The Seven Deadly Sisters Ch. 02

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Hey everyone. Hope you enjoyed the first chapter. You’ll all be happy to hear I have found an editor that wishes to stay anonymous so a massive thanks to him and the effort he put in.

Chapter 3 is coming along nicely now and is on its way so don’t worry. I’m also working on chapter 6 of The Island of Three so keep an eye out for that. With that said I’ll let you dig in.

Ch. 02

Dante slowly awoke feeling strange. Almost fresh, like he had been born anew. His eyes didn’t feel heavy or even tired. It was a sensation that he had never experienced before.

“What a crazy dream. Hah, the Devil. What a joke.” Dante laughed it off and started getting out of bed. “Mind, that was the most realistic dream I’ve ever had,”

He made his way to the bathroom while stretching his body. Something felt different. He noticed while stretching that he felt stronger, taller and his senses seemed heightened.

“What the hell happened yesterday? My last memory, I was in the school library looking for a book and then the next thing I remember is waking up in bed.”

Dante neared the bathroom confused. He turned the handle and switched on the light. Then he approached the mirror, but who was looking back at him wasn’t who he was used to seeing.

Frightened at first, he jumped back out of view of his reflection. “What the fuck was that?”

He took a step forward to see if it was just his imagination, but he was still there. The stranger in the mirror, staring at him.

Dante took a moment to breath and calm down. Astonished, he noticed it really was him. A better version of himself, but him nonetheless.

A strong jaw, thick dark brown hair, alluring darker green eyes and a strong muscular body.

“What the hell happened to me?!” His breathing was rapid as the panic didn’t seem to fade at all.

“Wait a second. The Devil in my dream said he was going to unlock mine and my sisters potential. Could that mean that my dream was, real?”

With at least one possible explanation for his change, Dante took comfort in the fact that he might not be going crazy after all. He realised that his dream was in fact real.

“Holy shit! Ok, ok calm down.” He looked up into his new eyes focusing on their colour.

Then there was a knock at his bedroom door.

“Who is it?!”

“It’s Gina. Can I come in?”

Dante found it strange that she asked him that question. Usually she would just walk in. He left the bathroom, walked towards his bedroom door and realised he didn’t have a shirt on. Standing with just a pair of boxers on, he steadied himself.

Dante was a normally little self conscious of his body. Usually he garbed himself in much more clothing, but with this new body on display, he opened the door to greet one of his sisters.

As the door opened, Gina bolted into the room, pushing past him, and jumping straight onto his bed without even looking at him!

“Umm Gina, is everything ok?”

Gina laid face down with her face in his pillows, giving Dante a perfect view of her gorgeous ass. It was sexily clad in tight beige short-shorts.

While taking a few seconds to admire his sisters body he noticed something different about her. It wasn’t a massive change like what he had gone through, but she seemed to have more of a curve to her body, a rounder ass and gorgeous looking legs.

“Could the Devil have changed them too?” He thought to himself, still unsure what happened in his dream was real.

His mind was drawn back to the beautiful sister on his bed. He found an incredible new desire to sit by her, maybe even caress her ass slightly.

Dante tried to focus his mind elsewhere, but the temptation was too strong. He found himself with an overwhelming desire to touch her. He slowly sat down on the bed and put a hand on her back, stroking up and down in a comforting way.

“Gina what’s wrong? I know when something’s up,”

She rose, sitting alongside him. Her eyes wandered across her brothers body , her cheeks turning deep red. She turned her eyes away to look at the ceiling.

Realising my lack of clothing, “Oops. Sorry G, let me get some clothes on. I’ll be right back,”

“I don’t mind,” Gina said, now looking at me with interest. “Hell, you’ve actually got a pretty hot body.” Her hand drifted up to stroke Dante’s abs. “I didn’t realise you had a six pack,”

“Umm, yeah usually got more clothes on. I’m not accustomed to running around in just my underwear.”

Gina’s hand drifted a little lower, resting just above his boxers. The action seemed completely innocent, almost like she had no control over what she was doing. Gina suddenly realised where her hand was. “Sorry Danny. I didn’t mean to touch you there.” Her face glowing red once more.

“It’s ok. Now then,” Dante spoke as he cleared his throat, “what’s wrong?”

Gina looked up and met her brothers eyes. “Well it’s just that, somethings different. I feel different, and I look different, but it’s not just me, all bahis firmaları of the others are a bit different too. But that’s not all,”

Dante saw the hesitation in her eyes. “It’s ok G. You can tell me anything, you know that right?” Gently he placed his hand on her leg.

“Well….., it’s not just my body that’s different. I seem to be thinking differently too. It’s…….kind of embarrassing to explain.”

Dante’s hand had started caressing her leg without realising. “You can tell me, it will remain our secret, I promise.”

“Ok. Ok I’m going to tell you, but please don’t hate me.” Gina looked into his eyes, worry painted all over her beautiful face. “I could never hate you. Don’t be ridiculous. I’m sure it’s not that bad.”

Gina looked down, her legs hanging limply off the side of the bed. “Well, I had a dream about you last night.”

Dante wondered whether it was a similar dream to what he might have had. “That doesn’t sound that bad sis. I mean……” before he could continue Gina carried on.

“You don’t understand! This dream was……” she hesitated and couldn’t bring her eyes to look at him, like she was ashamed of herself “..about us doing things we shouldn’t be doing.”

“Like what?” He had pretty good idea of what it might be, but part of him wanted to hear her say it.

“Ok, well in my dream I was playing with, well that,” she pointed towards his boxers. Dante didn’t realise until now that he had a full blown hard on tenting his boxers.

“What do you mean playing?” making no effort to conceal his throbbing tool.

Dante realized he held no shame. He didn’t seem to care that he was exposing himself to his sister. Before last night he would have died of embarrassment.

“Are you really going to make me spell it out for you?” Her eyes looked up into his to see a slightly cocky grin.

“Fine. I was sucking you off, ok.”

Dante realised this was turning him on even more, as is that were possible after her announcement.

“What, seriously?”

Gina released a deep sigh and continued. “I was down on my knees in front of you, staring into your eyes as I swallowed your cock. Are you happy now?” His cock jumped involuntarily which Gina noticed.

Dante’s hand had been steadily creeping higher up her thigh without either of them realising.

“Ok I wasn’t expecting quite so much detail, but why are you worried about it? It was just a dream.”

He couldn’t help but visualise his youngest sister on her knees taking his load. It was that moment that he thought the Devil had definitely changed him. He no longer just wanted his sisters sexually, but he actually craved it, needed it. Before now he would only think about them or steal a few inappropriate glances.

“It’s not the dream I’m worried about Danny. It’s me I’m worried about. Sure every now and then the odd dirty thought might slip into my head but now, since that dream somethings changed. I don’t know how to explain it properly, I’m sorry.” she looked so beautiful beside him, so sweet.

“Look Gina, it’s ok. We all have dreams like that from time to time,” Her eyes lit up.

“You do?

“Of course. I’m a twenty four year old man living in a house with seven beautiful women. It’s kind of hard to concentrate on normal things sometimes. They’re just fantasies G. Nothing to worry about.”

She looked at him with big doe eyes. “It’s no longer just a dream. I’ve changed, something in me wants you. My whole body wants you.” Gina was completely caught in the moment. “I would love nothing more than for your hand to move up my leg right now and rip my pyjama bottoms off….”

There was a hunger in her eyes that Dante had never seen on her before.

Gina’s last comment took him by surprise as he struggled to find something to say. “She basically just asked you to rip her clothes off. Why aren’t you?” he asked himself.

Was he really thinking about doing this? What could follow next?

“I know you must hate me right now, but I can’t help how I feel. I don’t know why this is happening. My body is on fire and I’m not sure if I can control it.” Gina reached over and placed her hand on his thigh just below his boxers.

“Can you say something please. The silence is killing me!”

Dante noticed her touch and it was exciting him like no other woman had. “Would you like to see it?”

That was all the permission she needed. Her desire for him had been clawing its way to her consciousness since her strange dream last night. She leapt off of the bed, finding herself kneeling at his feet, smiling wantonly up at him. A mischievous smile ran across her face as she started tracing her fingers up his leg.

“Holy shit this is happening? Please God say this is happening. I can’t control myself.” Gina thought to herself.

Thanks to Dante’s low bed Gina was at the perfect height for this. She knelt in front of him, looking up expectedly.

“Can I see it now? Please big bro?” Her words excited him more than they probably should have and caused his kaçak iddaa cock to jump.

“Oh, you like it when I say big bro don’t you? Then show me your cock big bro,” her lustful eyes staring into his.

Gina’s entire demeanour had suddenly changed, like a light switch flipping from innocent to seductive.

Dante quickly stood and grabbed at his boxers, stripping them down his legs, his eyes meeting Gina’s the moment they dropped. “That’s bigger than it was also. Thank you Devil,” internally thanking the man from his dream.

Gina’s eyes lit up as it came into her view. “Wow! Big bro in more ways than one,”

Dante sat back down, his hard on mere inches from his sister’s sensuous full lips.

The whole situation felt like a dream. Neither of them would have ever thought of actually doing something like this. It was completely out of character and seemed strange. Both wanted to question what they were doing, but they also wanted to carry on with what was happening. Their desires written on their faces as they studied their sibling closely.

Gina stared at his cock with a ravenous expression, taking in every long inch.

“Can I, can I touch it?” Her need overwhelming.

Even before he could finish nodding, she grabbed hold, stroking softly, looking into his eyes, a fire burning in them.

Gina became a woman possessed. Without a word she started stroking it up and down. Her soft grip would tighten as it reached the head and then loosen on her way back down.

Dante was in pure heaven. His family weren’t the type to openly discuss sexual situations, so he had no idea who was still a virgin or who had even done something as basic as oral. He had some experience with previous girlfriends. As well, a couple of his sisters previously had the occasional boyfriend, but beyond that he had no idea.

“Is this really happening?” Dante thought to himself as he lay his head back, relishing in the feel of his sisters magical hand on his rock hard cock.

Her magic hand continued to caress his member until Gina wanted more. Suddenly Gina lunged forward and wrapped those sensuous pink lips around his head.

“Oh my god Gina!” Dante gasped.

She eased her way down his head bit by bit, swallowing more of him slowly and enjoying every second that she did so.

For a brief moment she came up for air, “Good?” was all she managed before delving back down on his hard-on and trying to swallow him to the root.

“Good isn’t what I was thinking. More like un-fucking-believable!”

“Mmmm,” Gina moaned, his cock nudging the back of her throat. She was obviously enjoying herself.

Dante tried to control himself, but the more his sister swallowed, the more he was oblivious to the wrong they were doing.

Gina tried to take more and more of his length, almost forcing it into her throat. Greedily trying to take it all, but her small mouth was struggling with his girth. After a few failed attempts at trying to take him further, she resigned herself to her fate and kept up the head action, rapidly pounding down on him with each thrust forward.

“Oh my god!!!”

Gina was loving this. She had never felt better or more alive than she was right now. She was satisfying her brother so well that it brought her libido to a whole new level, previously unattainable. She could feel the crotch of her panties getting wetter by the second. She wanted more, so much more.

Dante was in a similar situation. His sisters mouth felt unreal, like a hot and wet cloud that was so soft to touch it nearly sent him into orgasm every time she made her way down his shaft. He didn’t know how long he was going to last at this rate, but he realised that the Devil must have improved his stamina, as there was no way he would have lasted this long before now.

They were in a world completely separate from the rest of humanity, and neither of them heard the knocking coming from his bedroom door. By the time Dante saw the door swinging open, it was too late.

Paige was making her way downstairs for breakfast and heard strange sounds coming from Dante’s room. Curiosity got the better of her. She decided to investigate. Knocking at the door got no response.

“Oh my god!!!” came the sound from her brothers’ room

It was then that she decided to open the door. Dante was sitting on his bed, nothing unusual, but who was on the floor in front of him?

“That’s Gina! Oh my god, what are they doing?!” Paige gasped so loudly it startled Dante from his pleasure filled blowjob.

“Oh shit Paige! This isn’t what it looks like!” He spoke while trying to cover up what was happening with his duvet.

Gina didn’t stop even for a second. Almost like she was oblivious to the entire thing. Her attack on his cock was so fierce that it locked him in place and prevented him from getting up. He couldn’t move, certainly not wishing to stop Gina’s wonderful blowjob. He stared vacantly at Paige as she left as quick as she had come in.

Paige quickly spun around and slammed kaçak bahis the door behind her. Dante heard her bedroom door open and close so he assumed she had gone to do what she always did when she didn’t understand something. Lock herself in her bedroom and process what she could.

“That was Gina! And Dante!” Paige laid on her bed looking straight up into the ceiling. “Oh my god!”

She took a moment to try and comprehend what she saw. After a few minutes she found herself getting slightly turned on by it. The size of his cock as it slowly disappeared inside their sisters mouth.

“Oh my god stop thinking about it!” She said to herself in the empty room. “He does have a big cock though.”

“Gina. Maybe you should stop?” Dante looked down at her gorgeous blonde head as it bobbed up and down.

“Mmm’never.” Was all she managed to say before bobbing back down his cock.

He couldn’t help but be turned on by her perseverance, even just after being caught. Gina continued to swallow inch after inch until she finally managed 6 whole inches into her mouth. She gagged a few times as it hit the back of her throat, but she knew it wouldn’t be long until she got herself accustomed to it and could do better.

Gina was turned on at the thought of greedily taking all of his length in her throat. For now, 6 inches was all she could take, but that was enough. She slowly moved her way up his shaft and left the head with a “pop”, she grabbed his dick with one hand and furiously beat it in the direction of her mouth while looking him in the eyes.

“Do you want to come big bro? Do you want to come all over my face? Or maybe you want me to swallow it? I will if you want me to. I’ll swallow every last drop.”

Dante couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It was as if her personality had changed overnight. He knew what he wanted. He stood up in front of her, all 8 inches towering out from his body like a spear.

“Suck it Gina! I want you to swallow my cum, every last drop.”

Her wide eyes blazed with excitement as Dante grabbed her blonde hair and guided her mouth to his cock. Her soft lips teased his shaft all the way down as she stared into his face with a determined look.

“Oh fuck Gina that feels so good!”

Gina could only let out a few mumbled moans in response before it happened, the world fell from beneath Dante’s feet as he hit climax. He shoved his cock as far into his little sister’s mouth as he could and held her head tightly in place to receive his spunk.

“OHHH FUCK!!! I’M CUMMING!!!” Rope after rope of hot seed shot down her throat like a canon.

Gina tried to keep her eyes open and on her brother as he came, but the force of his orgasm forced her to close her eyes and concentrate on swallowing all of his huge offering without gagging.

“Oh my god! I’m still coming….”

It seemed never ending. Dante pumped his sister’s mouth sending his seemingly unending ropes straight down her throat.

Gina was holding on well, managing to swallow every drop without choking or having to stop for air. She was determined to give her brother the ultimate satisfaction.

“Are you ok G?” Dante looked down at her tenderly as he slowly started to pull his member free of her puffy, now red lips.

Gina let his cock fall from her mouth only to start licking away at the head in a greedy attempt to get more of his seed. She looked at him adoringly and smiled.

“Wow! That was amazing. Ten times better than in my dream.” Gina licked his cock head a few more times. “We are definitely doing that again,”

“That was….insane! I can’t believe that just happened,” Dante eyed his youngest sister as she was hungrily licking and sucking his slowly shrinking cock.

“We really, really shouldn’t have done that. That was bad, so very bad. You’re my sister and I’ve taken advantage of that. Oh my god mum and dad are going to fucking kill me!”

Dante had started to panic as he realised the irony of his life becoming a literal hell.

Gina stood up in front of him. “Calm down. Everything is going to be fine. No one needs to know about this. It’s our little secret. That way I get you all to myself.” She nuzzled herself against him in a warm embrace and purposely rubbed her small chest against him.

Dante enjoyed the feeling of his sisters small body close to his. He immediately started relaxing into her hug, stroking the top of her head softly.

“Paige saw us. She’s going to tell everyone,”

Gina shot her eyes up in realisation, “Oh yeah. I forgot about that. I’m sure it’ll be fine though. I’ll talk to her and if I fail then we’ll just have to flash her this monster,” She reached down and grabbed his cock. It twitched under her soft grip.

“I don’t think that’s going to work. Maybe bribe her with a good book.” Dante laughed at his own joke.

Gina began to gently jerk his cock again. “Mmmmm,” she purred. “Do you want to know something big bro?”

“Umm,” a little distracted by the hand gently playing with his dick he tried to focus on what she said. “Yeah sure, what?”

“I’m so wet and horny right now that I can’t think straight. All I want to do is put your cock back in my mouth.” Her hand tightened around his shaft.

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