The Garcia Family Adventures Ch. 01

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This is a work of fiction, all characters are over eighteen years of age.

‘Sup, y’all, I’m Carmen. I’m gonna tell you all about how everything started, what got the whole ball rolling. It was my little sister, she couldn’t keep her hands off my panties!

So I’m twenty three, Mexican-American. I got big tatas, a little waist and wide hips. Brown eyes and black hair of course, and thighs that are nice and thicc, I got the pony legs, y’all. I’m bisexual but I mostly like cock, older guys who know what they’re doing.

The fam is me and Papi and my brother Jules, he’s away at college, and my little sister Maria. Ay, she drives me crazy sometimes! She just turned eighteen, she’s the baby of the family. Skinny and with tiny tatas, she does have the booty though!

So I guess every sister who has a sister knows about stealing each other’s clothes from time to time. Well my panties kept going missing from the hamper. Just the dirty ones. Then a few days later they’d be clean and in my dresser drawer. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on. But I was only half right!

I thought it was Papi, I mean my father, who was ‘borrowing’ my dirty panties. The thought wasn’t exactly unwelcome either. My Papi is so handsome, very wise and strong. If he wanted to get a sniff of his daughter, well why not? I actually found the thought pretty hot, to be honest!

But then it happened while Papi was out of town on business. So that left… my little sister? Now that thought would never had occurred to me, not in a million years! Maria was, well, she was…

Maria was kind of a wallflower, I suddenly realized. I was going out on dates, heck even Papi went out once in a while with his buddies, but never Maria. Huh!

What was up with that? She was popular in school, in choir and track, she went to things with all her friends I realized, but never on a one-on-one date with anyone, boy or girl!

I started paying more attention to when my panties would go missing. Over a few weeks I got a pretty good idea. They would only go missing after one of my dates with an older lover. I was on birth control and I usually let my men come inside me, I liked it better that way. So my little sister was only interested in my sloppy undies, eh?

So I just asked her about it. Hey, I don’t pussyfoot around! It’s usually just me and her home anyway these days, so plenty of opportunity too. We were on the couch watching Rick & Morty re-runs. During a commercial I muted the TV and turned to Maria. “So, sis, what’s up with you and my dirty panties, eh?”

Oh, man! Total deer-in-the-headlights look, so hilarious! I had her busted and we both knew it. Oh, she tried pretending it wasn’t her, she didn’t know what I was talking about, all that shit. I let her run down and looked her right in the eyes.

“Bullshit”, I said. “Hey, I don’t care! Whatever gets you off! Actually… I think it’s kinda hot.”

So that was out there. We went back to the TV but I could tell she was thinking about it. I caught her smiling when she thought I grandbetting yeni giriş wasn’t looking. Oh, this could go somewhere!

The next time I went on a date, one of ‘those’ dates with one of my men, I made sure Maria knew about it. I didn’t care if I was obvious about it or not, really. I dressed extra sexy and wore a pair of my sluttiest panties. We skipped dinner since I was too hot to eat anyway, I took my guy to his apartment and tried to fuck his dick off, I was so excited! I made sure he came in me and tried to keep as much inside as I could. After the cuddling (it’s okay but I mostly do it for them, whatev) I got those slutty panties on and headed back home in a hurry.

It was still pretty early. Maria was in the kitchen getting a drink when I got home. I was nervous as hell but I thought to myself, here goes nothing. I didn’t say anything, I just grabbed Maria by the hand and led her upstairs.

She kept asking what was going on, if there was something wrong. I brought her into my bedroom and sat her down on the bed. I stood anxiously in front of her. Pretty sure I knew what was going to happen, but not really knowing is a real rush too, no?

Looking her in the eyes the whole time, I lifted my dress up to my waist. It was one of my LBDs, little black dresses, almost sheer and I never wore a bra with it. Well now I was standing in front of my little sister with my dress hiked up, showing off my panties, my cum-stained black lace panties.

“Well,” I said nervously, “what do you think?” This wasn’t going quite like I thought it would. Why was I so nervous? Maria was the timid one, not me! I thrust my hips out at her without thinking and my little sister finally looked down at my crotch.

She smiled! Oh, good! It was a really slow, sexy smile too! I spread my legs for her so she could get a better look. Maria leaned forward on the bed, brought her head right up to my freshly shaved pussy, and took a big sniff.

Oh My God! That was sooo fucking hot! I wanted her, right now. “Maria? Do you want these panties? Hmm. little sis? What do you do with my panties anyway, huh? Do you smell them, wear them over your head, what, huh?” I was teasing her, I wanted her to want me too.

My little sister stood up in front of me, put her hands on either side of my head and kissed me, hard. Her tongue invaded my mouth and my tongue wrestled with it. We were both panting, my nips were aching for a mouth. She broke the kiss first and said, “On the bed, now, and spread your lovely legs for me dear.. sisssster.”

Wow, and what the fuck? Since when was the wallflower giving me orders? But then why was I scrambling up next to her, kissing her as I passed, laying down with my legs spread, still holding my dress up? Why was my heart beating a mile a minute? Oh god, my little sister is going to eat my pussy! Oh God!

Maria slunk up over me on all fours, like a cat. I was still holding my dress like an idiot, she took my hands and held them as she kissed me again. I swooned, okay, I fucking swooned! This was just grandbetting giriş not happening, and just so hot, and I want more, oh my god!

She looked down on her big sister with an evil smirk. “Oh, you want to know what I do with your dirty… little…panties?” she asked, as she loomed over me. “Well big sis, one thing I do is lick them.”

I moaned, I couldn’t’ help it. She was being so fucking sexy, where did this come from?

She kissed her way down my front, over my dress while I wished I was naked. Wished she would kiss and lick my nipples on her way past, because we both know where she’s gonna end up, oh yes. I swallowed hard.

Then her hands were holding my thighs open and her hot breath was on me and I came, just like that I was bucking and writhing under my sister, who hadn’t even touched me yet! It was so hot, my sister, panties, cum, all of it mixing up in my head as I tossed my hips and arched my back and screamed obscenities!

Maria let me go for a while, but not all the way, oh no. I found out right away that she likes getting what she wants just as much as I do. As soon as I had stopped the worst of my thrashing she just got a better grip on my thighs and started licking all the cum out of my panties!

Ay, let me tell you, I was cumming so hard I thought I was gonna die! Oh my god, Maria’s tongue! Very wide and flat, it turns out, and perfect for eating her big sister’s messy vagine! She was moving the panties around with her tongue, getting every inch of my puss and every drop of cum, sucking the cum out of me, moaning in delight, she was a machine who’s job it was to make her big sister cum over and over and over!

She was sucking on my outer lips, flicking my clit, I was going nuts from her tongue! I grabbed my boobs and squeezed hard, giving me another sweet gush of juice for my sis to swallow. Suddenly it was too much and I pushed her away and lay there panting and trying to process everything.

Maria crawled up next to me and cuddled up to my side. “About time you noticed, big sis. You’re kinda slow sometimes,” she teased with a smile. “I’ve been sniffing your panties for months and months now.” She smiled at me and we cuddled closer.

She talked, I listened. My quiet sister was finally opening up. She told me she felt like a lesbian, but she wasn’t sure. She was still a virgin. She didn’t date just because she didn’t find any of her friends, of either sex, very attractive. One thing she did know for sure was that she thought her big sister was sexy!

One time, her turn doing the laundry, very horny, she smelled something she liked. Just a regular pair at first, one that I’d worn on a very physical day. I don’t stink, don’t get me wrong, but yeah, I have that good musk that lets you know you got a chance.

Well next time it was her turn for the wash, I’d had a date the night before. Once she got a whiff of her big sis combined with some of my lover’s cum, she was hooked! She got more and more depraved. Now, she told me, “sometimes I’ll even put on a dirty pair of grandbetting güvenilirmi yours and finger myself until I cum. Then I suck all the juices out and make myself cum again.”

Listening to Maria tell me all this, how hot I got her, she was doing the same to me!

I looked over at her lying next to me. Such a sweet thing! I kissed her again, then got on my knees and finally took off that dress! Freedom! I took off the panties too, I wanted to be naked for my little sister! Now she was on her back, now I poised over her, staring at how hot she was.

My turn. I put a knee on either side of her. My boobs were hanging down and our nips were brushing each others. Her face was all shiny from licking me before. She was gorgeous, how did I not notice? I kissed her deeply, passionately. I was suddenly very hungry for lil sis.

I wasn’t going to give her the quick tour like she did for me, oh no. I was gonna take my time, show her I know how to make a woman cum too. I pinned both her hands in one of mine, over her head while I licked and sucked her neck. God her skin tasted yummy. She was moaning and her hips were starting to roll.

I moved down to her tiny titties. Small but perfect, nice tight little crinkly brown nipples. I circled her whole tit with my tongue, spiraled in to a nipple and sucked, sucked and then gently bit. Little sister was grinding her ass into the mattress now, spreading her legs for me, just what I wanted.

“Carmen! Oh my god! I thought you liked men, where did you… oh, god yes, right there!” Little sister was panting now, arching her back. I was slowly working my way down to her cunny, I wanted her boiling when my tongue finally hit her clit. Now I was between her legs, ass in the air, holding her thighs open just as she had on me a short time ago.

She was trying to scissor her legs closed as I licked and caressed my way up her inner thighs to her hot, wet center. Maria had a landing strip of pubic hair stopping right above her clit. I grabbed some of her pubes right above her clit and gently yanked while I let my hot breath wash over her.

“Oh fuck big sis, stop teasing me for god’s sake!” She was humping her sex up at me, begging for my mouth on her. I took just the tip of my tongue and placed it gently on the tip of her clit. I lowered my lips around her whole pussy and started just pushing down firmly with my tongue on my lil sister’s clitty. I waggled my firm tongue back and forth while pressing down hard, my mouth a hot wet leech on her pulsing pussy.

Maria grabbed her titties with both hands and came hard under me, bucking and twisting, galvanized by her massive orgasm. Her lovely cunny sucked at my tongue as she came, moaning and grunting, head whipping back and forth.

When she had calmed down and we were both lying there looking at the ceiling she said, “Wow. So we’re doing that again.” Her hand sought and found mine. “Yup Car-car, I think I like pussy.” She squeezed my hand in hers.

I bumped her shoulder with mine. “Hey, you might like dick too, gotta give it a chance man,” I said. “In fact, little sister… I might have a cock in mind for you to try, what do you think, hm?” I hoped she didn’t object to who I was thinking of, a man old enough to be her father.

A man who WAS her father. I thought us girls should seduce our Papi!

To Be Continued…

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