The Shower

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It was a hot summer night, and a couple returned to their studio flat wet from the humidity outside. Throwing the door shut behind them, Brad, a slim but muscular man, put an arm around the girl’s waist and kissed her. Bethany gripped his ass with both hands, which she found delightfully firm. He stroked her hair, and opened his eyes just enough to see her swooning in anticipation.

“Beth,” he said, “I have to tell you I made plans for you tonight, but I can’t promise you’re going to enjoy it.”

She looked at him, and he flashed his eyes to indicate the bed. She glanced across, and saw handcuffs already locked to the frame, then she looked into his eyes. “Ok,” she said. Brad watched her hips as she went towards the bed, but she did not get into it. Instead she pulled her blouse off over her head, and untied her hair. She shook it loose, then looked at Brad over her shoulder. “But I want to shower first.”

Brad advanced and took her again in his arms. As they kissed, his hand traced from her hair to her neck, along her back until it settled at her waist—while the other held her ass beneath a denim skirt. “Shower first?” he repeated. A hand crept up to her neck, where he nipped her with his teeth. She felt his power in his hold over her. “Alright then,” he said, slackening his grip. He let his hands hover above her neck and waist, and his mouth tantalised in front of hers. “Take it all off.” He stepped away from her until he found a seat, where he sat and removed his socks while he watched her.

Beth smiled and flicked her hair. She turned around, and Brad enjoyed the contours of her back. Her hands joined to unbutton her skirt. With a little zip it came loose, and she put her hands to her sides. With a small wiggle, she began to slide it down, and as she did so she leaned over the bed, revealing her black thong and enticing him with her smoking hot ass. The skirt dropped to the floor, and stepping out of it she stood with her legs apart, but her back still turned. She looked over her shoulder—her eyes on fire, and her lips parted. He had taken off his shirt, and was now sat in his jeans with an obvious hard-on.

“All of it,” he güvenilir bahis repeated, touching the bulge at his crotch.

She walked towards him, reaching behind her back to unfasten the lacy black bra. She slipped one strap off her shoulder, saying, “I’m not going to do it before we’ve showered, you know.”

He smiled, but his expression softened as the bra fell to the ground in front of him. “Of course,” he said. He stood up, unbuttoning his jeans so that they hung at his waist. He looked at her and said, “Would you?”

She knelt down to remove his jeans, but he didn’t step out of them. With one hand on her head, he dropped his boxers and grabbed his cock, then pulled her towards him.

She protested at first, moaning as the first thrust took her too deep, but then she took the base of his cock in her hand and beg to suck him with pleasure. He gave her control of the depth and speed. Playing with her hair, he gasped as the sensations of her tongue and lips rippled around him. He enjoyed her control for a short time, but his hands in her hair became more and more alive with tension. He began gripping her head, and thrusting deep into her throat so that she gagged and groaned. She pushed at his thigh with a clawing hand. Then he stopped, releasing his grip but still in her mouth. She could taste his semen, but he had stopped before coming completely.

Brad took his cock out of her mouth, and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. She was still wearing the black thong. “Come on,” she said, putting both thumbs under the straps. Brad turned her around, and put his hands on top of hers. He made her step towards the bed, giving him space to kneel down as he slipped the thong off her. He ran his hands back up her legs, and kissed them as high as her ass. Then he stood up. “Bradley,” she protested. He cupped her tits in both hands, and nipped her neck and ears.

She groaned and closed her eyes, one arm lifting up as she reached for his hair. “I’m all sweaty and gross,” she said.

With one hand he continued to play with her breasts, while the other explored her body. He revelled in the contours from her breasts to her stomach, and türkçe bahis while his hand found her belly button his dick found the parting in her ass cheeks. His hand slipped further downwards, and she groaned again as it reached her hips. “Brad…” He stroked her thighs, and brushed the stubble between her legs. He sensed that she was about to speak again, so he rushed to her clit. Caught by surprise, she gasped, but didn’t say a word. She groaned again as his fingers moved softer but faster than before.

She stretched her body and began to move to his rhythm. Her back arched, as with one with hand she stroked his hair, and with the other she squeezed her tit—enjoying the pleasure he was giving her.

He pushed her over onto the bed, and she caught herself on her arms and elbows. Her legs spread apart, her ass shot up beautifully. “—Brad!” she protested, but she did nothing to stop him.

Brad seized her by the hips, and stuck his cock into her pussy. She gasped, and bit her bottom lip as he began thrusting inside her—pulling at her waist so that her whole body rocked with him. Her mouth dropped wide, and she fumbled with one hand to grab hold of her tits. His grip redoubled in power, and Beth began to squirm with pleasure. He pushed her forward, onto the bed so they were lying flat, but he remained inside her. On top of her, he placed one hand under her breast. He could feel the warmth of her ass pressing against his body, and he began to fuck her deeper and harder. He grabbed a lot of her hair and pulled it like a harness, confusing her senses with pleasure and pain. She cried out.

“I’m not done with you yet,” he said. He pulled out, and took her by the shoulder and turned her around towards the bed head. He slung her left hand into the cuffs by the wall, then her right hand into another set of cuffs at the other side—pinning her down to the frame. She lay there still rippling in delight. She wanted him to come in her, or on her, or anyway he wanted. He put his leg over her body so that he was on top of her—looking at her tits and erect nipples. He leaned over to kiss her, and stroked her arms which were pinned outwards. He kissed güvenilir bahis siteleri her tits, and took them in both hands as he began flicking her nipples with his tongue.

“Brad,” she moaned, “I want you to fuck me.”

He lifted his head.

She wriggled beneath him and pulled at the handcuffs. “Fuck me Brad. Oh please fuck me.”

But instead he moved forward. He put his cock between her breasts, and squeezed them around it with his hands. He rocked between her tits, and started thrusting faster. She looked down at his cock and her mouth instinctively opened. Sounds caught in her throat. Her body moved with his. She lifted her legs high and wide, as if she could bring him into her by doing so. He gripped her breasts harder with every thrust. Then he took a hold of her hair, and moved further forward. He held his cock down, and Beth opened her mouth invitingly—even though she could hardly move her head. He teased it in, wetting his cock on her tongue, which followed it even as he pulled away. With a firm push, he went deep inside, and Beth groaned with delight. Her head bobbed around his cock, then Brad lent up and over her, and thrusted downwards until she gagged.

He pulled out, and she begged him, “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

He slid down her body, kissing her, then kissing her breasts and body, until he had his legs between hers.

“Yes—” she said, as his cock grazed her clit. “Oh yes—”

As he slipped inside her wet pussy, he took her hair with one hand and her body with the other. He started fucking her deep and hard and heavy. She brought her legs up and around his back, pulling him into her—repeating the word “yes, yes.” Her back arched as she pulled against the hand cuffs. She reveled in the thought of his hot semen bursting inside of her, and the pleasure that his passionate thrusts brought her was immeasurable.

Brad felt the telling sign that he was going to come in her very soon. The mounting sensation of pleasure built up and up, and drove him to bang her harder and harder, until he felt an immense swelling up inside of him. He seized up, grabbing her tightly and still thrusting as well as he could.

Brad pulled out and savored the sight of her cunt dripping with his cum. Finally relaxed, he rolled over to lie next to her.

They looked at each other with tired but satisfied faces, and he said, “So, how about that shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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