The Next Chapter Ch. 03

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As you read, please note: this is chapter three. If you haven’t read the previous two, I suggest you do so. If you haven’t and don’t, take heart. This is the stroker part of the story. Enjoy, and let me know just how much via your ratings and comments. Thank you for following so far.


Maddie’s fingers traced smoothly over the finished wood. The tips of her freshly finished nails grazed the grain but there was no hint of roughness as she contemplated just how they had come to this point.

Why couldn’t the stuff inside just be laid out? He really did like to tease her, draw out the drama. It was often like that: hidden or disguised gifts, a hug that appeared out of nowhere, a surprise trip to the Okanagan last summer with only time to pack, the compliment or expression of affection or words of encouragement that was just what she needed right at that time but no sooner. He knew her so well.

She was fully aware of the intent of the contents of the large wooden box; it represented so much to her, especially. He was embracing her, celebrating them as a couple and encouraging who she was becoming. He knew her secrets and delighted in them with her. Maybe he wasn’t the hottest guy on earth, but she was drawn to him like no other. Even as she ran her hand to the lid of the box, she felt the delicious contrast of fire and fluid between her legs and spreading through the rest of her body.

She felt like a mystical treasure hunter, expecting the glow of some ancient amulet to emanate from inside the box and bathe her as she opened the lid. And bathe her it did, on a very sensual level. The anticipation was overcoming her and she squeezed her thighs, attempting to, at the same time sate and abate the overwhelming desire she was feeling. After all, she understood, this would not be a short event.

He sat beside her on the bed, tie removed, shirt unbuttoned, and cuff links showing from the sleeve of his jacket. God, he looks so good; he always did. She picked up on this over time. He ensured he respected whatever situation he was to be in with how he presented himself – dress for the occasion. She came to hold disdain for the kind of men who showed up to weddings in their jeans. She sought to look her best for him at all times. But, DAMN! For so long, all she got in return was, “you look pretty”. No passion, no apparent longing, just “you look pretty”. She knew now though that it was a well-constructed façade. He did what he had to do, and Maddie loved him all the more for it.

As she brought the hinged lid up, basking in the invisible sensual glow, she was suddenly overcome with a deep exasperation that took her breath away.

“FUCK! You’re such a tease!” she exclaimed with a slap to his arm. He felt his own stirring as she playfully struck him.

Everything inside was wrapped! No bows. No ribbons. Just elegant gold foil wrap obscuring the treasures awaiting her. It didn’t escape her that each of the packages, including the larger one at the back, was numbered.

“Yes, I am. But no more than you’ve been, little tramp,” he winked.

“I have a feeling that by the time I have gone through this box, I’ll be more of a tramp than you bargained for,” she teased back.

“Counting on it, toots”.

She contentedly sighed, “Oh daddy, I want to be everything for you.”


Maddie and her mom had a lot of talks before she passed away. Her mom tried to offer advice, talked of her regrets, praised Maddie’s father AND Steve and urged Maddie to be very careful in who she selected as a mate.

“I was lucky to have two good men for husbands. I know you’ve heard us, Maddie. I’ve been really bitchy with Steve sometimes, but it wasn’t really his fault. I don’t know what happened to my libido and I shouldn’t have taken it out on him. When you’re married, it is both of your responsibilities to keep each other satisfied. Does that make sense?”

It made a lot more sense than Maddie was willing to admit to her mom. But Maddie wanted to peel back the layers.

“A little bit, I guess. But what do you mean exactly?” Maddie asked.

Maddie’s mom was suddenly flustered. She hadn’t expected to delve deeper. But she knew she opened herself up and she had little time to impart wisdom.

“Dear, it’s kind of complicated but only because you have a lot of pressure to be a strong, independent woman. What I want you to find is a man who is willing to give himself fully to you, but you must do the same for him. Forget about this garbage you may have heard about not being your husband’s property. You’re his and he’s yours.

“When Steve and I first started out, we spent a lot of time in bed together, having sex. It didn’t make problems go away but it sure did help us to be together on them. And you know what? I know I was a lot happier back then. Maybe there’s something in that stuff…”

“What stuff, mom?”

“Uh, never mind. What I really want to say is, don’t be afraid of doing different things. I really regret becoming such a prude. There is nothing wrong with almost bahis firmaları anything you want to do, as long as you both agree. Even if you disagree, try it at least once. And, this is important: don’t be just not afraid. Seek your pleasure.

“But NOT until you’re married, young lady!”

They both laughed and hugged.


“Now sweetheart, don’t get ahead of yourself. Those packages are numbered for a reason.”

Sweetheart. Tramp. She loved the schizophrenic way he perceived her. And she was determined to be his sweet, loving, horny little slut.

“Oops, now I’m doing it,” she giggled to herself.

She picked up the long slender packaged marked with a “1”.

“That’s my good girl. School finally paid off.”

Another slap.

The foil wrap wouldn’t rip, so she opened it at the tape. Inside was a jewelry box and she wondered just what sort of jewelry went along with an occasion such as this. She lightly gasped at the black velvet choker trimmed with rhinestones.

She took it out, limp in her fingers, and brought it around her neck. She was not surprised that it fit perfectly.

“Come here, precious.”

They stood in front of the dresser mirror, him behind her with his hands on her hips. The choker was a perfect complement to the black dress she was wearing. She was caught not completely unaware by the thoughts that entered her mind, but more surprisingly, escaped her lips.

“Oh my, Daddy. Is there a leash to go along with this?”

“Not yet, my naughty girl,” he responded with a smack to her behind. “Where on earth do you get thoughts like that?”


A couple of weeks after her first encounter with The Slut, Maddie had an impulse to open that email and look again. She went to the computer, searched history again, this time finding nothing. She opened the email she had sent herself, and clicked on the link. Much of what she had seen before was burned in her memory, but she was transfixed again by this sexy woman in the video. After watching it again, she felt braver and clicked on a related link of what appeared to be the same woman in a different outfit. It was a black leather dress this time and prominently featured a leather choker with a long strap seeming to come off the back of it, draping over her breast.

She supposed that, to a woman like her that was “tit”.

“Oh my word!” she blushed at the simultaneous brazenness of The Slut and herself.


“That’s very sexy, Daddy. And you look so handsome behind me like that.”

She expected that he’d wrap his arms around her waist, but instead he moved away. She then heard some very sexy music being played and he came up behind her again, pulling her close and leading her to sway with him. They held like that until the song played out and he walked them both back to the bed.

“Take out number 2.”

She pulled out a flat box as he got up to bring over their wine glasses. He sat back down beside her, handing her a glass.

“First, drink.”

She had developed a taste for wine, at her Daddy’s insistence. It took awhile, but eventually she learned to appreciate the complexities of a nicely vinted red, or even the whimsical and immature nature of an overly sweet moscato.

She sipped, and then swallowed.

“Won’t be the only time I’ll do that tonight,” she teased herself in her head.

He took her glass and she fixed on the package number 2. As she lifted the lid of the box, she cursed the woman at the lingerie store. Whatever was in the foil was further wrapped in tissue paper. Yes, she KNEW it was lingerie; that’s what tonight was all about. They were giving life to a fantasy that both of them shared in each their own ways.

She got past the tissue to find a beautiful, black lace and satin lace-up bustier.

“Does that waken your inner slut, kitten?”

“You’ve already done that stud-daddy, but this is spectacularly sexy!”

She looked at the tag and said, “And how did I know you’d make sure it was the right cup size?

“Help me put it on, loverdaddy.”

He stood behind her, caressing her waist before his hands rose to cup her breasts. As he unzipped her dress, the fluttering of the material against her skin and knowing how it was being moved, was intoxicating to Maddie. God, how she appreciated this man and his experience. He knew when to just breathe, caress, hold tight, or if required … spank.

She knew what she would do to get all of it.


When Maddie was 12, she had been bent on getting the new Britney Spears CD. However, she wouldn’t put in the extra work at home to make the money she needed to buy it. She was caught stealing the CD and was brought home in a police car. That was the last time she had received a corporal punishment and the last time she ever stole.

Bizarrely, this memory came to mind as she clicked on more videos of “The Slut” one day later that summer. A scene developed where she was bent over a desk, dressed as a schoolgirl with ridiculous high heels and equally ridiculously short kaçak iddaa skirt, kicking up her stockinged legs as her teacher’s hand slapped down on her pantied ass. She shivered at the thought of the pain she vaguely remembered.

Curiously though, as she started to become aroused at the scenario, the thought wasn’t as repulsive as she thought. No one was around. She got up from the chair, watching the scene. She looked around again. The curtains were drawn, no one was home; she was sure. She bent over and raised her hand behind her back and brought it down on her ass.

“Hmmph. Big deal.”

She tried again, getting a better angle and a better connection of palm to her butt.


She had to try just once more.

She was aware that the video was turning her on. Interestingly, as she smacked her ass the third time, it was apparent that she was more aroused. Maddie couldn’t quite say why, and maybe it didn’t matter: she was enrapt with The Slut and how she was dressed. The sole purpose of her display was to inspire lust. Despite her submission to the hand coming down on her ass, she held a great deal of power. Maddie had no sexual thoughts of girls, but The Slut herself turned Maddie on. She began to envision a lover overcome with passion at the site of her provocatively dressed. She imagined herself subject to some of the acts being performed: her legs spread high and wide as he licked her pussy, a fierce swat on the ass, being bent over a bed or desk or table or sofa or hood of a car.

That was the first time she ever played with herself at the computer.

She even caught herself whispering to herself a lot of the phrases and words she’d heard.

“Lick my pussy.”

“Fuck me.”

“You like that tight cunt?”

The teacher resumed spanking The Slut after they fucked for the camera. She was so naughty, she deserved it.

That was the first time Maddie ever orgasmed.


Steve let the bodice of the dress fall to her waist further revealing her breasts – No, her TITS – for closer attention. He pulled down the cups as he squeezed, tweaking her nipples as she gasped in pleasure.

He then removed his hands and went to her back to unclasp the bra. Her tits were truly free, for the moment, and she proudly enjoyed the picture of her erect nipples on her proud breasts, – No, her TITS – in the mirror. They certainly weren’t as big as those of her digital mentor, The Slut, but some experimenting suggested that they’d very nicely provide a good nestling place. She shivered slightly at the thought of being straddled and pinned down while her daddy’s cock slid between them.

The thought brought an impulse to grind her round ass against him. The gesture was returned with the pressure of Steve’s hips moving against her cheeks and ass cleavage as he maintained the firm caress against her torso, cupping her tits, and squeezing her nipples even as she felt his breath against her neck, then ear, and the brush of his tongue against her ear lobe.

His hand slid down her arm to lift her hand. He took the bustier and spread it out against her tummy. He pulled it up and she relished the feel of the rough edges against her skin until the cups firmly seated on the underside of her tits. They didnt even cover her hard, jutting nipples. My god, how she squirmed at what she considered to be the seductive and slutty vision she was becoming.

Oooowwww! Was that a pinch?

“DADDY!” she squealed, even as a rush of heat spread over her, settling in the core of her pussy.

“Mmmmmm. You’re looking delicious, sweetness,” he murmured into her ear as his hands worked to fasten and adjust the bustier behind her back.

This was so erotic, watching the transformation play out in the mirror. It was a contrast that consumed her. She’d never present herself anywhere near like this in public. But here, it felt just natural to release her kitten out to play in whatever way pleased her, and now, in whatever way pleased her Daddy knowing that his pleasure would be returned to her exquisitely.

As he completed the adjustments, he pulled her close again, kissing her cheek and neck as she felt that cock making a home for itself, riding between her ass cheeks.

“Precious. It’s time for number 3,” Daddy declared as they finished a dance.

Maddie was getting very horny and delighted at all this drama. She couldn’t believe how the lusty undercurrent melded with the loving attention. She only wanted to return it in kind to this man she loved.

The next box was small but heavy. She opened the wrap to find a new fragrance she had tried at the store this past Christmas.

“I know you’ve missed your mom, but it is time to stop using her scent. This is you, Maddie.”


She had taken to using her mom’s perfume as a reminder of her. It was very nice and suited her, but it also reminded Steve. More than a couple of times, he caught himself having to shake off the urge to hold Maddie a little too close or even express some feelings he shouldn’t.

Maddie kaçak bahis took notice. Despite his attempts at control, Steve’s brief impulses were pretty obvious and not unwelcome. Since becoming aware of her own feminine desires, Maddie maintained a tenuous control of how she presented herself. She thought it would be far too easy for her to go down a road that scared her, if it was just any old someone.

But Daddy had given her a very secure life. And this gave her a great deal of confidence in him. She had no doubt of his love, especially considering how he helped direct her and taught her. He walked her through events like graduation, first date, even just taking her out for very nice daddy-daughter dates.

These were occasions where she learned further how important appearance was to her. She never wanted to invite unwanted attention but she still liked to dress in pretty, stylish clothes. Maddie didn’t kid herself; she knew from “The Slut” the power of provocative clothes. Even with her collection of modest lingerie, she saw the allure on herself. She could see enough and was self-assured enough that she would save anything like that kind of vision for one man. The man who could raise her passion, who could protect her, provide some control, love her…


“Daddy Steve?”

“Maddie. Stop that!” she rebuked herself.

As time wore on she couldn’t shake it. They weren’t related; she was never adopted by him. More powerful than any genetic or legal bond, he just … was.

Something was starting to blossom. They both knew it for themselves, but it remained unshared. While there was no obvious compromise in their relationship, things were becoming increasingly more close and tactile.

Maddie would look for an excuse to adjust his tie.

“Does he notice when my hand falls on his chest?”

Steve often put her coat on for her.

“My god she smells good.”

Maddie would tease about his love life.

“Was there innuendo built in there?”

Steve took an authoritative interest in Maddie’s suitors.

“Is he getting jealous?”

There was no turning back on this. It was only a matter of time.


“Daddy, I have a pretty good idea what are in the last three packages. Do you trust me with all of them together?”

“Are you trying to change my plans?”

“Must you always be in control?” she teased. “Trust me daddy, I have some plans and ideas of my own and I think you’ll enjoy exactly what will happen.

“Plus, a girl deserves to be able to make an entrance. Doesn’t she, Daddy?” she tempted as she leaned close, tits against his chest, in that pleading little voice that all girls learn can manipulate their daddies into anything.

“Alright, but let me help. Come here.”

She moved toward him and he drew her in with a hand on her hip. She brought a hand to his chest and he kissed her. His hand moved down her bustier, to her waist, then moved to the inch the dress down her hips. It fell to the floor, leaving her in nude pantyhose and her shoes. He saw her reflection in the mirror. As much as pantyhose weren’t his favorite, there was something intoxicating about that luscious rump encased in nylon. He squeezed and parted her cheeks as they continued kissing. Maddie let her hands drop and slid them underneath his, on her ass.

He felt her fingers clench the nylon and suddenly the sound of ripping nylon filled the room.

His cock noticeably twitched as the sight of her bare cheeks was revealed in the mirror and to his hands.

“Baby doll, there’ll be a time for pantyhose, I promise you,” he responded with a lusty grin. “But that was very naughty. Those weren’t run of the mill.”

“Daddy, I’m sorry,” she pleaded with a slight smirk.

He turned her sideways in his arms and she knew – yeah, right. She orchestrated it – what was coming.

His flat palm came down on her ass, causing her to squeal.

“Daddy…,” she whimpered with more pleading in her voice.

She pulled away impudently, just out of his reach and finished the job, pulling at the nylon until there were just shreds at her feet.

“How do you like me so far?” she giggled and grasped his crotch. “Feels like I can’t wait for a pantyhose night.”

Steve yanked her by the hand and pulled her to the bed over his lap.

“I promise I won’t do it again,” Her pleading was more of a prompt and encouragement.

“On the contrary, I am sure you will, but you need a reminder.”

Between the stings of her spanking, she mentally took note of the lurid vision that she saw in the mirror: hair hanging down, strong man in control, lace panties barely covering her raised, round and reddened ass, her feet kicking up with nylon entrails hanging from her shoes. The whole scene was nowhere equaled by anything she saw from her digital mentor. At this very moment, she really wished they had a video camera turned on.

Steve released her to sit on his lap. Her bottom was more warm than sore and she relished the thought of the comfort of nuzzling, having her hair stroked, and sweet whispers.

After a moment, Maddie tipped her mouth to his ear. “Alright stud. Why don’t you go sit in the chair and entertain yourself? However you want.” she giggled.

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