What I Want

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Big Tits

I’ve waited all day for this. I’ve waited all day to see you, to chat with you. Even though we’ve done this twice before already since we met, my face still heats up from both intense arousal, and what remaining shyness I feel. After all, it’s not every day a woman like me meets a man who has openly appreciated my body, and my mind, as I am all together.

I am speechless with trepidation still, though you admonish me to be myself. How do I communicate in words what I’m feeling without sounding incredibly silly to my own ears? I know, I judge myself too harshly. I promised I wouldn’t stress out too much and I won’t.

But the desire to kiss you is unbelievably strong. I can’t resist…I stretch up to connect my lips with yours, wanting desperately for you to kiss me deeply, your fingers in my hair, which is just long enough now for you to wind your hand through it, tugging just enough to make me wetter than I am now.

I want to feel your body pressed into mine, want to feel how hard you are as your mouth moves down to my neck, softly kissing, nipping and licking. I can’t hold back a moan as your mouth grazes that spot where my neck meets my shoulder. It’s one of my favorite spots to be kissed, licked and teased…and yes, I want a hickey there.

I love having them…even if others can’t see the way you mark my body with them, I can, and that is enough. Because they’re not the one being seduced beyond thought. I am. I’m the one who gets to see, I’m the one who gets to recall who put the hickeys on yenimahalle escort my breasts, my thighs, everywhere, and I’m the one who gets to smile secretly to myself in response, making people wonder what I’ve been up to.

Of course, judging by the expression on my face, they’ll likely conjure up that quote from a certain fantasy movie: “I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” and think it about me and what I’ve been doing…who I’ve been with. But do I care? No. Not in the least.

Not when your mouth is moving downwards to my breasts, your lips and tongue flicking over one nipple, then slowly moving to the other, and it’s my turn to weave my hands in your hair, my head falling back with the ecstasy of the moment. Your delicious mouth lingers over my breasts, taking each one at a time again, biting my flesh gently enough to leave a mark but not to hurt too much, and all of this makes me moan just a bit louder.

Yes, you are doing this. You are the one driving all rational thoughts from my head, making me moan as you kiss further down my body, down to my waiting, dripping pussy. Oh, yes, I want your mouth there! I’ve been daydreaming about your mouth being there since the night we started doing this with each other, and every time I do, my panties get so incredibly soaked, and I feel my muscles inside clench in anticipation of you sliding, sinking your cock deep inside.

But not yet…I want your lips and tongue on my slit, licking me there, sucking on my clit and eryaman escort driving me out of my mind! My breath catches, pulse kicking and I’m feeling more and more flushed all over, just as you said you wanted to do to me not long after we met. When you’d first said that, I knew it was something I wanted. Badly. I wanted you to touch, taste and tease me all over, slowly, quickly, and anywhere in between.

I wanted your hands and lips everywhere, and the more I kept thinking about it, the more this felt right to me, other people’s opinions be damned. You have a way of making me forget all that crap, allowing me to go about the next day with my mind blissfully unaware of whoever might be judging…because it is no other than you who puts the smile on my face, even when we’re not driving each other wild, and we’re just chatting, and I see your messages on my phone.

You are the embodiment, by the way, of an Irish phrase I once learned: “Tog Go Bog E.” It simply means “take it easy.” And that, with the delicious feel of your hands and mouth and entire body on me, as well as your teasing wit, is what you’ve been really teaching me how to do.

Especially now that you’ve got your mouth and tongue on my pussy, driving me closer to climax, and I grab your shoulders to hang on tight while that familiar spiraling, tightening coil of pleasure starts winding and winding, and I feel more of my juices drip out of me. I’ve never met anyone else who has made me this wet before. Not like this.

Sometimes ankara escort I feel like my pussy is instead a piece of fruit, it gets so juicy just thinking of what you might do to me, running your hands over my thighs, gripping my ass gently while you drive me closer to the edge.

It is at this moment that I can’t stand it anymore. I want to come with your cock filling me up. I beg this of you, and you lay me down on the bed, positioning yourself over me, and I eagerly wrap my legs around you as you slide in, your mouth returning to my breasts as you thrust hard into me, over and over, your cock sliding, rubbing intensely against my G-spot, and a louder moan tears free of my throat at this mind-blowing sensation!

That’s how full you make me feel. That’s how much ecstasy I am in right now, with no thought but for the present moment, your mouth and hands moving everywhere, fast and slow by turns, as you come close to the edge yourself, but slow down in order to make this incredible feeling last.

We spend the next half-hour doing this edging dance that keeps the inner spiral coiling and coiling, winding tighter with each movement, but we’re at the point where we can’t be wound any tighter, the desperate, powerful urge to go over that edge in our voices. We give up the edging dance, moving, thrusting, rushing headlong into a gushing, near-volcanic explosion that rockets us upward and into a feeling where there is no space and time! There’s just us and our mutual pleasure, our breaths, like the rest of us, coming fast and hard, the ecstasy so potent it’s nearly tangible.

Collapsing into each other, catching our breaths, we hold each other as our minds and psyches drift down to earth.

And I can’t think of anyone I’d rather enjoy this kind of thing with than you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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