Toying With Him

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My lover will allow me to insert a finger into his ass, however, he draws the line there. I have teased him about bringing one of my dildos over to his place to play with his ass, but he warned me “Any dildos that show up here are going straight up your ass.”

How can a girl resist that kind of temptation?

In my room, I have a drawer that contains my “goodies.” In it, there is an assortment of dildos and vibrators and lube. Whenever I cannot be with my lover, I will go to this drawer and select a toy or two, read a couple stories on Literotica, and enter heaven on my own.

A couple weeks after my lover threatened to shove a dildo up my ass, I went home and began to look through my drawer. I had a particular toy in mind. It is a vibrator called the Excalibur. It is a sword shaped vibrator of silver plastic. One end is the dildo, about 6 inches long and about 1 ¼ inches in diameter. The other end is a buttplug whose diameter is 2 inches across the widest point. I have had many fond memories with both ends of the Excalibur.

My heart was racing with anticipation as I drove from my apartment to my lover’s home. I could not wait to plant the vibrator by the bed and see how my lover reacted. I reached his home in the late afternoon when I knew he was still at work. I placed the dildo next to a pile of books, on the nightstand where I usually keep my glasses and nail file. Its matte silver color and clever position on the nightstand between my books and my reading lamp made it inconspicuous. I was fairly certain that my lover would not notice it until bedtime.

That night, I asked my lover if we could go to bed early, as I had to get to work early the next morning. He agreed, and we both went to get ready for bed. I have a usual ritual at night. First, I do my toiletries: I take off my contacts, then I brush my teeth, then I wash my face and brush my hair. I do all of this completely clothed. Then, as my lover is brushing his teeth, I undress in the same way. I start off by taking off my shirt, staring straight into his eyes in the mirror as I pull the shirt over my head. Then my bra gets tossed off, and I give my lover time to appreciate my firm, perfectly shaped breasts as they harden automatically in the cool night air. My pants come off next, I slowly slide them over my hips and down my legs. I bend down to push them off completely so that my lover gets a good view of my ass that is now only covered by a g-string. I smile at my lover over my shoulder, allowing him to get a good view of my back, ass and legs as well as the profile of my breasts in the mirror reflection. Then I walk off to climb into bed, clad only in the g-string. It is rare that my lover joins me in bed without an erection.

Tonight, the only difference in my routine is that I have chosen not to sleep on my usual side of the bed by the nightstand. I am on the bahis firmaları far side of the bed reading a book as I wait for him. My lover walks over to the bedside and looks momentarily confused. “I thought I might change the sleeping arrangements so that you don’t have to crawl over me in the morning” I explain.

He nods and climbs in bed next to me. I hand him my book to place on the nightstand next to him, making sure that he has ample opportunity to look at my hardened nipples. He takes the book and places it on my book pile when he notices the vibrator. “What’s this?”

“Oh that? That’s a friend” I answer in my most innocent voice.

“Really…? And what did you think we were going to do with your friend?” he asks coyly.

“Well, I thought that we could try something new…” I give him that look that I give when I want to play dirty, and I pull his head close for a deep kiss. His mouth is cool from being recently brushed, and it tastes minty. He relaxes his stance to kiss me deeper. I reach into his boxers and grasp his already stiff cock. It responds vigorously to my touch. I can feel it pulse beneath my fingers. It isn’t long before he has my hands pinned down over my head with one of his hands, the other hand is roughly tugging down my g-string then pulling down his boxers.

He slides a finger into my hot ready pussy and moans, surprised at how wet I already am. Without further adieu, he positions himself on top of me and thrusts himself into me. I am tight and wet around his hard cock, and it takes three hard thrusts before he is completely buried in me. I wrap my legs around his torso and allow him to ram into me with slow, hard movements.

I have been aroused all afternoon anticipating this that it does not take long before I am in the throes of my first orgasm of the night. Feeling all 8 inches of his hard cock in me sends me over the edge, and my arms and hands struggle against his one hand that is holding them down easily. I am dying to scratch my nails down his back to scream outloud, but he will not allow me to offset my release. He keeps my hands pinned down and my mouth is covered by his mouth, and I am forced to confront the entirety of the feelings he causes by his fucking me. I feel as though I will be sucked into a vortex because the feelings are so overwhelming.

Finally, my feelings start to ebb, and we both slow down in our frantic thrusting. He releases my hands and I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss his face. He leans back and looks into my eyes. “What do you want now?”

“I want whatever you want” I answer. “Do whatever you wish, fuck me, fuck my mouth, fuck my ass. I am yours.”

He smiles because he knows this is true. “Why did you bring your dildo?”

“I brought it for you. I can use it on you, or you can use it on me.”

“You know how I feel about sticking things up kaçak iddaa my ass” he growls, although I know he likes my provocations. He can use them against me and punish me later.

He rolls us over so that I lay on top of him. “I want you to clean me off” he commands. I lift myself off of his cock and move to clean my juices off of him. I love the taste of my juices on his cock. I slurp him in, allowing the curly hairs to tickle my nose. I feel him grow harder and harder. “Move your body so I can taste you” he says. I move obediantly into 69 position, my knees straddling his head. His tongue laps at my inner thighs, cleaning off the splattered love juices. He thrusts two fingers into my still soaking wet pussy. I moan even as his cock is down my throat.

I try to be sneaky as I reach a hand over to the bedstand, grabbing for the vibrator. I decide that I won’t try inserting it up his ass, but I know that he’d love to feel it vibrating against the pucker.

He catches my diverted attention, and he grabs the vibrator from me. “What do you think you’re doing?” he growls.

I stop sucking on his cock and answer “I’m just going to tickle your balls and rectum with it. I won’t try putting it in your ass.”

He chuckles. “Get back to your sucking. Little girls who try to be in control need to be punished.” He goes back to licking my clit, and I hear the vibrator being turned on. I shudder in anticipation and begin bobbing my head down on him with vigor.

I feel the tip of the dildo side slowly penetrate into my very wet pussy. My lover slides it in slowly and does not stop until it is fully inside of me. He starts pumping it in and out, matching the rhythm I am setting on his cock. The vibrations, combined with his adept work on my clit with his tongue, set me over the edge once again. I quickly take his cock into my mouth completely as I cum so that the vibration of my moans can stimulate him. My body shakes over him as the orgasm washes over me. He quickly takes the vibrator out of my pussy and shoves it into my ass. The orgasm intensifies, and I feel my ass contract around the hard plastic. I feel weak, and his strong arms hold me up.

I slump over him, and he allows me to rest for a moment before lifting me off of him. “Turn around” he says “and don’t let the dildo fall out.”

I do as my lover commands. Carefully, I crawl around and straddle him,all the while clenching my ass muscles to keep the long dildo from falling out of my ass. It vibrates still, sending shocks of electricity through my ass, which almost feels like too much.

He grabs me by the waist and uses my pelvic bones to push me down onto his hard pole. It is more difficult than usual since there is a vibrator in my ass. “You are so tight!” he exclaims.

I have never felt so full in my life. I had played with two dildos before, but having my kaçak bahis lover’s cock buried within me was so much more. There was a warmth that I cannot describe, and the way the he controlled my body…

He used his strong hands to move me up and down on his cock. We were fucking for his pleasure now. I looked behind us in the full length mirror that runs along the wall opposite the bed. I look absolutely obscene with the vibrator sticking out of my ass, my lover’s cock moving in and out of my small hole. I turn back to kiss my lover’s mouth and hold on for dear life. It is his turn now, and he’ll take what he wants.

He pounds into me, gently sometimes, other times brutally. His hands hold down my shoulders so that I cannot control either the speed or the strength of the fucking. I find this enfuriating, sometimes he changes rhythm just as I’m about to cum and throws me off the crest. But I love that he is in control, and I let him keep on riding. My pussy gets wetter and wetter, and the vibrating in my ass is driving me crazy. I can feel every single nerve in my clitoris singing, stimulated by his body rubbing against mine. “I’m going to cum” I pant in his ear.

Knowing that I love rough sex, he starts to thrust me down on his cock, harder than before. I cry out, loving the brutality of it all. I feel orgasm well up in me yet again, and just as my pussy walls begin to contract around his cock, he buries himself in me completely so that I am completely full as I ride the wave of orgasm. My body shudders over his, and I feel the urge to roll off of him, but his arms keep me pinned where I am.

When he feels that the contractions grow more distant, my lover pulls the vibrator out of my ass adn throws it to the floor. I gasp as the cold air enters my tightest hole. He lifts me off of his cock and lays me down on my back. He gets on top of me. “Now it’s my turn” he announces.

He thrusts his thick cock into my still wet pussy and bends down to kiss me. To my surprise, he starts making love to me gently, slowly. He kisses my mouth luxuriously. I am still relaxed post-orgasmically, but I love how he feels as he is doing this. I wrap my arms around his back, using one hand to trace the outline of his spine. My legs wrap around his and feel their warmth.

Slowly, I feel his cock grow even harder and feel even thicker. He picks up speed. I open my eyes to watch his face as he cums. His eyes dilate, and his mouth grows mean looking. He looks like a bear about to make his kill. He is thrusting into me with all of his might, growling each time his balls slap against my ass. The muscles in his neck tense as he shoots a huge load into my wet pussy. He collapses on me, pushing me deep into the mattress, deeper each time his cock spasms.

Suddenly, he pulls up off of me and is walking to the bathroom to clean up. He returns a minute later with tissue paper, hands it to me, then climbs back into bed next to me. He says nothing, just turns on his side with his back facing me and falls asleep. I sigh, finish wiping myself up, and mold my body against his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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