The Soul of a Good Wife

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I’m a good wife. I have been married for many years and my husband and I have a very active sex life but for some reason my soul craves more. For the last year I have been emailing my fantasies to a man that I met over the Internet. He is a extremely good looking, smart and keeps me laughing. I have never met him, but I have talked on the phone with him and we are not only miles apart …but many moons apart….this however does not stop the passion I have for him burning within me. Occasionally I think about meeting him and my heart races, but then I remember that yes I am happily married and this is all fantasy and should remain that. Fantasy only to be traveled in cyberland. None the less there is something about him that keeps me wanting him.

So tonight as I sit on my computer, my husband at work, I share with you a letter that I recently typed up to my mystery man. Why? I guess so I won’t feel so alone. No one knows about my secret emails to him, I can’t confide in anyone. So I confide in you, you the readers from cyberland.

Dear Quenton,
I wish you were here. I’m all alone at this moment and you have my complete attention. OOOOOhhh what i’d give to have your sexxy body enter my office.

I look up from my computer. I see you coming around the corner. MMMmmm you look incredible in your jeans and your t and amazing smile.
I smile and say…hello handsome…what brings you to my house? You smile and say…hmm you have to ask..and giggle a little giggle…

Your giggle is so sweet yet mischievous. I want to just savior the moment. Looking you over from your face all the way down to your socks, imagining the many ways I plan to fuck you and be fucked by you.
I stand up. Toss illegal bahis my fingers through my long red hair and say in a seductive way…. I want you Quenton….you look deep into my brown eyes and watch as they connect completely with your soul…

I stay standing and watch as you walk over to me. Your body is so sexxy I’m feeling very wet in anticipation of my hands connecting with it. Just then I feel your lips on mine. My eyes close and I feel your tongue enter my mouth. Your hands reaching around my hips and pulling me close with one quick motion. MMM I love how you feel, how you smell. I can sense we are going to have an incredible night…but at this moment I just feel unable to move. My body is completely under your spell. Feeling your hands slowly rome up my skirt, sliding up into my panties. Your fingers inching their way into my dripping wet pussy…ohhh god I say…and I look deep into your eyes.

My hands resting up on your shoulders. Your fingers are going to make me cum …i’m feeling your fingers deep inside me…then pulling out..then slowly in……all the while your thumb is lightly teasing my clit.

My body falls forward and I almost collapse into your arms. My head resting on your chest, feeling your heart pound as we stand together….oh God! sensations pouring through my body. I want to turn around so badly and have you fuck me doggy style but the sensations are too incredible and I don’t want to stop……then I begin to cum….soaking your fingers even more. My body twitching. My face burring itself into your chest.. my teeth nibbling your shirt……as waves rush up and down me and my moans and sighs seem to take over the silence that once was.

Just then I illegal bahis siteleri feel your fingers leave my pussy. I bring my head up and look at you and say god that was incre—and before I can finish what I’m about to say …I feel your fingers in my mouth. I begin to suck them. Smelling my pussy and my orgasm as my tongue tastes it. Sucking your fingers. My cheeks indenting in. My eyes locked on yours. My hands holding your wrist as I suck and suck…hearing you speak to me…yes Beth…suck my fingers…

Your voice is so captivating. I’m trying my hardest to refrain from just dropping to my knees and taking your cock in my mouth this instant, but I eagerly wait and watch as the expressions on your face entice me to continue to suck you. I feel your fingers slip out and your strong hands pull me in close. Our hips touching. Your cock bulging in your pants………we kiss….oh god me kiss like the world has stopped…I can feel your tongue searching around for my sweet cum in my mouth…..I hear your say mmm mmm..and I to also say mmhmmm as we continue to connect only with the movements of our tongues and the feel as our hips touch….and press together….

I stop kissing you…and manage to muddle out the words…softly and sweetly…fuck me doggy style …god Quenton I want you to fuck me doggy style.

With that I feel you turning me at the same moment I hear your button fly’s open…I haven’t even seen your cock yet. I think oh how id like to suck your cock, but just when I am about to say that, I feel your cock enter into me from behind…ohhhhhh yessss you feel wonderful…slowly entering my soaked pussy…your strong hands resting on my hips…pulling me in closer…yessssssss canlı bahis siteleri i say …ohhh god yessssssss.

I feel your cock all the way in me now. Your body falls forward and I feel your breath down my back. My hands resting on my thighs, my muscles tensing. My butt feeling the heat of your body resting on it. I hear you say…fuck ya…oh god fuck ya …hearing your voice arouses me like I have never felt. I feel like going wild. I start pushing my hips back into you matching your thrusts. My moans and breathing louder than I have ever imagined…

Fuck me quenton…yes …fuck me harder…FUCK ME HARDER….your moans tell me you are about to cum. I want to hear you. Hear those sounds you make when you are getting closer and just the sounds alone make me start to cum. I lean all the way forward my hands dropping down onto the floor my legs slightly bent at the knees and I feel you so deep in me. I cum and cum and cum…as your moans and cum fill every sense I have… I hear you say to me… suck me..
suck our cum off my cock Beth…

I slide my pussy off you and stand up and turn around. I feel your hands pushing my shoulders down and I am down on my knees before you, your jeans half way off hanging at your thighs. Sucking you, taking your cum soaked cock into my warm mouth…gently…lovingly…affectionately.

Feeling as your fingers run through my hair and your breathing slowly eases down. Tasting your sweet pineapple cum…my sweet sugar cum…mixed…deliciously blended.

I hear you say…mmm that feels good…now kiss me…kiss me Beth so I can taste your mouth…
With that I motion my way up. My hand continuing to lightly stroke up and down your cock, as I stick my tongue deep into the back of your throat. Feeling like I have never felt before…completely connected.

Connected..even though I have never met you, I feel as if your soul has already danced like this with mine.


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