The Morning After

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Matt settled in the chair on the patio of the guest house to relax, as he felt the warmth of the morning sun on his skin his mind drifted back to his beautiful girlfriend Kim, who was still in bed, and the passionate love making they had shared the previous night after they came back from dinner and a night on the town.

Kim had some time off from her work as a Nurses’ Aide, so he decided to surprise her with a week-long trip for two to Barbados, since he was on vacation from his job as a Mechanic with a well-known car company; it seemed like a good idea and the timing was perfect. His mind flipped through the images of passion like a movie, her bedroom eyes staring deep into his as she rode him like a true cowgirl would, her soft moans of pleasure filled the room, her nails digging into his chest while his manhood filled her with such animalistic lust and abandon, her sweat rolling down her chest dripping from her chin and nipples. Her soft, supple breasts rising and falling with every deep breath she took, bouncing with every stroke inviting him, calling him to take them into his mouth and tease them one by one with his more than willing tongue.

His body was beginning to react to those delicious memories when he was interrupted by a voice. “Good morning handsome”, there stood Kim with two cups of coffee, wearing nothing but his t-shirt and a big smile.

“Hey gorgeous, had a good sleep??” He asked. ” Mmmmm, like a baby,” she replied as she handed him a cup and sat on his lap sipping her coffee. As he lifted his lips to the cup he asked, “So what shall we do today??”

“I don’t know,” she said as she shrugged her shoulders, “what would you like to do??”

“How about we discuss it over breakfast first and then anything else after??” He replied.

“Sounds good to me, after all you did work off all that dinner we had last night.” She said leaning over and kissing him on his left cheek.

“Hmmm, maybe we could work off breakfast too.” He replied as he slid his hand under the shirt and caressed the small of her back and her butt cheeks. Kim pushed his hand away and got up off his lap.

“No no no mister, then we wouldn’t get anything done today and you know it.” “Oh, I disagree, there would be plenty doing going on.” He replied with a chuckle as he got up to follow her back into the house. “I heard that you pervert.” She replied with a laugh from inside.

“How about some pancakes and eggs??” Kim suggested as she browsed through the contents in the fridge.

“Sure, do we still have any orange juice left??” Matt asked while taking out a plate and a glass for each of them, “Yes there’s a whole carton here.”

“Hey hun,”

“Yea babe??” He replied.

“I was speaking with a lady when we were shopping, when you went into the gent’s section, she was telling me that there are these island tours available that we should try one while we’re here it’s a lot of fun,”

Matt leaned against the counter top, “Well we could look it up and see what it’s all about.”

Kim continued, “so she said usually it consists of groups of people either from different hotels or the same hotel, but locals go too, like some companies would do it as a fun day kind of thing, I think that’s cool.”

Matt, still leaned up against the counter top with his arms folded stood listening quietly as Kim spoke excitedly while turning the pancakes in one pan and the eggs in another, “anyway she also told me if we wanted it to be just us we could find a taxi driver and ask them to take us on an island tour but that might be a bit costly, she even gave me names of a few taxi services we could call, it was really nice meeting her, she seemed genuinely kind hearted and sweet, she even suggested a couple of combinations that would look great on me.”

Pouring the juice Matt asked “Did she work at the store?? ‘Cause if she did then that would kinda be her job.” He chuckled.

“No she did not work there,” she replied rolling her eyes and shaking her head while she placed the eggs and pancakes on the plates “she even helped me pick out a surprise outfit.” She said as she turned and ran her finger down the middle of Matt’s chest as he was leaned once more against the counter top.

“Oh she did, did she?? When will I see it?” He asked pulling her closer onto him, kissing her in her neck, she giggles and pushes away from him,

“I said it was a surprise you naughty boy you, now sit and eat before you keel over from hunger.”

“Can’t I have an appetizer first??” He asked, pouting playfully,

“No, now eat your breakfast before it gets cold.” She answered with a chuckle.

“I like it when you babble excessively when your excited about something, I find it cute, kinda makes me want to make you excited about something else.” He said with a wicked tone.

“Oh, you do do you?” She approaches him, makes him sit in the chair and walks behind him all the while caressing his shoulders once behind him, she slowly slides both hands down his chest, ” make me excited about what exactly?” She whispered canlı bahis in his right ear in the sexiest most innocent of tones accompanied by a soft moan and inhalation through her teeth. Her doing that gave Matt chills, he closed his eyes as she continued her gentle caress down over his stomach and inside his boxers firmly grabbing and sliding her hands all over his now semi hard manhood knowing what her touch does to him, “is this what you were talking about?” All he could do was nod and lick his lips, she stood up, walked in front of him, pushed back the eggs a bit, sat on the edge of the table and placed her left leg onto his right shoulder so that her womanhood was in full view, “and is this where you want to put that big ole thing?” She asked as she rubbed her clit and moaned two feet away from his face, once again all he did was nod, all he had to do was lean forward and he would have had some extra syrup for his pancakes but before he could make a move she quickly stopped and put down her leg, “eat first, then maybe I’ll think about it.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek and waltzed back to her place on the opposite side of the table and sat.

Matt just sat there, after a brief silence he spoke, “oh now that was just mean, your gonna pay for that, I’m gonna eat but your gonna pay young lady.” He said picking up his fork and pointing at her.

“Oooooh I’m so scared.” She joked.

“Oh you better be.” He laughed, mouth half filled with pancake, with that they sat and ate breakfast.

30 minutes later…

“Breakfast was great as usual babe.” He said giving her a kiss on the lips after placing his plate and glass in the sink as she washed the ones she used.

“Thank you darling.” she replied.

“I’m going to take a bath.” Matt began to undress as he made his way to the bathroom.

“You need any help with those hard to reach places?” Asked Kim.

“Sure thing if you think you’ll be able to reach them” he replied from the bedroom. Kim could hear the shower being turned on as she placed a plate back into the rack and picked up the other one to dry it, finishing that she dried her hands, placed the hand towel on the towel rack and headed to toward the sound of running water.

As she peeked into the bathroom, she could see Matt’s silhouette through the fogged glass door, she entered, closing the door quietly behind her she began to undress. She approached the door and slid it open, Matt was standing with his back toward her his arms spread, palms flat on the wall and his head under the stream of evidently warm water, he did not hear the shower door being closed. As she got right up behind him she slid her hands from the small of his back up to his shoulders and up the back of his arms but being that she was shorter than him she only got halfway between his elbow and wrist, Matt stood still as Kim continued to slither her hands down his arms taking the time to enjoy the feel of every muscle along the way. Resting her head on his back she caressed his chest with one hand and his stomach with the other giving a sigh of contentment. “I could still use that help you mentioned a minute ago.” He said lifting his head from under the stream of water.

She reached for the shower gel and sponge as Matt turned to face her now with each hand on either side of the shower wall like he was being searched, she applied some gel to the sponge and squeezed it a couple times. She placed the sponge on his chest and began moving it in a slow circular motion spreading the suds across his chest, shoulders and arms before moving down the rest of his body.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked, all he did was smile and shake his head, she smiled back continuing her slow, sensual caress toward his mid-section. As the sponge glided down the right side of his body her free hand followed on the left until they met at the clean-shaven base of his now semi erect penis, a tiny bolt of electricity shot through her and even though she was in a warm shower she could still feel the heat and wetness in her vagina growing from just the sight of this gift from God that has brought her to many an orgasm.

She applied a little more shower gel onto the sponge, squeezed it twice and crouched down in front of him all the while not taking her eyes off his magnificent member. Now at eye level with his rod she cupped it in her left hand, she could feel the blood pumping into it making it pulsate in her hand causing her to suck in a breath through her teeth as she closed her eyes and rode out the shiver that was creeping down her spine creating goose bumps all over her, she had a strong urge to just take it all into her mouth and suck him non-stop until he came in her throat, resisting took all the willpower she had at that moment she had to grasp his dick tighter in order to prevent herself from falling because her knees got so weak. Feeling her suddenly tighten her grip Matt just stood there quietly, fully erect, looking down at her with a devilish smirk on his face knowing the effect his dick was having bahis siteleri on her.

“You ok babe?” He asked.

“Hmmm? Yea I’m fine” she replied and continued after a slight lapse. “You sure?”. “Yea just off balanced a little.”

He smiled, “Oh ok”

Regaining her composure, she proceeded to slowly glide her hands up and down his legs, her left hand with the sponge going down his inner thigh while her right slithers its way up his firm, tight, soap covered skin so that as she washed his ankle and lower leg her other hand caressed his lower back and ass cheek. Finishing off the right leg she straightened both her legs while remaining bent over, Matt took this opportunity to slide his hands down her back and rub and squeeze her ass a bit. Kim moaned, as Matt fondled her ass, she slowly stood up sliding her finger tips up his right leg to his groin keeping her legs straight and arching her back until she was once again standing up, with Matt’s hands still on her ass she grabbed his penis firmly and pushed him against the wall. “I want this,” she whispered with a low sexy tone full of lust in his ear, “in here.”

She had switched hands on his manhood and was now guiding his left hand between her legs toward her wet, warm, waiting and eagerly wanting pussy. Without a word Matt placed his hands on her waist, lifted her, spun around, pinned her to the wall and drove his tongue deep into her mouth, Kim responded by wrapping her legs and arms around him and kissing him back hard. He supported the small of her back with one hand and placed the other behind her head and pulled her in kissing her even deeper, they kissed passionately, if not for the hot water running you would think the steam was coming from their heat alone.

Matt moved into her neck nibbling and sucking her tender skin causing her to grab and scratch at his back while moaning and biting her lips, his left hand lightly tugging her hair and tilting her head for better access with the other now squeezing her right breast and nipple, but he didn’t stop there, he leaned back a little, took both breasts in each hand, squeezed them close together and sucked both nipples in his mouth at the same time. Kim almost came instantly from the sensation and simultaneous tongue lashing her nipples were getting, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her back arched while her shoulders remained on the wall, she moaned loudly deep in her throat and her nails dug into Matt’s shoulders as her breaths came short and fast her entire body trembling as she also struggled to maintain her grip with her legs around his waist, she did all but climb the wall backward but sensing she was close to orgasm Matt suddenly stopped, looked at a now breathless Kim deep into her eyes and with a devilish grin leaned forward and whispered.

“My turn.” those words made her knees go weak and a shiver creep down her spine.

Matt held onto her as she unlocked her legs from around him and placed her feet on the floor, he then turned her around. He took her hands and placed them on the bathroom wall outstretched and above her head, placed his hands lightly on her shoulders and slowly began to trail his finger tips on a random path all over her body, down her spine to the small of her back down the outside of her legs to her ankles back up on the inside of her legs, Kim spread her legs to give him better access, he passed his fingers close enough to her outer pussy lips for her to feel their presence but did not actually touch them. He went up her stomach and between her breasts as they rose and fell with every shallow breath she took, he then circled the outside of her breasts once before circling her nipples twice, once again close enough for her to feel them but never touching them, he circled her breast once more before trailing back down her stomach this time with his hands touching creating an arrow like formation pointing toward her now steaming sex.

As he momentarily pressed his body against hers, Kim could feel his pelvis and his still rock hard eight inches pressing against her ass this made her instinctively press back against him as if to let him know she is ready to be pierced right there and then by his thick spear. Matt felt this but ignored her subtle gesture and continued his trailing, he slid his hands down her stomach separating them just before he reached her clit, as he did this he crouched down until his face was level with her ass while his hands individually slid down the front of her thighs. Without stopping he made his way up the back of her legs but this time he used the space between his thumb and index finger with his thumbs on the inner side of her legs, still crouching he lifted and squeezed her ass cheeks, let them slip from his grasp and repeated the process a few times making sure to spread them so it made her swollen pussy lips spread as well. He could see Kim’s juices stretching between the lips every time they separated, and he know this was getting her hotter by the second.

“Arch your back for me,” these were the only words bahis şirketleri Matt spoke since he began “his turn”.

Kim did as she was told without hesitation arching her back which made her ass stick out toward Matt as she did this she bit her lip and inhaled deeply through her nose stopping just short of passing out because when she arched her back Matt cupped her ass and slid both thumbs into her, touching and penetrating her hot box for the first time since he began his teasing of her senses, the further she arched her back the deeper his thumbs went. “Oh MY GOD!!” was all Kim could think as she scratched at the tiles while her legs trembled from the surge of pleasure now running through her body.

Matt began to slowly slide his hands back and forth, his thumbs going in and out of her and she began to move in unison with his hands. Kim closed her eyes and bit her lips as she pushed back as far as she could, bending her knees, meeting his probing fingers with each insertion, her breathing became heavier and her motions were beginning to speed up, so Matt knew she was getting close to orgasm again.

“Can’t have that just yet.” He thought to himself, he removed his thumbs and slid his hands up and over her butt cheeks to the front of her thighs, in one smooth motion he began to run his hands up her sides and over her ribs barely moving along the surface of her flesh as he simultaneously slid the tip of his tongue up the length of her spine as he proceeded to stand up. He cupped and gently but firmly squeezed her breasts, the were like play doe in his hands, he twitched her nipples while his tongue reached the top of her spine. Kim was trembling again by this point, Matt began to nibble and suck her neck from behind while still maintaining a firm grip on her breasts and nipples. She let out a moan as she covered Matt’s hands with her own urging him to caress her breasts even more, to squeeze harder, firmer, she yearned for it, every inch of her flesh did, she was burning with lust. Kim ground slowly on his dick when she felt it pressing against her ass, she wanted it, needed it inside her.

As if he read her mind Matt removed his hands from her breasts leaving her to fondle them, which she did with abandon. He slid his left hand down to her hip, placed his right hand on her shoulder, slightly pulled with the left and pushed with the right, Kim was slightly bent over, and she knew what this meant. Matt lined up his dick with her steaming hot pussy and slid all the way in with one slow steady thrust making her tremble as she rose on her toes and exhaled wide mouthed, he didn’t miss a beat as he started to stroke her deeply, slowly.

Exhaling with every thrust Kim scratched at the wall, “oh my God, mmmmmm,” she bit her bottom lip, “fuck me baby, please fuck me.” That was all he wanted to hear. Matt picked up the pace slightly, still going deep but with a little more force making her breasts and body now jerk forward with each thrust. She has gone from exhaling wide mouthed with each thrust to biting her bottom lip, exhaling heavily through her nose and whimpering with each solid contact of his pelvis to her ass.

After about a minute, thinking she was comfortable with the feeling he bent his knees so he could get a better flow and turned it up two more notches “Oh Shit!!” She exclaimed followed by a long throaty groan and heavy breathing. Matt was now in concentration mode pulling out almost all the way and sliding every inch back in while maintaining his pace, his breathing slow but steady, hands gripping her hips pulling her back as he went forward. She reached one hand back onto his stomach and looked back at him, “yes baby, right there, don’t stop, I’m cumming oh my Goooodddd aaaahhhh!!” she screamed digging into his skin, her body trembling with wave after wave of orgasm. Matt slowed down enough for her to catch her breath then without a word he pulled out, turned her around, picked her up by her under arms, her legs, still weak, automatically wrapped around him for support while her arms did the same.

Before she could properly settle, he slid his hands one after the other under her legs, gripped her waist, lifted her above his head pinning her to the wall and buried his tongue as deep as he could get it into her. “Fuuuuuccckkk, mmmmmmm,” Kim moaned as Matt lashed her clit with his tongue, slurping and sucking her like there was no tomorrow, he loved the way her pussy tasted and always enjoyed pleasuring her this way. Kim ground her pussy into his mouth her hands on his head trying to press him even further in, she let out muffled squeals which got higher in pitch the more he continued.

Despite them being in the shower they were both sweating profusely and her sweat along with the water on her body both ran down and mixed with her juices, which were now running down Matt’s chin making for a perversely delicious cocktail which he happily lapped up until once again Kim’s body was shook with yet another powerful orgasm. This time she squirted, her eyes rolled back into her head as she spasmed, Matt wasted no time lapping up as much of her juices as he could. He brought her down, still pressed to the wall, legs still scooped up by his arms she held onto his body still trembling from her second orgasm.

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