The Pickup Game

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The Pickup Game

The clock had long past struck the witching hour, the dance floor was still popping with a few men and quite a few women. Some of them were topless, all of them were shameless.

Mary and Adam toured their club. The window to the room that had the sex swing was open, a woman sat naked in it, her man for the moment was kneeling before her, licking at her beaver; on the bed a couple was fucking. Perhaps seven people were in the group room in various stages of foreplay and intercourse. An assemblage of naked bodies were erotically taking the waters in the immense hot tub. Just an average night at DJs Island.

They returned to the common room, Mary shouted to him over the throbbing bass of the music. “I’m still in the mood!”

They put their heads closely together. “Richard wasn’t enough for you?” Adam asked.

“No, he was good. I just want more.”

Around 10:00 they’d met Richard and Diane at the buffet, old friends. It had been prearranged, after some talking and a some dancing, the foursome had moseyed into a private room, shut the door. For over an hour they’d frisked, mainly Mary with Richard, Adam and Diane. Both of the women yelled and screamed multiple times, both men left with big smiles on their face.

Richard and Diane had plans for the next day, by midnight they were putting their coats on; Adam and Mary had no place else to be, always enjoyed the ambience of the swing club.

When Mary revealed she was still in the mood, Adam knew exactly what to expect, smiled at the memory of previous similar moments. “Fine,” he urged Mary, “go have fun.”

Mary blew him a kiss, pranced to the dance floor. Adam sat at a nearby table and stared at his wife for a moment, renewing his love for her. She was wearing pumps, her desirable leg peeked out from the high slit in her skimpy skirt. She’d decided not to wear the blouse, her slight breasts were nicely hoisted in a red, meshy bra. Her torso was rosy with the previous exertion and the eroticism of the situation. She’d taken the time to brush her hair, a few minutes had been spent in repairing the rouge, powder and lipstick after the wrestle with Richard. If she wasn’t the most beautiful of the women on the dance floor, if she wasn’t the youngest, she was certainly appealing. And Adam could see a number of men appraising her, certainly some were wondering if she was up for an escapade.

There was a cadre of wives who were wildly reveling with each other, touching and kissing, even exposing each other’s tits. Since Mary was rarely in a bisexual mood, she spun to the other side of the floor, began gyrating in time to the technopop. She wasn’t by herself for long, a couple moved closer, Mary faced both of them. It seemed clear they were looking for a unicorn, a single bi woman to caper with both of them; after a couple of moments Mary moved away. A man dressed only in speedos, a little pudgy, moved close; Mary danced with him a bit, allowed him to get behind her and pull her ass into his groin. But it was simple titillation, she wasn’t about to take it further, not with him.

Another gentleman approached. Adam sized him up, thought ‘yeah, maybe.’ The man was three or four inches taller than her average height. His blond hair was well styled, he was dressed in slacks and a polo shirt. He was, perhaps, ten or fifteen years younger than Mary’s age of 58. Adam watched as they smiled at each other, progressed into the barnyard mating dance.

For a long few minutes, the bodies were positioned a foot from each other, approaching only when Mary bent and shook her boobs at him in time to the music, then slid away. She turned her back to him, he grasped her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri waist with firm hands, didn’t attempt to pull her closer. Facing away from each other, they thumped hips together. Mary twirled a strand of her hair, held his upper arm as she leaned forward.

The DJ allowed the music to slow, the bright strobes were replaced by soft raspberry lighting. Mary moved into his arms, held his shoulders, her bra nudged calculatingly into the man’s shirt. Adam could see them speaking into each other’s ears, he figured they were hinting their desires, negotiating. The man’s hand drooped first to the small of her back, then further, he was cupping her left ass cheek. She raised her face, placed her hand on the back of his head, pulled it down for the first kiss.

They moved together for not more than two minutes, Adam saw the guy’s fly was pressed against Mary’s belly, a good sign. Then holding the man’s hand, Mary strolled over to Adam’s table, they sat. “George, this is my husband, Adam.”

“Nice to meet you,” they both said, shook hands.

“Where are you guys from?” George said.

Adam replied, “O’Hara township.” George didn’t know where it was, Mary explained it was a northern Pittsburgh suburb. “How about you?”

“I came down from Sharon, I heard about this place, always wanted to visit it, heard it was crazy.”

“It is,” Mary confirmed, “Lots of fun.”

The talk continued for a few minutes, Adam told a funny story about a cop that had stopped Mary for speeding, how she talked her way out of it by unbuttoning her blouse. During the discussion, Mary dropped the code word when she said, “We were down in the Caribbean a couple of years ago, it’s Paradise.”

The talk of tropical islands soon came to its conclusion, Adam began the diplomacy. “George, I can tell Mary likes you. We have a couple of things we need. We always use condoms. And when Mary’s into it with a guy, I usually sit around and watch for a little bit, then I might join in, help you out with her. Just to let you know, I’m not bi.”

“That’s fine with me,” George agreed, dropping his eyes to Mary’s red bra, coming to the realization she’d soon be taking it off for his pleasure, his eye sparkled with the fire of craving .

“Should we find a room?” Mary offered and stood. George nodded his head as Mary led him down the hall, on their way to cloud nine.

Adam followed the pair to the bank of private rooms, saw from the clock at the end of the hall it was after one o’clock, they had forty-five minutes or so before the club closed, plenty of time.

Mary’s smile was broad with her fantasies of the new toy, for that was what George was to her. Oh, she wasn’t heartless, she knew George had a family, friends, concerns, didn’t discount his reality as a person. But she’d also been in this situation more than a few times, she realized in all probability she’d never see George again, that his lustful thoughts were certainly of what he was going to get to do with Mary, not that he was planning on calling her the next day. She had Adam for that!

The door to the selected room slammed, a soft table lamp lit the den of iniquity. Out of his back pocket Adam produced a pair of foil packets, dropped them on the table next to the bed.

The room had a queen sized bed with a clean sheet and two pillows on it, a couch where Adam took his place, ready to watch his favorite porn. Mary kicked off her sandals, sprawled on on the bed, motioned to George to join her. He took a moment to unlace his shoes, place his socks in them. He laid beside the woman, a bit above her, took her in his arms, gave her a kiss.

Knowing their güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri shared purpose, shared desire, Mary and George moved into foreplay with ease. His hand went to the bra, hers to his groin, rubbing the tool still hidden to her. George bent to her chest, kissed at the line of fabric and skin, licked at the nipple still in the lace. At this, Mary’s breath hissed, she had sensitive tits. He fumbled at her back, trying to get the damned garment off, after a few tries he eventually found the key to the puzzle, Mary’s peaks popped out.

While he was trying to start the disrobing, Mary pulled his shirt over his shoulders, began floundering at his belt and zipper. No matter how much practice Mary had at undressing men, it always seemed incredibly ungraceful. But no matter, the unwrapping was an afterthought, the partners were simply trying to advance to the main event.

George rolled on his back, put his legs in the air, pulled his pants off, his underwear with it. At the same time, Mary wriggled out of her remaining clothing, a much easier challenge. Again the couple laid with each other, kissing, touching. George had a body with a few extra pounds, Mary accepted the reality, didn’t bitch as she herself wasn’t as slim as she’d been in her youth. Neither expected a perfect physique to sport with.

As George kissed Mary’s nipples, Adam saw him explore the small runway of pubic hair. He knew George had reached the slit when he heard Mary’s sharp puff, could see the back of the hand moving to and fro, indicating Mary’s tunnel was being invaded. Mary grasped at his prick, sensing its dimensions.

The couple shifted, now George was kneeling to Mary’s side, placed his head to her belly, his tongue angered Mary’s clit. She’d been well taken care of earlier in the night and had anticipated this moment for twenty minutes or more, she was ready. At nearly the first touch of his mouth on her labia she responded with a whimper, a cry, her first orgasm with George, perhaps her tenth of the night. With his help of tongue and finger she kept herself on her apogee for a minute or two, just enough to sate her for the moment.

She pulled George away, shifted on her hips until her head was in George’s lap. She knew her way around a man’s anatomy, this might have been the one-hundredth tool she’d touched in her life, give or take a dozen. She tasted first the precum, just a bit brackish. Then she bobbed, the cock entered her mouth, she produced saliva to wet the tool. George laid back, one of her tits in his hand, enjoyed his reflex. All night he’d hung out, striking out with every one of the single women and three or four couples. He’d been afraid the night had been a bust, although he did get to watch one room where four young people screwed, the women were amazingly attractive. But he wasn’t here for porn, and now that his cock was being sucked he figured it was worth the entrance fee.

Mary blew him until he was good and hard, then said, “Give me a condom.” For the first couple years she and Adam had been in the LifeStyle she would usually lie there while the guy unwrapped the rubber and put it on. It was an unavoidable delay, she thought, and once it was on they had to bring the passion back. But she’d learned! When George placed it in her hand she tore the packet open, gave the cock one final swallow with lots of spit, then rolled the latex down, stroking the cock as she went. When handled this way, putting the raincoat on was another delicious form of foreplay.

“Is cowgirl okay with you?” she asked.

“Fine. Sure!”

Now that penetration was imminent, Adam stood and walked to a position güvenilir bahis şirketleri next to the headboard. He always loved this moment, when Mary’s taking of another guy was, to him, ‘official.’ He watched as Mary arranged her knees to either side of George’s stomach, lifted herself up. George used his hand to point the tool skyward, Mary fingered herself until she was open and felt the head at the focus, slumped. The cock slid in easily, when it was nested perfectly she stopped for a moment.

Mary looked at George, he looked at her. Now they were linked, now they were lovers.

She was leaning away from him slightly, her hands on his thighs. One of his was on her belly, the thumb of the other rubbed her clit. She closed her eyes, let herself appreciate how nice it was to have her silky passage filled by a strange man.

She began her gyration in three dimensions: up and down, back to front, side to side. She was expert at this, knew how to point the head right at her g-spot, how to use the shaft to massage the walls of her snatch. George was having a hard time, he’d been waiting for this all day, not knowing if it was actually going to happen. Now he was inside her, he was using all his skill to try not to come too early.

Mary willed herself into her orgasm and it was a good one. Her body shuddered, twitched of its own reaction. Her breath was uneven, gasps, croons, squeaks. Every once in awhile she’d stop completely, waiting on a particularly good shiver. Then, according to her own timetable, she was done.

She opened her eyes, smiled to George, then to Adam. “Fabulous!” she reviewed. Then she placed her hands on George’s shoulders, bent towards him until her tits rubbed his chest, and began fast, heavy thrusts, designed to give him the pleasure he wanted. In and out the cock went, in and out. He realized she was ready for him to come, he let it happen. His eyes scrunched, his hands forced Mary’s waist down until he was all the way in. Mary looked at Adam as George gushed, smiled at her husband, letting him know her joy in practicing this arcane and erotic art of fucking with strangers, thanking him.

She waited for George, with a new guy you never quite knew when he was all the way done, she didn’t want to rush him in his orgasm. At that moment, the overhead light flashed on and off, on and off, closing time was near, finish it up folk!

George opened his eyelids, caught her gaze. “Was it as good for you,” she asked him, “as it was for me?”

“Oh, yeah, totally. You’re great.”

Mary was still on top of George, his cock still pushed far up into her pussy when she looked at Adam and asked, “You want a turn?”

“No,” he balked, “I’ll wait till we get home.”

“Okay.” Mary bent down, gave George a kiss, open but not too intimate, let him hold her breast one more time, then dismounted, began to tumble into her clothing.

As George pulled his pants on he investigated any future he might have with the couple. “Maybe I could see you guys again?”

“Sure,” Adam answered, knowing the rigamarole. “We’re WesternPaCouple on SLS, leave us a note, we’ll get back to you.” If George contacted them, maybe they’d give him another shot, maybe they wouldn’t, it was too early to make any kind of a commitment.

When clothes were on and hair was combed they walked out the door together, Mary then Adam then George, when they reached the main room they waved to the stranger. “See ya!”

Adam grabbed a banana from the buffet table. “You good?” he asked.

Mary laughed. “If there were more guys and more time I might see if I could get into more trouble. What are we doing tomorrow night?”

“Nothing, why?”

“It’s going to be lingerie night, maybe we could come back and play the pick-up game again?”


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