The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 05

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Chapter 27

Sue had all but killed me and I wasn’t worth a shit for a few days. I barely had the energy to fix my own meals. I worked a little bit cleaning up the scroll saw and it was looking pretty good. I oiled up the bearings and ran the motor to loosen everything up. Satisfied that I had done a good job I started on the drill press. It was in good shape and just needed cleaning and oiling. I found just about everything I needed if I found an interesting project to make.

I ran into Mary at the store and had a chance to talk to her about Julie’s problem and she said she had a few ideas and would make some notes for her and talk to her as soon as she could. She also said that she would like some time with me and I laughed and said I would have to check my calendar.

They had some thin oak sheets and I picked them up as well as some tracing paper and some spray adhesive. I thought I would start a project to keep myself busy now that the fall season was well under way.

Grace had stopped by a few times and she was happy now that she had come to terms with her fathers “hobby.” She had studied his journals and thought if she changed the names she could compile them into a book of some sort so she kept them locked away.

It was Saturday and I hadn’t heard from Janice in for a few weeks and because she worked out of town I just figured she was busy catching up on the weekends. I was out for a little ride and as I came to her house I decided to stop and say hello. She came to the door with a bandana around her head and looked like she was doing house work. I apologized for stopping without calling but I wanted to make sure she was ok and say hello and if she was busy I could see her another time.

She smiled one of her diamond smiles and she held the door open for me to enter. “Any excuse to put off doing housework is a good one Mike so come in and we can catch up,” she said. We went into the kitchen and I could smell fresh coffee brewing and she offered me a cup.

“How have you been Janice? I haven’t heard from you in quite a while and things have been quiet over on this side of the woods.” I asked.

“Well to be honest I am a little embarrassed about the orgy that we all had last time we were together. I am not usually like that but got caught up in the moment” she blushed and diverted her eyes away from me.

“Please don’t feel like that Janice, I don’t think any less of you and I am sure the other participants don’t either. We are all adults and whatever we do will stay amongst us as far as I am concerned. The only time I would talk about it is with the people that were there.”

She looked relieved and hugged me, reassuring me that she was still friendly toward me.

We talked for a bit and she told me all about her other life in Knoxville. Her work kept her busy during the day and she had a few friends in the city but didn’t have any serious relationships. She blushed again and told me she had a male friend and they were more like fuck buddies than lovers. She always insisted that he wear a condom because she didn’t know if he had other people he was fucking.

I asked why she didn’t insist on me using one and she said she knew all the people I was getting it on with and she knew no one around had anything to be worried about. She did voice her concern that it might change as the younger people went off to college and started to date. I agreed and filed that away to talk to Grace about that as she seemed to be the unofficial head of this little group. Maybe at some point there should be medical exams and testing to make sure everyone was clean. I wouldn’t object to the inconvenience every so often to remain safe.

Janice had relaxed and soon we were talking like we had seen each other yesterday. She was giving signals like she wanted to start something and we moved closer to one another holding hands like a couple of teenagers. She said that she had talked to Sue on the phone a few days ago and told me that Sue had told her about stopping for “Coffee” and winked at me. I wondered how much “coffee” she had been told about but didn’t offer any information about our meeting.

“You’re awful quiet about Sue, didn’t your coffee go down smooth?” she asked with a smile.

“I told you before I wouldn’t talk about what I did with anyone, if you ladies want to gossip about business then I guess that is your prerogative.”

“I’m sorry mike I was only teasing you. Sue didn’t tell me any details but I know she can be wild as hell when she gets going.”

“Apology accepted, now are you busy this afternoon or do you want to take a ride or something.”

‘Well I would like to do something,” she said “but we don’t have to go anywhere to do it, so if that is agreeable with you I would like to have you all to myself this time.”

I smiled at her and we moved closer and our lips met as I leaned in for a kiss. Her tongue was busy on my lips and I matched mine with hers to do the same. I brushed my hand against her breast and she grabbed my hand and casino siteleri pressed it hard to her chest. I could feel her nipple thru her shirt and bra digging into my palm and my other hand crept under her shirt and searched for her bra clasp.

I released her clasp and her breasts tumbled out under her shirt. My hands found her warm soft globs of mammary flesh and I massaged them and fingered her nipples. She was writhing against me moaning as I kissed down her neck and used one hand to unbutton her shirt. I pushed her shirt off her shoulders and when it fell off the bra went with it and she was naked from the waist up. Her breasts were as beautiful as I remembered and I kissed and sucked at her nipples and I knew I was doing something right because she was holding my head to her chest trying to press me closer.

I found the snap of her jeans and I undid it and slipped down the zipper. My hand found her lacy panties and as I got closer to her slit she was getting wet. I knelt down in front of her and she raised her hips so I could slide her jeans and panties off her.

I kissed my way down her body and nuzzled into the soft depressions where her legs joined her torso. Janice twisted and turned trying to get me to suck her pussy but I wanted to tease a little bit to prolong her pleasure. I certainty wasn’t in a rush with all the fucking I was getting and wanted our first time alone to be memorable for her.

My lips found her pussy and I slid it between her outer lips and ran it along the moist crease. Janice was bucking her hips slowly up and down in time with my tongue licking her cunt. She spread her legs wider and rested her ankles on my shoulders and that opened her cunt so I could nibble and chew on her inner lips.

Her moans were getting louder and her hips more persistent as I opened her inner lips exposing the crinkled entrance of her pussy. I dipped my tongue into her opening and could taste her love juice. It had the tangy sweet taste that I love I went back several more times for a refill. Janice reached down and grabbed my head and held to her muffin as if trying to swallow me with her cunt. The juice from her cunt was running down her crack and soaking the couch. Either I was becoming a much better lover or these women were all soakers and either way it was good for my 50 year old ego.

I worked my way back to her breasts, kissing them again and knelt upright removing my shirt. I hugged Janice to me and could feel her breasts on my bare chest. I unsnapped my jeans, pushed everything down and my cock nudged the soaking wet cunt that was waiting for it. It seemed that her pussy opened up and just sucked my cock deep into her. I took a deep breath and pushed and Janice grunted and I could feel her muscles clench to hold me tight in her.

Janice was moaning and asking for more as I stroked gently in her welcoming pussy. Her eyes were opened wide and I thought they were going to pop out at one point. Her teeth were clenched and her lips pulled back over them and the veins in her neck bulged with her strain. She looked more animal than human, straining for more and more pleasure. I increased the speed of my fucking and my cock dipped deeper and deeper into the velvet depths of her pussy.

I could hear the squelching of my cock pushing the cunt cream out as I stroked in and out searching for my own climax. Janice was cursing at me to fuck her harder and harder and not to stop. Her legs had locked around my waist and I could feel her heels beating on my ass as she fucked me back with every ounce of her energy. She spasmed hard and she lifted off the bed only supported by my cock and the back of her head. Her back was arched so bad I thought she would break in half as she clutched at me and her pussy squeezed me so hard I couldn’t draw it out to stroke her.

I just went with it and we fucked her to a second orgasm and before I could pull out she had a third. I finally was able to roll off of her and was wondering if she would have liked the cowgirl or doggy position. I guess I would have to save that for next time.

We snuggled and took a much needed nap for an hour or so. Janice recovered and we got cleaned up and went back to the kitchen. She offered a drink and we settled back for some conversation. It got a little personal and she asked if I ever thought about a threesome and I replied that while it was a great thought, the last multiple encounter, the one that she was there for nearly did me in. I was smiling but when she suggested a threesome with Sue and herself I said “If that ever happens I had better prepay my funeral expenses.”

She laughed and said that the orgy was the first and only time she had done that but found it exciting and would entertain the thought doing it again. I said I wouldn’t turn it down if it was presented but I knew I would have to pace myself if I was to satisfy both female partners. I didn’t know where this was going but where were all these women when I was 30 years younger.

We spent a few hours talking before I excused canlı casino myself and went home.

Chapter 28

I had found a few good patterns for some craft projects to make with the scroll saw and I got them out, used the spray adhesive to attach them to the oak sheets I had bought and planned how I would cut them out. I didn’t know what I would do with them after I finished them but if I was going to give them as gifts I would have to make at least 16 to make sure I didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I would also have to find a wide variety of things to make so they weren’t all the same. I thought I could just get started and sort it out later because the whole purpose for doing it was to keep myself busy.

It was a nice day and I had moved the saw out on the porch where the light was better and I could just sweep the sawdust off into the bushes. I had predrilled all the spaces so it was pleasant sitting there at the saw working at my own pace and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. I had stopped to change to another location when I heard Carol speak to me.

I turned and Carol and the twins were standing at the edge of the porch waiting to be invited come up and sit down. I gestured to the chairs and they sat down after turning them to face me in a semicircle. I offered soft drinks and went to fetch them and compose myself as I was sure that they had questions to ask me.

They were talking low when I returned and stopped as I got to them. Sitting down I asked them what was the purpose of their visit and they stammered a little and finally Carol said that they wanted to ask me some questions.

“Ok girls, that is ok but we have to set some ground rules first. First of all, you are all underage and I can’t do anything for you or to you. Do you all understand that? Second : we do all the talking out here on the porch if your mother isn’t with you. Ok? Third: you don’t touch me unless I am fully dressed, and just hug or a kiss on the cheek. Do you understand all that? Do you understand why I want to set these rules?”

“Carol, do you understand?” “yes” she answered.

“Kim?” “yes” she answered.

“Carrie?” “yes” she answered.

“Ok what can I do to help you?”

Carol, Kim and Carrie fired rapid fire questions at me and I have to admit they were way more than the birds and the bees. We must have talked for more than an hour and by the time we were finished I was sure I was blushing trying to answer in the best way without being vulgar. I knew the girls knew the mechanics of sex but the questions were more about feelings between the participants.

The girls finally seemed to be satisfied and I asked them if they wanted a refill on the drinks. I could hear them talking while I was inside and I was sure they were discussing what we had talked about.

I made some noise and came back to the porch with their drinks. The educational talk had stopped and I decided that I would have a talk with Julie as soon as I could. The kids finished their drinks and said they should be getting home and thanked me for the talk and the drinks. We stood up and they hugged me and left for home.

I phoned Julie and I talked quickly so she could hang up before the girls got there. I gave her the gist of our talk and asked her to keep my tipping her off to herself. She was shocked but promised to keep my name out of it and she would wait a day or so and try to work into it somehow.

Chapter 29

Julie called me during the week and asked if I was available to talk. I said I was and she came right over.

“Hi Mike, I am so glad you are not busy, I really have to talk to you. I have so much to tell you.”

She held out her arms and I welcomed her lush body against mine. It wasn’t sexual but very comforting to have such warmth from another person. I asked where she would most comfortable and she said she would like to sit in the kitchen and have a cup of coffee if I would make some.

I made the coffee and poured it as she started her tale.

“Mike so much has happened in the past few days I don’t know where to start. I took Mary’s advice. I was amazed to see how my daughters had grown into young women and not the little kids as I had always pictured them.”

“We spent most of the day together and whenever we passed each other we would reach out and caress or just hug. I have to tell you that it was an emotional day.”

I told her that I wouldn’t make any judgments about her relationship with her kids and no one would ever hear about anything from me. I expressed my views on lesbian sex and because of the situation around here it was probably more prevalent than we think.

I took the time to tell Julie what the girls wanted to talk about when they were over last week and the rules that I had established. I also told her how I answered their questions and she was glad I was so honest and upfront with them.

I said I hoped I was still able to perform by the time the twins were ready but that was almost 3 years away. kaçak casino I knew Carol was almost legal and I bet she was going to be as wild as her mother once she got going. I was betting that Carrie was going to be the wildest of all of them just from the way she was so comfortable with her body.

Just talking and joking with each other, we didn’t have sex but just enjoyed the closeness we felt after making love. She told me a few more stories about their feelings they now shared and some of the activities that had happened.

After a short time she excused herself and said she had to get back and do some work before she got too far behind in her books and with a hug and kiss she left for home.

I worked on my scroll saw projects and it afforded me a good amount of time to think about what my life had become. Who would have thought that I would stumble into this haven of sensuality? Everyone that I had sex with was wonderful in each their own way. Some were wild as hell and were scary sometimes in their sexual demands when I was with them but loving at the same time. Others were soft and gentle and took me into them as if I was a treasure and they made me feel really special in their own way.

I was amazed how everyone seemed to get along and there wasn’t any jealousy being shown, they were all equals and didn’t display any ownership toward me. I don’t think I would have stayed around this long if that had been a problem.

Everyone had settled on some sort of schedule and I was able to keep up in spite of my age. I hoped that I wouldn’t have any additions to my “harem” as keeping with 20 women was taxing enough. I was glad that they all didn’t want weekly service because I would have to bring in some help and I surely didn’t know where I would get some. I had thought about it from time to time and none of my friends would fit the bill. My only hope would be if someone else stumbled into the valley and wanted to stay. I found it would take a special person to deal with all the personalities and sexual needs around here.

Grace had been stopping by on a regular schedule and we had formed some sort of bond. I didn’t want to think of us as a Father/Daughter type relationship as that would really put a damper on my sexual feelings for her but I think she was between that and treating me like a mentor. We enjoyed our time when we were together whether it was at my place or hers. I preferred to go there so that we wouldn’t be disturbed by any of the other women. I treasured our private time and even though our orgy was exciting as hell I didn’t know if I could keep up with that kind of stimulation. Grace was special to me in an odd sort of way and I didn’t want to share my time with her with anybody.

I thought about Jasmine and she was an exciting lady to say the least. Her smooth milk chocolate brown skin was always shiny with a glow from within. The first time I was with her was my first time with a black woman and I couldn’t get over how pink she was inside. She had the most control over her cunt muscles and could squeeze my cock so hard I thought she wound snip it off the first time we fucked.

I had a new experience with her when I was able to fist her. It had happened quite by accident on my part but it was obvious it wasn’t her first time. She loved getting stuffed like that and when Grace slid her hand into her cunt up to her wrist at the orgy she went nuts. I think she could probably take two hands if they were small enough. Maybe it was time to look her up.

Then there was Mary and her daughters. What can I say about them, just a few words sum them up, “THREE SEX MACHINES”. Beautiful, smart, sexy and what one didn’t think of the others did. They would probably kill me if they were all together at the same time.

Janice and Sue were dynamite alone or together and I don’t think I would be able to handle them at the same time but I would like to see them together again like I had that day in the woods. I think that Janice was thinking of a threesome when we were together a few weeks ago. It was exciting to think about but I knew my limitations and wondered how I would stay alive.

Julie’s girls, Carol, Kim and Carrie were going to drive me crazy until they were 18 and after what Julie told me it was only going to get worse. They were teen sexual predators just waiting for some unsuspecting male to come along. I could see them like Black Widow spiders stalking their victim until they ate him up. That poor sap wouldn’t know what hit him. I didn’t think that Carol would be a problem because she was close to being legal. The twins had almost 3 years to wait before they were legal and I really didn’t think they would want to wait that long.

That’s the nice thing about woodworking, it lets you think about stuff and keep your hands busy at the same time.

Chapter 30

I had been thinking about Jasmine and her sweet pussy and I had just put her out of my mind because just thinking about her gave me hard on. She had a soft voice that sounded like a song when she talked to you. Like I said I had to put her out of my mind and was concentration on other things when my phone went off. I just picked it up without looking at the caller ID and I knew who it was just from the voice. Jasmine!

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