Teaching Professor Mahoney Ch. 01

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“Professor Mahoney.” I looked up from my desk. Lara, one of my students had her hand raised high into the air. She was a smart girl. And very pretty too. I knew all the boys were always after her. I had even heard rumors about some of the girls wanting her. I was twenty-six and being only six to eight years older than all of my students, I had heard about most of their birthday parties. I knew I was liked by a majority of the school. Lara asked her question. The class stopped to listen. I nodded giving her the go ahead to speak. “You spelt the name of the plant wrong.” She twirled her orange hair around in her fingers and pointed with her other hand. I followed the gaze of the class.

“Yes, I believe you are right. Thank you Lara, for pointing that out to me.” Feeling a bit embarrassed I corrected my mistake and sat back down. The chatter that had risen now died down again as they continued to copy down the work I had set them. I had the feeling of being watched so I looked up. Lara stared at me with her piercing blue eyes. She still fingered her orange locks. She uncrossed and crossed her legs the other way, her short red skirt seemed to slide up here leg showing more of her long tanned legs. Tiny red heels matching the skirt color made the skirt look shorter. Here toenails were also red like her skirt. She wore a white halter to cover her c-cup breasts. Like I said I knew things from everyone talking about them to me and to others in my class.

As I watched she leant down and reached into her bag. A second later she had unwrapped a lollipop and sucked at it. I knew I was going to have to go to the bathroom after this lesson. I quite often had to after a lesson with her. I tended to sit more at my desk when I taught her. I could feel myself growing. She had turned to look at me again. She licked her full lips. That did it. My member now stood proudly at attention. I checked my watch. Five minutes. Another hand went up. It bahis firmaları was David. I looked to him and he asked if those finished writing could leave. Happy for the excuse to get out of the class room faster I said yes. All but four students left. Three still wrote but Lara stayed, still watching me. I looked away.

As the bell rang the last three students packed up their things and left. Lara walked up to my desk as the last student pulled the door closed behind him. “So professor, how do you feel being a professor of Herbology and spelling a plant name wrong?” I stayed at my desk and smiled at her. I slowly slid my chair in more so she would not notice me. “And especially with one of your students actually correcting you.” She smiled back at me. She had very small braces in place, but they did not disrupt her features.

I looked straight at her. “It just means that I’ve taught you well.” I winked and chuckled at my own joke. She laughed with me. I could feel her eyes studying me. I slid the chair closer to the table still afraid she would see the lump in my pants. “So is that the only thing you wanted? To tease me?” She pulled the lollipop out of her mouth as her lips formed the word no. She walked over to the door and twisted the lock into place. I had a strange feeling I knew exactly what she wanted, in anticipation my cock grew larger still. I silently cursed the desk for being so low on my lap. I felt myself pressing against it. Having something touch it made me so much hornier. I held back the moan that threatened to escape my lips.

Lara approached my desk again. She pulled out the chair on the other side of my desk and sat down in it. “Well, now that you mention it, I think I would like some extra-private tutoring.” Unless it was my imagination then I just heard her string extra and private together. I stared at her, my face blank for a few seconds trying to figure out if she had actually hyphenated the words kaçak iddaa or kept them separate. She reached across the desk and touched my hand which sat poised over a paper I was grading at the time. I could feel my cock push to its limits. it strained against the desk and my pants. I thanked god that the desk was heavy. Low but heavy. I needed release soon. “Professor? Can you provide extra-private tutoring for me?” I looked at her. Her other hand covered my own.

I slowly slid my spare hand off the desk and into my lap. I knew I would start losing it soon. “Sure Lara. When would you like to be tutored?” She stood, keeping one hand on my hand. She walked around the desk and sat on it just to the left of me. I quickly put my hand back onto the table. She smiled as she noticed where it had come from.

She shook her head and clucked her tongue playfully. “Naughty, naughty. Thinking of your students like that?” In one movement she had swung herself onto the desk so that her legs were either side of my chair and she sat directly in front of me. She put her heels onto the arms of my chair and pushed me back. The wheels let me slide back easily. My erection popped into view as it scraped across the desk and was released into the air. Her smiled widened when she saw the tent in my pants. “Oh professor, did I do that?” She smiled slyly at me now. All I could do was nod at her. A student had never before found out about one of my erections. “Well, I’ll just have to fix it won’t I?”

I watched as she reached down and undid my pants. She opened my boxers and then freed me. as my cock leapt into the air she gasped. She slowly slid one fingernail from tip to base then back to the tip before wrapping her fingers around it. I could see my pre-cum as she bent forwards and her mouth enveloped me in its warmth. I gasped. It had been almost two months since I last had a woman. She then began to work me and pump up and down on me with her mouth kaçak bahis and hands. I moaned in delight. She knew what she was doing. I wondered how many times she had done this. My hands gripped the armrests tightly as Lara’s mouth still fucked me. “Oh god Lara!” I groaned with pleasure. She then stopped. I looked down at her, she had slid to the floor during her administrations to me. She now stood and slipped off her skirt. She wore a red g-string. She then pulled off her halter, her firm breasts bounced out of the shelf bra in the halter.

She sat back on the desk and slipped her g-string off as well. I could see how wet she had gotten. The lower part of her g-string was darkened where it sat on her clitoris. Her pussy was shaven and smooth. She pulled me to her, straight to her nipples, which were hard. My hands circled her to rest on her shoulder blades. I suckled her breasts gently nibbling at them. She moaned softly. Her hands encircled my cock again and I felt more pre-cum. She pulled me up and lay back on my desk bringing me with her. Then she somehow rolled us both so she was on top of me but we were still on the desk. We slithered around until we got comfortable. She sat on my legs and gripped me. She then lowered herself onto me. I tried to pull out not wanting to cum in her.

“No Jakey.” She said using my first name. “You don’t want to fail do you?” I stopped moving and looked at her. She smiled at me then started to ride me. I couldn’t stop. It felt so good. Her tight pussy rubbed my cock beautifully. Her heavy breathing made me closer to the edge. Her walls started to pulsate and grip at me. She grunted with the effort. Our screams combined as we came together. She kept riding until I fell limp. Lara climbed off me and dressed quickly. “Thank you Jake you passed your first lesson.” She paused and looked at me. “Same time next week?” It was more a statement than a question. I caught my breath and choked out a yes. She gathered the rest of her belongs and walked out. I did up my pants and looked at the paper I had been marking. We had made a mess of it. It was Blake’s. It wouldn’t matter if it went missing. He always got an F.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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