The Wine Bar

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The offerings are entirely fictional.

The action takes place in a provincial town in Northern England some years ago. This wine bar is located on the first floor (second floor in countries other than the UK) over a shop. The man who runs the wine bar has a small apartment on the top floor. This establishment is quieter during the week but get’s crowded on weekend nights. The action takes place one Saturday night in the 1980’s.


By ten o’clock the place is heaving and Anthea is passed on the stairs by a couple she knows. They pause to speak before the man and woman leave and the young woman enters a hubbub of sound. She makes her way over to the bar and is greeted by the owner.

“So you’ve made it.”

“Yeah. Thankfully the photo shoot finished early.”

Anthea was a fashion model and a UK size 8. She wasn’t tall enough for the cat walk but made a good living as a catalogue model with the occasional soft porn photographic on the side where her curvy shape and flawless skin were in demand.

Mike poured her a drink and then began the first moves to get rid of the customers who wouldn’t take part in the Saturday night ‘lock in’.

By 10:30 pm the place had emptied out considerably and the hardcore of regulars were now gathered around the bar and began persuading the owner to get out his guitar.

Mike had been a pro musician when younger, a lead guitar and vocalist whose band had folded a few years before. Finally showing willing he tuned up and set a chair against the bar facing the audience and had already played a couple of up tempo numbers when Anthea approached.

“Budge up girls.”

She was speaking to the six or so women already seated up on the bar who immediately made a space then hauled her up to join them. Whether by design or mere fortune when Mike sat back down with a refilled glass he found Anthea’s denim clad knees on either side of his ears.

After playing a moody slow number he became conscious that she had slid her bottom forward until her mound was against the back of his head and he could feel the heat of her fanny.

“Ho ho,” was his immediate thought as he pressed back in acknowledgement.

He sang and played another faster number and felt Anthea moving in time to the rhythm but as the last chord died away she leant forward to place cherry red lips next to his ear.

“Could you doMe and Bobbie Mcgee.?”

He raised his head and she bent further.

“Okay, next but one.”

She started to raise herself upright again but he beckoned her back and spoke under cover of the general buzz of conversation.

“Were you getting off?”


Her soft reply was a touch tentative so he probed again.

“Can you orgasm without touching yourself?”

“Sometimes, no, usually.”

With that she straightened but he was now doubly conscious of her presence at his back and was glad that a sudden erection was hidden by the belly of his guitar.

He finally got round to playing Anthea’s request and as he got to the second refrain of feeling good was easy, Lord Mike felt her thighs stiffen and knew instantly that she had got where she wanted.

Later, perhaps as some reward or merely because she needed tender contact, Anthea pulled his head back and kissed him with soft post orgasmic lips before whispering a quiet request.

“Promise me you wont say anything. Not to anyone.”

Nor did he.


She would go out that Saturday night. Decision made. Go out for a bit of fun company. Florence was fed up after a bitch of a week and because her husband was away on a ‘men only’ weekend. What was it this time? Oh yes, a ‘stag do’.

She would go to the bahis firmaları wine bar where no one would dream of questioning her presence without her husband Geoff, so after lunch she ran a bath and tipped in her favourite oils. But as she stripped before the long mirror Florence considered why their love life had gone off the boil.

Now in her early thirties Florence was a late starter. Admittedly she had been attractive in her youth but had suffered by having the ultimate in sexy best friend’s but now she had become sexy herself. Her skin was superlative, the tits and bottom were firm and she had legs to die for. What was there not to desire? But her husband was no longer attentive, he no longer rushed home to ravish her, rarely even had sex with her.

She knew he wanked off regularly because she saw the evidence in the weekly wash so why didn’t he fancy her anymore? Florence had even asked him straight out on one occasion but his reply was like a slap in her face.

“It’s easier to just masturbate.”

“Easier than coming in me?”

“No, but less effort than making sure you come.”

Even when on rare occasions they did made love she was always left on the edge. Okay, he did try but shot off far too quick for her liking and then fell asleep. On those occasions and actually on most nights these days she saw to herself once he started snoring.

So in the embrace of the hot water Florence caressed her clitoris and with her legs rigid against the foot of the bath came noisily in anticipation of a fun evening.

Mike greeted Florence with a friendly kiss on the cheek. In fact he had a lot of time for this attractive woman whose husband had no appreciation of what a gem he had married. She looked sensational with her hair down, her high bosom outlined in a tight sweater and bare tanned legs under a mini-skirt.

“No Geoff tonight? Never mind. Your mates are all in the far room.”

And indeed they were all there but by half nine Florence seemed to have become separated from the group and was seated at a table beside the acknowledged Lothario of their set. Every woman in the locality knew he was dangerous to know but he was also attractive and amusing so in her present mood this ill-treated wife was prepared to welcome all the attention she could get.

Aroused by his nearness, the sense of danger, and the hand kneading her thigh she was already wet with desire so when he suggested that they move on she was more than willing. Pleased that he had read the signs correctly he helped her up and they went out through the bar but on the stairs met Anthea.

“Have a good night.” He said then steered Florence out to his car at the back where feeling invisible in the darkness she caught his arm and pulled him close.

“Kiss me Jack.”

He obeyed and as she opened her mouth to greet his tongue he cupped a breast and she felt his erection hard against her stomach. But as she began a slow grind he suddenly moved away.

“Later. There’s plenty of time luv.”

Slightly miffed Florence settled into car.

Later they were dancing in the low light of a nearby night club. Well not so much dancing as having vertical sex. With her clitoris clamped against Jack’s thigh Florence had already shuddered to a climax and was well on her way to another when he protested.

“What about me?”

His whispered complaint pulled Florence up short. She had been so intent on her own pleasure that she was now behaving just like her absent husband.

“Jack I’m sorry…If we go out the back maybe we can find somewhere to fuck.”

She felt deliciously dirty as she slipped off her panties and as he lifted her against a wall. So juiced up was Florence that his erection kaçak iddaa slid home easily but she didn’t come, the position was awkward for a proper contact with her clit, but he did.

Much later, when delivered home, she felt the beginnings of remorse but finally broke into giggles and masturbated in the middle of the bed without any need to remain silent.

By the Monday night however she had worked herself up to make a confession of sorts being sure that someone would tell Geoff about her Saturday night out.

“I went to the Wine Bar Saturday night.”

“Did you. That’s nice.”

“And a few of us went clubbing later.”

The lie came out smoothly.

“Good. We all need a bit of amusement occasionally.”

So Florence left it a that when he changed the subject.


Mike had already cashed up and left the proceeds in the night deposit box of the bank next door when he saw a light in the ground floor shop. At first alarmed he then remembered that Jacqui was in the middle of her annual stocktaking and obviously trying to complete the job before opening time on Monday.

He locked his own street door and had hardly made it up the double flight of stairs to his apartment before the phone rang.


“Mike is that you?”


She sounded different so he wasn’t sure.

“Yes it’s me and I need your help.”

“I’m no good with stocktaking love.”

“No not that. Listen Mike, I’ve fallen off the steps and knocked myself out.”

“You sound okay now?”

“I think I’ve been out for some time but can you come and rescue me?”

“Of course, I’ll be down immediately but I need you to unlock your front door.”

“That might be difficult because it feels as if I’ve broken my ankle.”

“Then don’t try to move. I’ll bring a screwdriver and jemmy open the pass door.”

At the foot of the stairs he attacked the interconnecting door and finally succeeded in springing the lock.

“Where are you?”

“In my office.”

He found Jacqui on the floor with the telephone nearby and obviously dragged down from the desk.

Mike had been in love with this women since way back. A forlorn love without prospects and completely unspoken. She was divorced and as far as he knew without admirers but apart from them speaking regularly his landlord remained only an object of masturbation.

Jacqui was well endowed, perhaps in her late thirties, neatly dressed and with large eyes in which a bloke could drown. But at the moment her face was screwed up in pain.

“Let me look at your ankle.”

He got down onto his knees and as he gently checked for damage her arms stole around his neck and her perfume did strange things to his body.

“I don’t think it’s broken, just badly bruised, but do you think I should ring for an ambulance?”

“Help me to a chair while I think.”

Her arms tightened and he hugged her to him but such was his wiry strength that soon they were upright. She clung on as the weight came on her ankle and his mind was immediately made up.

“Let me sit you down then I’ll ring 999.”

But she stayed glued to him and spoke through the pain.

“No Mike, don’t do that. I hate hospitals and I may be fine by the morning.”

“Well you can’t drive with that foot.”

“Perhaps you could drive me home?”

“I never learnt how.”

“Shit, now that’s a real problem.”

By now the close contact of her shapely body had inevitably had an effect upon his own. To his shame he had developed an erection and was frightened that she might notice so his first thought was to move from her line of sight. This was achieved simply by turning his back and tidying the disturbance of kaçak bahis her fall. But what to do now?

“If you could make it I can help you up to my place where you could rest? Maybe have a cup of tea and I’ve got some ‘wintergreen’ that we could rub on.”

“I’ll try but you must support me.”

They made it finally with her arm around his neck but he had virtually carried her most of the way. With a cup of hot sweet tea in her hand and her seated he found the ointment.

“Let me take your shoe off.”

Jacqui slid her skirt up to her thighs and held out the damaged foot.

His erection was back now with a vengeance making it difficult to squat but he made it by transferring to his knees.

“Mmmm that’s nice,” she murmured as he went to work, “but not so hard Mike.”

He would far rather be caressing her clit which was now only a foot from his face although hidden by a scrap of scarlet cotton but he was grateful for any contact.

“I’ve got some pain killers in the bathroom.”

“Yes please, but I’m embarrassed to say that I desperately need a pee.”

He helped her over to the bathroom door then to the toilet where she began giggling.

“I think I can manage now Mike.”

She reappeared later and he rushed to help.

“I took three of those tablets.”

“So many. They may knock you out again so would you be better lying on my bed?”

“What a good idea.”

An hour later he looked in and she was sound asleep on her back. Her glorious breasts pushed up the material of her roll neck sweater and her skirt was ruckled up exposing toned thighs to his fevered view.

“You are beautiful.”

His voice was soft as he spoke but then he found a soft blanket and covered the object of all his desires.

Mike woke with every muscle in his body stiff and complaining. He had eventually fallen asleep in an easy chair and as he recalled the events of the night he peered at his watch. It was 6.30 am but after rising to ease the cramps he decided to check on Jacqui.

Going into the bedroom he found Jacqui now on her stomach but still sound asleep. Before turning she had obviously stripped off her sweater and skirt for they were folded neatly at her feet.

Was she naked under the rug? He could see no sign of discarded underwear but the temptation to lift the covering was almost more than he could resist. But somehow knowing such an act would dishonour the love he had for Jacqui he left the room silently.

At ten o’clock however he made coffee and ventured into the bedroom with a cup for Jacqui who stretched to show a well filled scarlet bra.

“Thank you Mike, that’s just what I need, but first another trip to the bathroom.”

“Can you manage?”

“I won’t know until I try.”

And without any trace of modesty she swung her legs out from under and sat up. All Mike could focus on was the tiny panties but was recalled to the present when she rose to her feet only to immediately fall backwards.

“Not so bad this morning but I need your help again.”

Not loath he leapt to her aid.

By Sunday evening he had put an elastic bandage on Jacqui’s damaged ankle and she was now able to move around without his support.

“How about driving?”

“Not yet Mike. So can I trespass on your hospitality for another night?”

“Of course. I don’t open on a Monday but what about your customers?”

“Perhaps if I write a note you can go down and tape it to the door.”

That night however she insisted that they shared his bed and when he returned from the bathroom she threw back the blankets to reveal a totally naked body.

“Can you make love to me Mike?”

“Can I! It’s what I’ve wanted more than anything, ever since I took the lease.’

“I never knew. How stupid we are…I’ve wanted you forever, in fact I used to cum in my panties at your concerts.”


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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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