The Stepford Academy for Moms

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Some months ago, after we arrived in the town of Stepford , my son, Peter Tyler, arranged for me (a recently divorced mother) to attend an academy, a sort of a finishing school, designed just for mothers like me who want to be better for their sons. I thought you, dear reader, might like to read the correspondence between my sob Peter and Ms Christina Jocasta, Dean and founder of the Stepford Academy for Mothers…

Dear Mr Tyler,

As the Dean of the Stepford Academy for Mothers, it is my great pleasure to send you the first progress report on your mother, Jennifer.

I am so happy to inform you that even in the short period of just one month, your mother has made quite an impression here at the Academy and that I have heard only good things about her from both her fellow students and also from all the instructors. Indeed, even though she has been here so briefly, I am pretty sure that Jennifer is an excellent candidate for a future lecturer and instructor herself. Everyone here is praising not just her enthusiasm and eagreness to make progress but also her physical appearance, the way she is putting so much effort into being beautiful and sexy all the time. She is truly a delight to see her on the Campus! And, all the instructors tell me that Jennifer is an extremely intelligent woman who will go very far! As a result of that, I am using this opportunity not just to inform you about her progress so far and to praise her, but also to ask a few questions about the future training and the direction it should take. Because, after all, those choices are a Son’s privilege *S* (*S* is the way I write a smiley in a letter, is that all right with you Mr Tyler?).

Oh, and it would be delightful if you could call Jennifer in now before moving on with your reading. Ask her in, and tell her to kneel by your feet and to start kissing and licking your cock. Be kind enough to read to her all that I have written so far and then continue. I am sure that the reading of this letter will be so much more enjoyable. *S*

On Monday, your mother will start her last course before the Christmas break. It is the “Slow Cocksucking” course. In that course, mothers are trained to use their lips and tongues to arouse their sons beyond their imagination. I will be one of the instructors as well, and I need to ask you which option would you prefer for your mother Jennifer. The mothers can train on cockshaped dildos (indeed, we can easily arrange for a dildo to be modelled on your cock Mr Tyler) or, alternatively, we have a pool of volunteer sons on whom the mothers can do their practicing. Of course, the latter is a bit better because it provides the mother also with the reactions of the young man, but, it is a son’s privilege to decide how his mother will be trained, so I leave this issue in your capable hands, although I would appreciate an answer by Monday when the course starts.

Last but far from least, it is the Academy’s tradition to have a charity ball during the New Year holidays. We have a fashion show first in which all the mothers take part and then there is a voting process (sons only) and we choose the 10 best mothers. So far, nothing controversial we agree. However, the tradition of this ball is to then hold an auction for these top 10 mothers. Only the sons are allowed to bid. The woman who gets the highest bid, obviously wins and the highest bidder gets to use her for the night at his pleasure. Of course, this requires the son’s consent. Over the years, we have also had some sons agree to their mothers taking on not just one but 3 or even 5 highest bidders with all of them having her that night. Of course, that means more money collected for the charity of the son’s choice. So, my last question to you is would your like your mother entered in the fashion show? Secondly, if she turns up as one of the top ten (and I am confident she will be), would you consent to her being auctioned, and if yes, to just one or more bidders? Should you agree to all of this, you have one more choice at your disposal. You can choose not to know what happened to your mother that night, or you can choose to get a professionaly made DVD of every single detail. All of this is entirely in your hands, Mr Tyler, I assure you your mother’s future at the Academy does not depend on whether she takes part in this or not. However, it is also good to remember that the money would go to a very good cause, a charity of your own choosing (Amnesty International has so far been the most popular choice, but you can certainly choose yours).

Please accept my most sincere congratulations on your mother’s stay at the Academy so far and I do so much look forward to your e mail.

Yours sincerely,

Christina Jocasta

Dean of the Stepford Academy for Mothers

Dear Ms Jocasta

thanks you very much for your first progress report on my Mother’s progress at the Stepford Academy . It has been an absolute joy to have returned home from University this Christmas and seen the change in my Mother. First of all her attitude is vastly improved. She listens, bahis firmaları she contributes when asked and is genuinely now embracing the lifestyle. This is most clearly seen in her appearance which I wholeheartedly approve off. Not once have I seen her in trousers or flat shoes. Her dedication to wearing seamed stockings (such joy to see a woman in these!) pleasing skirts and high heels is most encouraging, suffice to say, I am so far delighted with the results.

I suspect this is something she always craved and didn’t know it, this craving to be desirable and to make her man happy. That I am her Man and that we are Mother and Son seems to make us both happier than we dared imagine. It is both a wonderful and a nerve-wracking feeling. I can see why you might think her to be suitable teaching material, she seems to really enjoy who she is now.

As requested I asked for mother to come in and look after my cock as I read your letter to her. It was a delight to see her nod with acceptance, tuck her blonde hair behind her hairband, her pearl necklace shining in the lamplight and have her kneel down, smile and begin to kiss and lick my swollen prick. She was as turned on as I when I was reading it and I could see her face become flush with excitement as I read what you had in store. Oh, and one tiny detail which I found so wonderful and I am sure your Academy deserves the credit. When I told her to kneel and tend to my young cock, she smiled and left me for a few minutes, coming back with a deep red lipstick (as I later found, Christian Dior Ara999) and applying it to her lips before she went down onto her knees. I need not emphasise that I did not have a problem with my cock smeared in such a shade of red.

Regarding the ‘Slow Cocksucking’ course I am absolutely fine with mother practising on a real cock. Anything that you feel would help improve her performance is fine with me. Where do you find your sons that you use? While I’m not voluteering, I am sadly too busy at present, it would be good to know. Also some of the backgrounds of some of your mothers too. I do hope my mother is mixing in appropriate company!

And what a delight to find out that mother has been selected for the fashion show! I am very disappointed I can’t make it, but really do want mother to participate and raise more money for your delightful Academy to donate to a good cause. She can be auctioned in any way you feel best and, yes I would enjoy a DVD of the event very much. Sadly I shall be away on a research trip that weekend, but I did wonder if it would be possible to send a mother out to me? I have a particular fantasy I would like to try with a mother that might seem a little strange, however I would enjoy it very much. I want a mother who is a real business focused bitch. She has had little time for me, sending me to boarding schools, but now I want her to listen. I want to be able to ‘rape the independence’ out of this Bitch Mother and make her an obedient, caring and loving Mother, the way she should be. Could you please forward me details of three suitable Stepford Mothers that I could pick for this ‘assignment’ and I will choose one? I believe I am entitled to two ‘home visits’ in our first year?

Also, I believe you lead by example, especially when it comes to the training and scenarios with your own son, Ian. I would like to hear more about that.

Lastly I would like some advice. Mother’s appearance is changing for the better and I want to be able to encourage that. What sort of places should I be going for clothes, shoes and lingerie? Since her divorce we are not short of money and would appreciate your guidance in this.

I must go now. While writing this mother has coaxed my cock back to a full, thick shape with her elegantly manicured fingers and I think she wants to see her young man spurt again. Or… I just might not let her see me spurt, but rather FEEL it inside her *S* (I hope you do not mind me borrowing your personalised smiley)

I look forward to your reply.


Peter Tyler

Dear Mr Tyl… actually, do you mind if we move on to Peter and Christina? I would really like that, after all, your mother is my star student! So….

Dear Peter,

Thank you very much for your letter, I am very happy to see such a coherent, comprehensive response. For us at the Academy, it is so helpful to hear about a student’s progress on the “home front” and to “feel the pulse” of a son’s needs. A son’s guidance and input is so helpful not just for an individual mother, but can also be helful right across the board! So, once again thank you and let me try and respond to your queries and, being the inquisitive Academic that I am, I will surely have even more questions for you.

So, here I come! The attitude is one of the first things we work on here at the academy and as you rightly point out in your next paragraph, more often than not, it is simply a question of “accepting” one’s cravings and deep desires which were there, but for a platitude of reasons, never surfaced. As you know, kaçak iddaa we ARE dealing with one of society’s greatest taboos – incest! And the general view is that it is such a sinister word, a shameful one, one that we should all feel ashamed of. Well, here at the Stepford Academy for Mothers, one of the first things we do is to deal with this misconception. We explain and teach that incest is such a good word, such a good feeling, such a natural feeling, after all, it has been practiced as the most natural thing in the world in some societies and if one honestly looks at the issue, isn’t it the most natural thing in the world for a mother to be the one to fulfill the role of the ultimate woman for her son in every way possible? So, I am happy to tell you that it didn’t take much for your mother to embrace this way of looking at incest and to eagerly work towards the goal of being the woman her son could be proud of in every possible way. Jennifer is a woman of great taste and style, so adjusting her wardrobe was an easy step to take. She also excels in make up classes and in “styling”. I can’t find enough words to praise her.

Oh yes, Jennifer IS enjoying her status and who she is now, you are absolutely right in noticing that. She is a mother who sincerely breathes to be the ultimate woman for her son and who relishes in her newfound role and is most enthusiastic to improve and be not just the best student of the Academy, but even more, to be the best mother you can hope for. Now, THAT is what we here at the Academy call ‘a star student’. Who is not just interested in academic excellence per se… but as a tool to make her son proud, happy and, above all, fulfilled. Well, your mother has that admirable quality and it makes all the difference in the world!

I had no doubts that your mother would love the idea of suckling on your cock as you read out this e mail as well. I think it would be most appropriate for her to do and i am sure you don’t need much convincing either. I am kind of hoping that you did tell her to do that on your own initiative, but if you didn’t, it is high time you told her to come over and kneel by your side. Oh, and how lovely of her to remember to put on fresh lipstick! What a beautiful detail, I bet you enjoyed watching her apply it. I know she will be proud to hear my words of praise, to hear the plans we are making for her academic progress and also, simply to savour the feeling of having her son’s cock inside her mouth, making it hard and giving it pleasure. Oh, and Jennifer, please, do not use a hairband this time, let your son have the pleasure of seeing your hand come up over and over again to raise your hair, remember, we did discuss how arousing that tiny detail can be! Oh, and Peter, please do remember that it is up to you to decide if your mother should touch herself as she sucks you, or if she should be denied that pleasure. As you know, we teach the mothers just how arousing the denial can be in its own right!

You ask about my experiences with my son, Ian. Well, it is a matter of moods and moments and exploring the different urges that he has. Sometimes, we have play “regression”, an interesting game which entails reliving something from the past of something that we wished had happened in the past. So, for example, we have regressed to me slipping into he his bed at night, and gently murmuring words of love and devotion as my hands explore his body with him reacting in a most innocent and naive way. Other times, I will be a lecherous, cockhungry mother who seduces him most brazenly. Sometimes, he is in the mood to play a devious son to an innocent, unsuspecting mother. Sometimes, it will be in the form of blackmailing me, or sometimes even forcing me… or, LOL, not to use the euphemism… of raping me. I must say, on such occasions it is so difficult for me to play a mother who doesn’t want it, who resists! But, my son’s pleasure is pivotal to me and I do my best to always be the mother that he wants and needs at that moment. I will certainly clear my schedule to make some time for you so that we can discuss this in person, but maybe you could respond and give me some first impressions even in an e mail… what kind of “first time” scenes would make you aroused, hard…

I am so happy to see that you have opted for your mother to practice “slow cocksucking” on real cocks. Of course, our teachers do their best to explain even on a dildo, but it is so much more efficient if a mother practices on a real cock, feeling the reactions and adjusting her sucking accordingly. Some sons tend to be very possessive of their mothers and do not want them shared. We, at the Academy, of course respect that but it is so much easier for us to give mothers the proper education if we are allowed the proper tools, lol. As for your question on where do we find the sons that we use for these classes, I can tell you there is never a shortage of volunteers! If your busy schedule at some point gives you the time to volunteer, please do let me know. I am not quite sure I understand what you mean when you ask me about kaçak bahis the backgrounds to the mothers. Surely, you have met many so far at least at the “son visiting” seminars.

And thank you so much for agreeing to enter your mother into the fashion show and the follow up auction. Since the word is spreading around about your mother and her accomplishments, I am confident that there will be many sons willing to part with a lot of money to have the pleasure of enjoying Jennifer for the night. Are there any limits you would want to put on what she will be doing? We do know your current limits of NO toilet sex of any kind, no animals and no hard pain or body mutilation and those will allways be respected. Any additional limits you want to to put in place for this event? And, do let me know which charity you would like to benefit from the proceedings. You will get the DVD that you asked for, would you like it to be a film of just the fashion show and the auction, or also to include the whole night? And, I hope you will not be offended by a suggestion I have for you. It would seem to me that a “business focused bitch” of a mother who will “have her independence raped out of her” is a brilliant idea, but one you should save to play with your own Mother! She would fulfil that role excellently.

As for advice on clothes and lingerie and shoes, I am happy to say that your mother is taking classes in this subject and excelling as always, so you will be privileged to benefit from her advice. But, luckily, your mother does seem to know the best places already, it has immediately been noticed that her stockings are “Fogal” and her lingerie is mostly from “La Perla”. Most ladies here opt for the easy choice, i.e. ” Victoria ‘s Secrets” but your mother has excellent taste and you need not worry about that. *S*

Last but not least, a few more questions. It would help me if you wrote back and told me at which point in my letters did you rewards your mother’s mouth with your sperm. It helps me to understand you better and will ensure even more arousing letters and better classes for your mother! Next, we are also considering for the next semester a class on “bimboification” and are right now gather the opinions of the sons for this class. Would you find it interesting, if yes could you please tell me why? And, if you have any other ideas on our curricula, please do let me know. And, you mention “house visits”. Yes, you are entitled to them, but the idea works differently. You tell us what is it that you desire, and we then create a programme for that accordingly. Talking of house visits, I would also like to inform you that I would like to use my privilege as the Dean to make a house visit and do a lezzie session with your mother. Of course, in your presence and with your consent. If you agree to this, could you let me know what kind of lezzie scenes arouse you most? And how would you like your mother to be treated in such a session?

I wish you all the best in the forthcoming New Year, Peter and look forward to our further correspondence!



Dear Christina

I am very grateful for you to take the time to write to me once more. It does give me a such a thrill to know that you are keeping a watchful eye on my Mother’s progress! You’ll be pleased to know that not only did I have her pleasure my cock while reading your response, but that she is, as I type this letter, once again sucking deeply on my hard prick. Your classes have definitely paid off. Gone is any hint of that tiresome gag reflex and now Mother feels content to deep throat me without issue. You and the Stepford Academy are to be applauded!

Now to the matters contained in your last letter. It did make for fascinating reading and I did muse on some of the points you raised for several days. Yes I agree that encouraging a Mother to love her Son is the most natural thing in the world and one I fully advocate, however I hope you never lose that initial thrill that the thought, the very thought of incestual contact produces a taboo spark that ignites the imagination. That is something I want Mother to retain, it is that mischievous sparkle in her eye! I want to see it over and over and over again.

Thanks to your letter I found myself asking what would be the scenarios I would like to experience. I have listed three below I hope you will find interesting. I have not included the ‘rape’ scenario as I would like to discuss it with you in person, I want to hear your take on the effect that playing that with Mother may have. This is why I originally wanted to explore this scenario with a more experienced Stepford Mother. Anyway these are the three that I enjoyed fantasising about.

1. The bedtime kiss. In this scenario I imagine myself home from university, quietly studying in my room. I am susceptible to many wet dreams and their focus is my sexy Mother. One night, she comes in to kiss me good night, dressed very sexily. Perhaps it is a short , sheer business outfit, perhaps it is a silky nightgown, that clings to her body. Tonight my kiss goodnight is like none I’ve ever experienced. As my body reacts she slowly matches her responses to mine and tells me, as she takes me for the first time, that she will make everything alright.

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