The Book Club

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A little about me. As i write this I am a sixty-three year old, still sexually active, bi, submissive woman. My stories are memories of a kinky life. I am still in the lifestyle. When this adventure started I was a 35 year old, straight, business consultant living with a loving partner. When 35, I was at about 125 pounds, today 140. I am still 5 foot 7 inches tall, what were 36 Cs are now 38 Ds. I was, I thought, a perfect 36-24-39 now I’m a perfect 38-29-42. I am gifted with green eyes.

In June last year I met a new man, Francis, while volunteering for a local charity. Fran is a mid 60s man who retired to my costal Florida community.

Fran and I dated on and off and eventually found the trust to talk openly about our pasts. I actually love to tell the stories of my past so hearing me, I think, made him become more open. Fran told me: “Robin, for years I have carried this secret. I was married for thirty years and loved my wife but while I was married I also had a man in my life and we saw each other often. Men have come into my life over the years as have other women and couples.”

I needed to know more. Having opened the door to his past hidden life I wanted to know more about how it started.

Once he started talking and with a little encouragement he told me everything. Fran told me it started for him when as a young man he had just gotten married. He and his wife moved into an apartment complex and were both working during the day. He eventually met all his neighbors and they all got along just fine. He and his wife were saving for a house but found it hard to put much away.

Fran told me that the couple that managed the complex were in their early forties and were nice people. He remembers the woman was very attractive in a ‘trailer trash’ kind of way, great body, bottle blond. Her husband was an retired military guy who found it necessary to use the word fuck twice in every sentence.

When he was in their office one day he asked the woman manager, Karen, about the possibility of switching their lease to a one bedroom apartment. He explained about saving for a house. She, thought for a moment and, told him that he didn’t have to move to lower the rent, something could be worked out.

Fran was, he admitted, stupid enough to ask how. She smiled and asked him to have a seat. She told him “look sweetie, I’ll be honest and not beat around the bush. Mike is not meeting all my needs. If you could help me with that I can lower your rent for you.” Fran told me he couldn’t believe his ears. The woman was offering lower rent for sex and she was not timid. She wanted him to give her oral sex. She looked at him and asked if that would work for him. He didn’t say a word so she walked over to the office door and locked it.

In the next half hour she had given him a blow job and he had gone down on her on her desk. This went on for three months.

The following month when he went to pay the rent Karen was not in the office, Mike her husband was. When Fran started to make out the check Mike mentioned that he knew that his wife, Karen had set up a special deal for Fran.

Fran tried to play dumb but Mike reached into the desk drawer and pulled out an envelope and handed it to Fran. As he opened it he saw a picture of himself, eating Karen on the desk.

Mike was quick to tell Fran not to worry. He could keep the picture and the rent deal if he wanted, the terms of the deal had just changed slightly. As he walked bahis firmaları over and locked the door he reassured Fran that this was not blackmail. He could walk away and no one would ever know. He also explained the other choice.

In the next half hour Fran had been sucked by his first guy. In future months he would get and give Mike or Karen oral sex. At first it was just something he felt trapped into doing with the pictures and all. Fran told me that one time when he was sucking Mike he came in his mouth. He said it was amazing. It just filled his mouth with that salty cum and he found himself swallowing it. He loved it and wanted more.

This went on for a year. When they finally bought a house and moved Fran continued to visit their office now and then. Sometimes it was with one of them and twice it was both of them.

Eventually Fran and his wife moved to another city. His wife never knew about the other side of Fran. After about a year in his new town Fran met another married guy and they saw each other in secret often. He told me that this new relationship changed everything and he had anal sex for the first time. He told me he let it happen when his partner, Bill, asked for it. He said they were in bed and he and Bill had been using vibrator dildos on each other. Bill was laying on his side behind Fran and he could feel his cock against him. Fran said Bill asked him to turn over and when he did Bill handed him a lubed condom. Bill looked at Fran and said put this on yourself or on me. Fran thought for a moment and put it on Bill.

I could tell Fran was reliving the experience as he told me how he kissed Bills cock, put the condom on it and then turned back over on his side facing away. He said he felt Bill lifting his leg and the pressure on his butt hole. He told me he forced himself to relax and felt Bills cock enter and fill him up. He told me his own cock was harder than it had ever been and was leaking a cum like liquid like crazy. Fran told me Bill moaned with every stroke and came very quickly.

So he had in only a few short years become a true Bisexual enjoying men and women equally.

As we talked he mentioned how he had always, until he met me in fact, tried to have sex with other willing married people and had been able to avoid any STDs. I asked if he had a guy in his life now and he laughed. Fran looked at me and said: “I have seven, my book club.”

The book club, it seems, is a group of, with the one exception of Fran, married men and one woman who meet monthly for pizza, beer and sex. It is nothing more than a cover for bi and perhaps gay men to get together and play. There is no “book” involved. The one woman in the club inserted herself into the group when she caught her husband participating. Fran told me that meetings are held in a rented hotel suite and vary from three or four to all eight people.

Fran told me that there was in fact a meeting next week. I asked if there was any way I could attend to watch. He said he would run the idea by the other members and we could talk later.

Three days later Fran stopped by and told me the group had agreed that if I wanted to attend I could go as his quest. I had thought more about it and needed to know more.

Fran explained that the group rents the Presidential Suite at the local Hilton Gardens. That suite has two bedrooms, a large living room and a bar. People bring local craft beer and we order delivery pizza.

There are really kaçak iddaa no rules. You are free to do as you wish, just watch if you want, or participate. If someone suggests something you can do it or not. All inside doors are left open at all times so pretty much whatever you do is in public. He told me I didn’t have to do anything then he laughed and said on the other hand you can do anything you want that another person will agree to.

He mentioned that the first time Susan, the only woman, attended, she just watched. The second time she attended he saw her on the bed with three men.

I decided to go.

When the day arrived I showered and shaved (it would not do to be less than smooth) and dressed in my best little black dress with a white cotton top and stiletto heels. In my purse I carried condoms just in case.

When we arrived a little early the only people in the room were the other woman Susan and her husband Jim. Damn if I didn’t know them both casually from, believe it or not, a church group. I was surprised by how young they seemed. Later I learned that Susan was 29 and her husband Jim was 27. We talked about age and Jim commented that Susan and I looked enough alike we could be mother daughter. When he said that I thought: “Great Idea.”

She and I got to chat as we waited for others to arrive. She told me she was pleased to hear another woman might be joining the group. As others began to arrive Susan put her hand on my arm and suggested that perhaps we could spend time alone during the evening. She explained that she had never been with another woman but that was all she could think about since she heard I would be attending. I suggested that as Jim had suggested I was old enough to be her mother and she smiled and said: “I like the way you think Robin.”

As other people arrived Fran introduced me, and we all settled in. By 8:15, the cut off, lock the door, time we were five men and two women. The men seemed to run from early 40s to mid 60s with the exception being Susan and her husband. The pizza arrived, yes there really was pizza, and the door was locked. No one was allowed in or out until 1:00 a.m.

I watched as Fran and one of the men each took a beer and went into a bedroom. Two other men were on the couch pretending to be college kids at the drive in. I guess I had never actually watched two men kissing and making out. Before long their shirts were gone and zippers open.

As I went to the bedroom door to see what Fran was doing Susan approached me and put her arm around my waist. As we watched, Fran and the other guy were laying on the bed naked sucking each other. I could see the guy holding Frans cock out of the way as he sucked Frans balls. I was very erotic watching them, like a live porn movie.

Susan asked if I might like to go with her and her husband into the other bedroom. She told me she wanted to make her husband go down on both of us. She whispered: “He will do whatever I say. We could pretend to be mother, daughter.”

I had a different idea. She had a cute butt in shorts so I gave her tushy a little slap and said: “You are a naughty girl, be careful or mommy will have to spank you.

” “Now go get Jim and meet me in the bedroom.” I went into the room and striped as quickly as I could before they came in. I kept my black push-up and a black thong on. I sat in the big overstuffed chair in the room.

When Susan and her husband entered I asked her husband to sit on kaçak bahis the bed. Susan I think sensed that I was calling the shots so she just stood and waited. I stood, walked over to her and pulled her top up over her head. Sally was willing and raised her arms. She was wearing a white bra. I kissed each breast through the bra. When she tried to touch my breasts I said “No, not yet” and pushed her arms down to her side. Susan was complying and did as i said. I was watching Jim and he was not looking at her but rather looking at me.

I told Jim to stand and asked Susan to help me strip him. He stood and was enjoying having two women take his clothes off. We could see from the tenting of his shorts that he was getting excited. Jim was in every way, average, maybe small.

When he was naked I told him to get on the bed on his back. I told Susan to come with me and we returned to the big chair. I sat in the chair and told her to sit on the floor at my feet. She hesitated and looked at me and then did it. As a reward, I put my hand on her shoulder and slid it down under the top of her bra. She had very firm small breasts.

Jim was going soft. I asked him to jerk off for us. He tried but he just couldn’t get hard. I told Susan it looked like he needed a little help. She laughed and said: “No he is always soft.” I told Susan that I bet we could get him hard.

I stood and motioned for her to follow. As she walked I unsnapped her bra and threw it on the chair. We walked over to him and I took one leg in my hands and motioned for her to take the other. We pulled him so his legs were off the bed but his cock and balls were right on the edge. I then took the leg she had and pushed them both up toward his head and apart completely exposing his ass, cock and balls. I told her to kneel and suck him. She moved to do as I said but her heart was not in it. I took his hands and put them behind his knees and told him to keep his legs apart and in the air. As I moved to get behind Susan I took my bra off.

I knelt behind her and pushed my breasts into her back. I reached around and took his limp cock and put it against her lips. Susan opened her mouth and took it. I was behind her so I reached around and fondled her breasts. Her nipples that were almost flat when we started came to life and got longer and harder.

As she sucked him he was getting harder. I leaned in and softly told her to find his ass hole and finger it. She touched it but was very timid. I again told her to use her middle finger. Lick it to wet it and put it in him. She did as i said. He moaned. I could tell she had never done that. I told her to keep sucking and move her finger around. I knew she would likely end up touching his prostate and his cock would leak cum. When he did she pulled her head away. I told her to put it back in her mouth push her finger in and out and use her other hand to touch and gently tug his balls.

I knew he was going to cum so I told her: “He is going to cum and when he does do not pull your head away just start swallowing right away.”

Later Jim sat in the big chair and watched as Susan and I made love. At one point I was on top of her and lifted my head from between her thighs and Jim, Fran and another man were watching us. Just to show off a little I got up off Susan and turned around so my head was between her legs but my ass was facing the men. I lifted my butt and spread my legs a little so they had a great view of my ass and pussy. As my tongue touched her clit she had an orgasm. Fran told me one guy watching was jerking off while he watched. I have seen Susan often since then.

Susan and I would play mother daughter again. Story to follow.

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