Witches Brew

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The plane taxied to the gate and stopped at the small rural Airport near the Rockies. The two-dozen people in the small jet started to stand and look for their possessions. Gradually everyone started making their way to the plane’s door and down the stairs to the tarmac. George Rogers walked into the terminal and followed the crowed to where he could pick up his bag.

This was a small town airport and the baggage pickup was on the same level as the terminal. He found a large backpacking bag on belt and picked it up and hoisted on his shoulders; he bent down to pick up his carry on and walked toward the exit.

Waiting on the other side of the security area stood a tall dark man dressed in Jeans and a Polo shirt. He carried a sign with George’s name. George’s eyes scanned the man and saw a slight red outline of the man. He scanned other people in the lobby and did not see the red outline. He looked again and the man still had the red outline surrounding him. “I think you are looking for me,” said George as he walked up to him

George shook the man’s hand. “Mr. Rogers? I am Paul Moore; I got your provisions like you asked on the phone. They are in the back of the car. If you will follow me I will show you where I am parked.”

Paul Moore worked as an assistant to the realtor and also did odd jobs for his clientele. George sent him a list of items that he would need to move in to the house. George followed Paul to a black Suburban; he put his pack and carryon in the back next to several boxes, and climbed into the passenger seat next to the Driver. George flipped his ring around bringing the jewel to the top.

“That is a nice ring Mr. Rogers. This is mine,” said Moore as he put his ring next to George’s. The two men were members of an organization, but you needed to have a special gene that allowed them to do special things. Other people would call it magic.

The trait was passed from mother or father to sons or daughters. These people became the shamans and priests of the ancient world. In the Middle Ages they were hunted almost to extinction with burnings and other forms of execution; because of fear. Enough survived and formed a strong society; with rules and laws that members agreed to follow. They integrated in the general population and the world forgot about supernatural powers.

Paul started the car and got out of the parking lot. He turned on a main road and started to leave the small town. A few miles out there was a sign “Welcome to the Colonies” Paul turned in to the entrance and drove through the development. He pulled up to a large three story Victorian styled home.

“You have good view of the lake and a pool in the back,” said Paul as he drove up to the front door and stopped the car.

George looked around in the fading light as Paul started pulling the boxes out of the back of the car. “Mr. Bennett asked me to give you these,” said Paul handing a set of keys to George.

“Let’s get this stuff inside, then you can get home,” said George.

Between them they got the boxes in the house in just two trips. Paul was about to turn the lights on but George asked not to. “I want to be quiet about my coming here. I will check things out tomorrow,” said George.

The fridge was working and George started to load food in it. Paul brought the last of the boxes in and left his number on the counter. “Call me if you need anything Mr. Rogers. Our mutual friends told me about you,” said Paul as he walked back to his car.

“I guess that I can’t get away from the Society,” said George.

“They have a way of keeping tabs on members,” said Paul.

George watched him drive away and he locked the door. He grabbed his carryon and pack and climbed the stairs to the third floor. George was glad that he was able to rent a fully furnished house. He found the bedroom and noticed a bare mattress on a bed frame. He reached in to his pack and pulled a medium sized bag and opened the drawstrings. He pulled a sleeping bag out of the bag and laid it out on the bed. With a flashlight he explored the room and found the entrance to the bathroom. He entered the room, and moved the light around. The bathroom was about the same size as the bedroom. He found the toilet, walk-in shower, a large tub and three sinks. Back in the bedroom he found a sliding door that led to a deck with a good view of the lake.

George grabbed his carryon containing his computer and descended the stairs. He placed the case on a counter and started to look in the boxes and found a bottle of scotch. In another box were some glasses and he poured a measure of the brown liquid into the glass. He pulled the computer out of the case and opened it up. Surprisingly the computer found an open WiFi signal and was able to get his email. There was nothing but ads but he wrote a message to Jennifer West his accountant letting her know where he was.

Suddenly there was a bright light dancing around his head. The light dissolved and a small piece of paper settled on the counter next to his computer. “Go down to the basement and touch the west wall.” çubuk escort As suddenly as it appeared the paper vanished.

He closed the lid and found his power supply and plugged one end in the wall and the other in the computer and let it charge. He found the stairs leading to the basement and using the flashlight he descended the stairs and swung the flashlight around the room. He walked to the west wall and placed his hands on the paneling and he was suddenly in a conference room. Two older men and a woman were seated at the table and they motioned for him to sit.

“We had you in San Francisco Mr. Rogers your arrival in Colorado is unexpected,” said the man running the meeting.

“Talk to my partners who insisted that I sell them Big Bear,” replied George.

“Why did you move to Colorado?” asked the other man.

“I needed a change and found this house on the Internet, and the last time I checked I did not need your permission to move,” replied George.

“We may have need to call on your services George; don’t be surprised if we signal you again,” said the chair.

The room began to dematerialize and George found himself back in the kitchen standing near his computer. “I do not need the society calling on me now,” he said to himself. George retraced his steps to the third floor and decided to go to bed. He shed his clothing to the briefs and unzipped the sleeping bag, and climbed in. Paul secured some sheets for him; he would make the bed in the morning.

George woke up as the sun was rising over the lake; the windows in the bedroom looked almost due east. He unzipped the sleeping bag and stood up. He grabbed his pants and shirt putting both on and descended the stairs all the way to the basement. Using his flashlight again, he inspected the electrical panel and flipped the breakers on. On one side of the room there was a closet He hadn’t noticed last night. On further inspection the closet turned into an Elevator. George rode the car up to the first floor to see where it landed; he did that for floors two and three. He went back to the first floor to get breakfast. He sat at a table that had a view of the pool.

Something caught his eye; a woman about his age was walking toward the pool coming from over the hill. She opened the gate and walked in. She found one of the lounges and quickly pulled off The T-shirt and the top and bottom of her two-piece bathing suit. She took a quick plunge and swam a lap and then got out and lay in the sun. George was sitting in a dark room and the glare on the glass kept him hidden. George studied the woman; she was the classic Nordic beauty, blond hair with a hint of brown. Well-endowed breasts that she seemed to enjoy showing off; well cropped pussy hair and an ass that was tight. Figuring that she had a good reason to be there he decided to leave her alone for now.

George finished what he was eating, and decided to continue his exploration of the house. There was a door that led to an area between the house and the garage. He walked toward the pool. The woman did not notice his approach; he silently dropped his pants and pulled off his shirt. He slipped into the water and swam toward the lounge the woman was occupying. She was very cool and did not move at his approach.

“In my bag I have a nine millimeter and shooting you would be a mess so don’t try anything,” said the woman.

“Well I was just going to talk but if you put it that way I could ask you to leave,” responded George.

“I have Patty Weldon’s permission to use the pool,” said the woman

“I’ve met Ms. Weldon I am leasing the house from her family.”

“Do you want me to leave,” said the woman.

“No I like the view,” said George

“I never thought I would have a pervert as a neighbor. Let’s get on a name basis, I’m Samantha Pierce, every one calls me Sam,” said Pierce.

George hoisted himself out of the pool and stood in front of Samantha, “I’m George Rogers, I am glad to meet you.” George did a double take when he noticed color bordering the woman. It was just like Paul Moore. What were the chances that there were two other members of the society?

Samantha extended her hand and George gave it a firm handshake. He inspected the ring she was wearing. George brought his ring next to hers. “I guess we have something in common Ms. Pierce.”

“I am noticing your halo now. Should I shake the member between your legs George?”

“Only if you want to,” said George.

Samantha got up and started to apply her bathing suit and George went over to where his clothes were stacked and pulled on his pants and shirt. He walked over just as Samantha was pulling on the T-shirt. He looked in the bag and saw the familiar shape of a Berretta in the bottom of her bag.

“You weren’t kidding you do carry,” said George.

“Almost everywhere I go it goes,” replied Samantha.

“It might be a little early but I have a good scotch in the kitchen and it would be a pleasure to share a glass,” Said George.

“I know the house I can show you the wine demetevler escort cellar, we can see if they left anything good,” said Samantha.

She walked toward the patio door like she owned the place and George followed her.

“Elevator working?” asked Samantha

“Yes I rode it this morning,” replied George.

She hit the button to call the car to the first floor and got in when the door opened. George followed and they rode to the car down to the basement.

“You may have been down here but unless you know where to push you will never find the wine room. She went to the wall next to the electrical box and pressed and a door swung open. A bare bulb flicked on and illuminated the room with floor to celling wine racks. Some were empty but Samantha went over to a wine fridge opened the door and pulled out a bottle of champagne.

“This will be better, I like scotch but at either 6 o’clock or 9 o’clock in the evening” said Samantha.

George found some glasses and Samantha popped the cork and poured into both glasses. George took the bottle, “Lets go upstairs.” He led her back to the elevator and they went back up and sat in the kitchen.

“You know George we are going to have sex; do you want to do it now or later?”

“What makes you think that we will make love?” said George.

Well we were both naked earlier this morning, I sensed an attraction on both our parts; didn’t you?” replied Samantha.

“Let’s make love after dinner,” replied George.

Samantha slid her hand into George’s private area, “I think that I should strike while your iron is hot, and your iron is very hot.”

Samantha stood, picked up the bottle and moved to a long couch in another part of the room. She reached into her bag and found a small packet and laid it on the table next to the wine. Her swimsuit was quickly on the floor and she layback-inviting George. He stood and dropped his pants and pulled his shirt off and walked over to where she was lying down.

“You come prepared all the time?”

“I use rubbers for a lot of things other than it’s usual job,” said Samantha

George walked over to where she was lying down.

“I like the way your dick waves when you walk,” said Samantha.

She reached for the condom and opened the package; when George was close enough she slid the rubber over his cock. He bent down and kissed her pussy and brought his sheathed tool to the entrance of her cunt and pressed. His cock moved effortlessly; even through the condom he felt the heat of her pussy.

George kissed Samantha and began moving his cock in and out of her pussy. He kissed her breasts followed by her mouth. He continued to fuck her pussy, encouraging her to climax. “Keep going fuck me…” said Samantha.

Samantha’s breathing quickened, she screamed when the waves of pleasure came over her. “You bastard keep going I want to cum again.”

George continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy. He felt the vaginal contractions grabbing his cock, which made movement a little harder, but drove him wilder. He continued to kiss Samantha’s breasts. He arched his back and felt the stream of cum release flooding the raincoat. George collapsed with his head between Samantha’s tits. Samantha came too first and gently thumped the side of George’s head to wake him up. George rose and brought Samantha to her feet. He embraced her and his hands slipped down and started to knead her haunches as he kissed her.

Samantha slipped out of the embrace and pulled the rubber off of his cock. She tied the condom and slipped it into her bag.

“I need a trophy,” said Samantha.

She found her suit and started to put on the bottoms and slipped the t-shirt over her bare breasts. She came over to where George was standing and kissed him.

“I will expect you at my home at 7:30, I will be cooking steak and I want you to bring an appropriate wine,” said Samantha.

“Sounds Good; How do I get to your home?” asked George.

“Walk up the hill behind your pool and find the break in the hedge, you will see my house. Knock on the patio door,” said Samantha.

Samantha planted a kiss on his cheek jerked his cock and walked through the patio door and George followed her up the hill with his eyes. He was still excited from the maneuvers this morning but he had things he needed to do.

He came across a folder that was on one of the counters in the kitchen. It contained instructions on were the circuit breakers were located and how to access Internet service. George found a sheet with a note from Patty Weldon;

“Mr. Rogers,

Welcome to the neighborhood. J My dear friend Samantha Pierce will come over and use the house’s pool, I hope that you will continue to allow her access. BTW she is a good source of information on the neighbors.

Enjoy the house

P Weldon”

“Well that clears things up,” said George to himself.

He found the cable modem for the Internet and he found the login information in the folder. He logged on the service, and changed the password. ankara escort He was glad that he no longer was borrowing someone else’s Wi-Fi. George then took the elevator to the second floor and looked over the rooms there. He mentally designated one of the rooms for his office. On the first floor he walked through the formal dining room and the living room. He did not care for the furnishings that the family left but it would do for a while.

George’s Cell phone vibrated and he answered the call.

“George what happened?”

“It is a long story mother my partners and I had a disagreement and they bought me out; at the same time Darla decided to go to St Thomas and I got the message that I was not welcome.”

So what are you going to do?” asked his mother.

I moved to the middle of the country and I am letting things die down, I will be fine,” George replied.

George’s mother spent the next ten minutes trying to get his location out of him; “I will be fine; I will invite you for a visit I promise,” George disconnected the call and went back to looking over the place.

George remembered the phone number that Paul Moore left last night. He dialed the number and was connected. “Mr. Moore, what can you tell me about Samantha Pierce she is my backyard neighbor?”

“She is one of the hottest single women in the development. She is the daughter of William Conwinn and she inherited half of Conwinn aviation. The company has a chain of FBOs through out the West. That company runs the airport that you flew into. Her Mother who spends half a year in the south of France owns the other half.”

“Where did Pierce come from?” asked George.

Samantha was married to Brad Pierce and his family has money but he was killed in a gun accident. Samantha was away so there was no hint of foul play. The rumor around where they were living was that he was a drunk and an idiot, but I should not talk ill of the dead. There was also a rumor that Samantha was filing for divorce. She got a very nice settlement after Brad’s death. Between the aviation company and her inheritance; she is well situated. Samantha started an Art Gallery in town that’s her hobby. Oh in case you missed it she is a member of the society.”

“Who did she get the trait from?” asked George.

“Both her mother and father had the trait; her powers are very strong, don’t get her mad at you,” said Moore.

“Can I email a list of things I need Mr. Moore?”

“Handyguy@Moore.com. Same arrangement as before. “

George disconnected and went over to his computer and typed his order for Moore. He got a reply saying that the items would be there next morning. George went up to the third floor and looked over the bedroom. He emptied his pack. It contained three changes of clothing that consisted of the same linen pants and polo shirts; two of the shirts had the Big Bear logo embroidered on the shirt. Two pairs of slip on shoes three pairs of tan socks, and three pairs of underwear.

George undressed and walked into the bathroom. He ran the shower and was pleased that the water heater worked and the shower was steaming hot. He had a small quantity of soap and shampoo and a small towel. He got under the stream and the water felt good. He soaped up and then rinsed off followed by washing his hair. He shut the water off and grabbed the towel to wipe down his body. He sat out on the balcony allowing his body to air dry. The balcony was high enough that he would not be seen unless someone pulled up to the front door.

When he felt dry enough he went back inside. In his pack there was a book that he started reading on the flight. He spent a few hours reading and making notes. He had an idea for a new application and started to design the interface.

Noting the time he started getting dressed. He pulled the linen pants on with out underwear feeling that they would just get in the way. He pulled one of the polo shirts and slipped on his shoes with out socks. He took the elevator to the basement and found the door to the wine room. He looked over the shelves and found and well regarded Bordeaux and grabbed a bottle of Champagne.

George looked at his phone and saw that the time was 6:30. “I hope that she doesn’t mind people arriving early,” he said to himself. Up in the kitchen he found a reusable grocery bag, which was perfect for carrying the wine. George started walking up the hill trying to retrace the steps that Samantha took. He found the break in the bush line and walked toward a large Victorian styled house. All the houses in the development were over five thousand square feet. There was no evidence of children in the yard so he felt that this was the correct house. He walked up to the back patio and knocked on the door.

“I could see you coming over the hill Mister. George,” said Samantha’s voice coming over a speaker. “The door is open come on in.”

He found the door and walked into a family/den area. There was a curving staircase at one end of the room. He saw Samantha start to descend the stair; I am glad that you are a little early,” Samantha said as she walked down the stair. She was dressed in tapered pants that emphasized her legs and butt. On her feet were four inch heals that George was sure cost in excess of $1500 dollars. Her blouse was translucent allowing George full view of Samantha’s beautiful breasts.

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