The Reunion

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This story is based on true events and is my second story. Thank you for reading 🙂


A warm breeze floated in through the open window into the small bedroom, Matthew and Emily had kept all the windows open in the house, they weren’t used to the hot weather. Warm winds always came off the sea straight into the borrowed Californian beach house in the mornings and right now it was making the thin sheets stick to Matthews back already. It was eight am and the smell of pancakes, bacon and coffee wafted up through the floors from the kitchen filling every crevice of every room with the enticing smells.

Matthew smiled to himself as he lay in bed, almost still asleep, with his eyes closed. He was at a great point in his life. The life he had right now was all he could have dreamed of. He had finally gotten job he’d always wanted, one of the highest paid, most important accountant in his branch in Britain. He had always been bright at maths and science at high school, and all he really wanted was to earn his millions, as he was so bright, it was easy. He had an amazing house back in Britain and had finally got his future wish.

He had been best friends with Emily since preschool. They had been so close that everyone thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend. When they had finally gotten to high school, Matthew had always hoped that she would now be ready to fall in love with him like he was with her.

Deep down she did, but always said that it would ruin their friendship if they started dating. She refused him every time he brought it up, and she was becoming harder and harder to resist as they turned sixteen and she had finally grown out of her geeky ways into blonde babe. She had a sizable chest at just sixteen, at least a C cup or D, she was very slim but didn’t do any sports and ate until she couldn’t move, but Matt loved everything about her. He was always depressed when she went out with boys after boys every weekend, who had also taking a liking to her chest and silky blonde hair., and had been seriously pissed when he found out that she had had sex with one of the popular morons in their class.

He had always hoped that they would lose their virginity to each other, it really would have been perfect, like childhood sweethearts. After Emily had finally stopped her chain of boyfriends and stuck with her other best friend Gareth, Matthew began to lose hope and had started to also date girls and try to get into their pants some other way but had always nursed a soft spot for her and he knew he always would. Finally, when they were twenty six, Emily finally broke off her engagement to Gareth, she was distraught and Matthew, being her best friend, swooped in and took her on holiday to Paris with his earnings from his new job he was doing so well at.

After getting wasted by the moment, Matthew proposed to her, not caring for the “No” that was sure to come but to his amazement, Emily had said yes. She told him she was an idiot for ignoring him all these years when really she knew that she loved him too. Now four years later they were married, with three children, great jobs and had an amazing sex life.

“There you go” Emily smiled as she handed him a cup of vanilla coffee. The sweet aroma filled his nose as he took a long sip and she placed a breakfast tray in front of him complete with French toast, Tropicana, pancakes and bacon. He placed his coffee down and leaned in to kiss her soft pink lips as she sat down on the bed with hers.

“This, looks amazing” he grinned at her, taking a bite of his French toast. “my own little chef” he laughed bemused. Emily was a chef, and worked practically anywhere back home where they sold or made food. From self catering to restaurants, as long as she was cooking food, she didn’t really care. Right now, they were enjoying a well earned summer vacation in there friends beach house in southern California. It was perfect, they were missing their kids and the rest of the family, but having hardly any good weather in Wales, great Britain, so they kept busy by relaxing on the private beach out the backyard.

Emily had suggested the holiday and had kept saying she was having the time of her life. He was staring at her now as she rambled on about some restaurant that had opened up in town.

She had always been short but had grown a little since having the kids, she was still a little chubby from having three kids, where she had never really lost it but he loved it, he loved having something to hold onto when he fucked her. She still had great boobs, and hair was nicely kept and always smelt like strawberries which had always comforted him when he hugged her and rested his chin on her head. To Emily, Matthew looked exactly the same too, he still had the boyish good looks he always had had, his scruffy black hair falling into his eyes, his big brown shining eyes that gleamed when he stared at her. He worked out every now and then, they had a mini gym in the house but hardly ever used it. He was tall with broad shoulders and loved rugby and running illegal bahis in his spare time so his sports had toned him up a little.

That night they both went out to eat at the restaurant Emily had told him about that morning, he had always loved American food. They ate and talked and laughed and even danced at the end of the night with all the other boring couples celebrating either birthdays or anniversaries.

“So my grandmother has just landed in Miami this morning, she just got back from Italy, and I was thinking that this weekend we could go visit” She asked cautiously as they walked out of the restaurant and got into the car.

“umm sure, I guess” Matthew replied unsmiling. He wasn’t a fan of Emily’s grandmother, she lived in Miami permanently but visited the UK every four months to see her family. She wasn’t entirely happy with Emily’s choice of getting married so early, she wanted Emily to get a proper job and have a future and blamed Matt for ruining Emily’s life.

He had to find a way out of it he thought, two days later as he was fixing the old jet skis he had found in the garage by the beach. He couldn’t stand the crazy old bitch. She was seriously demented, she hated men, she hated all of Emily’s sisters husbands too so it wasn’t too personal he thought.

He was thinking of a way to get out of meeting the old bat as he sped away on the jet ski, sea foam and salt water hit his face as he skimmed the surface. This place was heaven. It was warm but not to warm, he didn’t want to leave and go to Miami where it was way to hot, he couldn’t go.

Two hours later, when Emily had come back from shopping she found Matthew passed out on the couch, a packet of Doritos on his stomach and a can of beer in his hand.

“Matt! You were supposed to put the stove on an hour ago what the hell are you doing?” she yelled pissed off.

“I fell off the jet ski, I think I’ve sprained my ankle, I cant walk.” Matthew pretended to wince. Her expression softened as she put down the paper bags and came over to him. “Cant you walk on it at all?” She asked fluffing his pillow and looking troubled.

“No not really, I just about managed to get in here on my own without falling. It’ll probably be ok in a few days with plenty of rest sweetheart, don’t worry about it.” he grimaced at her. “But we were supposed to go and visit my grandmother tomorrow” she pouted, looking disappointed. “I guess I’ll go and cancel” she sighed as she stood up. “Wait sweetie” he grabbed her hand as she made to walk off. “Why don’t you still go? don’t let me spoil this, you haven’t seen Granma Ellen in awhile. Go on. Go see her, she’ll love you even more if you go alone” Matthew tried to joke. “I don’t know, you know I don’t like travelling alone. I don’t understand how Nico does it.” She sighed shaking her head. “well, I guess I could go see her. Miami isn’t that far. Alright then Ill call the airlines and cancel your seat.” she got up smiling and went to start dinner.

In the morning Matthew woke up to the bright sunlight glaring into his eyes. He looked around and saw that Emily had already left. He yawned and stretched as he got up and made his way to the kitchen. Sure enough on the counter top was a note saying that she wouldn’t be back for another four days and what numbers to contact her on.

Matthew was decided he was going to spend the day California style, grab some OJ, put on his shorts and hit the beach with a surfboard. He went out back to the garage to find some boards, Nico was quite the surfer so there was a good selection. He settled for a blue and white one which smelled faintly of grape, put his Raybans on and walked over to the local beach, Coconut Grove.

The fine powdered sand was hot on his feet as he walked to the clear blue shoreline, Matthew had always loved the beach. Back home, there was nothing you could call a beach after being in California. He looked around, it was eleven am and a few dog walkers and runners made there way up the sand and also a few surfers were already dotted out in the waves. Matthew smiled as he threw his sunglasses on his bag and towel and ran into the surf.

A few hours later after hitting nearly every huge wave, Matthew was exhausted, dragging his surfboard onto the sand and passing out on the floor. He put his sun glasses back on and scanned the beach again.

It was practically full now, of families and tourists, dogs and their walkers and more water sport fanatics. Also was the Baywatch huts. Matthew sat, unable to stop staring at the blonde women in her bright red bathing suit chatting up a college grad. She was tan and obviously athletic, her breasts just grazing the top of her suit and her round ass moved seductively as she giggled at the kid.

Matthew felt his dick harden as he watched her bounce enthusiastically as she laughed, her tits just bobbing over the suit. As much as he loved Emily, Matthew couldn’t deny he missed fucking other women. Just a change now and then would be great he thought. The same woman over and over, of course it got boring but Matthew knew he was too much illegal bahis siteleri of a pussy to cheat.

He sighed as he got up and made his way back to the house to have a shower. For the rest of the day all Matthew could think about was the blonde at the beach. He was starting to get Horny and decided to get a few cold beers and rent some porn as Emily wasn’t there to help him.

Matthew suddenly woke up in the dark room, he had fallen asleep after watching the second porno and noticed his beer spilt on the floor. He looked around disorientated, the fallen beer hadn’t woke him, something else had. He looked around again, wondering if there was any intruders. He waited a minute or so then went to the kitchen for a cloth to wipe the beer. Just as he stood up to put the cloth back in the kitchen he heard a voice outside. It sounded close as if it was just outside the front door.

The voice was mumbling, as if slurred. Matthew went to the door and as he made to open it, it flew open and a women fell inside just as Matthew caught her. Matthew, startled, was about to shout what the hell was going on, when he suddenly recognised the women, who was now giggling in his arms.

“Nico?” He gasped trying to steady the girl who was laughing madly at her fall. “Yeah?” she giggled now searching for the stair rail in the dark and attempting to take her heels off. Matthew flicked the light on impatiently looking at her annoyed, she was still laughing, drunk off her face, drenched in colored alcohol. He felt like a father here to tell his daughter off for sneaking out. He relaxed then and looked at her. She really was a mess. He couldn’t help it but started to join in with her laughter. It was hard to be mad at Nico or even be mad around her, She had a soothing, funny aura about her that made everybody love her.

Once they had both calmed themselves, Matthew helped her take off her shoes and helped her to the kitchen table. As he did so he noticed her tits practically tumbling out of her little black dress. Still horny, Matthew felt himself harden once again.

He sat her down on the kitchen chair and made his way over to the bar. Any good friend would offer Tylenol and water to their drunk friend to get them to sober up and go to sleep but Matthew knew better. Nico had always been a partier and a light weight, not the best mix but a fun one, so at the bar he pulled out some beverages.

“Scotch or Margaritas?” He asked finding the only two bottles. It was odd asking Nico if she wanted her own drink in her own house. ” Both” she smiled dreamily and stretched out her arm for the scotch and Matthew went to make the margaritas.

“What are you doing here?” Matthew asked her as he blended the drinks, “I thought you were in Morocco?” Nico, who was drinking the scotch straight from the bottle suddenly laughed as she reminisced. “I was, but I came home. Well, one of my homes and you just happened to be here” She smiled but then suddenly frowned. “I think the question is what are you doing here? Huh? Oh my god. You haven’t left Emily have you?” She suddenly pouted.

Matthew had to laugh at her and reluctantly she did too. “No not at all. Me and Em are just having a break from work and the kids. Em is just visiting Ellen.” Nico suddenly understood and grimaced ” Ah, dear old Ellen. So you just happened to be ill when she asked you to visit?” She said in mock outrage. “Technically I’ve sprained my ankle” Matthew replied sheepishly.

“Oh Mattie that’s so lame!” and she started to laugh again.

After the drinks were finished and they had talked about Nico’s travels of India and stories of Matthew’s kids, outside it was starting to get lighter.

“Well I’m gonna go sleep” Nico smiled again at thoughts far away. “Night Mattie, Is it ok if I spend the night?” she giggled,

“Shh you” Matthew laughed and slapped her ass as she got up and she went upstairs to bed.

As she walked away, Matthew noticed the size of her boobs again. She had always had the biggest tits growing up. You just had to mention Nico and tits and everyone knew who she was. But now Matthew noticed they were bigger now probably a 34DD and they were nice and rounded. Matthew hadn’t really thought much of Nico growing up, yeah she was pretty, sexy even but she never used the sexiness until now. He thought it was because she had always been a little chubby and he had never seemed to get past that but still she had always been gorgeous. Matthew had always thought of her as a sister, his closest, oldest friend apart from Emily but now he wasn’t so sure who turned him on more.

It was hotter than ever the next day and Matthew was sat in just his swimming shorts in the study with the fan on and the windows all open. He was reading a boring letter and catching up on some work from the office when suddenly the door opened and a glowing Nico walked in carrying a heavy pile of books in her arms.

That was the one thing he had always hated about Nico. She could literally drink her weight in Alcohol and not have so much as a headache the next day. After seeing her canlı bahis siteleri last night, her face sweaty and hazy and her clothes stained and damp from spilt drinks and watching her tumbling through the front door, Matthew would have expected nothing less than her staying in bed all day drinking water and hiding from the light, but here she was strong as ever, right as rain.

“Here want some help?” he offered rising from his seat and moving over to help her, She jumped and turned around startled, dropping two books on the floor. “Oh, shit Matt, you scared me, I wondered where you had got to, watcha doing?” She asked, now smiling and placing the books on the bookshelf behind her.

“oh nothing just work stuff” Matt replied, bending down to pick up the books. He rose and came to face her ass, and while she talked away he couldn’t help noticing how good it looked in her beach shorts, she wasn’t as thin as most women, she never had been, never really gave a damn about what anyone thought as long as she was happy. He also couldn’t stop thinking of her amazing bust and her small waist with huge hips and amazingly long legs, a little scarred from being a tomboy.

“Ah Office work, Now that sounds like fun” She laughed and rolled her eyes. She had a killer smile, that was her favourite feature she had told everyone as a teen. She never had braces or teeth whitens but bright white, straight teeth all from genetics, topped off with beautiful full lips.

“By the way” she added turning and taking the book from him. ” Sit, we still need a little catch up, because I cant remember shit all from last night. Ill go get some drinks” she smiled and walked toward the doorway then paused. “Virgin or slut?” He looked at her puzzled and desperately trying to stop staring at her ass and failing. “what?” he blushed, his eyes flickering back from her eyes to her butt. “A boring fruit smoothie or something exciting like another batch of margaritas?” She giggled, her teal eyes twinkling. “Uh, margaritas would be great” he answered, willing himself too look at her face and no lower. “Slut it is” she smiled and continued to walk out the door. Matthew could swear the temperature had just gone up ten degrees.

The time Matthew started to loosen up and stopped looking at her cleavage they had consumed most of the margaritas and were definitely a lot more giggly than they normally would have been. It was quarter to eight and the setting sun outside was casting a warm comfortable, purple pink glow inside the study they had been talking for most of the day.

“So about last night I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise anyone was here. I got back from morocco a few days ago and I’ve been staying at a friends in San Diego and decided go home for a little bit, so I came back here to Venice. You should have text me or something” she smiled.

“yeah, I guess we should have. Sorry we’re only out here for a few more days then its home” Matt said still staring at her.

“We?” she said suddenly confused. “Me and Em. I’m not here alone, I did say last night” Matthew laughed, she looked disappointed and said “Where’s Em now? She’s not here is she?”

“No no, she’s in Miami for a few days visiting Ellen.”

“Oh” she perked up, “Didn’t fancy visiting grams huh?” she smirked knowingly. They all lived near Ellen as kids, may have she doted on Emily but was extremely grumpy old women. She was the type of neighbour that you dreaded when your ball landed on their lawn. She would never give it back. “Evil” was the word Nico always used.

“Not at all” he grinned. “So Where are you gonna go next?”

Nico was always the adventurous one. The only one with the wild side. When they were growing up everyone was getting good grades to get a good job so they could support their families. All except for her. She was the one who just didn’t give a damn about life, she had such a laid back view not caring what happened. While everyone was planning their dream job and kids names, Nico was working as a waitress and a bartender, learning so that when she travelled the world, she could earn money in restaurants and bars.

Her dream was to have a single suitcase in her hand and follow the sun over cities, countries and seas not caring where she was the next day as long as she was travelling and seeing the world, that was all that mattered to her. Now and then back home when Matt and Emily would sit at the breakfast table in the morning they would often receive a postcard off her from the place she was at that moment residing. The ones on the fridge where from places like Croatia, India, Russia, Egypt and Tibet all of them wishing they were there.

Sometimes when Matthew was working late at the office he would stare at the picture of him and his friends on the desk. There was Lucy, dolled up as usual, Becky, elegant and sophisticated, Himself, Emily pregnant and glowing at the time and Nico, with her radiant tan and her curly auburn hair. Looking at her there always made him wonder what was he doing with his life? He got the job, the family and the money, and to be honest with himself, he was bored, but there was Nico travelling the world, meeting new people and knowing Nico, Probably Fucking every guy she met on the way. Matthew had often wondered if he was a little jealous of Nico. The girl had him questioning his life.

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