TOP COP Ch. 06

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Group Sex

This is the sixth part of fictitious story of Melissa, a young female rookie police officer selected to participate in an undercover assignment assigned to a federal task force. Gene, her FTO will serve as her guardian angel and security back up. Brian and Samantha agents that will be working with them on the undercover case join them at the safe house. Jo and Brian bring Nikki, a confidential informant to the safe house to meet Melissa or Liza her undercover name.LB, formerly known as FBB, my former love and still a soul mate is the coauthor and editor. The story takes place in a large metropolitan city on the west coast. Samantha, Jo, and Brian work for a fictitious federal law enforcement agency.


Brian and Sam each gave an update on their areas, the progress of the training, while the white shirts at headquarters took their notes. Melissa and Gene sat attentive, but had little to add to the discussion, and waited for the subject matter to turn to operational details. With the logistics out of the way, Brian threw a curve ball that Melissa and Gene were unaware of. There was a confidential informant (CI—not a law enforcement officer) working the case and was already in place providing information to the agents that had been working it, Brian and his staff of forensic and criminal analyst. They were both surprised that she would be arriving at the safe house later in the day!

After the call, they all stayed around the table to talk. Gene piped up first, “So, who is this CI?”

Sam responded, “We knew that this was going to catch you as a surprise, but remember a lot of this case is “close hold” and on a need to know basis to protect everyone’s lives.”

Nikki, the CI that was due to arrive from the city, had suffered a run-in with the law and to keep from going to prison she had agreed to use her “assets” to gather intelligence on cases, bring officers in undercover, and to testify only if necessary! Her first brush with the law was as a recent college dropout that hung around hotel bars frequented by businessmen. She used her body to gain the trust of the men and walk away the next morning with their watches, jewelry, money, and whatever else she could hock quickly for cash. Moving quickly up the criminal food chain she became the girlfriend of Anthony, a local mob street boss. As a girlfriend, she wasn’t trusted as a “kept woman” but could pick up key information by keeping her ears open. She would bring Melissa to a party and work her into the group of “ladies” that were always around to have a good time.

Needing to take a break, the agents grabbed some lunch food from the refrigerator and carried their plates to eat by the pool and enjoy the sun. The agents’ ears perked when they heard the engine of an SUV roll to a stop and park with the mix of the other undercover cars in either the garage or the parking area that doubled as a basketball court.

The doors opened and the agents, all recognizable young men and women, in good shape, sunglasses, dressed neatly but not in the “uniform” of federal agents (suits, ties, etc.) emerged. Nikki, the CI, stepped from the back seat. Instead of wearing sunglasses, she had a satin mask—normally worn in the bedroom or during kinky sex—that covered her eyes. She extended her hand for an agent to guide her from the car.

Jo was very tall, blonde, with the muscular body that reminded Melissa of some of the volleyball players that shared the women’s athletic facility at LSU. The blonde agent, Melissa would learn later that her name was Joanne or Jo, took Nikki’s hand and led her toward the group of agents finishing their lunch poolside.

Walking with her eyes, covered Nikki stumbled a little as she negotiated the uneven surface of the pathway. After illegal bahis they were away from the cars, Jo removed Nikki’s mask with one hand while offering her a pair of oversized “Hollywood” sunglasses before the noonday sun blinded her. Nikki and Jo’s bodies were a study in contrast; where Jo was tall, blonde, and muscular, Nikki was petite, dark hair and her olive skin flaunted her Italian heritage.

Nikki grew up in the area of town known as “Little Sicily” which was also the home to many of the “families” that ran the criminal organizations in the Metropolitan area with ties to families on the East Coast. She and her boyfriend were arrested in one of the federal crackdowns on organized crime; the boyfriend, a real jerk, left her to hang by herself and the family didn’t provide any of the help offered the members of the family that were caught up in the police’s net that horrible night.

After spending a few nights confined in a cell awaiting arraignment, she quickly realized she was on her own. When the prosecuting attorney interviewed her, she painted a picture of Nikki spending the next twenty years in a federal women’s prison; wearing orange and learning how to be some dyke’s plaything. The prosecutor, seeing the fear on Nikki’s face, offered her a deal to provide intelligence on the family in exchange for having the charges reduced. It didn’t take a genius to decide that the offer sounded better than spending twenty years in “orange”. Nikki accepted the offer and was released on probation. A few weeks later, she received a message to meet an agent in Las Vegas and since then has been a government snitch.

Nikki was a pretty lady, the type that you would expect to find hanging around the mob or that would appear in a mob movie or TV show. Her long dark hair cascaded over her shoulders and blew in the afternoon breeze. Gene noticed her large breast as they moved with her body as she swayed in tall heels like a model strutting the runway of a fashion show. The extra agents, mostly there just to provide security on the road trip went inside to grab something to eat, while Jo, another agent that Sam introduced as Travis, along with Nikki joined the other agents by the pool. One of the guys that went inside, soon came out with plates for the Nikki, Jo, and Travis. While the three ate their lunch everyone went around with introductions, Melissa and Gene had been briefed to use their UC names with Nikki as the operation was now in motion.

Nikki had everyone’s attention when she started giving the latest update that included the information on the upcoming junket where the target was expected to meet with some of the family on an island in the Caribbean that had not been identified. The questions went on as the agents tried to fill in any missed information and to prepare Nikki with the plan on introducing Melissa, now known as Liza, to the target.

Sam suggested that Jo, Liza, (Melissa) and Nikki join her in the dining room while the guys remained around the pool to spend the afternoon (supposedly talking about the operation but probably comparing golf scores or talking about the latest weapons they shot at the range.)

Sam pulled out a chair and sat at the head of the table while the other ladies took seats on either side. Melissa brought in a pitcher of lemonade, spiked with a little rum, and poured a glass for each of the others.

Sam kicked it off, “Nikki, we really appreciate what you have done for this operation. As you know if Liza (Melissa) is successful in obtaining the evidence you will not need to appear in court and we can throw these pigeons in the coop!”

“Well, you know Anthony has set up a meeting for Mr. P (the nickname given for the corrupt politician) with some of the money guys on illegal bahis siteleri the east coast. There’s going to be a large federal highway project coming through the state and Anthony’s family in the east controls the road construction industry. They want to get a foothold on the west coast with this contract.” Nikki went on with the details while sipping her drink and feeling more comfortable with Liza (Melissa) who was going to become her best friend from college that was moving to the west coast.

Jo was Nikki’s control agent; calling the meetings, telling Nikki what the prosecutors needed, taking Nikki’s information, and sometimes recordings or pictures that the agents would analyze and include in the case files. Jo came to the bureau through a circuitous route; she made the volleyball team in college, made the Olympic team, and became infatuated with one of the agents providing security during the games. There had been threats against the U.S. team and the bureau had the lead in providing protection for the team while they were overseas. After trying out and playing a few years of professional beach volleyball she decided she needed a real career and applied to be an agent.

The conversation became lighter as the rum took its effect on the ladies and they were soon talking as if they had been old friends for years. Sam looked at Nikki bringing a more serious air to the room, “What does Liza (Melissa) need to know before you introduce her to Mr. P?”

“Well, first of all, you can throw your ego and all the bullshit of being an agent out the window! “Us girls” are there for one thing: To be eye candy on their arms and to keep the men happy. If you ask too many questions or seem to be interested in their business you will soon find yourself on the side of the road, if they let you live.” Nikki told Liza, looking straight into her eyes. She wore an emotionless expression, not a grin or a smile.

“Nikki, I understand. Although you see me here as an agent I have been undercover before and will act the part. Is there anything else I need to know? Does Mr. P have any likes or fetishes that I can play into in order to get closer to him?”

Nikki giggled a little and, just between the ladies, she began to tell them about the stories she had heard about Mr. P’s exploits in the bedroom and what he liked about his girls. She didn’t have any proof but she’d heard he had a bondage fetish and she had seen some of the marks on one of his old girlfriend’s that could have only come from rough sex. He also told Liza (Melissa) that he liked his girls to be well dressed, sexy but not slutty, and he liked to watch the girls loving each other. “Will that be a problem?” Liza snapped back, “Not a problem for me.”

Sam suggested that Liza (Melissa) and Nikki talk about wardrobes so she will have the right clothes for the operation. They went into the living room to chat while Jo and Sam stayed in the dining room to catch up.

“Sam, do you think Melissa is ready for this?” “Jo, I know from her appearance you may think she’s too young but she has a lot of UC experience with the Marines and NCIS and from what I’ve read and the time I’ve been with her in the last day, I think she will be great.” Jo reached over and laid her hand on top of Sam’s. “Well, from a lady with your experience I feel better. So have you …?” Sam started telling her about how they played in the pool that ended with a kiss in front of the other agents. “So I should get to know her?” Jo said with a smile! “Yes, I think we all need to get to know one another better! Maybe send the men away for a while?” “Hee hee… that would be great! Any ideas?”

When Nikki and Liza rejoined Sam and Jo, Jo suggested that the ladies go back into the city and let canlı bahis siteleri Nikki take a look at what Liza (Melissa) has and go shopping if she needed anything else. The men could stay at the safe house, discuss how they were going to do surveillance, and work back etc. during the time Melissa would be in undercover without her weapon and badge. Jo went out to the pool and told the guys the plan, Melissa and Sam went upstairs to pack what they would need for a night in the city and were back down with their overnight bags just as Jo returned to the dining room. “Liza do you have room for all of us?” “I do as long as we share rooms. Is that ok with everyone?” Everyone nodded and they all started picking up the room so they could leave.

Jo looked at Nikki, “Sorry baby, but you know the rules…” “I know.” Nikki pushed her hair back behind her ears so that Jo could replace the mask over her eyes for the trip back into town. Sam waited until they were out by the pool and said goodbye to the guys then she placed the mask in place and took Nikki’s hand to lead her to the car. After getting Nikki situated in the back seat and seat belted in, the others took seats in the car with Jo driving, Melissa in the forward passengers seat, and Sam in the back sitting next to Nikki. Two of guys would follow them to the interstate to provide counter surveillance coverage and then return to the house.

Sitting in the car, Melissa noticed that Jo had the ac on its coldest setting and it was having the usual effect on her nipples; they were beginning to harden in her light bra and top. After about 15 minutes they were on the interstate and passed an interchange with the north-south expressway. The counter-surveillance car peeled off to return to the safe house and Sam reached over removing the Mask from Nikki’s eyes. While she was bent over, she put her lips to Nikki’s cheek, “Nice to see you sweetie!” Nikki smiled, “Good to see you too Samantha…!” Sam took Nikki’s hand and held it while putting her lips to Nikki’s and pushed her tongue past Nikki’s lips and deeper into the young Italian’s mouth.

Jo focused on driving to Melissa’s townhouse but occasionally looked over to see if the ac was working on Mel’s perky nipples and hopped she would have an opportunity to see and maybe suck them later. While the two in the back were kissing like schoolgirls Jo and Mel chatted, getting to know one another. Jo turned the volume up in the back to cover the conversation in the front since they do not want Nikki to know too much about Melissa.

“Melissa, Sam said you all had a good time while she was staying with you…” “I guess we did…sort of surprised her when I dumped her in the pool and then she retaliated by pulling my top off and I pulled hers off. The guys loved it! I gave her a big kiss for their pleasure!”

Jo was the first to touch on the subject of sex,”Mmm so you do go both ways?” Melissa looked over at the athletic blonde, “Yessss and I am assuming you do as well? “Well, I prefer ladies but I have been known to like a few men… they just have to be the right type!” They both laughed and Melissa began to feel more at ease, at first she thought Jo might have been a full lesbian. She had been around lesbians in college and in the Marines, but preferred women that were still into men. It wasn’t long before they were back in the city and nearing Melissa’s apartment in the high rise.

Parking in the garage the girls grabbed their bags and walked towards the elevators. All the while, each of them was speculating what was in store for the evening.

Using the access key Melissa called for the elevator, pushed the number for her floor, once the doors closed, Jo leaned towards her and kissed her lips hard and deep. They were all surprised when the doors opened at the lobby level and an elderly couple entered a smile on the man and a disgusted look on the lady. Arriving at the floor, Sam looked over her shoulder and gave the elderly gentleman a wink as they exited the elevator!

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