The Ryno Memoirs: Sunya

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This is a true story…

After college I moved to the metropolis of Los Angeles. Hoping to be “found” as an actor, I did what every other wanna-be thespian did, I got a job in the food industry. Even with a college degree in business and experience in bartending, it still was tough landing a job in a fine establishment. I finally got my foot in the door at one thriving Italian place in Marina Del Rey. After a few months I went from one-day shift behind the bar to head bartender and co-manager. Plus, I met her. The catering manager and manager of it’s sister restaurant on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Sunya was her name; gorgeous light olive-brown skin, long straight soft brown hair and a beautiful set of big brown eyes. Although this remarkable creature was engaged, her relationship was obviously on the rocks. She would frequently finish her work sitting at my bar and casually talk. Our casual talks soon led to laughter, brief touching of the arm, and a quick hug on her way out the door. Finally, we decided to take it outside the restaurant. A small bite to eat and a movie was the plan. We finished our dinner at a trendy diner on the Promenade in Santa Monica and strolled to the theater. Sold out. After a brief collaboration we decided to wait for the next showing. We bought our tickets and walked up 3rd Street and back again. We found an empty bench and sat. All the time we were together, we never stopped talking. Our past, our dreams, entertainment, güvenilir bahis sports, politics, you name it. It was romantic as hell and I loved it.

Sitting on the steel bench, the wet, chilly ocean air began to make its move through the Promenade. Sunya and I began to close the gap between us and soon found each other arm in arm; for warmth and for lust. We nestled together as if we were lifelong lovers. We giggled. We were serious. We looked deep into our eyes and fell in love right there on that bench. Two weeks later, I moved from my Venice condo into her Burbank apartment.

Sex was not new to either of us, but the feeling we shared together was indeed different. It was unbelievable. We were both open and free with our bodies and our desires. It was not uncommon for me to casually come behind her while she brushed her teeth and enter her, hold her and watch her in the mirror as the tedious task turned erotic. Other times she would crawl between my legs, release my cock and swallow every drop as I sit on the couch watching the Lakers dominate on the screen. We were perfect together.

One memory I must share happened in the summer of 1992. It was a rare occasion where both of us were home early so we decided to create a huge feast, just for the two of us. Since it was summer, we grilled everything; chicken breasts, red peppers, zucchini, onions, and sourdough bread. We popped a bottle of sparkling chilled Chandon Blanc de Noir türkçe bahis before dinner. We popped another during dinner. When it came to dessert, we had run out of champagne. A quick run to the market was in order. I also picked up some fresh strawberries to nibble on as we drank our third and last bottle of bubbly.

We sat outside on our patio stomachs satisfied, heads slightly buzzing, and hearts full of love. The sun began to fall behind a big elm tree, the stereo shuffled the mix of reggae, rock and R&B, and I held her in my arms as she sat in front of me. As if we were of one brain, we faced each other. No words were spoken as our lips touched. Her eyes shown lust as her hand slid up my shorts and grasped my fleshy cock. “I want this,” she whispered. Pulling my member from its cover, she dipped the tip in her champagne flute. The cold bubbles sent a chill through my body. The chill turned to a shiver as she then engulfed my hard cock in her mouth sucking from it the essence of sparkling wine. “I want this now!”

She released her grip and disappeared inside the house. I shutdown the BBQ, picked up our glasses and the rest of the elixir and went in search of my goddess. As I opened the door to our bedroom I stopped to admire the beautiful sight before me. Sunya lay on the bed stripped of all her clothes, legs spread wide with one hand between her legs and the other caressing her torso. I sat down our glasses and quickly removed me clothing güvenilir bahis siteleri as she watched my sprung cock swing before me. I stood next to the bed admiring her stunning body. Her full C breasts topped with large dark hardened nipples, smooth taught tanned skin, her thin strip of pubes pointing downward to her glistening pink swollen pussy.

I raised my glass over her and slowly trickled the crisp drink on a nipple. She gasped partly from the chill, but most from excitement. I took that nipple in my lips and kissed it clean. A small moan escaped her parted lips as I let go and looked into her seductive eyes. I held my glass over her again. Slowly I let more champagne flow over each breast, down her chest, and all the way to her parted thighs. She inhaled deeply, arms reaching outward clutching the comforter. I knelt beside her and slipped my tongue around one nipple, sucked it dry, then running it across her skin to her other. Keeping my tongue in touch with her drenched skin, I continued the path south to a small pool that formed on her belly. I lapped up the liquid and traveled further down. My tongue ran between her lips and back up across her swollen clit. The champagne mixed with her own juices was sweeter than anything I have ever tasted, nor experienced since. The slippery wetness dripped from her pussy and my tongue followed to her other input. Rimming her ass, she whispered for more between breaths. My mouth still working her sex, I poured a little more upon her clit, drinking the mixture of heavenly juices. My tongue slid into her sex as I sucked her pussy. Her back arched upward, her breathing quickens and then stops as she explodes upon my face. Her first…

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