The Teacher Learns a Lesson

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Jeff Longman took his usual seat on a bench near the fountain at South Mall. Holding his newspaper as a prop he sneaked peaks surreptitiously at the three teen girls sitting on a bench across from him close to the fountain.

His cock grew hard in his pants as the small blond at the end crossed her legs, giving him a momentary glimpse up her skirt to her crotch.

He licked his lips as his imagination pictured the warm, moist, succulent teen pussy nestled between those heavenly thighs. His breathing grew a little ragged as, eyes closed, he pictured in his mind’s eye his head between those svelte thighs, mouth open, tongue licking the sweet clit of this delicious child. He felt her body tremble with passion as his talented tongue brought her to orgasm.

Jeff taught his high schools senior seminar called “Historical Highlights of the Western World” as well as several sections of American History. At 21 he was the youngest member of the faculty of Royal High, and the horniest.

This was his first job, having graduated college with a degree in education the previous spring. He knew only a few people in South Junction and had not had a sexual relationship since graduating.

The bevy of teen girls who populated his classes was driving him to distraction. Five days a week, seven classes a day, he was faced with more than one girl whose pussy he would love to violate with his cocks and mouth.

Jeff loved to fuck and even more to feel a woman writhe in ecstasy as his talented tongue and mouth licked and sucked her to the heights of sexual joy.

A sigh escaped his lips when the girls gathered themselves together and walked casually past him toward a row of stores that were situated behind him in the mall.

The girls looked at each other, suppressing giggles as they did. The three had known of Jeff’s penchant for voyeurism since he had begun occupying the bench across from theirs soon after school began in August.

For three months they had taken turns giving him glimpses of their thighs and crotches, reveling in the knowledge that they were teasing him with their tantalizing teen bodies.

All three were students at the high school where Jeff taught, but none were in his classes. They enjoyed the excitement of their anonymity as they flaunted their sexuality for this handsome teacher.

They were virgins but had no qualms about losing their cherries. They just did not want to give away their virginity in the back seat of the car belonging to some inexperienced boy. They yearned for an affair with a man who knew how to bring them the joy of sex, not just the feeling of an orgasm.

The girls had each learned to satisfy their sexual hunger years ago. What they wanted was to feel the heat of sexual love generated by a man who knew how to please a woman. And each felt that Jeff fit the bill.

Unknown to Jeff the girls had made a pact. They agreed to attempt to seduce Jeff and drew straws to set the order in which each would make a move on him.

Anne Richardson, the small blond, drew the longest straw and, to the envy of the other two girls, put the plan into motion the following week, a plan she had worked out in every detail ever since she had seen Jeff’s eyes linger longingly over her thighs and ever more frequently as the weeks and months passed up her thighs to her teen crotch.

Jeff opened his newspaper as took his usual spot, looking around casualty as waited for the girls to appear. In the meantime he began to read the editorials.

Engrossed as he was he did not see Anne slip into the seat next to him until her felt her lips touch his ear and warm breath as she whispered, “surprise.”

Anne’s pussy sent a stream of her hot love cream down her canal as she felt Jeff jerk his head up and turn to face her. Their lips almost met as he stared at her, eyes wide with surprise and a little bit of fear.

“Ah. Ah,” he stammered, his tongue licking along his suddenly parched lips, his eyes blinking as he stared into the face of the small blond he had been ogling for the past several months: the blond whose vision he had in his hand each night as he masturbated.

Anne giggled as she put a hand on his thigh, dangerously close to his zipper. She squeezed his thigh as she told him, her voice soft, breathless and vibrant with sexuality, “I thought güvenilir bahis I would give you a better view today since my friends are not here.”

Jeff’s cock began to stir in his pants as Anne’s hand warmed his thigh. His mind was in turmoil as he realized the girls were well aware he had been peeping at them each week. He swallowed and forced a feeble grin on his face. “A surprise?”

Anne grinned and leaned forward her mouth touching his ear ever so slightly as she whispered, “Yes. You deserve a surprise after all these months and I have it for you right here.”

As she finished speaking she turned her body toward his on the bench. Placing one foot under her buttocks, she opened her legs slightly.

The movement of her legs toward her opening thighs drew Jeff’s eyes. His mouth was filled suddenly with a spurt of saliva as he stared upward along her ever-opening thighs. His cock jerked to attention as his eyes zeroed in on her crotch and dripped pre-cum drops into his shorts.

Anne was wearing crotchless pantyhose and no panties. Jeff’s heart pounded in his chest as he stared at Anne’s fully exposed pussy: at the moist red lips surrounded by the silky peach fuzz of teen pubic hair.

He jerked his eyes from her crotch and looked into Anne’s smiling face. Fear, sexual hunger, trepidation, longing, all these thoughts filled his mind as his eyes darted from Anne’s exposed crotch to her face, to her full, red lips, glistening as she ran her small pink tongue over them.

His body trembled when Anne leaned against him, one hand stroking his thigh close to his tented crotch, the fingers of her other hand caressing his neck. “You have been looking for this for months and I thought it was time you saw it up close. Do you like it?”

Jeff licked his lips as he stared at Anne’s face, then, almost against his will, his eyes moved down her body to her pussy and then back to her face when she closed her thighs. “I. I. Ah. I think there is some misunderstanding.”

Anne, her eyes twinkling mischievously, a smile curing her lips leaned forward as she told him, “You have been eying my thighs every Saturday for months. I told a friend of mine, Susan Houseman about our Saturdays sitting across from each other in the Mall. You know Susan, don’t you?”

Jeff’s eyes opened wide as he listened. He knew Susan very well. She was in one of his advanced senior American history classes. His eyes had been drawn to her the first week of class when she crossed her sexy legs and he had caught a quick look up her thighs.

As the weeks passed the opportunity to look up her skirt had increased in number until he was now looking forward each day to the sight of her graceful thighs encased in shimmering pantyhose.

Anne’s hand caressed his thigh as she smiled at him. “Susan told me how much you liked looking up her skirt and the day when you got a close look at her between her legs. Do you remember? Susan told me she thought that if you had been alone with her you would have put your head between her thighs and kissed her pantries.”

Jeff’s face turned a beet red. He had gone home that night and jacked off four times as he replayed over and over again the scene; Susan dropping her pencil, which fell to the floor between her feet: him bending down to pick it up and her opening her thighs wide. The sight of her panties outlined behind the sheer nylon of her pantyhose, the pubic hair mashed against the cloth, the lips of her pussy outlined behind the tight material of her pantyhose and panties had caused his cock to leak into his shorts and he almost came as he stared up her thighs to her crotch.

Anne smiled at him, her hand continuing to caress his thigh, occasionally brushing across his crotch sending waves of sexual passion searing through his body. She opened her thighs again and Jeff, in spite of his resolve to ignore this sexy teen and what was happening, felt his eyes involuntarily drawn toward her exposed pussy.

Anne, her mouth almost touching his ear, her warm breath once again sending paroxysms of ardor flowing over his body, whispered, “Would you like to buy me a skirt? I’ll ask the clerk to let you come into the changing booth with me. Would you like that?”

Jeff’s cock jerked in his pants as he stared at Anne’s pussy. They would be alone in the changing booth: türkçe bahis alone with this tender teen pussy: and she was going to take off her skirt. He struggled to breathe as he saw a vision of her nearly naked body in his mind. As if in he were sleep walking, he let Anne take his hand and lead him toward a women’s clothing store near the bench.

Anne held his hand with hers as she used the free hand to pick out quickly a half dozen skirts. Smiling sweetly at the clerk she asked, “Could my daddy come into the changing booth with me? It would save a lot of time if he could. I really want his opinion of these skirts.”

The elderly clerk did not even look up as she told Anne it would be OK.

Anne led Jeff into the changing booth she had picked out earlier in the week: the one furthest from the entrance. There was a chair in the corner away from the wall joining the booth with the one next to it. As if leading a child, Anne maneuvered Jeff into the chair.

Jeff stared at Anne as she took off her skirt and then saliva again filled his mouth as she pulled her sweater over her head, turning loose her pert teen breasts unfettered by a bra Anne straddled his body and pulled his face to the valley between her breasts. At the same time she rubbed her crotch back and forth across his, raising his cock to new heights.

With one hand, Anne pulled Jeff’s mouth to one of her nipples. She lifted her body and used the free hand to unfasten his belt, unzip his pants, and pull out his raging cock.

Jeff, his mind blown by the swiftness of what was transpiring, caressed Anne’s body as he licked and sucked at her tender teen tits. His body trembled when he felt Anne’s hand hold his cock as she rubbed it back and forth over her wet pussy lips.

Anne’s eyes were closed as she rubbed the bulbous head of Jeff’s hot, hard cock along the slit of her pussy. Slowly, she lowered herself, engulfing his cock within the tight, vibrating walls of her virgin vagina. A sigh of contentment filled her as she felt the twin sensations of her breasts being sucked and her pussy being filled by Jeff’s quaking cock.

Jeff was beyond caring at this point. If there had ever been any résistance to Anne’s seduction it had vanished when he felt her tight, teen pussy swallow up his throbbing cock. His hands went to her ass as his mouth moved from one delicious tit to the other, savoring the feel of the hard nipples and the soft, pliant, yet firm flesh of Anne’s vivacious youthful breasts filling his mouth.

Anne leaned forward and whispered in his ear. “I lost my cherry years ago to a carrot. I have imagined ever since what a cock would feel like but nothing I ever imagined could compare to the feel of your hot, hard cock inside me. I love it.”

Jeff’s body trembled as Anne raised and lowered herself, her hot, moist, tight teen pussy pulling at the sensitive skin of his stiff cock. He took his mouth from a tit and put his lips to Anne’s ear. “I’m going to cum soon. I can’t take much more of this.”

Anne whispered back, “Put a finger on my clit and rub it and I’ll cum with you.”

Jeff did as he was told and shortly his cock was jerking as he spurted his cum into Anne’s virgin pussy. At the same time that tight virgin pussy became even tighter as it spasmed through an orgasm. Anne, her head buried in Jeff’s neck moaned softly as she felt Jeff’s hot cum fill her quaking pussy.

She didn’t want the good feeling to stop. Nothing she had anticipated came close to the feelings that ran over her body. Excitedly she raised and lowered her body, her hot pussy alternately squeezing and releasing Jeff’s still throbbing cock, milking the last drop of cum from him.

Jeff’s chest was heaving, his heart racing as he felt the exquisite joy that Anne’s tight, hot, teen pussy brought to him. His hands trembled as he stroked her waist and hips and ass. He kissed her neck and shoulders and face and licked and sucked at her breasts and nipples as the fervor of the moment overwhelmed him.

To Anne’s delight she felt her body responding. From what she had read and conversation with her more experienced friends she had expected Jeff’s cock to wither and go limp after orgasm. To her delight, it remained hard. “Yes,” she whispered in his ear. Don’t stop. Pretend your thumb is your tongue and you are licking my clit.”

Jeff’s güvenilir bahis siteleri mind followed her suggestion. He closed his eyes, mouth sucking a breast, his tongue licking a nipple. A vision of Anne’s pussy filled his mind: his mouth covering her sex, his tongue licking softly at her clit.

Anne’s eyes opened wide as she felt Jeff’s cock jerk wildly at her suggestion that he pretend he was licking her clit. A sigh of contently escaped her as she whispered to him, ‘Yes. Lick my clit. Make me cum. My pussy is pressed to your face and I’m going to cum.” And she did. And Jeff did.

“Miss,” the clerk’s voice jerked them both to awareness as to where they were. “Do you need any help?”

Anne strove to control her voice, as she replied, “No I think I have found what dad wants,” she replied impishly. She lifted her body slowly from Jeff, hating to leave his still stiff cock. She kissed his lips gently, softly as she told him, “Take me home with you. I want more of you. I want your head between my thighs.”

Jeff, now beyond caring that he was playing with fire, fire that could consume him and ruin his career, nodded. Though he knew Anne was eighteen, still sex with a student was forbidden and would cause his dismissal and the loss of his license to teach.

Anne grabbed a handful of Kleenex from her purse and wiped his cock and then stuffed them into her pantyhose to soak up his and her cum.

Jeff let her lead him to the cash register where he paid for a skirt. On autopilot now, he led her to his car and drove to his apartment.

The door was barely closed behind them when Anne put her arms around his neck and kissed him, her mouth open, tongue licking along his lips.

Jeff’s hands went around her, cupping her ass, holding her to his cock, once again hard and throbbing in his pants, ready for more. He led Anne to his bedroom.

Anne smiled at him as she pulled her sweater over her head and then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. “Do you want me to take off my pantyhose,” she asked him, her voice low, throaty, full of sexual promise.

Jeff shook his head as he pulled the covers back on his bed. Anne laid on the bed, spreading her legs wantonly, her tongue sliding salaciously across her crimson lips. She lifted her ass as Jeff slid a pillow under her. Finished, Jeff pulled off his clothes.

Anne opened her arms and pulled Jeff upon her, feasting on his lips and mouth with hers. Her body tingled with excitement as she felt Jeff’s hard cock and questing hands against her excited body. She watched in delight as Jeff’s mouth moved from her lips to her neck and then to her breasts, kissing and licking her tingling body as he did.

Oh God, she thought to herself. He is everything I had ever hoped a man would be. She closed her eyes and let Jeff’s mouth and tongue sucking and licking her breasts, now her tummy, now her thighs, send wave after wave of sexual excitement flowing over her and his body.

Jeff, for his part, was lost in the feel of this virgin teen’s body under his mouth. He had dreamed of having Susan here and now his dream was fulfilled with Anne, whose body he worshiped with his mouth and tongue.

The feel of the slippery nylon under his mouth sent waves of hunger over his body. Slowly he licked his way to the opening in the pantyhose where the cherished prize was open for the taking.

Anne closed her eyes and moaned softly when Jeff licked along the tender seam that separated her pussy lips from her thighs. She wanted to grab his head and pull his mouth to her pussy but refrained.

It was hell to wait, but there was excitement and pleasure in the way Jeff was licking along her lips. Then she felt exhilaration such as she had never felt before when Jeff’s lips pressed in a fervent kiss against her pussy.

Involuntarily she raised her hips and pressed her pussy more firmly against his mouth. Her hands went to his head and with gently strokes she caressed his scalp and cheeks, telling him softly, “Yes, baby. Yes. Make me cum.”

Jeff was so excited he began to cum on the sheet when he felt Anne push her pussy against his mouth, her thighs pressed to his cheeks, her hands on his head, her voice urging him on. He closed his eyes, knowing he had found his place.

Anne squirmed on the bed as Jeff’s talented tongue began to work its magic. Soon she felt her body tingle with that special precum feel she had learned to anticipate. Oh, she thought as her heart beat more and more rapidly, I hope he wants more than one cum. He did.

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