The Morrisons Ch. 03

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This is a continuous story where each chapter builds on the previous chapter. If this is the first chapter you’ve encountered of “The Morrisons” then I suggest you click on my name and read the previous chapters first so you will understand the characters actions in this chapter.

There is some sex in this chapter along with some sexy situations such as Jenna doing a couple of strip tease for people she’s never met before. This chapter sets the stage for future chapters so it’s just as important as the chapters with a lot of sex in them. Sounds interesting? …… Then enjoy this chapter!

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I woke up to the sound of the alarm and rolled over and slapped the button to turn it off. I lay still for a few minutes before I rolled up on my side and started tenderly kissing Kim’s shoulder. She stirred saying, “Good morning love, is it that time again.” Then Kim mumbled something that didn’t sound friendly so I continued kissing her shoulder until she rubbed her eyes and asked the rhetorical question, “Do we have to get up?”

I spooned up against Kim’s back and said, “Sweetheart we can do anything you want to do. If you want to stay in bed with me, we can do that.”

Kim snickered and said, “Babe that would be great for an hour or two but what would we do for the rest of the day?”

“You’re right we might as well get up and do something constructive all day. Besides there are people waiting for us to give them directions.” I said as I groaned and stretched.

Both of us got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. It was not unusual for both of us to share the bathroom in the mornings. We agreed it saved valuable time so we could sleep a little longer. I took a leak then went over to the shower to warm it up. Kim finished using the toilet before stepping into the shower with me. We had a morning habit of washing each other’s back before each of us would wash our other body parts. When our shower was finished we dried off and walked over to our separate sinks to do our personal grooming.

I finished dressing first. I kissed Kim before heading down to the kitchen to make coffee. However as I passed Terri’s room I noticed her door was open, her bed was made and she was nowhere to be seen. As I reached the top of the stairs my sense of smell was treated to the wonderful aroma for fresh brewed coffee. I smiled to myself and with an extra spring in my step I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. I was cheerfully greeted by Terri who jumped up and poured a cup of coffee for me while I took the seat next to her seat. The morning newspaper was lying on the counter when I sat down and Terri said, “I’ve made a note so we can remember to make a code for the newspaper delivery person, when the security gate is installed.”

I smiled at her for remembering what I said about having paper and pen handy in various locations around the house so she could make notes. Once again I watched Terri as she moved around the room. She stopped by the refrigerator and asked, “Do you and Kim eat breakfast on weekday mornings?”

“We usually have time for something quick.” I told her. “However if you wanted to make a cheese omelet and some toast for me, I would be a very happy man. Actually, you can make two of them I know Kim would eat one also when she gets down here.”

I watched in fascination as Terri went right to work gathering everything she needed to make our omelets. I marveled at the efficiency she demonstrated doing a few different things at the same time. In addition to her skills was the wonderful morning view of Terri’s naked body moving around the kitchen. Finally I asked, kartal escort “How did you become so proficient in the kitchen.”

“My mom always said my sister and I should know how to cook in case anything happened to her, that way she’d know we wouldn’t starve to death. From an early age mom used to let us help with different things and as we grew older she allowed us to do more.” Terri said with a wonderful warm smile.

Within a few minutes Terri set a plate in front of me with a delicious looking omelet with toast. As Terri was re-filling my coffee cup Kim walked up behind me and said, “Good morning love, good morning Terri. The second I started down the stairs I could smell the wonderful aroma of coffee. May I have a cup?”

I turned and kissed Kim and said, “Good morning dear.”

Terri set a cup down in front of Kim and filled it with coffee then she moved the cream and sugar across the counter for her. Kim looked at my omelet and said, “That certainly looks yummy.”

Terri was busy at the stove as she turned her head while giggling and saying, “Mr. Efficiency over there ordered a cheese omelet for you as well. Your omelet will be ready in a second.”

Kim turned to me and with a smile she said, “What a wonderful and thoughtful husband you are.”

I looked at her as I lifted a piece of omelet towards my mouth, “I know it. I’m the prize your parents always hoped you would hook.”

I received a swat on my shoulder for my comment and Kim chided, “Listen Mr. Wonderful, you’d better be nice to me or I’m going to cut you off.”

Looking into Kim’s eyes I smiled and said politely, “But honey, you can’t cut me off, you don’t know where I’m getting it.”

Again my comment came with a playful slap on the shoulder. Our banter was cut short when Terri set Kim’s omelet down in front of her. Kim smiled and said, “Hush up now, I have to take a serious look at this wonderful omelet.”

Terri sat down on the other side of Kim and sipped her coffee. Looking between both Kim and I Terri asked, “Dan you said that Ted Johnson will be coming out here today, do I need to get him to sign a confidentiality statement even though he’s a cop? You said he is going to be working here so does that mean he will be nude as well?”

I looked at Kim asking, “Ted will be working around here doing the wiring up the new system what we should do with him?”

“I think we should treat him just like any of the others who will be working here.” Kim said after a moment of thought.

“If that’s the case then I will need for you to copy a confidentiality agreement on at flash drive or on the computer so I can make one for him to sign when he comes here.” Terri replied.

Kim smiled and said, “Before I leave this morning I will make a folder on the computer with your name on it and put the files in it you will need for today.”

Turning towards me Kim said, “Honey before we come home today we’ll stop by the computer store and buy a lap top and a printer for Terri. That way she can organize her files in a place where she will have easy access to them on her own computer.”

I looked at Terri before asking, “Do you want me to call Ted and explain our situation here?”

“No sir, I am sure I can explain everything to Mr. Johnson. Besides you won’t be here to ask him to sign the confidentiality statement so I might as well handle the whole thing.” Terri said with a smile.

I smiled at Kim and both of us looked at Terri. Finally I said, “I love a take charge kind of person, it kind of reminds me of me.”

Kim and I finished our breakfast with more small talk between the three of us. Kim fired up her lap top and transferred the files Terri would need to the house computer. She showed Terri which files were in the folder and asked her if she needed anything else. Both of them agreed everything was in the folder that would be needed.

Finally it was time for us to leave so I finished my third cup of coffee and picked up my briefcase and met Kim with her briefcase in hand near the garage door. Terri asked, “Don’t I get a good-bye kiss before you leave?”

Both of us stopped dead in our tracks and turned to look at Terri. After a moment of silence I said, “Yes, you can have a good-bye kiss.”

Terri rushed over to me and pressed her naked body against me saying, “I want to start a morning tradition here. My mom and dad always kissed each of us anytime they left the house and it always made me feel good.”

I hugged Terri to me and kissed her passionately before releasing her. She turned to Kim and stepped into her open arms and they shared a passionate kiss for a few seconds before separating.

I looked at Terri and said, “This is a great tradition and I will look forward to kissing you every morning before I leave.”

Kim was standing by my side and I noticed she had a little extra moisture in her eyes as she said, “I agree, that was a wonderful kiss and I will look forward to sharing one with you each morning.”

Kim maltepe escort bayan and I said our good-byes to Terri and we walked out the door into the garage and got in my car. Once in the car Kim reached for a tissue and dabbed her eyes before saying, “I’m not sure how this happened but in just a couple of days we have gained a new daughter that I care very deeply about. Dan I’m normally not a vindictive person but I want you to use all your contacts to get that fucking store owner and make him pay dearly for what he did to Terri.”

Looking at Kim I said, “I’m not sure what happened to our family over the past couple of days either but I feel the same as you do and I have already started working on making the store owner pay. I’m not sure what to do yet but I know I want to humiliate him beyond his wildest nightmares and then I want him to pay for his crimes through our court system.


Terri cleaned up the kitchen before she sat down at the computer and prepared a confidentiality statement for Ted Johnson to sign. Once the form was finished she saved it and then printed it. Then she went up to the master bedroom and made the bed and cleaned up the bathroom. Terri was on her way down the hall with the wet towels from the master bathroom when Jenna opened her door. Terri stopped and said, “Good morning Jenna. I have some coffee on in the kitchen. If you grab your dirty clothes and towel I put them in this basket.”

Jenna smiled saying, “Good morning to you to. I’ll bring down my clothes and towels if you will pour me some coffee.”

“Your coffee will be waiting for you, don’t be long or it will get cold.” Terri said as she continued towards the stairs.

Terri deposited the dirty clothes in the laundry room then after washing her hands, she poured Jenna a cup of coffee. After dropping her clothes off in the laundry room Jenna when to the kitchen where she found a cup of coffee waiting. Terri asked, “Do you want something for breakfast before you go to work?”

Jenna thought about it for a few seconds and then asked, “Can you make scrambled egg and cheese on a hard roll?”

Terri immediately went to work fixing Jenna’s breakfast. Unbeknown to Terri, Jenna watched every move Terri made remembering how delightful Terri tasted when they made love. Jenna’s daydream was broken when Terri slid the plate with her breakfast on it in front of her. Terri took a seat across from Jenna and they started talking about everything but about nothing in particular.

Their conversation was interrupted when the door bell rang. Terri’s head jerked up and looked towards the door while Jenna said in a calm voice, “It’s ok Terri I’ll get it so you don’t have to get dressed.”

As Jenna started to stand up Terri held up her hand and said, “No, I’ll get the door, I have to get used to the idea of others seeing me naked sooner or later. At least with you sitting here the first time, I think it will be easier to answer the door completely naked.”

Jenna smiled and said, “I’ve answered the door completely naked many times and I love it when the person looks at my pussy and then up to my tits. It makes me so wet knowing they are seeing me in all my glory.”

The door bell sounded again and Terri hurried towards the door. She stopped and took a deep breath just inside the door. She reached out for the door knob and her hand was visibly shaking as she gripped the knob. Just then the door bell sounded again making Terri jump back for a second to re-organize her mind. Taking another deep breath Terri reached out and with all the inner strength she could muster she turned the door knob. She made an instant decision she wasn’t going to try to hide her body behind the door she was going to let whoever was ringing the door bell to see her in all her glory. Terri pulled the door open wide while standing immediately in the open door way.

Much to Terri’s surprise standing on the porch looking at her was a naked guy with three naked females standing around him. No words were exchanged for a few seconds as Terri stood looking at the guy’s cock stiffen before her eyes and the guy stared at Terri’s lovely bald pussy and her small orange sized tits. After what seemed like a long time the guy looked up into Terri’s eyes before saying, “Um hello, my name is Tony I’m the new lawn care guy and this is my wife Patty and over there is my sister Beth and the other one is my sister Barbie. They are the new gardeners and landscapers.”

“Hello, my name is Terri and I’m the house keeper for the Morrisons. Please come in so we can get to know each other.” Terri said with a warm smile.

Stepping back out of the way all four of the new arrivals walked into the house while Terri watched Tony’s cock bob up and down as he moved. Terri looked up at the four new arrivals and asked, “Would all of you like some coffee or something to drink while we talk?”

Tony and his wife Patty accepted the offer of coffee while both escort pendik Beth and Barbie asked for something cold to drink. They walked into the kitchen and as Terri reached for some towels for each one to sit on Jenna stood up and turned to greet everyone. Smiling then taking a quick glance at Tony’s hard cock before looking back up into their faces Jenna said, “Hi I’m Jenna Morrison and you are?”

Tony said, “Hello, my name is Tony Williams I take care of the lawns and this is my wife Patty and standing behind her are my two sisters Beth and Barbie. My wife and sisters are the new gardeners who will be taking care of the flower beds and do the landscaping.”

Jenna smiled as she slipped off her blouse, “I can see I’m the only one overdressed here. Since I don’t have to leave for work right away, I might as well get comfortable.”

Jenna was standing right in front of Tony looking right into his eyes she released her bra and let the straps slide down her arms. Tony stared at Jenna’s lovely little titties until she reached down and undid the snap on her dress slacks. Jenna let them slide down her legs leaving her standing in only her very brief blue lace string panties. After folding her slacks Jenna set them aside and reached for the waist band of her tiny panties. She slowly pushed her panties down until the top of her bald pussy came into view of everyone. She paused for a moment reaching into her panties Jenna pushed the gusset of her panties downward and away from her pussy before putting her thumbs back in the tiny waistband of her panties and pushing them down.

Once gravity gripped the panties and pulled them the rest of the way down Jenna’s legs she stood up straight and stepped out of one leg hole while hooking her toe in the other leg hole and lifting the panties up so she didn’t have to bend over. Jenna had practiced this move on many guys and knew with her one knee bent off to the side, her lovely bald pussy would open slightly giving Tony a better view of her. With her panties in her hand Jenna smiled at Tony and saw that his eyes were still riveted at her pussy. She stood still and let him look and then noticed even Tony’s wife and sisters were looking at her bald pussy. Jenna didn’t move until Patti looked up and said, “You look lovely Jenna. Actually both you and Terri and very beautiful and as strange as it may sound, I’m going to love working here.”

Terri had spread a towel out on each seat. As everyone selected a seat Terri poured Tony and Patti a cup of coffee and moved the cream and sugar within their reach. Looking at Beth and Barbie Terri asked, “What would you like I have orange juice and water?”

Both Barbie and Beth selected water and they watched as Terri moved gracefully around the kitchen completely naked. They thanked her when she brought two bottles of water and two glasses over and set them down in front of the girls.

Jenna had waited for everyone to get something to drink before saying, “I love to do my strip tease so others see me completely naked. I love to show off my bald pussy to guys and girls. I especially love to strip for guys because I love to watch when their cock bounces up and down without touching it. Tony, you have a wonderful looking cock. May I ask you how long it is?”

Tony looked nervously between Patty and Jenna before Patty spoke up saying, “Tony’s cock is seven and one half inches long and as you can tell it’s very thick. I love the way his cock fills my tight pussy.

Suddenly there was a loud chorus from both Tony’s sisters, “Eeeeewwwww, TMI!” (Too Much Information)

Patty turned towards Barbie and Beth saying, “This is only the second time you’ve seen your brother’s cock but working here you might as well get used to the idea you’ll most likely hear more about our sex lives than other sisters do about their brothers.”

“I’m not sure if mom and dad told you everyone who works here will be naked but that doesn’t mean that we’re going fuck each other. Our family is firm believers no one should ever be forced or coerced into providing sex to anyone else however if there are two or more consenting persons interested in having sex then they can go at it. I’m sure they told you we have sex here and you will most likely see someone fucking while you’re working here. As far as all of you are concerned, if any of your sex drives are overwhelmed by working here completely naked and two or more of you are consenting, you’re certainly welcome to fuck and enjoy yourselves.” Jenna added with a warm smile.

“We can’t fuck our brother!” Beth exclaimed.

Jenna looked at Patty, Beth and Barbie before she said, “That’s up to the four of you to figure out what works for your family.”

Smiling Jenna continued, “I’m sure, have signed a confidentiality statement so I will tell you I make love to both my mom and my dad and I wouldn’t trade their love for anything.”

A loud gasp could be heard from Patty, Beth and Barbie as they listened to Jenna. Jenna said, “Don’t be shocked, because the only persons who you can really trust to love you back as much as you love them, is your family.”

“I can verify the love between Jenna and her parents is real and lasting like none I’ve ever witnessed.” Terri said with a smile and a wink toward Jenna.

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