The Cuddle Slave Pt. 03

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I woke up to the sound of birds singing outside my bedroom window. I rubbed my eyes and sat up slow, taking note of the empty spot beside me. I looked to the clock and squinted; it was nearly half past nine, a few minutes before a random servant would come and nudge me into wakefulness if I was still fast asleep.

I was dressed by the time Ingrid arrived with my breakfast. “Where’s Klaus?” I asked.

“Klaus? Um, training I suppose.”

I took my tea standing up, anxious to start the day already. There was warm bread with whipped butter and cut-up fresh fruit on a glass plate, but I wasn’t too hungry.

“Training? For what? And what does he eat for breakfast? Do you know?” I asked.

“He trains with Sven, so I don’t know. Usually he eats with the other servants,” she answered. “What’s this about, if I may ask? You’ve never taken an interest in what we do with him before.”

I shrugged. “Just wondering,” I said simply.


I was busy the rest of the day, counting down the hours and minutes until I could see Klaus again. Apparently, the nine kingdoms were to meet at a secret location next month for the annual briefing where we’d discuss territory, trade and similar subjects regarding us as a nation. Planning for this trip was what took up the remainder of my day, along with checking up on my bed-ridden mother. Supposedly, royal blood ran through my veins making me the most eligible for the position after her, but I had my doubts. The Armel family hadn’t had a vision in over a hundred years, and while Loretta wore the crown based on a belief she was chosen by the Christian God, I was descended from a line of so-called prophets.

It felt like days before night came; finally, it was a few minutes to 11 and I was eager to see him. I didn’t know how long a Léonite heat lasted, but I figured it had to be more than a twenty-four hour span. I told myself I wouldn’t take advantage of that and chalked my excitement up to a less physical ambition. Specifically, that I desired companionship, and if Klaus was indeed awake when he came on my leg, that had to signify that he found me at least somewhat attractive… right?

My thoughts were interrupted with the sound of a doorknob turning and a door creaking open. In stepped Klaus, looking as timid as ever in grey silk pajamas that matched his hair and tail.

Our eyes met, and his ears twitched. “Hello,” he said.

“Feeling any better?” I asked.

He shook his head no. “A little bit, but not by much.” With careful steps, he approached me. “I… have a confession to make.”

“Oh?” I asked, as though I hadn’t the slightest clue. My heart rate quickened as I waited for him to tell the truth.

“I broke Sven’s arm.”

“You what?”

“Ingrid advocated for me, saying I was sick, pendik escort bayan but Sven still wanted me to train. So, he had me think I had the day off but in reality, he plotted a sneak attack. I- It was an accident. I didn’t feel good and I just- just!” He threw his hands up in an exasperated gesture.

“Sven would do that to me when I was younger. He has positive intentions, but he’s… eccentric, I guess. And I can’t really blame you for defending yourself. I’m just surprised because you’re so… “


“I was going to say petite.”

“The semantics don’t really matter.”

I raised an eyebrow, impressed both that a slave knew the definition of “semantics” and that he was criticizing me. “What does matter is that you somehow took out the head of military training.”

His eyes suddenly looked fearful. “I’m really sorry! If it makes any difference, I apologized and he said it was fine. I promise it won’t happen again!”

I felt a twinge of guilt. “It’s not like there aren’t people to substitute him,” I said.

“Okay.” He took a breath, like he was steadying himself. “Okay,” he repeated, a little louder.

I cleared my throat. “I have a confession to make, as well.” I beckoned him to come sit.

Klaus looked nervous again. “What is it?”

“Last night, you were having a certain dream and I… didn’t wake you.”

He looked relieved. “Like a nightmare?”

I felt incredibly awkward. “Not exactly… Remember how you haven’t felt good lately?”

Klaus connected the dots rather quickly. He bit his bottom lip, his expression pleading. He gave me a small nod.

“Do you know why you haven’t felt good lately?”

“Do, do you?”

“After last night, it’s sort of obvious.”

“I’m sorry for not telling you,” he blurted out. “I was in denial about it. I didn’t even tell Philip and again, I’m sorry. I’m not usually such a troublemaker. You can ask my former owners and they’ll all vouch for me. I-“

I held up a finger and he quieted. “I’m not going to punish you,” I said. “I understand it’s not the easiest thing to confess.”

Klaus placed his hands on his lap- he typically crouched, but this time he had perfect posture, as though he wanted to look the part of a well-behaved and proper slave.

“How long does your ailment typically last?”

“Less than a week,” he answered. “But it goes by faster if I have someone to, you know…”

“Mate with?”

A shy nod. The little guy really was adorable, with his flickering ears and slight blush.

“Do you want me to help you with that?”

“If you don’t mind…”

I cracked a smile. “It’s been a while for me. Is there anything you particularly want? Something that makes you feel extra good?”

“Like- like what?”

I maltepe escort placed a hand on his shoulder, guiding him to lay down. “I could put you in my mouth,” I offered. “Lick your thighs, kiss you, rub your shoulders, whatever you like.”

“I’ve never had anyone do that first thing.”

“You’ve never had oral sex?”

“I have, but I didn’t like it; although I wasn’t on the receiving end.”

“That’s fair. The taste isn’t too great, but I like the sounds of the other person.” I hooked two fingers beneath his pants. “May I…?”

He licked his lips. “Y-yes, please.”

I pulled them down, and was shocked at what I saw. “They shaved you?”

“Um, the first day, and after they told me to do it myself.”

I gave him a stern look. “You don’t have to,” I told him. “And I’ll make sure to tell them that.”

“Could I grow out my facial hair, too?”

I cocked my head, thinking about what he might look like. It’d either look comedic or handsome, and I wouldn’t know which until I saw it myself. “Sure,” I said.

He gave me the brightest grin I think I’ve ever seen. “Thank you, your Highness.”

“Just call me Ivan.” I pulled his pants down his calves and past his ankles. Then I did his underwear, his cock bouncing a little but not fully erect. It was as big as mine right now, and I briefly thought of how large it was last night. Could I swallow it all the way…? I gave it a long lick at first, which was met with a soft gasp. I smirked and fondled his balls, eager to hear more of his little noises. I couldn’t help but praise him when his prick was fully up. “You have a lovely cock, you know. So big for such a small thing…”

“Thanks- thank you.”

I licked at his slit and he made a muffled sound. I immediately pulled away. “Don’t hide your moans,” I ordered, giving him a stern look.

He nodded, wide-eyed.

I was determined to devour his cock to the base, and slowly lowered my mouth down on it. Klaus squirmed below me, probably unsure what to do. I pitied the boy- never had he known the pleasure of having a warm mouth on his crotch.

My family assumed I was virginal, but that wasn’t the case. The truth was I would don a shabby-looking cloak about once a month and head to the brothel. Homosexuality in Ariashire was slowly becoming less taboo, so I had access to a variety of different prostitutes. And while I loved having a cock up my ass, I also came to realize I had a gift for deep-throating, which was why I saw Klaus’ girth as more of a challenge than an obstacle.

I took in as much of him as I could, my jaw sore from being open so wide. I did my best to keep from gagging, but a few choked noises still escaped me. Internally, I was full of contradictions; damning this darling boy for having a bigger kartal escort cock than me despite a deep, instinctive urge to cause emotional pleasure as much as physical. I knew he must’ve had a tough life, but I wanted him to feel safe. I wanted him to choke me, and yet I wished to dominate him.

Klaus groaned above me. “Feels good…” he murmured. He started to purr, his member vibrating in my throat. The sensation startled me and I was forced to pull out, drool extending from my bottom lip. “Please, my ass…”

“Stay put,” I said. I left and returned with a bottle of oil. “Turn around.”

He did what he was told and flipped over. I covered my hand in the wet substance, watching it shine on my fingers before plunging two digits deep inside him.

“Oh, Ivan…”

“Feels nice, doesn’t it?” I twisted my fingers inside him, eliciting a squeak. “Tell me how much you like it…”

“I q-quite like it, Prince Ivan. It’s-sss really good…”

I jiggled them inside him, finding that special spot that could make him yelp… and yelp he did.

“Don’t cum yet,” I said firmly. I slipped in another finger to stretch him out enough. He made a gurgling noise that must’ve been him drooling into the pillows. I laid a hand on his ass and gave it a squeeze; he’d been mine for about two months and had put on a good amount of weight.

I pulled out and poured more oil- it was time to lather my cock, which was already hard.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked.

“Yes, please. I’ve been in heat all day… Craving cock…”

He didn’t need to say anymore; I thrust myself in.

I wish I could say I began with a slow pace, but I’d be telling a lie. I took him fierce and fast. At one point he took my hand and guided it toward his neck. Taking the hint, I clasped his throat with my dominant hand, applying a light pressure. He nodded shakily, confirming that he indeed wanted to cum this way. With my other hand I grasped the bed, not wanting to claw at his skin. (Not this time, anyway.)

Admittedly I finished rather quick, exploding inside him without warning as he continued to hump into the bed. When I was off him, he reached around and began pumping himself. Not wanting to leave him empty, I added more oil and stuffed him full of my hand. “Christ!” he shrieked. I curled my fingers downward, pushing my hand in and out of the tight space. When I heard him sniffling, I froze. “Are you alright?”

“Don’t stop,” he sobbed. “It’s good- it’sh good…” I continued for several minutes until his body suddenly tightened, trembling and sweaty. And then he collapsed, fully spent.

I rubbed at my slightly cramping hand, glad that it was over. “How was it?” I asked.

“Tremendoush,” he slurred, his voice muffled by the pillow. I chuckled and laid down beside him, happy to find him turning towards me automatically, despite his obvious fatigue.

“I care for you,” I blurted out.

He purred in response. “I care ’bout you, too,” he said, drowsily.

Satisfied, I followed him into a peaceful sleep.

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