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I find the waiting to be the most agonizing part…those minutes before you walk into the hotel room…I’m pacing…checking my watch…checking my phone…my stomach is a mass of butterflies…waiting for you.

Perhaps the tables should be turned? Just once…make you wait…let you feel the anticipation burn inside…

It’s just past midday, and I’m late. You are slowly pacing the hotel room, dressed as I’ve asked…a sleek chemise, it’s semi-transparent down the front…lace up at the back…it hugs your gorgeous hourglass figure perfectly. Standing in front of the mirror you inspect the rest of the erotic ensemble, lace top thigh high stockings with garters…and the wicked set of sexy 6 inch heels you have at your disposal, completing the outfit. You turn slightly and smile knowingly at yourself…your long curls cascading over your chest, closing your eyes, you run your hands slowly up the front of your thighs…gliding over the sheer smooth fabric…you imagine that they’re my hands…across your stomach…moving up to cup your perky breasts…you squeeze them lightly…you can feel that warm rush…exhaling, you squeeze them again, your nipples becoming harder, you pinch them through your lingerie…pulling on them, you let out a soft moan. The moment is interrupted by your phone buzzing on the bed.

“Hey babe, sorry I’m running late, I’m stuck in traffic, I should be there in 10 minutes ok?” I ask.

“Yeh that’s fine,” you reply “I was just about to start without you.” …I detect your sarcasm.

“I assume you have your toys nearby?” I ask

“I do, I’m looking at them right now,” you reply, as you gaze at your toys laid out at the foot of the bed.

“Ha, ha, well don’t flatten the batteries before I get there, I want to use them on you, ok…see you soon sugar”

“I’m in room 22, drive safe hun”…you hang up and put the phone on bedside table.

Sitting on the bed you pick up the silver bullet and turn the base, it hums perfectly…batteries ok?…check.

It seems like an eternity, finally you hear my knock on the door, you tell me to come in. I use my own key card to get thru the door, the drapes are closed, but you have the room softly lit. I’m in a business suit…with a blue silk tie. I take in the site of you as you strut towards me, you grab my tie and lead me back to stand beside a chair near the foot of the bed…for the moment, I let you take charge…

You take my hand and place it on your covered breast, I knead it hard as we kiss…I can taste your cinnamon lip gloss…my thumb and forefinger pinching your hard nipple …pulling at it thru the fabric…our kiss is hungry, tongues teasing each other…you push my head back and tell me to get on my knees. I oblige willingly…you tell me to eat your pussy, slowly. I run my hands down the front of your lingerie as I kneel…my hands touch the soft flesh of your inner thigh, you lift one leg and put your foot up on the chair… spreading your legs wider for me…I push your chemise up a little to expose your naked beauty…your body smells sweet and intoxicating. I move in …carefully eying my prize…I gently run my tongue over your moistening lips…up over your clit…your body trembles slightly and you stifle a moan…I trace circles around your swollen nub…teasing…I lick my lips then kiss you there…dragging my tongue, harder this time…you moan louder. I look up to your face while my lips cover your clit…you are transfixed, your mouth open, breathing heavy…your watching all of this scene in the mirror on the opposite wall.

My hands are cupping your ass cheeks…squeezing them hard…pinching your flesh. I run my middle finger down over your tight little ass to your wet pussy…running it back and forth spreading your lips as I begin to probe your wetness…your juices coating my long finger as I slide it inside you…you moan…sharper this time. Your hand grabs a fistful of my hair, nails digging into my scalp…my lips are sucking on your clit, my finger probing in and out…I run my other hand down your ass to your little back door, parting your cheeks a little…I smear some of your ample pussy juice around your puckered hole. I reach over and grab the small vibrating bahis firmaları anal plug…carefully placing the tip of it at your ass…I slowly ease it in to the base…my tongue dragging over your clit …you moan louder, your knees are trembling.

Gently I slide 2 fingers into your soaking pussy…I switch the toy on and you let out a brief gasp…I can feel the gentle vibrations with my fingers in your pussy…slowly I work the little toy in and out of your tight ass, you spread your legs a little wider and push your hips forward to feed my hungry lips that are sucking on your clit…you have a fistful of my hair with one hand, the other is pinching an exposed nipple. You taste as sweet as honey, your juices lavishly coating my long fingers…your senses are electrified, your knees shaking and you’re struggling to focus on the erotic vision in the mirror …I can sense you’re close to climaxing…I slow my rhythm …the intensity is building, just as you throw your head back, arching your spine…then finally… you let out a long high pitched moan as you cum, gushing your sweet juices over my fingers…your fist is clenching my hair as you ride the wave of ecstasy flowing through you…your hips are quivering, knees trembling and weak…slowly it wanes…

I remove the toy and my fingers, mouth open, your breath is still labored… you look down at me …our eyes connect as I give your sensitive clit one more flick with my tongue, it sends a shock thru your body and you jump slightly…you pull on my hair, motioning for me to stand up…as I do you grab both sides of my face and kiss my mouth hard, your tongue diving inside my lips…tasting your own sweet nectar on me, you suck and then bite my bottom lip…I let out a slight moan…I love your lips on my body.

I step back for a moment, we both slowly realize I’m still fully clothed…and now I’m in charge…

I tell you to lie on the bed face down, arms outstretched towards the base of the bed. I take the piece of rope lying on the bed and tie one end to your wrist the other end is tied to the bed base. I remove my silk tie secure your other wrist the same way…giving you enough freedom to still get up on all fours. Right now I have you exactly where I want you, restrained up on your hands and knees with your head level with the base of the bed…I stand right in front of you…my bulging crotch level with your pretty face.

I admire your sensual figure, the arch of your back…your girlish waistline…the tempting curve of your hips…I run both hands down your back, squeezing your ass tight…your mouth is searching for my cock, lightly running your teeth along the outline of it thru my pants, I sense your hunger for it. You try to reach for it with one hand, but the restraint does it job. I slap your ass as punishment…you draw a sharp breathe in reaction. I grab the black leather riding crop sitting on the bed, draw it thru my hands…trail it lightly along your spine…you know what’s coming. I slap each ass cheek with the crop, you flinch just slightly…eyes closed, and biting your lip…you let out a slight moan.

I decide it’s time to punish and reward you…I make you watch, as I undo my fly, leaving my belt done up, I pull my throbbing cock out…it bobs just inches from your face, I stoke it slowly…you’re licking your lips…mouth open you lean forward hoping to wrap your lips around it…I pull back slightly so you still cant touch it, I punish your ass with the crop again…and again you moan. I tell you be patient…you can see the pre-cum at the tip…the musky scent of my body cologne is tempting you…but this time you behave. I rub my engorged knob down the side of one cheek…it’s hot on your skin…just lightly under your chin and up your other cheek… I can feel your pacing breathe on it.

I grab a fist full of your hair with one hand… the other is still clutching the crop, I instruct you to use your tongue only…you’re not allowed to put my cock inside your mouth …not yet. Your wet tongue flicks the tip of my knob, tasting the pre-cum…your lick all around my swollen helmet then you move the sensitive underside of it…yes, right there, it draws a moan from my lips…you drag your tongue kaçak iddaa over it and my whole cock twitches in front of your eyes…the temptation consumes you, you part your lips and start to cover my knob…I pull your head back with your hair and I pull back from your reach, and again the sharp slap of the crop on your ass fills our ears…you draw a sharp breath thru clenched teeth. Your heightened senses are on a sharp edge…I get a tighter grip on your long hair, telling you I want you to run your pursed wet lips along the length of my cock…both sides…spitting on it and smearing it along the shaft with your lips…you obey perfectly. I pull back slightly and put the riding crop down, you look at me with pleading eyes, I put 2 fingers to your wet lips, you suckle them furiously, lavishing them with your tongue…now it’s time to put my hard cock in there.

I step forward slightly for you…I watch as you lips slide smoothly over my shiny wet knob…sucking it into your mouth…the breadth of your tongue working on the underside as your lips start to slide back and forth in a steady rhythm. I throw my head back and moan in pleasure…you’re leaning as far forward as the restraints allow…I edge forward a little further…my hand now gently pushing on the back of your head as my cock slides deeper into your hungry mouth…I push my hips forward on each downward stroke of your lips…watching your sweet lips consume my raging shaft is intoxicating, but I can sense you starting to struggle so I pull your head back …you draw a deep gasping breathe then smile and lick your lips as you look up at me…you tell me you want more…how can I refuse that offer.

When I sense you’re ready, I grab your hair with both hands and move my hips toward your face…again your sweet mouth slides over my rod…deeper this time…back and forth…my teeth are clenched in ecstasy…your mouth making those moist wet sounds…faster…I thrust my hips…fucking your mouth…harder…I grit my teeth and hold your head all the way…your nose touching my pubic bone…I pull back just as you start to gag. Saliva trails from your open mouth to my wet cock as you catch your breath…you look up at me with watery eyes licking those lips and smiling…still holding your hair, I lean down and kiss you hard…a wild and wet kiss…the kind where I just cant quite get enough of you. The kind of kiss where I want to crawl inside your mouth.

“Fuck me, please…now,” you beg.

“Your wish is my command baby,” I reply

The instant I release the restraints you grab me, ripping my clothes off …undoing my belt and discarding my pants…you take an extra moment to run your hands over those CK trunks, enjoying the silky smooth touch, your hands curving over my ass…then you hook your thumbs in the band and dispense with them as well. I am now completely naked …and raging hard. I lean down and grab the bottom of your lingerie and peel it over your head, just leaving you clad in your sexy thigh highs, suspenders and garter belt. I have my back to the bed…you push me backwards and quickly straddle me, your hand wraps around my shaft and guides it to your wetness…my hands are holding your ass. Slowly you rub my knob along your pussy lips…then you gently ease it into your opening and lower yourself down…we both moan out in unison…that instant pleasure of being inside your hot pussy…filling you completely…you sit there for a moment mouth open, eyes closed…not moving, just enjoying the sensation.

My hands a gripping your ass tight, then you move…slowly up and down…my hands are trying to force the pace faster, but you’re in control…you lean forward slightly …fingernails digging into my chest…your eyes are now burning into mine, just increasing the pace a little as I start to raise my hips to meet your down stroke…moaning louder, you put your fingers in my mouth, my tongue laps at them as you glide them over my teeth. I run my hand down past your ass as you ride up and down…I coat my fingers in your juices from the base of my cock and bring that hand to your mouth…you hungrily suck on those fingers…licking them clean. I pull you closer for wild kiss…your body is now at that perfect angle kaçak bahis where I can pound hard and smooth…I use one hand to hold your ass steady the other is pulling on you long curls…I pound you hard, my thighs slapping against you…fast, my hips thrusting up and down, my pulse is frantic…your moan becomes a higher pitched…you’re loosing your breath, my pubic bone is hitting against your clit, my pace is furious and heated…suddenly your nails dig deep into my shoulders and I slow, your scream almost out of breathless as you cum…I virtually stop moving as your juices flood down my cock and over my balls.

You collapse forward on me, we are both still catching our breaths. I slide out of you and roll you onto your back…we’re both sweating.I run my hand over your body, from just above your knee, up over your delicious thigh…squeezing your hip then just lightly pulling on a suspender…gliding my arched palm across your flat stomach…up to your voluptuous chest…cupping your breast perfectly …gripping it with my long fingers…kneading it…gently pinching your nipple between my thumb and forefinger…it grows and hardens to my touch…you smile and moan gently. Your hand moves down to my crotch…your fingers wrap around my cock…stroking it against your stockings, it’s still raging hard…and I’m eager for release.

I move up to kneel above your head looking down over your tanned body, cupping both your breasts and tweaking your nipples…deciding it’s time for another toy, I grab the nipple clamps and carefully place one on each of your pebble hard nipples, sliding the ring to the desired grip.

“Yesss” you hiss your appreciation at me.

Your senses become heightened… more receptive to my touch…I move my lips down over your body…trailing soft kisses over your skin…over the garter belt…down to your bare pussy…I lap at it slowly…tasting your sweetness…kissing your clit…sucking on it and running my tongue around…you moan in appreciation.

You reciprocate my efforts and kiss your way over my clean shaved balls…gently taking one into your mouth and lapping your tongue around it…lightly stroking my shaft at the same time, teasing me…then you take my manhood, putting it to your soft lifts…swirling your tongue around my helmet…you hands reach around to my ass, digging you fingers into my flesh and pulling my pelvis closer to you…you take me deep into your hungry mouth…I let out a deep moan and start to move my hips up and down

I lift myself up a little and rub your clit with my fingers…then give it a few pats with my open hand. I reach to the end of the bed and grab the silver bullet. Turning it on at the base…it hums gently. I move my head in close to kiss your bare patch…I place the tip of the vibrator just below your clit…stroking it over your moist folds and around your wet opening…I ease it inside you, still teasing you with my mouth…just probing it in and out …your hips moving toward me…my cock is straining inside your warm mouth, but your efforts are distracted by the constant attention I’m dishing out…I need to fuck you…hard.

I get up on my knees and roll you over, positioning myself behind and lifting your hips…I tell you to hold on tight… I spit on my fingers and lube my swollen knob…in one slow movement, I slide inside your velvet pussy…I lean forward and tell you how hot your pussy is…I’m in heaven as I start to fuck my hips slapping into your ass…you lower your head to the bed…moaning loudly, you clench the sheets with your fists…again I grab your long hair and pull on it…thru clenched teeth, you tell me to fill your pussy…I move one foot up beside you for better purchase then continue my thrusting, filling you with long deep strokes…the whole bed is shaking like crazy as I pound you…my senses are on fire, I can feel that impending rush building inside…I let out a long low guttural moan as I cum…pulling out as I do, erupting over your ass and the small of your back as I stoke my wet cock…waves of pleasure coursing thru me…

I collapse on my back beside you, spent and sated… we’re both still panting, you lay on your stomach…both exchanging that satisfied smile with each other. Then, as our breathing subsides, something catches my ear, the sound of heavy breathing another person…I quickly turn my head towards the door…we are not alone. Someone has been watching us…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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