The Restaurant

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It was Paul and Jennifer’s tenth anniversary. They had made reservations at a new restaurant on the other side of town. It was late Saturday afternoon and they had just come home from dropping the kids off at Paul’s parents. They had barely stepped through the door when Paul grabbed hold of Jen and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

Jennifer kissed him back then pulled away giggling “save it for later I have to go make myself Beautiful”.

“Oh come on there’s lots of time” he complained and made another grab for her.

She jumped back slapping his hands away and yelled at him playfully “NO I have to get ready”.

“Ten years ago it would have been you tearing off my clothes at the front door” he laughed “whatever happened to the spontaneous girl I fell in love with?”

“She got married and had two children” she answered shutting the bathroom door and started the shower.

Paul checked the door but new it would be lock. He thought about picking it and jumping Jen in the shower but decided not to push it. He wanted to give her a romantic evening out and new there would be plenty of time to play later. He loved Jennifer with all his heart but he did miss the old days when they would make love at the drop of a hat. He put the thought out of his mind and started to get ready for their night out.

Jennifer was bahis firmaları in the shower thinking about what Paul had said. He was right; she used to be very aggressive sexually when they first met. A smile crossed Jennifer’s face as she thought of the first time her and Paul had sex. They had gone camping with a group of friends. The fire was roaring and the drinks were flowing. They weren’t drunk but definitely had a glow on. Paul had always been a gentleman with her and that was probably what attracted her to him initially.

While the others were partying she indiscreetly took Paul by the hand and led him to her tent. Jennifer almost laughed out loud as she recalled Paul trying to be so gentle with her. She didn’t care much for extended foreplay and had enough of his fumbling about. Pushing him back on the air mattress, she stripped him naked, pulled off her own jeans and panties and straddled his face. As she dropped her pussy onto his mouth she swallowed his cock right down to his balls. Jennifer rode him hard that night, both of them cumming several times. She missed those days of fucking anywhere and everywhere they could. She dried herself off and proceeded to get herself ready.

Arriving at the restaurant they were seated in a cozy booth in a remote corner of the restaurant where they were able to sit close to each kaçak iddaa other. The lighting was low and romantic. They could only barely see the back of the couple siting at the next booth. They enjoyed a fantastic meal and were finishing up a bottle of red wine when Paul laid his hand on Jennifer’s knee. He only then realized she wasn’t wearing stockings.

“Hey you’ve given me easy access, how about I get you off right hear” he joked. Paul slid his hand up the inside of her thigh until she stopped him. “Relax I’m just kidding” Paul said disappointed.

“How about you pull out your cock and I will jerk you off right hear” Jennifer challenged.

“Yeah right and the restaurant would have me arrested” Paul chuffed.

Just then the waiter showed up and asked if they would care for anything else.

“Would you mind bringing a little more bread and some extra butter? Jennifer asked sweetly.

The waiter went for the bread and Paul turned to Jennifer “Bread and Butter?” She gave him a smug look but didn’t answer.

The waiter dropped off the bread and butter and Jennifer turned to Paul and said “pull out your cock.

He laughed and called her bluff “if you want it, you pull it out.”

She leaned in a little closer to unzip his fly and reached into his pants. Paul didn’t move; “you wouldn’t dare” he whispered kaçak bahis with tension in his voice.

She pulled his semi hard cock out of his pants. Paul’s eyes were darting around the room to see if anyone could see. He didn’t see Jennifer’s hand dip into the butter dish. He nearly hit the roof when she grabbed hold of his member with a slick buttery hand. She sat up tight to Paul’s side, her left arm across the back of the booth, her lips up close to his ear and her right hand stroking his shaft.

“You wanted spontaneous” she whispered.

Paul couldn’t speak. Jennifer kept her strokes short and hard so the waiter wouldn’t notice. Jennifer kept talking to Paul about nothing in general and kept her voice just loud enough to drown out the sloshing noise the butter was making along Paul’s cock. Paul’s body started to tense then he stifled a groan. Paul blew his load under the table. Jennifer cleaned the cum and butter off her hand with her napkin. Paul took his napkin and started to wipe his lap. He was trying to be inconspicuous while putting his member away and looking to see were his load had landed. The waiter saw him looking under the table and asked if he could be of any assistance. Paul turned bright red and told him everything was fine. Jennifer could not stop laughing.

“It’s not that funny” Paul said embarrassed.

“Your right it’s not that funny” she said with a big grin “what is going to be funny is watching you leave the restaurant with a huge butter-cum stain down the front of your pants”. She laughed.

The End

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