The Confession Ch. 07

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Holding each other, they fell asleep, a beautiful tangle of limbs and hands and bodies. This was how Anthony found them when he came home.

He stood in the doorway of their loft room, looking at the two women, so innocent-looking, despite their nakedness. It seemed they were meant to be this way, completely natural and comfortable with each other.

He moved quietly to the overstuffed chair in the corner, sitting back and just watching them sleep. His wife, her face soft and relaxed, her dark brown hair in disarray, her arms wrapped around Mandy. And Mandy, god, a naked Mandy! He had always found her attractive, but naked was made for her. Her skin was luminous in the late afternoon light, her blond hair tumbling in curls around her shoulders. Her mouth had the puffy look of a woman who had been kissed senseless. For a moment, Anthony just appreciated her disheveled beauty, then he realized the person who had kissed her so incessantly had been his own wife.

Now, he had to stop and consider. He knew he had told Jenny that anything she wanted was fine with him, that he only wanted her happiness. But he had never planned to come upon her happiness displayed quite so blatantly.

He was, after all, a red-blooded male, more so with his Italian heritage. He could accept her looking through bi-sites, reading bi-stories, had even had fun fantasizing with her about other women. Last night, when she had told him about Mandy, it still seemed theoretical, not real, not an actual possibility.

The scene before him was very real. His wife, his sweet virginal wife, was wrapped in the arms of her lover! And the lover was a woman! He knew that they had discussed it and that Jenny had been very honest about her feelings and desires. He also knew that he loved Jenny so much, he would do anything to make her happy. He sat there, watching the two women as they moved, stretched and snuggled. They were almost purring with satisfaction, even in sleep. His mind raced with thoughts and concerns, but the final outcome was that if Mandy made Jenny happy, then he would accept it.

He walked to the bed, and softly kissed Jenny’s cheek. The womanly scent there was strange. Anthony realized he was inhaling the musky smell of Mandy’s pussy. That excited him. Jenny opened her eyes, smiling at Anthony, then she stopped, realizing the situation. She looked at him with guilt-stricken eyes, unable to speak.

Anthony sat beside her, pulling her into his arms. He held her close, kissing her eyes, her cheeks, her soft lips. “I am really OK with this, love. I promise. I was a little surprised that it happened so quickly and went so far, judging from our conversation. But it is OK. I want you to be happy. As long as I don’t lose you, I can share you with Mandy. I love you, Jenny. You mean everything to me.”

As he spoke, Mandy opened her eyes and saw him sitting there. Without embarrassment, she stood and began dressing, her pale body so enticing. Jenny watched her, feeling herself becoming excited again by the sight of Mandy’s glorious bahis firmaları ass. It was all so surreal, sitting on her husband’s lap while her lover dressed to go home. Mandy stooped to kiss Jenny good-bye. She also kissed Anthony’s cheek, thanking him silently for his acceptance.

Mandy walked from the room with a tiny wave good-bye. Jenny and Anthony sat quietly as they heard her closing the door behind her. The house was very quiet. Jenny could hear Anthony’s heart beating beneath her cheek, his breathing slow and steady. She continued to sit in his lap, his arms around her, his warmth seeping through his clothes. As she sat there, she became aware of his special scent, Lagerfeld and Male, mixed together, so appealing. It amazed her, but she felt herself sinking once again into the haze of lust and desire that seemed to surround her more and more. She felt her heart begin to pound and her senses slip into overdrive. Jenny lifted her head and looked into Anthony’s dear face. She raised her hand, caressing his slightly scratchy cheek, turning his head toward her. Closing her eyes, she kissed him, softly at first, then with more passion and need. His lips felt good, so strong and powerful. He opened his mouth and invited her to enter. Her tongue slipped into his warmth, searching for his, teasing and inviting. His beard was slightly rough on her tender skin, erotic and exciting.

Anthony was fully clothed, in dress slacks, with his shirt sleeves rolled up. His tie had been loosened and he had kicked off his shoes as he watched the women. Now, his clothing was a barrier, keeping Jenny from him. It became extremely necessary to feel his body against hers. She wanted to rub against his hairy chest, feel his strong muscles rippling under her hands. She turned in his lap, still kissing him, sucking his lower lip between hers, and busily began removing his clothing. She tried to further loosen the tie, but it was too stubborn and she had no patience, nearly strangling him in her haste. Anthony quickly reached for the knot, sliding the tie open and off. She pulled at his shirt, tearing some buttons, not caring at all. Her mouth sought his chest, his tiny nipples. She nibbled at them, sucking one, then the other into her eager mouth. He moaned deep in his chest, holding her head to him, encouraging her. Her fingers slipped around his body, finding his muscular back, her nails making light paths of erotic pain as she continued nursing on his niplets. She wanted him so much! She stood long enough to help him remove his pants, pulling down his briefs, exposing his engorged cock. Suddenly, it seemed so important to feel him inside her. She pushed him back onto the bed, sitting on the side, his cock pressing on his abdomen. She spread her legs, straddling his thighs, and sat on his lap again, this time taking his hardened cock deep inside her pink. He looked down and watched it disappear. It always surprised him to see his massive cock fit into her tiny pink pussy. She was so small, so delicate, yet she was able to accept his cock in kaçak iddaa full, her pussy inviting and making room for him. He was so delicious. Now, she rode the length of him, enjoying the feeling of his heat deep inside her, filling her. His hands were easily lifting her up and down, encouraging her. She reached behind her, finding his full balls and massaging them firmly, enjoying his groans of delight.

His cock was hitting on her clit, sensitizing it, making it engorge. She moved faster, riding harder, her legs wrapped around his waist now, her body his toy. It didn’t take long for her to reach the summit. She heard the roar in her head, the red haze coloring everything. Her legs tightened and her fingers dug deeper. He watched her face contort, heard the guttural moans from her puffy little mouth. Then he felt it, the spasms of her tight pussy, clutching his cock and milking him, pulling him deeper than he thought possible. He held her as she was awash with the throbbing climax. When she finally relaxed, when she came back to herself and the haze dissipated, he leaned to her and kissed her. He was still hard, still in need.

Jenny looked into his face, saw the need there, and made a decision. She crawled from his lap, his cock popping from her tight pussy, and moved to the head of the bed. She laid her head on the pillow, lying stomach down on the covers. Then she carefully lifted her ass, offering it to him. It was something he had always wanted to do, but had not. He feared hurting his little Jenny. Now, she was presenting her ass to him, her perfectly shaped little ass. He was thinking with his hard cock, with the blood pounding there, with his balls so full and needy.

“Are you sure, Jenny? I don’t want to hurt you. I could never hurt you.”

“Yes, please. I want you there. I want to feel your cock deep inside me. I know you won’t hurt me, but I want to learn and you are the only one to teach me.”

Anthony moved up behind her, on his knees, gripping her hips in his large hands. He placed the wet tip of his cock against that puckered hole, still shiny and wet from Jenny’s pussy. He held it there, planning to ease it in, let her get used to the size of him slowly. But Jenny was not to be denied. She had once again slipped into that place that held her captive so much of the time. She wanted. She needed. She had to have him. It was as simple as that. Suddenly, nothing mattered but his hard cock sliding in and out of her ass, marking new territory, claiming her as he did on their wedding night.

She could feel the slick cockhead against her tight ass bud. She could almost feel the restraint Anthony was using, the way his hands held her hips and refused to make any precipitous moves. But she wanted it now and was intent on satisfying her desires. Lifting from the pillow, she pushed back against him, plunging his throbbing cock deep. She cried out, the pressure and fullness almost more than she could bear. Then, she began to thrust against him, moving slowly up and down his thick length, letting her body adjust kaçak bahis to his presence. Just when she thought it was unbearable, she hit the rhythm, the stride of the dance. Suddenly, everything good about fucking Anthony came back. The size of him, the tightness of her, the depth and length and power of him inside her, the completeness of them. They began the movements that drove her further into sexual ecstasy. She felt him deep within her, then felt him sliding away, only to return with renewed vigor. He left hand-shaped bruises on her delicate flesh as he gripped her and continued his explorations. Her own tiny fingers slipped between her legs, searching and finding her engorged clit, rubbing circles around it as he fucked her so well. Her nipples were rubbing on the quilt, bunching and tightening from the stimulation. Her fingers were magic on that tiny button, encouraging it to swell further, to reach for her quickly moving hand. She could feel every sensation, savoring each, needing more.

“Anthony, I love your huge cock! I love the feel of it as it fills me, fucks me. But today, Anthony, I was so naughty! I made love with a woman! I had a woman’s hands on me, a woman’s mouth on me, her tongue and fingers touching everything that was formerly just yours! I was not a good girl today, Anthony. In fact, I was quite bad…..hmmmm, yes…I probably need to be punished!”

The combination of her teasing, taunting words, her beautiful tight ass, her sweet face looking back at him, was Anthony’s undoing. He released her hip long enough to give her a soft slap on her ass cheek. Not hard, just stinging and so very loud in the silence. He saw the flesh turn red immediately, and just as quickly regretted what he had done. They had never hurt each other, and now he had spanked her! But Jenny loved it! She continued. “I was so naughty, Anthony. I kissed her luscious mouth, sucked her tongue and nipples. I licked her pussy, Anthony! I slipped my tongue deep into her cunt and lapped her juices and they were heavenly!”

Each word registered in Anthony’s overloaded brain. His hand lifted on its own, continuously spanking his very bad girl, until her flesh glowed in the gathering dusk. The heat radiated through Jenny’s body. Her fingers moved faster and faster on her clit, taking her to the edge. She tensed, her words no longer intelligible, conscious only of an aching need for Anthony. Her legs tightened, her body clenched, and she gave in to the wave of pleasure coursing through her body. As the roar filled her head, she cried out, “Anthony, come with me, fill me, let me feel you spilling into me!”

He needed no urging. He could feel her contractions around his cock, feel the pull as she was engulfed in spasms of pleasure. He finally allowed himself to release, to come, pouring himself into her darkest place, filling her as requested.

He continued to hold her close to him, throbbing his essence into her. Gradually, he felt himself soften and start to slip from her. He held her close and settled onto the bed, his arms wrapped around his sweet wife. He settled his sticky cock between her ass cheeks, spooning together. Any doubts he had of her new life quickly fled. He looked forward to the next adventure.


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