Wilmington Woman’s Club Ch. 59

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Chapter 59 — Julie its sterile walls were too drab compared with the bright May sunshine. Most of the employees congregated in the grounds outside the building. He grinned knowingly. If they only knew what they were missing, he thought.

At 4:10 he went to the break room himself to grab a soda from the fridge, and surprised Julie, his temporary secretary sitting at a table, eating — his breath stopped — was that a raspberry pop-tart?

“Oh, sir, I… I… didn’t expect to see you in here. Did you need something?” she stammered.

“No, I just came to get a drink. Do you often use the break room this time of the day?”

Somehow, he got the question out in a normal tone of voice. Could this woman be his Strawberry? It was difficult to tell, because the women spoke in such low tones during the afternoon confessions that he couldn’t have picked their voices out of a line-up. But now that he thought of it, there had been something strangely familiar about her voice all along.

“Oh, yes, most afternoons about this time. You don’t mind, do you? I mean, you always close yourself in the office for one of your projects…” her voice rose slightly, defensively at the end, as though to head off a reprimand.

Joe assured her that he didn’t mind, and somehow left without saying anything that would reveal his suspicions. He almost staggered back to his office.

It was crazy to think that this woman, with her tightly pinned hair and oh-so-proper demeanor, could be Strawberry. But the thought grew less unlikely the longer he considered the logic. The break room storytelling seemed to have started when his secretary went out on disability to have a baby, and this temporary took her place. And, as he had a habit of holding his calls at that time of day, it was only natural for her to forward all the calls to voicemail and take a break. There was another break room on the other side of the building geared for use by most employees, with the one nearest his office designed for use by management and their staff, of which she was one.

He wondered when she and her friend had first gotten together. Was it before or after he started working on monies going to the Cayman accounts every afternoon? He swiftly calculated; she’d only been working for the company about three months. Damn, to think he’d missed weeks, possibly months, of her sexual history!

He could now put a face and body to the voice in his wet dreams. How much more erotic these afternoon confessions would be, now that he knew her identity.

She had a great body, firm tits and a slender waist. A pretty face, glasses aside, with big eyes, nice lips and high cheekbones. He’d noticed, and been glad that she didn’t wear much makeup.


On Saturday, he dragged around the house, fixing the leaky bathroom faucet that Val had been pestering him about. He even played with Caroline for an hour before telling Val he had some unfinished business at the bank; and that he was meeting a client for dinner. He apologized for leaving her alone on a Saturday, and promised to make it up to her. He dressed in suit and tie, and headed downtown, parked his car and began walking aimlessly through the streets, torturing himself with thoughts of two faceless men sitting in a spa, touching and stroking his Strawberry, to countless orgasms. He grew disgusted at his own thoughts. He didn’t even know this woman, not really. So she looked and acted like a sweet, demure woman. Obviously it was all a facade.

He decided to eat at a favored Indian restaurant; and have an escort service provide a girl to him at his secret apartment. He cursed his luck at Bernie’s unavailability on this, a Saturday, but a new piece of ass was always welcome, he thought as he parked his car in front of the restaurant.

He ordered the Curried Chicken and relaxed with a glass of wine, looking around at the other patrons. Then, almost as though his mind had conjured her up, Julie Markrop, walked in. The woman whose erotic confessions he’d been jerking off about for over a week. Her sweet face apparently belied a woman of lusty sexual appetites.

She was supposed to be living out her ultimate fantasy with Gerry and Vinnie, her lovers! Something must have happened; the planned rendezvous must have fallen through somehow.

Joe watched as her eyes automatically scanned the seated diners. For once, her hair was down around her shoulders, the rich caramel color shining in the late afternoon light slanting into the front window of the restaurant. He couldn’t restrain himself. He waved at her, caught her eye, and pointed to the empty chair at his small table. He noted a brief look of surprise, followed by an embarrassed smile and slight flush. He stood up as she nodded towards him, and waved away the seating attendant. She approached a little hesitantly, her eyes flickering quickly around him as though to assure herself he was alone and really meant to invite her to sit.

He smiled reassuringly. As soon as maltepe escort she got close enough, he called out to her. “Hey, Julie! Come on over, sit down, and join me.” He was proud that his voice sounded friendly, cheerful, and didn’t betray his nervousness. His heart was pounding, his palms suddenly moist.

She gave a quick shake of her head, and sat down in the chair he had pulled out for her. Joe took in her pretty face, and the yellow and black sundress made of some kind of crinkly material that moved and flowed around her curvy body. The bodice was low, but not overly so, showing just a hint of cleavage. She’s dressed to meet someone, he told himself, and prepared to let her leave without any protest should he, or she show up.

“Thank you for inviting me to sit down, Mr. Marcolina” she said politely. She picked up the menu, flipped open the pages, her eyes flickering back and forth between the menu and him. She caught him glancing at her breasts and hunched her shoulders slightly forward. He broke the awkward silence that had descended.

“Do you come here often?”

“No, this is my first visit. A friend told me the Curried Chicken is excellent.”

He grinned in quick surprise at the coincidence, and told her that’s what he had ordered. She giggled a little bit, and his cock surged at the sparkle in her dark eyes.

That was the sexy giggle he’d heard every afternoon through the wall next to his office. It was her! This temp was most certainly the mystery woman he’d known only as “Strawberry”.

He sat back, carefully concealing the momentary swell of his erection behind the cloth napkin, and casually asked, “Do you have plans for this evening?”

She looked at him somewhat quizzically, but answered, “Yes, I did. But it would appear that they’ve fallen through.” That was all she said. He was left with a million questions, none of which he could ask. Finally he made a comment about how much he liked Indian food, and they began a conversation about their favorite restaurants and cuisines.

Their food arrived and they both dug in with more relief than hunger. She was nervous, sitting across from her boss, realizing not for the first time what an attractive man he was. It wasn’t so much his looks, which many would consider average. Medium height, broad shoulders on an otherwise medium build, stubborn jaw line, deep-set eyes, and a slow smile that struggled to reveal a dimple in his left cheek. No, taken feature by feature he was no male model. But he exuded an air of authority and confidence that attracted her. It made him seem taller, broader, and more solid than his actual physical presence.

She’d heard the girls at the office gossiping about him. He was married. He had a child. He was a workaholic, He played around, or did he? That was an open question among all the girls she’d talked with. Julie smiled inwardly, and put one rumor to rest, he was a typical male; she hadn’t missed his lingering glances over her breasts and legs. Then feeling slightly adventurous, she leaned back in her chair and crossed and recrossed her legs, casually glancing his way. Yes, his eyes tracked the movement of her legs. He looked up and caught her watching his reaction.

A quick, charming smile flashed her way. “Sorry about that, Julie, but you have incredible legs, and that dress looks great on you. I hope you don’t mind me saying that. Oh, and don’t worry, I don’t intend to chase you around the office every day just because I think you’re gorgeous.”

Some crazy impulse made her say, “Oh, that’s too bad!”

She clapped one hand over her wayward mouth. At the sight of her appalled eyes blinking at him over her hand, Joe laughed heartily.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know what…”

He interrupted her apology. “No, no, it was a great comeback.” He lightly ran one finger over the back of her hand on the table. A shiver ran though her, and goose bumps appeared on her bare arms.

They relaxed into flirtatious banter, each now aware of the attraction between them. The candlelit table enclosed them in a cozy, private oasis. They prolonged the meal by ordering coffee and lingering until the restaurant staff began cleaning up around them. He walked her out to her car, standing close enough to brush against her every other step.

She fumbled to find the car keys in her oversized purse; her nose wrinkling in concentration. She opened the car door, tossed her purse into the car, and turned around to say good-bye.

“Well, this has been a lot of fun, Mr. Marcolina.” The words were a little awkward. Now that the evening was over, she couldn’t help wondering what Monday in the office might be like.

“I had a great time, too.” He studied her eyes for a moment, his own thoughtful. “Listen, do you have plans for this evening?”

Her eyes lit up. “No, as I said earlier, I got stood up.”

He smiled, leaned down, and pressed a quick kiss against her lips. “Then how about I pick you up at eight?”

Julie nodded mamak escort and gave him directions to her place, climbed into her sporty green car and drove off with Joe watching until she disappeared from sight.


He picked her up at eight sharp and drove directly to his secret apartment overlooking the Cape Fear River. He pulled into his parking space, got out and hurried around the car, opened her door and stepped back. He enjoyed the way Julie’s breasts shifted under her dress as she wriggled out of the low-slung car.

She knew he was watching, and consciously arched her shoulders back to thrust her chest out slightly, feeling her nipples harden and press against the scratchy lace of her bra. The sudden erection of her nipples created an itchy, tingly sensation that made her want to rub her breasts.

He turned away to hide a sudden erection of his own. This was turning out so much better than he could’ve hoped. Sometime during dinner he’d stopped thinking of her as Strawberry. This woman was a three-dimensional person, comprised of more than the sum of her sexual tales. She had a quick wit and friendly warmth, and evinced genuine interest in being with him. A stray cynical thought warned that she could be playing a part, but he firmly squashed the thought.

He took her inside and ended up providing a guided tour through the spacious apartment. Her wide-eyed appreciation made him feel ten feet tall, especially when she complimented the light, airy feeling the Penthouse view provided.

“How ’bout I get something for us to drink?” he asked.

“That would be great! Ice water for me.”

He brought their drinks outside, set them down on a glass topped table and sat down next to her, handed her a glass, then watched enthralled as she tipped her head back, throat moving as she drank thirstily. Suddenly, his mouth was dry and he gulped his own water, discretely adjusting his crotch when she turned around to put the glass down on the table.

“The view is spectacular, Mr…. I mean, Joe. It really is.”

“It’s even better from this side,” he told her as he got up and helped her up and with a hand at her back, steered her to the end of the balcony to look up the Cape Fear River.

She smiled at him, eyes sparkling in the late-afternoon sunshine. “So, this is your hideaway?” They were close enough so that all he had to do was lean slightly to nibble at the lobe of her ear.

Julie shivered and laughed. “Joe… we hardly….”

He stopped her words by kissing her and she quickly returned the kiss. He took it slowly, just enjoying the feel of her mouth and her lips. But finally, he eased into her mouth and lightly touched her tongue with his. She made a small noise in her throat at the first contact. He started to draw back, thinking it might be a protest, but she went on tiptoes to follow his mouth and he leaned in again.

They kissed for several minutes. He finally drew back to catch his breath. They stared intently into each other’s eyes, knowing that this was only the beginning. Her eyes dropped at last to his lips, then to his chest, where her hands had settled at some point settled. She pulled away and cleared her throat.


“Wow is right.” He paused a moment. “You want to go inside, have something stronger to drink?”

“That would be great. Can I freshen up while you make the drinks?”

“Certainly. What would you like?”

“Whatever you have is fine with me.”

When she came out of the bathroom, makeup reapplied and fresh lipstick on her lips, she found him waiting and holding a drink in each hand.

She cleared her throat slightly. “Already started, I see. What can I do to help?”

“Why don’t you sit down on the couch and start enjoying this libation I’ve prepared for you?”

“Fine,” she said, accepting the drink and sat down, than took a sip. “Um, good. What is it?”

“Cuba Libra, a very refreshing drink. Not lethal by any means.

“Want to watch a little TV?” he asked lazily, after putting an arm around her shoulder.

“Mmmmm,” she purred agreeably.

They sat slumped companionably together on the couch, her head resting naturally on his chest while a sitcom flickered on the screen. Neither paid much attention. Slowly, their attention shifted from the screen to a different appetite. His hand played with her hair, gently rubbing the tender skin at the nape of her neck. She shivered and rolled her head forward to provide better access.

He was already half-hard from being this close to her, smelling the sweet, fresh scent of her body, feeling her breast with its hard little nipple nestling into his chest.

“Is this okay with you?” he asked her.

“Oh, yes, Joe,” she sighed. He began to lightly massage her neck with two fingers. “That feels so nice,” she moaned rapturously. “I woke up with a kink in my neck this morning. If you’ll just keep doing that I’ll be your slave for life.”

Joe sat up and gently turned her around, ankara escort leaning her limpish form forward against the arm of the couch. He brushed her thick, curling hair over her left shoulder, and then began a serious massage. He reveled in the tactile pleasure of touching her warm, soft skin, feeling the soft, downy hairs at her nape catch on his slightly rough fingertips. The sensuous smell of her woman-hood drifted up to him. His pleasure was amplified by her sighs and moans of appreciation as he worked the sore muscles in her neck. Her head drooped forward, cheek resting on the back of one fine-boned hand, manicured nails flexing into the sofa cushion like a kneading cat’s-paw.

“You have the magic touch,” she told him drowsily.

“Thank you,” he replied, his voice already thick with a husky arousal that she didn’t miss.

Joe was struck by the similarities between their position now and the overheard story of Gerry and Vinnie’s sensual massage the other night. Instead of repelling him, it further aroused him, because she obviously enjoyed his attentions.

“Would you like me to massage your back?” Joe inquired softly.

“Oh! Would you? I mean, only if you want to, of course, but it’s been a long time since I had a good massage, and you are really exceptionally good at this.”

“My pleasure,” he said.

Julie giggled, and sighed happily.

He wanted to ask her if Gerry and Vinnie’s ministrations qualified as a real massage, but of course he couldn’t, not without giving away his secret. Instead he helped her get settled on the floor, pulling a pillow down from the couch. He knelt over her, studying the body spread before him. Her ass curved sweetly under the dress, a nice handful, he thought, and then closed his eyes briefly to let the anticipation build, and finally settled his hands between her shoulder blades and began gentle circular motions.

She was uninhibited in her enjoyment. Moans and sighs whispered between her lips, eyes closed in bliss. He worked on her upper back for half an hour, lost in the sensory pleasure of simple touch. Then he moved to her lower back, and discovered one of her prime erogenous zones. Her body jerked and her breathing shuddered as his hand slowly slid the length of her spine and over the twin mounds of her behind.

“I’m… pretty sensitive there,” she told him a little self-consciously.

“Just enjoy it,” Joe said, putting a smile in his voice. “I am.”

“Oh, you!” Julie laughed, “Well, it does feel good.”

He continued massaging her buttocks for several minutes, then whispered to her, “You know, this would feel even better on bare skin.” And a heartbeat later he added, “But I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

Julie hesitated a fraction of a second before answering, “Okay, but let me get up first.”

She wriggled around to grab the bottom of her dress and pulled it off over her head while he looked discreetly away. Goose bumps immediately popped out on the small hairs on her arms. Julie felt lying there partially nude while he was fully dressed.

He had suspected that she was braless, now he had his proof. Her breasts mounded at the side of her torso where it pressed into the floor. Freckles sprinkled lightly on her back and shoulders matched the smattering across her nose.

“You’ve got a beautiful body,” he told her sincerely.

She mumbled embarrassed thanks into the pillow.

He began long strokes from the base of her spine up to her shoulder blades, spreading his hands out to each shoulder and kneading in small circles.

“Oooh!” she moaned, “you were right; it feels so much better this way.”

He didn’t comment, concentrating instead on relaxing her completely. It was a heady, sensual pleasure to touch her bare skin. He could feel a damp spot forming on the front of his slacks from the precum slicking the tip of his cock. But he was content to slowly build their arousal, to live in the moment and enjoy the simple act of touch. Eventually, his hands slid further out and began caressing her sides, lightly touching the bulge of her breasts. She didn’t protest, rather she moaned encouragement.

He slid his hands onto her ass briefly, but kept going, down the backs of her thighs and onto her calves. She jerked slightly at his touch on her bottom, but didn’t protest. He decided to take matters into his own hands, so to speak.

“If I do anything you don’t want me to, all you have to do is say ‘stop’, alright? Don’t feel uncomfortable, or worry about hurting my feelings. This is for your pleasure.”

He waited for her moan of agreement.

“On the other hand,” he warned, smiling wickedly if she had only seen it, “if you don’t say ‘stop’ I’ll assume you like it, and I’ll keep doing it.”

This time, when he ran his hands over her ass, he paused and let his palms completely cup her cheeks. He rubbed his hands in slow circles, pressing down slightly to push her pelvis into the floor. Then he ran his hands down the inside of her thighs and around to the backs of her knees. There he lingered. His fingertips lightly tickled through the denim and her legs jerked. She didn’t say ‘stop,’ though. He knelt with his legs on the outside of hers and pinned her down lightly, continuing to rub the backs of her knees.

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