The Gear Jammer , The Hitchhiker

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© 2016 Sal De Klerk, Naughty69M2M, All Rights Reserved

Edited by ElmerStudd

Authors Note:

This story started as a roleplay between the authors, using a premise from sinful_whispers. The main author was a truck driver for several years and always wanted something like this to happen, finally, it did, in fantasy.


This story contains adult content including straight oral and vaginal sex among others. If this is not your kind of smut, please find another story.


Big Mac had just picked up a load of machine parts from a warehouse. As he was leaving, he heard an old friend on the radio.

“Got ya ears on Big Mac, this here’s Crazy C.”

“Ya got me CC,” I responded to my long time friend.

“I’m headin to shaky town with a load of rocks, how bout you?”

“I’m on the flip flop headin’ to Beantown with scrap metal. I ain’t got the 10-36 to stop and get some java juice. Gotta get them green stamps.”

“Heard that driver, maybe on the flip flop.” Crazy C came back.

“Fer shure fer shure. I’m moving on.” I hung up my mic, smiling at hearing from Crazy C. I threw my rig into granny and pulled onto the dirt road leading to the highway.

I popped a well-used CD into the player and skipped ahead to track seven. The opening notes of Willie Nelson strumming on his guitar always helped my mind focus on the drive ahead and as long as I had listened to him sing about being ‘On The Road Again,’ at the start of a trip, I had not been in an accident. I made a right onto US 83 in Winters, Texas, heading North. As the song faded, I was feeling pretty good. I only had 1,742.23 miles to go before I would become a member of the million-mile club. This became my goal when I first saw my dad’s name on the plaque he had gotten when he’d hit that milestone. Driving a big rig for one million miles without a ticket, accident, freight damage, or late delivery, was no small feat.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Amy stood along the highway, still pissed at her lazy good for nothing boyfriend. The pathetic scumbag hadn’t had a job in over a year. All he did was lay on the couch as he played that damn PlayStation.

Her job barely keeps them in food, rent, and electricity. They wouldn’t have a phone if the owner of the diner she worked in hadn’t offered to pay for it. He only did that so he could call her in when someone called out.

This morning, her first day off in 9 days, she got a call from home. Her stepfather, a skeevy pervy asshole had left her mom for some skank. As he was leaving, he pushed her mom down, and she had one sprained ankle and two sprained knees.

She was going to be out of work and if her feet for two or three months. Her brothers were all in Africa, either military or volunteer work.

When she asked Billy to borrow his brother’s car to bring her home, he told her, ‘That’s what thumbs are for. Use your money maker’s if ya gotta.’ Then he started laughing as he turned on his console.

He wasn’t laughing when she stepped over his prone body on her way out the door. He didn’t try to stop her because he was too busy cupping his balls and crying, from the knee that attempted to send them into his throat. Amy paused for a moment, then snatched the PlayStation from the TV stand. She walked out of the trailer without a backward glance.

Heading down the dirt road she only paused to hurl the hated machine into the retention pond next to the rusted, leaky, barely fit for life mobile home that they were renting for way more than it was worth. Now, after walking for a couple of hours, she was hot, sweaty, hungry, tired, and desperate for a ride.

( ¥ ) ( ¥ ) ( ¥ )

Big Mac saw a person on the side of the road up ahead. He searched his memory for a car in the breakdown lane and didn’t remember seeing one. He eased over and slowed to a stop about twenty yards past the thumb.

He sat in the truck, waiting for her to walk up to the door. He couldn’t see her in his passenger mirror and was about to put the hammer down when a musical voice floated into his ears. Looking out the open driver’s window, he saw her, and ‘what a her, her was,’ he thought as he stared into the grandest canyon he ever saw, restrained by cotton.

“Where ya headin’ young lady?” he asked, tipping his trucker’s cap to her and raising his sunglasses to get a better look.

Amy was nervous when the truck slowed and stopped. Taking a deep breath, she slowly walked up to the driver’s door. She was unaware that her backpack had caused an extra blouse button to come open, revealing more cleavage than she would normally show.

“Hi…I’m going to Allentown, in Pennsylvania. I don’t have a lot of money, but I won’t be any trouble. My mom is in the hospital. I need to get home. Can you…will you…are you heading North or East,” she asked in a decidedly non-Texas accent while flashing her big brown eyes.

“I’m heading to Beantown, right through Allentown,” I told her. “Hop on in, If ya dare,” Mac said ominously, as he winked at bahis firmaları her.

“That’s awesome,” Amy said excitedly, jumping up in excitement, making her grand Tetons flounce before she scurried around to the passenger side of the truck and climbed in. When she took off her backpack, she noticed the open button on her shirt and shrugged, ‘Up this high, no one can look down my top’.

The cool air of the cab gave her a chill after walking in the heat of a late Spring Texas day. She sighed in relief, as goosebumps popped up on her skin. Ignoring them, she looked at the driver, “Thank you so much. You’re a lifesaver. I hate to ask, but do you mind if I lower the air a bit? I’m kind of chilly after being in that heat.”

Mac gestured to the AC controls, as he pulled back onto the blacktop and worked his way up through the gears until the rig was cruising along at a comfortable speed.

“I’m Amy, Amy Schenks,” she offered.

“Handle’s Big Mac, but you can call me Mac. Ain’t no one but momma called me any other name in years. So how’d you end up way out here with no ride?” he asked, opening his electric cooler and pulling out a bottle of orange Gatorade. “Oh, and help yourself, I got Iced Tea, Lemonade, Gatorade and Mountain Dew in the cooler. Got some groceries in the box behind it,” he told her.

Grateful for something to drink, she leaned over giving Mac an eyeful of her twin peaks. Just as she took the bottle, she realized how exposed she was, “oh,” she squeaked as her free hand flew up to cover the scenic vista contained in her shirt. Mac chuckled to himself wondering if she was teasing him intentionally to get a ride or…

“Um, so how did I end up here with no ride?” she repeated, trying to forget how she almost flashed the stranger sitting behind the wheel. She sighed loudly, “My mom sprained her ankle and both knees. My loser boyfriend told me to thumb a ride cuz he couldn’t be bothered to ask his brother to borrow his car, or come with me…” for the next twenty minutes she vented about; their car being repossessed, Billy being unemployed and addicted to gaming, her job where she hired and fired, scheduled, placed orders and still was paid a server’s wage, the piece of shit mobile home we rented in ‘no the fuck where,’ Texas and his creep of a brother Brad, who had made so many passes at her that he was eligible for the Football Hall of Fame. “…so I kneed the bastard in the balls, threw his PlayStation into a retention pond, and began walking.”

Shaking his head at the stupid life choices otherwise smart people make, he simply replied, “Sorry about your troubles, just curious. Do you have money for food and…things… stuff, or… even a change of clothes?”

Another sigh. “I didn’t have time to grab my stuff. I do have…” she looks in her bag “…some CD’s and video game discs a customer gave me. Other than that…” her voice trailed off, worried she was about to get kicked out of the truck. Thinking desperately she self-consciously said, “…I have other things… you can… anything you want…” Her face flushed and she looked away, wondering if she could follow through.

“So, no clothes, except what’s on her back, no money ta speak of, about $30 worth of music and games.”

Amy nodded her head, afraid of what Mac was about to ask for. She half expected to have to, but her mother needed her. That was all that mattered. She took a deep breath waiting for him to proposition her.

“Well, I have an idea…,” he looked at her with raised my eyebrows.

“Amy quickly looked away and felt herself blushing. She knew nothing in life was free. At least Mac was attractive and pretty close to her twenty-four years. ‘Besides,’ she reminded herself, ‘it’s not like Billy had been taking care of her, so she was a bit libidinous. She had hoped to get a meal and some miles before she surrendered her body to a stranger. She considered asking if they could get out of Texas first

“I’ve got a buddy who’s a Smokey around these parts. l can call him and borrow his pick up. Then we can go to yer place n’ get yer shit. You just need to send Billy boy and creepy Brad on a wild goose chase, so dere ain’t no drama.”

Amy looked over at him in shock. You’d take time to do that for me?” she asked in surprise.

“I got a momma ‘n two sisters. I hope if they was ever in trouble, sumwon would help ’em.”

Amy’s eyes filled with tears of gratitude as Mac stopped at a red light. While waiting he grabbed his cell phone and sent a text. As the light turned green the phone chimed in response. Glancing at the screen he tossed it to Amy. “Rick said it’s fine, so you need ta git rid a ‘dumb and dumber’.

Amy pulled out her phone and sent a text. Messages went back and forth a few times until Amy let out an exasperated sigh and slammed her phone onto the dashboard.

“The assholes are going to pick me up about forty minutes south of where we live. I hope that’s far enough.”

“Me too darlin’, me too. We should meet with my buddy in jus’ a few minutes. kaçak iddaa While I drive, tell me about yerself.”

Amy looked at him as she gathered her thoughts, grateful for the distraction. “Not much to tell. I’m twenty-four, been with ‘asshole’ since I was nineteen. I’m the oldest of four and the only girl. Mom’s last husband was a pervy prick, so when Billy asked if we should move to Texas with his brother, I jumped at the chance to getaway. We were on our way to San Antonio when our car blew up. We couldn’t afford another car, so we stayed. I got a job waitressing, Billy worked for the city in road maintenance, and Brad got a job as a bouncer at a roadhouse.”

“I worked my way up to be the manager in charge of hiring and ordering, as well as scheduling the other employees and the P&L. Then I found out my prick of a stepdad ran off with his secretary and momma was hurt. I knew I needed to go home since three of my brothers are in Afghanistan and the other works with the Red Cross in Africa.”

Not willing to share any more about her personal life, she asked, “What’s your story? How long have you been drivin’? Got a girl waiting for you at home?”

“Nope, no wife or serious girlfriend. Just a few friends with benefits here and there. Not one in the group is the kinda girl you marry if ya want yer ol’ lady home in da evenins. I got my CDL on my twenty-first birthday. Pa was a gear jammer, and every summer when my buddies went to summer camp and made lanyards, I rode with him, learning about truckin’ and interstate commerce. He owned a few rigs and mom ran the business tween raisin’ me and my sisters, all without cell phones and internet. I was riding with my old man when he hit his one and two million mile marks. It took him eleven years for the first and twelve for the second. I decided that I wanted my first million in five years. I should hit that somewhere north of The Rotten Apple.”

Mac stood on the brakes as a pregnant roller skate cut off the truck. Only his skill and awareness of the traffic around him kept him from turning the small car into scrap metal and the driver into a bloodstain. Once the danger had passed and they were rolling again, he looked at Amy, “That’ll jump-start yer heart.”

“Asshole!” Amy exclaimed, once her heart started beating again. She glanced over at Big Mac. Her mouth opened with a big stupid grin, “That scared the shit outta me. How did we not crash?” she asked.

“I swear, there was no way I did that. God protects fools and drunks, and that…, he gestures at the car in question, “…inbred shithead qualifies as both.”

Amy laughed a real laugh for the first time in months.

Mac pulled up at a Bear Den and parked the rig. He pulled out a notebook and wrote a message with his phone number and taped it inside the driver’s side window.

Amy asked, “Why are we at a police station?”

“Rick, my Smokey friend works here. He left his keys for me.” Mac jumped out of the truck and walked over to an old, beat up, F150, and reached into the rear wheel well and found the key. “You comin’?” Mac called, before getting into the pickup.

Amy got out of the rig and into the Ford as Mac started it up. The engine cranked for several seconds before roaring to life.

“Getting back to our conversation, you said one MILLION miles? That’s awesome. How are you going to celebrate?” Amy asked, pointing left.

Mac pulled into the street and followed Amy’s hand signals as they talked. “Once I hit a million miles, I plan on celebrating by buying this rig and starting my own trucking company. This is my last run haulin’ for someone else,” he answered.

Amy looked at Big Mac with a new sense of admiration. He was a man reaching for his goals and on the verge of reaching them. Meanwhile, she was stuck with a loser who had no idea what it meant to be a man.

“Mac, that’s amazing. It’s nice to know someone who can set and achieve goals,” she said, with a touch of bitterness in her voice, thinking of everything she’d given up to be with Billy. She paused a moment, calculating the cash she had with her, “I don’t have a lot of money, but if we can find a place I can afford, I want to buy you dinner, to celebrate.”

“That’s sweet darlin’,” Mac said, taking a right when Amy pointed and smiling at her, “But you ain’t got no job, yer momma ain’t gonna be working for a while, so ya need yer cash ta live on. How about you let me worry about payin’ and you do somethin’ nice for someone when ya gets back on yer cute little feet.”

Feeling her pride get wounded, Amy replied, “I have a job! I may not make a lot of money, but I work hard and know how to budget and manage money. Momma still works, should be back on her feet soon.” Amy told him.

Billy was only a little younger than him, but Mac was going places. He knew what he wanted from life and was getting it. Billy didn’t know what he wanted for supper most days. She realized Mac was a man, Billy was a boy. She had thought about leaving him almost daily for the last few months, kaçak bahis but she never had the wherewithal to act on those thoughts. Now, now she had a way out, and she realized she did not want to go back. Lost in her thoughts, she didn’t realize that she was staring at Mac until she noticed him glancing at her.

“Darlin’ are ya really going back ta a loser dat don’ work n a job dat treats ya like a slave. Ifn I was you, I’d head home right quick, forget dose losers n’ start over.”

Amy nodded and grew silent thinking about what Mac said. As they reached the outskirts of the no horse town, she wrapped her arms around herself as a feeling of dread encompassed her. The closer they got to the trailer, the slower time moved.

Amy was only telling Mac where to turn and he was preoccupied with memorizing the streets, just in case. When they pulled up to the weather-beaten mobile home, Amy felt butterflies in her stomach. Biting her lips, she asked Mac, “Promise you’ll wait for me?”

“Nothin’ doin’ darlin’! If somethin’ ain’t right in dere, better I’m close by ta help. I got yer back, so let’s go get yer shit.” Walking around the pickup, to her door he pulled it open. He stood there offering his hand to her.

Her eyes filled with tears as Amy took Mac’s hand and got out of the truck. They approached the trailer and climbed the three steps to the half-rotted wooden porch. Her legs felt like rubber as she trudged upturned to open the door. The keys slipped from her grasp, and she started to repeat “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…I’m sorry…” like it was a prayer of protection.

Wordlessly Mac picked up the keys from the board they’d landed on, and opened the door. Stepping into the trailer, he looked around and made sure it was empty. He reached back, found Amy’s hand, and grasping it, he gently but firmly pulled her in. Before shutting the door, he looked down the dirt road for signs of an approaching car. Seeing nothing to worry him, he closed the door and followed Amy deeper into the trailer.

Amy stopped and took a deep breath, thankful Billy didn’t just send Brad to get her. Drawing strength from Mac, she said, “Ok, give me 5 minutes.”

She let go of his hand and moved down the hallway, returning with a box that she set on the small dining room table. Next, she moved into the kitchen, bringing out some paper towels and a set of dishes. “My Momma gave me these,” she told him as she put them on the table and began to gather figurines from all around the house before heading back into the bedroom.

Mac began to wrap the breakable items with anything he could find and put them carefully into the box. As he worked, he heard quiet sobs coming from the bedroom. Not moving, he debated the best thing to do. Would he help or hinder her grieving process if he went to her? When Amy didn’t come out, and the sobbing continued, he grew worried about time. It took longer than expected to get here, and they could get back at any time.

Making his decision, he walked into the bedroom, disgusted by the dirty naked mattress on the floor. Amy was standing facing away from the door, tears rolling down her face. She was staring at a beautiful homemade dress. He remembered momma making stuff like that for his sisters when they were young and money was tight. Silently, he stepped up behind her and wrapped his strong arms around her.

Their height difference caused her breasts to rest on the top of his arms. He couldn’t believe how soft and warm they felt as he stood there, silently, holding and letting her cry. Leaning down he kissed the top of her head.

Amy loved the large man’s touch, she felt warm and protected in his arms or just being near him. Amy got her emotions under control and pointed at a simple dress, hanging from a nail on the wall. “My granny made this for my graduation. I know it’s not couture, but Granny loved me and I loved her. She died a week after we got here. I never had a chance to say goodbye, and I missed her funeral. She took a deep breath “OK, I’m ready to leave and never come back.”

“I bet you looked beautiful in that dress,” he said, as he takes it down from the wall and carefully folded it. Amy pulled open a drawer in an old worn-out dresser and pulled some clothes out and stuffed everything she could in her bag. She slung the backpack over her shoulder and found Mac’s hand waiting. He led her to the box, partially filled with her precious few belongings.

“Is there anything else,” he asks “Once we leave you ain’t gonna see dis shithole again, and yer ex ain’t gonna fed ex anything ya leave.”

Taking one last look around, Amy shakes her head, “Nothing I care about. Those assholes can have everything else.”

“Did ya pay for da flatscreen,” he asks pointing at the TV, “Ya kin sell it for a c-note or more.”

“We won in a raffle at the county fair. Billy and Brad fought for months over who bought the ticket. They decided to play one of Billy’s games winner keeps it. Let them keep it.”

Mac took the box and walked out to the truck, and carefully loaded it into the back seat. He secured it in place with a seatbelt. He closed the door, got in the driver’s seat, and watched Amy lock the trailer and hurl her keys into the retention pond.

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