped her shirt pulling it open. He torn her bra off and felt her young, hard tits with his hands. He twisted and pulled on her nipples as she wrapped her legs around him. The door was unlocked but in the throes of passion neither of them cared. “Ohhh yes, suck me Stephen, oooh please.”

He bent down and ran his tongue kaçak bahis across her skin. He held her breast in his mouth swirling around it, trying to keep it in his mouth as she thrashed around beneath him. She had never felt so charged and she felt as though she could not be close enough. Toni parted her legs as much as she could forcing him deeper inside. His dick slid in and out with ease as it was soaked with her sweet juices.

She screamed as he pulled his hard cock out of her. He sat up slightly and flipped her around before she could protest. He spread her legs and entered her from behind. She raised her body a little and pushed her ass back at him with each thrust of his cock. He marveled at her ass he pounded against it. The thought made him crazy and he knew he would have to take it later. She slid her fingers down and furiously worked her clit. Her moans of ecstasy drove him on to bang his dick deep inside her pussy.

Toni bucked up beneath him and gripped the edge of the desk hard as she came. Her body shook and she squeezed her thighs tight around his dick. Her wetness slid down her leg to the desk as she quivered from her electric orgasm. She laid her head on the table but kept her ass in the air. She pushed back willingly as Mr. Lancaster continued to push his cock in and out of her tight hole.

He reached up and grabbed her shoulders, two more thrusts and he grunted loudly. His deep voice vibrated as he shot his cum deep into her pussy. They both collapsed on the table and tried to catch their breath.

He slid out of her and rolled over on his side so he was facing her. “I’ve never done anything like that Toni, you’re an amazing woman.”

“Oh Mr. Lancaster, I’ve wanted you for so long..”

“Sweety, you can call me Stephen now. I’m sure we’ve been properly introduced.” They laughed and held each other. Their eyes danced and their lips hugged. They stayed there and talked for two hours before they put their clothes on and went home. He promised to call….she couldn’t wait until he did. The future had endless possibilities.

* * * * * Look for more adventures of Toni * * * * *

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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