Visiting Mom Ch. 04

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Mom kissed me deeply as she slid her hand inside the waistband of my shorts. Her hand deftly found my growing cock and began to stroke, getting me almost to the point of a full erection.

“Is there anything specific you want to see?” Mom asked Stacy in between kisses.

“I want to see it all. Everything you would normally do if I wasn’t here,” my sister responded from her chair in the corner.

“Everything? You think you can handle seeing everything your brother does with me?”

“I’m a big girl. I can take it.”

Mom was pulling down my shorts during this exchange, freeing my cock. Stacy let out a slight gasp as she saw how big it was, but managed to look nonchalant about the situation.

Mom stroked me absentmindedly as she stared at Stacy, who returned her gaze with equal force.

“You can take it? You can handle seeing your mother choke down your brother’s big cock? Watching him shoot his big, creamy load down mommy’s throat?”

“Of course,” responded Stacy, visibly beginning to squirm in her seat.

“You can handle watching him pump my pussy full of cum? That won’t freak you out?”

“… no… not at all.”

Stacy’s hand was beginning to creep between her legs at this point.

“And if you watched your brother fuck me in the ass? It’s the ultimate taboo for a mother and son.” Mom wore an evil grin, knowing exactly how she was teasing Stacy.

“Oh… oh… I…”

“Maybe that would be too much for you. We can skip it.”

“NO! I mean… no, it wouldn’t be too much. Please… please show me. I want to see everything.” Stacy’s hand was fully in her pants now, shamelessly going to work on her clit.

“Well, let’s not keep her waiting,” Mom said, finally turning to address me after stroking me now for quite some time. “Sit,” she instructed me, giving me a light shove down onto the bed. My stiff cock bounced in front of her face, and she gave it a long, sensual lick from base to head.

“First, Stacy, I’m going to show you how your brother likes to have his cock sucked. He likes it slow… sloppy… deep.”

Mom stared into my eyes as she said this, lowering her mouth to take my head inside of her soft, warm lips. I let out an involuntary moan as her lips moved down my shaft.

“Isn’t he big?” Mom asked Stacy as she pulled her mouth off and started to stroke me. “I’ve been trying to take him all the way down, but it’s so hard. I think maybe… maybe for this special occasion I can do it. Want to see me try?”

Stacy said nothing, but nodded her head vigorously.

“Mom, you don’t-… oh, fuck… oh, fuck yes Mom!”

I was going to tell Mom that she didn’t have to try deepthroating me again, but she got to work before I could stop her. She took me as deep as her usual stopping point, paused, and then started trying to force herself further down. Soon she pulled back off, breathless.

“Sorry baby, not that time. I can do it though.” Dutifully she returned to work, pushing herself down fast and hard. I couldn’t believe how forcefully she was working me with her throat, but I loved it.

“Mmm… mmf… ungh…mmm,” Mom grunted incoherently as she endeavored to go all the way down to my balls.

“Do it, Mom. I want to see you take it all!” Stacy encouraged from her chair. “Do it for me.”

Mom paused in her sucking briefly, and turned to gaze lustfully at Stacy. She composed herself with a deep breath, and then attacked once again. This time, after all those failed attempts at deepthroating her son’s cock… success.

I couldn’t believe the feeling when my cock finally broke through her throat barrier. Her lips were suddenly around the base my hard cock as her eyes bulged in panic at the position she now found her in. It was clear that her success was a shock even to her. I heard Stacy gasp, equally surprised, from the corner.

Mom grunted as she tried to just breathe and stay calm. Her hands gripped my thighs forcefully as she attempted to relax and keep me in her throat. She managed to make eye contact with me as she choked on cock, her eyes betraying her mix of shock and uncertainty.

After a few seconds, it was too much for her. She ripped herself off of my cock, a large amount of spit falling between us onto the floor, as she sputtered and gasped for air.

“Oh… fuck, I did it! I deepthroated you!”

“Sure did, Mom. That queenbet güvenilirmi felt amazing. You okay?” Mom was gasping to catch her breath.

“I… I’m ok… I’ll keep practicing so I can do it more but… wow. Maybe let’s just fuck now?”

“Yes,” Stacy chimed in from where she was still sitting and pleasuring herself. “I want to see how you guys fuck.”

I stood up from the bed, my cock glistening with Mom’s spit as I pulled her up to her feet. She was still in her robe, but I quickly removed it and pushed her firmly onto the bed, lying on her back. Her pussy was visibly wet in anticipation of being penetrated.

I straddled her on the bed, keeping eye contact with Stacy the whole time. She glanced from my face, to my cock, to Mom, and back again in intervals of a few seconds, all the while keeping up the attack on her clit. Her pants were now completely down, and I could see her beautiful trimmed pussy on display.

With the head of my cock at Mom’s dripping pussy, I locked eyes with Stacy.

“Are you ready, sis? You want to see this?”

“Put it in. Put it in her, please, I want to see.”

“Give it to me,” Mom begged beneath me.

Not wanting to keep them waiting, I pushed my cock deep into the warmth of Mom’s waiting pussy. I went straight for full penetration right away, plunging myself in all the way to the balls. Mom wasn’t expecting it quite so firmly, and let out a yelp of surprise.

After my initial rough entrance, I slowly pulled back out until just the head was in. I got into a nice slow rhythm of deep, full penetration, all the way in and all the way out. I knew Mom loved when I did that, so she could feel and appreciate every single inch of cock in her. I fucked her this way for about a minute before Stacy chimed in with a suggestion.

“Fuck her like you fucked her yesterday. Like when you were in the shower. I want to see that. I want to see how rough and loud you can get.”

I looked at Mom for verification. She just grinned and nodded her head vigorously.

“Ok, whatever you want Stacy,” I said.

I grabbed a handful of Mom’s hair and pulled her up to kiss me deep.

“Stacy wants to see you get fucked hard. Is that what you want, slut?”

“Oh yes, please, baby. Fuck me hard. Use me like a slut.”

I shoved deep into Mom again, but this time I kept up with a faster pace. I pounded her in and out as her already dripping pussy got wetter and wetter.

“You like that? You like taking your son’s cock in your pussy? You fucking whore.” I gave her a light slap on the face to add to the roughness. Mom grinned up at me maniacally as I slammed into her.

“Yes I fucking love it! Pound Mommy’s pussy with your huge fucking meat! I’m your fucking whore and I deserve to be fucking treated like it!”

I continued with the rough fucking for several minutes before Mom signaled for me to slow down. I continued thrusting, but at a slower and more balanced pace.

“Stacy… do you like this? Are you about to cum?” Mom asked my sister.

Stacy was clearly getting herself worked up close to an orgasm, fingering her pussy and playing with her clit as she watched the incestuous pounding occurring in front of her.

“Y-… Yes, I’m about to cum… so close.”

“Come sit on the bed next to us. I want you to feel us next to you as you cum.”

I expected at least a light protest from Stacy. If she joined us on the bed, it was not far off from actually joining us in our taboo, rather than just observing. But she did nothing of the sort. She discarded her pants, removed her top, and moved over to lie next to us on the bed. I continued my slow thrusts, but was definitely distracted by my naked sister, now only inches away from me.

“Keep fucking me, baby. I’m getting close, your sister is close, and I want you to bust inside of me. Come on, fucking give it to me. Give me your cum. Pump that big sticky load way deep in your mom’s pussy. Make Mommy your personal fucking cumdump.”

Stacy moaned at Mom’s instructions to me, rubbing her clit and fingering herself furiously. I couldn’t hold off any longer.

“Cumming, Mom. Fucking cumming for you.”

I wrapped Mom tightly in a passionate embrace as I emptied myself deep into her. Lost in my own pleasure, I hardly noticed the wild moans issuing from both Mom and Stacy as they also queenbet yeni giriş came at the same time.

When my orgasm subsided, I pulled out of Mom and noticed that she and Stacy were holding hands. I realized that as Stacy had been reaching her climax, she had been hand-in-hand with Mom. While still not technically participating in our fucking, it was damn close. I felt my cock twitch, on its way back to full erection, even though I had just shot a nice load into my mother.

“Oh. My. God,” was all Stacy could say as she lay staring up at the ceiling, panting heavily.

“I agree, sweetie. Wow… just wow. All three of us cumming at the same time. So… would you say you’re more comfortable with our arrangement now?”

“You could say that,” replied Stacy, still breathing heavily. I got off the bed and stood up, taking in the beautiful sight of my mother and sister in their post-orgasmic bliss. My cock remained pretty hard, and ready for action if still needed.

“Stacy, do you… do you still just want to watch? Or…?”

I couldn’t believe Mom had actually asked it. I had obviously begun thinking something similar, but to hear it asked out loud was something else.

“I think I want more. I want to be part of this. You have such a special connection, and I want that too. If both of you want me.”

“Of course, sweetie. We want to share what we have with you.”

I had no words, but I nodded firmly to Stacy, smiling at her as I lightly stroked my cock.

Mom bit her lip in thought before asking her next question.

“Stacy, do you want to try your brother’s cock right now? It looks like he can still do some work with that thing.”

“Not yet. I want to see one more thing first.”

Mom raised a questioning eyebrow before Stacy finished her thought.

“Your ass. I want to watch him fuck you in the ass. I want to watch him fucking pound you until you scream.”

“Mmm… I raised a nasty girl.”

“I think it just runs in the family, you filthy fucking cumdump.” Stacy winked at Mom after her last comment, and a visible shudder ran down Mom’s spine at hearing her daughter talk dirty this way to her.

“Well, you heard her baby. Get the lube and punish my fucking ass.”

Just an hour or so earlier, Mom had refused my request for anal because she was too sore from the hard buttfucking I had given her the night before. But all of that reluctance was gone now that Stacy was involved. I had no complaints.

I got the lube and applied a healthy amount to my cock, which was now back to full stiffness. I was going to put some on Mom’s asshole (which she was conveniently now presenting for me), but she stopped me before I was able to.

“I want Stacy to do it. Stacy… lube me up.”

Stacy looked eager as she took the lube and squirted a fair amount into her hand. She gently moved her glistening fingers to Mom’s waiting asshole, teasing around the outside before slowly inserting one finger.

“Mmm yes baby… can you believe you’re fingering Mommy’s ass? Give me another.”

Stacy obediently put a second finger into Mom, and began thrusting slowly in and out. I was as hard as I’ve ever been. I felt impatient to fuck Mom’s ass, but I also didn’t want the scene of Stacy fingering her to end.

A few minutes passed, with Stacy eventually getting three fingers into Mom. Seeing my mother whimper and moan as her own daughter penetrated her most intimate hole was something I couldn’t even have imagined only a few hours before.

“I’m ready for cock,” Mom declared. “Stacy, want to put him in?”

Stacy looked nervously from Mom’s asshole up to me. Her hand shook as it extended to grasp the shaft of my cock. As she gripped it for the first time, she looked up at me questioningly, as if asking for final permission. I nodded my assent, and she stroked me a few times before guiding me to Mom’s backdoor. The excess amount of lube had left my cock slippery and glistening, perfectly prepared to plow Mom’s tight ass.

The feeling of first contact between my cock and Mom’s asshole was indescribable, as usual. I typically like to tease her and savor the feeling, but this time Stacy forced me right in, causing Mom to yelp in surprise.

“Whoa, go slow baby, I’m sore from yesterday,” Mom said through clenched teeth as she dealt with the initial pain. I queenbet giriş paused about halfway into her ass.

“No way, Mommy, he’s going to pound you nice and deep. Fuck her hard, Tyler. Show me how you use her ass.” Stacy’s voice was insistent as she commanded me to do things her way.

Hesitating for a moment, unsure of who to listen to, I decided that Stacy’s request held more weight. She was our guest, after all.

“Mom, you did say yesterday that assholes are for fucking, not for making love. So…”

“So you’re going to get fucked like a bitch, Mommy-slut,” interjected Stacy playfully, as she grabbed my hips and forced me all the way in.

Mom screamed like a banshee. My dick plunged deep into her bowels like a missile, penetrating her forcefully, violating her most intimate region.

“Oh! Oh no, oh my god no, it fucking hurts! Fuck, it hurts so fucking bad! Slow, please, slow!”

“You always adjust quickly, Mom, just give it a minute,” I replied, beginning to pump forcefully in and out of her tight little butthole. Mom’s words turned to unintelligible grunts as she continued to take her rough ass pounding.

My balls slapped against Mom’s pussy as she dutifully withstood the anal assault, under the approving gaze of Stacy. My sister smiled radiantly at me while I savagely assfucked our mother, and I couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest guy on the planet.

Mom’s groans of pain gradually transformed into moans of pleasure. She was clearly beginning to enjoy the anal pounding that Stacy had wanted to see. Stacy would occasionally smack Mom’s ass while I fucked it, clearly savoring the feeling of dominance over our mother.

“Take it, Mommy. Bad, slutty Mommy. Fucking my brother without telling me. Without letting me share his big cock. Without letting me take him in my holes. Bad!” Stacy ended this last bit with a hard smack to Mom’s ass, causing Mom to yelp once more in surprise.

“I mean it, Tyler,” Stacy said to me as she moved in close. “I’m jealous of our mother. And I want you to take me next. Would you do that?” Stacy kissed me firmly on the lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth. It was all I could do not to instantly explode right in Mom’s ass.

Stacy must have noticed my efforts to hold back my orgasm.

“Shoot your load, Tyler. Let me see you pump your cream deep into Mom’s shithole. I want to see what your face looks like when you bust in our mommy-whore’s tight little shitbox. Fill her backdoor slut hole with that creamy load of jizz.”

“Fuck, where’d you learn to talk like that, sis?” I couldn’t believe the filth emanating from my sweet sister.

“I guess I just come from a family of pervs. Now fucking cum! No, don’t fucking worry about Mom cumming again, I want you to cum now.”

How could I argue with that?

My orgasm had already been quite close, and Stacy sent me rocketing over the edge with her filthy language. I started to shoot uncontrollably, deep into Mom’s bowels, pounding her roughly with every shot of cum I pumped out of my cock.

Mom made sounds of pure pleasure, moaning happily as she felt me fill her hole. Stacy grabbed a handful of Mom’s hair and turned her head to see our mother’s face as she received my load.

Once I finished shooting, I pulled my cock out with an audible pop. Stacy reached an exploratory finger out to scoop up a bead of cum that was running from Mom’s gaping ass. Once the cum was secured, Stacy reached up to Mom’s mouth and unceremoniously pushed it between her lips. Mom gulped and swallowed without missing a beat.

“Wow, Mommy. You’ve practiced that.”

“Oh… oh yes… I’ve eaten many loads from my ass… one of my favorites. Holy fuck that was a hard assfucking!”

“Hmm…” Stacy said as she reached for another gob of cum that was making its slow escape from Mom’s well-used hole. “Let’s see…”

I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched Stacy take the cum in her mouth, actively reflect on the taste for a few moments, and swallow it down.

“Mmm… Mom is right! That’s some tasty cum. With an extra flavor of ‘whore mother ass’ to go along with it.”

I must have looked absolutely shocked.

“How long before you can have one of those ready for me? I think it’s time that we give Mommy a well-deserved rest, and give each other some more direct attention.”

“I… um… I’ll be ready soon! I don’t need much time.”

“No rush, Tyler. We have all day, and I intend to get as many loads from you as possible. Let’s go back downstairs and relax for a bit. And then… then the fun begins.”

It was going to be a long, exhausting, entertaining day.

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