Tropical Truth Sex Pt. 04

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Beautiful Body

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and if you didn’t like the emotional part of the last story then hopefully this should fill your desires up a lot more simply atleast. Misty and Hana are now engaged thanks to the handy work of me. Again, if you read the stories in order, it will all make more sense. Thanks, Misty for bringing me out of my shell and being my best friend — your favourite dork.

As the night came to an end, we all in some way shape or form staggered back to the Villa in varying states of sobriety. Misty and Hana were engaged, Hana was delighted, Misty knew this was the right thing to do but still wanted to stab me for the way I did it whilst Tiff and I were proud of our efforts.

There was no more memory of the breakdown of a few hours ago which was good. It was good to see the four of us back together as a tighter than average friendship circle.

Knowing we were going back to reality the next day was a bummer, but all good things in paradise must come to an end (no pun intended).

As soon as we got inside the Villa, the three of them looked at me like I was missing something. I knew I had my pants on, so that was not it and I was very confused.

Before I knew it, the two ‘iddy biddy’ ones had jumped up on me and crash tackled me into the bed. Feverishly tickling me I was squirming and laughing stupidly. This was a scene out of the oddest movie you would have ever seen but I knew I was helpless, and my dear wife was not at all interested in bailing me out of it.

After surrendering to the defeat, before I knew it there was a blindfold on me, I had been stripped naked and tied to the bed. I should have been used to this now, but still it was new to me. Misty was whispering all sorts of slutty things in my ear to turn me on and calm me down simultaneously.

I was tied tighter to the bed then normal, so clearly there was something afoot.

Before I knew it, I had Tiff in my ear crooning to lay back and enjoy the mental show, while promising I could join in when she said so.

I knew at that moment this was going to be entertaining and excruciating all at the same time. It was like watching porn but with a running commentary and no visuals.

Tiff knows exactly where on my neck to kiss me to make me melt and she did that in no time at all. Then she whispered in my ear how stunning Hana looked with the strap on attached to her and how big and pink it was. It apparently looked stunning on her tiny Asian frame and considering how bossy she was, I could imagine what kind of strife she could cause using it.

It became clear very quick that I was going to be allowed to listen to the lesbian threesome but not allowed to watch or partake anytime soon.

Then etimesgut bayan escortlar I felt it, that all to familiar feeling of being rolled against the straps for someone to squirt lube into my ass. I had grown used to this feeling but still excited by it. I then felt some rather small hands spreading my ass apart while someone else stuffed in a rather fat butt-plug until it was all the way in. This was certainly the fattest one I had ever been filled with but considering the cock I have taken on the trip it fit in just fine.

As I could hear Misty taking a pounding like a champion and Tiff moaning the sounds of it were so erotic to me, I could not help but be as hard as a rock. The torture of not being able to touch myself or anyone else was exquisite in the balance of pain and pleasure all rolled into one.

Misty was begging for more and so was Tiff. These three certainly knew how to work each other up in a romantic tryst. I knew I was merely the bystander to all of this, and I was quite fine with that situation. I loved seeing how turned on all of this made my wife and how much enjoyment Misty got out of the sheer amount of corruption she has engineered.

I also enjoyed now how much Hana fits into all of this and how she has made three become four quite easily — engagement rings and all.

As the sweet torture continued, I could tell within short order that Tiff was getting the pounding of her life because now it was Misty’s turn to get eaten and tease the crap out of me. Lightly running her fingers over my cock and balls, lightly teasing my nipples and my neck — she had me on a string and she knew it.

By giving me a slutty running commentary of the fucking my wife was getting, it drove me up the wall and Misty loved ever minute of it as I tensed against the restraints. She knew how to work me up without getting me to orgasm and Tiff enjoyed watching whilst Hana pummeled her with that pink cock.

I was in hell at this moment with the splendorous teasing while being restrained, then with one fell move Misty decided to add in two slow sucks of my cock in the slowest blowjob in human history. I could feel my legs tensing and toes curling in sweet agony as she took her sweet time teasing my cock and balls some more.

Then I felt the shock of my life with the butt-plug shooting a huge pulsing vibration into me.

This was Misty’s vengeance completed in a far more accurate way then her first attempt. She was going to metaphorically and literally milk out the torture for as long as she could.

Then I heard Tiff bark “Don’t you dare make him cum or I’ll slap you twice in one night.” All accentuated by the sound of the pounding and moaning she etimesgut seksi escortlar was getting at the hands of an Asian beauty who sounded like she was getting quite turned on and drunk on the power all at the same time.

I was in sweet agony when the next part of the torture happened, I had noise cancelling headphones put on me… Now I cannot hear and see anything and can not move. All I can do is feel what is happening.

If these three were going for erotic frustration, they had nailed it big time.

This was driving me simply mad.

Then I felt the vibrations increase in speed and ferocity as my legs tensed up and my back arched. If I could hear them, I am sure there were giggles at my expense but fuck this felt amazing in my ass.

I had never had a toy in my ass this big before and never had more than one person got the remote and there was clearly a lot that they planned on doing with it.

Time was going as slow as humanly possible as I was teased and tortured as the vibrations changed pattern and speed as the remote was passed around between the three of them. However, none changed the intensity.

Then I felt a speed that was nothing short of incredible pumping in my ass. If I could cum without touching myself, I was sure I would have cum like a fire hydrant at that moment. Then some smart ass (pun not intended) decided to recommence the slowest blowjob in history while I was as high as you could be without any illicit substances.

… And then everything stopped. The vibrations stopped, the blowjob stopped, and I convulsed in agony being so close to release without getting there.

Then I felt the plug come out of my ass. I do not think my ass had ever been so gaped in all my life but then suddenly, I felt the familiar feeling of cold lube in my ass which I was beginning to enjoy now.

Then I felt in one shove my ass getting filled up with what could only be that pink cock that had been in Tiff the last I saw. However, with no vision or point of reference to time I had no idea how long I had been like this.

My eyes spun momentarily in the back of my head as my moaning became so loud, I was able to faintly hear it over the headphones I had shoved on me. I was in a state of pleasure I was not sure I had ever felt before and I was absolutely determined to not cum to make it last. I was not sure who was fucking my ass with the strap-on, but I was loving it.

This was the drilling I had fantasised about for a long time before I had the guts to admit what I liked and did not like sexually.

Then before I knew it someone was riding my cock, and someone was sitting on my face. So, I decided to do what any decent human would bayan sincan escort do, eat that pussy like it was my last meal on earth and fuck whoever was riding me until I was spent.

I felt the thighs gripping me as I ate her which made me do whatever on earth I was doing as fast as I possibly could. I was not really thinking as Misty had at this point completely deleted the geekbrain she is so fond of scrambling. It was like her pet hobby in life and cripes she is good at it.

Before I knew it, I had cum harder than I had ever cum in my life, I was drowned in juices and had passed out.

I literally blacked out. I do not remember what happened next other hearing someone say, “I think we killed the geekbrain permanently.”

I was not sure who I had eaten, who I had cum in and who fucked me so amazingly.

Then I came back to world, I wasn’t sure how long I had been out for.

I then realised Tiff was asleep, Hana was spooning me with the dildo still in me and I was cuddling Misty. They had all very kindly untied my hands and returned me out of the restraints.

I saw her and kissed her on the cheek and then her neck and whispered “Thank you.”

However, I was hard and teasing her now from behind as I kissed her neck.

“How the hell are you not completely spent dork.” She gave me in her most sultry American accent.

Before I realised what had happened, she got my cane and led me outside onto the deck to let the other two sleep like logs.

As soon as we shut the roller door, she pinned me on the lounge and started to ride me like a maniac and kiss me deeply and passionately. This was so sultry and erotic but realistically had been on the cards since well… forever.

She urged me to fuck her senseless and we knew people could see from the beach but there was no time to give a shit about all of that. This was raw passion and connection from years of teasing and pushing the needle on each other.

We did not know if this would ever end or if we would get caught but it was so amazingly erotic, I did not care.

I pounded her like my life depending on it. I did not have that much energy or cum left but every drop of both was going inside her if it killed me.

“God sake don’t stop” she screamed while biting my shoulder.

I was not interested in tact as her legs started to shake and her moans got louder and her teeth marks in my shoulder got deeper.

Then it happened — an amazing twist of orgasms, my flooding her amazing pussy and the bringing together of an amazing holiday.

As she collapsed on top of me her little head found the crux of my shoulder blade like it was tailor made for it.

I kissed her forehead gently then as I passed out she kissed me one more time and whispered “How was that for payback?”

I chuckled and applauded her payback skills while we marvelled at the engagement rings.

As we got back on our feet to go back to bed, she spanked me then reminded me — she had one more surprise before reality to equal the ledger.

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