To Pay The Ultimate Price

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Tawny is your every day average girl; she stands 5’3 with long burgundy hair, brown eyes, a wonderfully sweet smile, a well-developed chest, and very shapely legs. She is the kind of girl that one would think any guy would love, however there is one problem, for the last year Tawny hasn’t had much luck in the love department. It seems like every guy that she has dated over that year has been I guess what you would call “intimidated” by her career of choice. Tawny is a police officer. She was beginning to think that maybe her career is all she will ever have, until the day she met Randy.

Tawny works for a rather large department in Massachusetts, and sees many people in the course of a day, however she has seen this Randy in passing so many times. Each and every time she sees him, her heart instantly begins to race, and although she hasn’t ever talked to him, or even been close enough just to be able to look into his eyes, something inside her tells her that she really needs to get to know this man, and she knew just how to do it.

That afternoon, she was sitting in her cruiser, when suddenly she saw him pass her, again her heart instantly begins to run, but she knew what she had to do. Getting up behind him, she pulls him over. As their vehicles come to a complete stop, Tawny just sat there for a moment, as she knows what she is about to do.

“Well here goes nothing, this will either work to my advantage or I will shortly become the biggest laughing stock of the entire department if this doesn’t work, and anyone finds out” she thinks to herself. Tawny steps out of her cruiser, and heads over to the driver’s side of the car. She stands there for a moment as she watches him just shaking his head. Tawny knocks on the window to get his attention, and as Randy opened his window and turned his head to look at her, his hazel eyes stopped her thinking process instantly. As her eyes lock onto his, her heart once again begins to race, and she just can’t seem to be able to talk, she just stands there and stares at him.

“Are you alright?” Randy asks her as a soft smile comes over his face. Tawny didn’t answer at first, its like she is hypnotized by those eyes. “Did you pull me over just so you could stare at me?” in saying that, Tawny snapped back from her almost paralyzed state.

“Oh I’m sorry, I…I did pull you over for a reason and I am now embarrassed to say that I don’t remember why.”

Well I think you might be wanting this.” Randy hands Tawny his license registration.

“Stay here I will be right back.” As Tawny turns to walk back to her cruiser, Randy watches her in his mirror, as he tries to calm his now hardening cock as it begins to tent against his pants. Getting back into her cruiser, Tawny just sits there for a moment and made it look like she’s writing him a ticket, but instead she was actually writing him a message. Tawny heads back to his car, and hands him back his information and hands him a slip of paper, she smiles and he smiles back, as she turns once again to head back to her car, Randy opens this paper, the message left inside says, “I have to see you.” Randy looks back at the cruiser just to look at her one more time, feeling a special tingle run though him almost instantly as he just can’t believe what he has just read.

“Oh my god what do I do now?” he thinks to himself. As the day progresses, Randy continues bahis firmaları to think about what happened earlier, about her, about the feeling that he instantly felt, and most of all about what he read. The more Randy thought about it, the more his member began to come to life, no matter how he tried to inhibit the feelings, and the thoughts he just couldn’t get them or HER out of his head. He was hoping to be able to see her again too, but he just didn’t know how.

That night as his work day came to an end, Randy heads home, following the same route that he came in on, hoping maybe he would see her out there somewhere, but no luck, she was no where around. All that night Tawny was all Randy could manage to think about, he even found himself waking up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on that needed relief with nothing but her as his stimulation.

“Oh this is nuts, I just have to find her. I have to know why this is doing this to me, and why I can’t get this girl out of my head. And why I find myself wanting and needing a woman that I have only seen but one time so badly”

Tawny too is in the same kind of predicament, as she continues her day, she can’t think of anything else but Randy, and his gorgeous hazel eyes, his wonderfully soft and sexy smile, how it would feel just to be able to touch him, or to have him touch her, the sound of his voice, and just how damn good he smells. Tawny’s concentration on her job is now totally shot. Tawny clocks out early and heads home. Arriving back home, Tawny removes her uniform, places her piece in her locked drawer, and slips into an over sized t-shirt and sweat shorts, hoping that if she keeps herself busy around the apartment, then maybe it won’t be so bad for her, even if only for a little while. Yet she finds that the busier she tries to make herself, the more she thinks about him, the more sexually aroused she becomes. She too finds herself in need of great relief.

Tawny just can’t stand anymore; she walks back into her bedroom and lies on the bed, slowly caressing her breasts as she pictures Randy there with her, sucking, licking, and nibbling on her nipples. Sliding her hand down her body and in between her legs, Tawny begins to explore all her wetness, feeling her orgasm approaching rapidly as she hunches down to her fingers which are now deep inside her, as she now continues her rapid attack on her dripping pussy she brings herself over the edge as her back arches, and she screams out his name, as her pussy erupts like a massive volcano. As her body begins to settle she begins to shake, and suddenly cry, as she can’t believe that this man could do this to her.

The following morning, Tawny gets up and gets back into uniform and heads out for yet another day, and hopes that somewhere along the line today she might get a chance to see him yet again. As for Randy, when he leaves for work, he doesn’t go directly to work, he heads off to the precinct, in hopes that she will be there. Walking into the precinct, Randy sees Tawny leaning against the wall talking to who he thought was her boss. Not wanting to interrupt her, just as he went to turn to leave, he realized he didn’t take his eyes off her quick enough, when she suddenly spotted him. To him the look on her face is priceless as the softest smile came across her face. Randy walks toward her still with his eyes locked kaçak iddaa onto her.

“Do you remember me?” he asks softly.

“Oh god yes how can I possibly forget?” Tawny replies.

“Do you have a minute or are you busy?”

“Follow me, I have all the time in the world, I’m working in house today.” Tawny leads Randy into the coffee room, closing the door behind them, what Randy doesn’t realize is that she locked the door so they wouldn’t be disturbed. As Randy sits at the table, Tawny sits on the edge of the table next to him, as a nervous shake takes over Tawny’s hands, although she found herself not being able to look directly into his eyes. Knowing that Tawny is nervous, and probably just as nervous as he is, and seeing her hands shaking slightly, Randy places his hand on top of hers trying to comfort her in some way. As she feels his hand lie on top of hers, Tawny’s instant reaction was to inhale deeply. Looking down at his strong hands, Tawny can in vision those same hands exploring, touching, and caressing each and every part of her body.

“Tawny, please look at me.”

“I…I can’t, I am so ashamed of the way I acted yesterday.” Placing a finger under Tawny’s chin, Randy turns her head to look at him.

“You don’t ever have to be ashamed of it, I am glad you did what you did. Yes I admit I am still trying to figure it all out, I’ve been trying ever since yesterday, I have to say I tried really hard to put it out of my head, and pretend like it doesn’t exist, but I can’t. You Tawny are all I have been able to think about for the last twenty-four hours.” Randy slides his hand onto her cheek, as her hand comes to rest on top of his. Randy stands before her, as they said not a word to each other for the next few minutes. As their eyes locked onto one another, Randy leans down and softly kisses her. In an instant, passion and desire explode inside of Tawny as she kisses him back, slowly parting her lips for his awaiting tongue, their kiss deepens as Tawny finds herself wrapping her arms tightly around his magnificent shoulders, holding onto him for dear life; like she doesn’t want him to go away. Tawny moans softly as Randy moves from her lips, slowly down the side of her neck. Moving himself in even closer to her, Tawny could feel Randy’s hardness pressing against her leg.

Reaching down, Tawny rubs his hardness through his pants, as Randy shrieks, and his back arches. Suddenly Randy stops and just looks at Tawny.

“Maybe we should lock the door.”

“I already did, I did that when we first came in here.” Slowly Randy begins to unbutton her shirt, sliding it off her shoulders, and down her arms, as Tawny unbuttons his shirt, sliding her hands inside it running her hands up his chest. Randy slides his hands around to her back, as he unhooks the hooks on her bra, exposing her beautiful breasts to his eyes.

Taking both breasts into his hands, Tawny’s head falls back while Randy kisses his way down her chest, taking each nipples one at a time into his mouth and suckling on them. Laying Tawny back onto the Table, Randy slowly removes her gun belt, placing it to the side, as he opens her pants, sliding them down over her hips, down her thighs, down her legs and completely off her. Spreading her legs just a little, Randy kisses his way back up the inside of her legs, to the one area that he just absolutely loves, (you kaçak bahis see Randy is a thigh man) reaching her inner thighs, Randy is now in heaven as he kisses, licks, nibbles, and sucks on that very soft skin on her inner thighs. Sliding his finger under the edge of her thong, Randy pulls it to the side, now exposing her gleaming pussy lips, lightly he runs his tongue up and down the length of her pussy, every now and then flicking his tongue over her clit, as he slides a finger deep inside her hot box, her body shutters, and her back arches, as her hands slide into the back of his brown hair, interlocking her fingers Tawny pulls Randy in closer to her as he buries his tongue deep inside her. Her hips begin to hunch toward his tongue as they can both feel her orgasm rapidly approaching, and with one last deep thrust of his tongue deep inside her, Tawny was drawn over the edge, as her body shakes wildly through wave after wave of an extremely hard orgasm. Randy looks up at Tawny as she smiles at him, motioning him to her with her finger.

Randy stands before her as she sits up, taking the top of his pants into her hands, as she begins to open his belt and undo his pants. Sliding her hand inside them she frees his extremely hard shaft, leaning down Tawny runs her tongue over the very tip before sucking the head into her mouth. Slowly Tawny begins to suck his shaft as she cups his balls massaging them gently. Randy slides his fingers into the back of her hair as he pummels his piston in and out of her mouth.

“Oh god Tawny I want you!!!” Tawny stops and looks up at Randy.

“I want you too.” Tawny replies, lying back on the table, Randy takes Tawny’s legs into his hands and places them over his shoulders. Taking Randy’s cock back into her hand, she guides him to her hot box. Randy shutters once again and Tawny squeals a bit as he pushes the tip of his manhood just inside her, little by little Randy enters his length deep inside her, as her muscles grab a hold of his shaft, sucking him deeper inside. With each and every stroke Randy’s pace picks up, yet the entire time his eyes don’t leave hers, as they enjoy watching each others emotions and expressions as the passions explode, feeling his cock hardening more inside her and his balls tightening, Tawny knew it wouldn’t be long before he was experiencing the same hard orgasm that she had been brought through not 10 minutes ago. Reaching down between them, Tawny wraps her fingers from her left hand around his shaft, stroking his cock with every thrust. And suddenly Randy’s head throws back, as he holds a tight grip around her legs, his body tenses, as he begins to whimper.

“Come on baby, Cum for Tawny!!!” that was all it took, Randy let out with one hell of a scream (thank goodness the room is pretty much sound proof) as Randy empties his balls deep inside Tawnys dripping pussy. Randy falls spent onto Tawny, as she wraps her arms around him again, just holding him. As they get their wits back about them Randy stands up, and looks at Tawny once more.

“What time are you off today?”

“I’m out of here at 5:15 why?” Tawny asks.

“Well I was thinking I would come back and pick you up and we could spend the evening together if you would like.”

“I would very much like that, do you promise to be here when I get out?”

“I promise I will be here.” Tawny gets herself recomposed, and Randy takes her into his arms one last time, kisses her deeply, and whispers, “I will see you after work.” And sure enough come 5:15 as Tawny walks out the front door of the precinct, there he was waiting for her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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