“What’s My Name…?”

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This is based on a dream I had recently. Enjoy 🙂


I remember standing in the bathroom with my friends. One moment I was drying my hands at the dryer mounted on the wall, next moment there was a woman standing next to me with her arm around me.

She was taller than me, so when she turned to me, I had to look up just a bit to see her face. She was absolutely breathtaking. Her dark, raven hair was up in a loose bun, with strands of curled bangs falling gracefully to frame her small face. She stood elegant and beautiful in a long, dark teal dress. The dress itself was a marvel: simple with a v-neck that dipped low enough to show some cleavage, and a slit at the bottom to show her long legs.

“You’re Isabelle?” she said, in titillating voice. Her eyes lit up as she observed me, standing there in shock. “You look like an Isabelle.” Her pretty red lips parted into a beautiful smile.

Before I could even react, she placed her other arm around me, facing me square on. Suddenly, I was backed against the wall, and I shivered as I felt the distinct illegal bahis difference between the cold, bathroom tile on my back, and the warmth of her body pressed so close against mine.

Her arms were bare and I was acutely aware of how pale and small they were. She pulled me closer, and I felt her place one of her legs between me, resting her crotch on my leg, which involuntarily bent up to accommodate her. She didn’t say anything, but her eyes were on fire. I felt the desire like heat emanating from her. Her mouth move by my ear, where her hot breath lingered.

It was only in that moment that it really hit me: I had no idea who this woman was. I couldn’t seem to articulate any other thoughts besides that. And it didn’t seem to matter. I was lost — so lost in her beauty and her lust.

Suddenly, I felt her tongue across my ear, into my ear, gently nibbling at my ear lobes. A sigh escaped my mouth, and a shiver ran down my spine. My back arched towards her, and I felt her grip around me grow tighter.

She pulled back slightly, and for a second illegal bahis siteleri I admired her pale, beautiful skin. Then she leaned in to kiss me. I ran my hand up and down her bare back, feeling her soft, smooth skin. Her lips were velvet soft, but her kisses were hard with yearning. It was infectious. I pulled her closer, feeling for the first time her slim waist. She was grinding herself on me, moaning in between kisses, and inadvertently rubbing her leg on my own crotch. The friction was hot, and sent me shivering in her arms. Distantly, I heard myself echoing her moans.

My hand moved to cup her breast, gently at first, and then I squeezed her harder — and I reveled as she grew more and more excited as I did so, bucking harder and faster on me.

She pulled back a little, but her hands gripped me tight as her hips moved faster. She threw her head back and I watched as her face contorted into expressions of utter pleasure. I wanted her to cum right then and there. And I wanted her to cum hard.

I reached down to her crotch, and felt canlı bahis siteleri her warmth moisture through the fabric. She moaned louder in response. Suddenly she was shaking, her hand flew to her mouth, and she bit down on her finger as she climaxed. I felt her body convulse, and through her thin dress, saw her stomach contract as spasms of pleasure ran up and down her fragile frame. Just watching her was enough to push me over the edge as well. I moved my hips against her leg, and bit down hard on my lips. I felt my breath catch in my chest as the pleasure hit me hard.

I leaned my head back against the wall, and she lay hers against my shoulder. I felt her ragged breathing, which mirrored mine. And we held each other until the spasms subsided, and our breaths quieted.

Then I leaned forward slowly and kissed her neck, all the way up to her lips. “Nicole. You look like a Nicole,” I whispered. She looked straight at me, dumbfounded for a minute, as if I just discovered a secret she had been hiding for awhile. But then her face broke out into a grin, and her eyes twinkled with excitement.

The rest of the dream was fuzzy. My friends were upset with me for having sex with a strange woman in the bathroom. But I regretted nothing. And as my friends and I left, I felt a deep longing to see Nicole again.

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