Working Relationships: Jodi, Ch. 16

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Big Tits

During COVID, things got wild and very strange…and there seemed to be so much isolation. Like many people, I formed a pod or a group that routinely got together for dinner, a movie or just coffee (with Jodi and Pete, it was dinner and sex). It worked out that we were hooking up, almost weekly on Monday nights…it was just part of our routine. Nobody went unsatisfied, but we all looked forward to the next Monday night hookup.

It was mid-afternoon, in late summer, and I committed to helping her tag trees for a big job. As the Sr. Architect for the project, she needed somewhere around 150, scattered through the site. We had four nurseries to visit that day but we were nearly done, except for a few of the more unique things like Pawpaw, Witch-hazel and Persimmon.

I was checking out a row of Scarlet Oaks, “Look at those nice trunks…nice…no damage…nice and thick.”

She grinned, and I knew what she was thinking. I was innocently talking about the trees, but that’s not what she was thinking. It was my choice of words, and she couldn’t help herself, grinning, “They’re beautiful trees, but I know there are other nice, thick trunks in this field.”

I shook my head and laughed, “You are one big perv…sweetie,” while we finished tagging the oaks.

It was our third stop, and we were both ready to call it a day; she looked over and smiled, “Again, thanks for helping me, sweetie. This project means a lot…they all do, but this one has some cool potential. There have been so many slowdowns in the construction, but this helps me keep things going on my end.

“No worries, you got this…and I’ll be there when you do the awards applications. It is great work, and you should be proud…it will be a beautiful campus.”

“I owe you so much.”

“Just buy me a drink, next time we’re out.”

“You know that’s not enough,” and she nudged me to lean back against the Jeep. With her cute, sexy grin, I knew she had a plan in mind, for settling up. I quickly glanced over the field to see if anyone could see us; there was nobody and we were in the middle of maybe 240 acres…of nothing but trees.

She saw me and laughed, “I guess you know how my mind works.” She leaned in, stretching up to give me a quick peck…the moment our lips met, I knew that was just the start. We were going at it, and her hand found my growing bulge…and started stroking it.

We were mashing lips for a long…long while before she dropped to her knees. Once she pulled my pants down, she was totally mesmerized with the swaying shaft, arching up to the sky…and her more than eager lips.

I pumped my hips, making it weave back and forth, bobbing and dancing in her face, “Yeah, make it dance for me, sweetie…I love it when he dances!”

“Yeah, I know that,” grinning.

“I like when it’s just starting to grow, too…when it’s still hanging down and flopping around…when you walk.” She grinned, “I know you’ve caught us, but Pete and I love watching you walk through the house naked,” she laughed, “he gets hard, and I get hard…and wet.”

I smiled, “You and Pete are both nice to watch, too…his dick has a nice bounce.” I squeezed her breast, “and these are hot as fuck, when they jiggle…and bounce.”

She threw her chest out and proudly nodded, “They do have a nice bounce…I’ve got great titties.”

I looked into her eyes and then down at my dick…it was eight inches, but not quite a beer can…and rock, fucking hard. The head was silvery purple, and the shaft was deep, dusty pink in the summer sun. She kissed the head and rolled her tongue over it, swirling and probing. With the very tip of her tongue, wiggling inside the pee slit, she looked up and started working her way down the shaft, using the flat of her tongue to lap, up and down.

“Mmmm…I really love having it in my mouth…you always taste so good. My mouth waters when I fantasize about it…letting you fuck my face…and having it tease my throat.”

She fondled my balls, grinning, and licking her lips…I guess dreaming about their tasty contents…or what was about to happen.

Holding the shaft, “Just look at him…he’s beautiful…I love play with it and feel how heavy it feels.” I pushed the hair away from her face, as she closed her lips around the head, sucking and swirling her tongue. Her mouth was warm, and her lips were stretched tight, gripping my cock; I groaned with pleasure, “That’s it…yeah…yeah…yeah, suck it…suck me…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah, work that cock!”

Feeling my fingers run through her hair, gently urging her to go deeper, she eagerly took more, till it hit the back of her throat. I started pumping my hips, teasing her throat, igniting our shared lust. I held her head steady and pumped through her lips. With her cheeks hollowed and tongue caressing the shaft, she worked up and down the thick, spit-soaked shaft. It was beautiful to watch…she took it over and over, riding my cock with her mouth, gurgling and looking up into my eyes.

She pulled off, “And one kaçak iddaa of the best things is the size,” forming her hand to echo its width. “I never knew I was a size queen till you pushed inside me, the first time; it totally touched places that no other man had. I really love the way my pussy slowly stretches open, as you push yourself, deeper and deeper…and I love having you balls deep…and I feel completely filled up.”

“You know…whenever I use my dildo (Robbie), I fantasize about you and riding this big guy.”

I grinned, laughing, “I think I could’ve guessed that…you’re a big cockslut!”

She laughed, taking it back in her mouth, and bobbing hard. “Oh fuck…fuck…that’s it…uhhhh…uhhhh…yeah…yeah, worship…worship that cock!” With pressure building in my balls, I pumped faster, relentlessly fucking her beautiful, sexy, eager lips.

Humping into her mouth, I groaned, “Oh fuck, you are one crazy, hot size queen… you love sucking this dick…don’t you?” She moaned into the swollen cock flesh, sending vibrations through the shaft, and nearly overwhelming me. I had to pull out or lose it, so I pulled her to her feet, walked her around to the back, and opened it for her, “Baby girl, get in there and let’s get those boots off.”

Sitting on the very edge, she slipped them off and unbuttoned her jeans. Leaning into the back, she lifted her ass and I helped pull her pants off, smiling, “Really, camo panties?”

She giggled, “Hey…I’m in the field…they work.” Pushing the panties aside, I exposed her tight lips, dewy with arousal, “Yeah, they do work.”

“Jump down here and bend over for me.”

She was bent over and resting on her hands, as I rubbed the swollen head through the tight, pink folds. Just barely parting them, I listened to her moans, “Mmmm…yeah…yeah, put it in me…fuck me…yeah…yeah, fuck me!”

I rubbed up and down the slit, while she rolled her hips back towards me, hungry for more. I pushed forward, gently pumping into her trembling body, while she moaned, “Oh, fuck…fuck…fuck, that’s deep…goes deep…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me like that…just like that…oh god, yeah…yeahhhhhhhhh!”

Leaning forward, I grabbed a handful of a beefy, firm breast, and asked, “This what you had in mind…as payback? Payback for being supportive…and…uhhhh…uhhhh…and a friend?”

In response, she rolled her hips, to ride my cock, “Yeah…yes!” She giggled, “but I…I owe you…ahhhh…ahhhh…and wanna pay you back…over…and over…and over.”

Wanting, needing, and craving cock, her pussy was steamy hot and begging to be fucked. She whimpered, “Oh god, your cock…your big cock…mmmm…mmmm…fuck me…fuck me…I need it…need it so bad.”

I humped forward, driving into steamy warmth, and manhandling her meaty tits. She moaned as her pussy gripped tight and pulsed around the girthy penetration; it was like we were one…one complete person, joined by lust and flesh.

Fucking slowly, with deep, greedy strokes, I savored her moaning, “Oh fuck…it makes me feel full…stuffed full…like I’ve got horse cock inside…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…ohhhh god…that’s so good…so fuckin’ good!”

Pumping hard and watching her lips cling tight and caress the shaft, I teased her more, “This good…this what you need…a good fucking…a good outdoor fucking?”

She moaned, as the summer sun warmed my back, “Yessssss…yessssss…a good…fucking…uhhhh…uhhhh…always need a good…a good fucking…yeah…yeah…uhhhh…uhhhh…a good fuck…ing…fucking…fuck me…fuck meeeeee!”

Her hips rolled back to meet every thrust, as I hammered into the juicy arousal; her pussy was slurping with each thrust and I moaned, “Oh yeah…yeah…grind it…grind on that dick…grind it deep!”

Going deep, teasing her cervix, I pressed her body tight against cargo floor, while her fingers dug into the hot carpet.

Despite all that, she managed to slide a hand between her legs; I knew she must be getting close and felt her rubbing furiously, shuddering as pleasured waves started coursing through her body.

She moaned, “Yeah…yeah, keep it up…keep it up…keep…fuckin’…keep fuckin’ me…ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…yeah…yeah…yeah…yeah, fuck me hard…hard…hard…yeah, hard!”

“Cum on that cock…that’s it, baby girl…cum on it…cum all over my dick…yeah…yeah, cum on that dick…wanna feel that pussy juice…uhhhh…uhhhh…wanna feel that pussy cover my cock!”

Each time I slammed into her pussy’s tight grip; I think my fingers dug deeper into her hips. I gave her ass a rough slap…SMACK…and she moaned, “Oh god…hard…hard…keep that up.” I slam into her harder and harder, spurred on by her begging moans.

Craving satisfaction, her pussy throbbed around my cock…caressing…squeezing…milking. She tipped her head way back and moaned, as her body stiffened, “Ohhhh…ohhhh…godddddd! Cummmm…cummmming…cu…mmmmm…ing…cumming!”

Begging to be filled with hot seed, her pleasured kaçak bahis moans never stopped, as I mercilessly pounded my dick into her. Finally, I unleashed with my cock painting her insides; it felt like my balls were exploding and the warm, fertile seed would spill down over her thighs. It wasn’t quite that much cum, but Jodi writhed in ecstasy, squealing as I filled her, with hot, creamy pleasure.

When the waves of orgasm started waning, she was still milking it, working to pull every last drop from the pulsing shaft.

When I released my grip, she collapsed out of breath, almost melting into the jeep. I heard myself breathing hard, as I slipped from her pussy’s grasp, sated, and softening, but at ease. I whispered, “We need to do more of these projects together…I like the compensation package…and all the benefits.”

As I step back from between her legs, she got a sexed-up smile, “I love the benefits, too!” She flipped over, spread her legs, and giggled, “You know, I’m always willing to provide more benefits…and discuss further compensation.”

I nodded my head and laughed, “You’re a very fair-minded and generous professional woman…and a damned hot, size queen!” She leaned back on her elbows, and spread her legs, proudly displaying a creamy trickle…it glistened in the warm sun, and I smiled, “Sweetie, that’s a great centerfold that would sell a ton of jeeps…every man in America would buy one.”

She sexted her creampie to Pete, “Baby, we’re about to head back…we found over 100 trees today…and a really big creampie!”

She was fixing her panties, in an attempt to catch everything, when he texted back, “Save some for me!”

We both laughed, and she texted, “I’m trying…my panties are soaked…just the way you like them.”

Handing me the phone, it read, “See if he can spend the night.” Still semi, and hanging heavy, I yanked it out again, taking the picture and grinning, “Part of my response…hope you don’t mind?”

She giggled, shaking her head, “No, not at all.”

I attached the picture and texted, “Tina and I got a date-night planned, but I promise to “hang out” Monday.”

He quickly responded, “I got a whisky that’ll go with that…can’t wait to share some “Magnum” with Jo…you better rest up!”

“Maybe, CUM for the whole weekend? LOL!”

That night, in the restaurant, Tina was flirty (and turned-on), especially after telling her how my day went, with graphic detail.

It was a beautiful night with a bright, full moon and I parked in the drive, “Sweetie, I can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing than date night…it’s always perfect…and I get to come home with you.”

She kissed me, and ran a hand through my crotch, smiling, “You’re so sweet, but I think our date night is just getting started…and Jodi’s absolutely right…you need to be compensated. You need to be compensated for giving me such a nice evening.” Unbuckling my belt, she grinned, “Slip your pants down, for me.”

When my dick sprang up, her hungry gaze clearly indicated there was more car sex in my future. She stroked it, intently watching her fingers trail up and down over the veined shaft. She giggled, “Now this’s a benefit, we can both enjoy!”

She paused to admire its girth and it seemed to throb under her touch. Her desire exploded…there was no way she could resist its pull and leaned in to work it with her tongue. She circled the tip and probed for precum…non yet, but we both knew it wouldn’t be long.

Thrilled to have her man’s cock in her lips, she looked up and smiled, “Honey, we need more date nights, like this!” She paused and then spoke, “You know…I love having it in my mouth, and I fantasize about it all the time…it’s just beautiful!”

I grinned, “Baby, I just heard that this afternoon…almost the exact same words.” I laughed, “I guess it’s unanimous…but be careful…my ego’s gonna be out of control.”

With the car awash with moonlight, she smiled, and I watched her lips ripple down the shaft. I moaned, “Fuck Tina! Yeah…mmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s good…that’s’ makin’ me fuckin’ rock hard…that’s it…suck it…suck that cock!”

She took it faster, burying it in her throat and then pulling back to where it was just barely in her lips…before plunging it back in. Spit covered it, as she pumped it through her lips and slurped the head. I groaned, “Tina…yeah Tina…fuckin’ take that dick…take it…oh god, suck me…suck me, like that…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh yeah, like that!”

She had me on the brink when she started double-teaming it. While working the top half with her lips, she started stroking the base, with her fist, and it felt like I was ready to explode. I grunted as pleasure took over, and my hot seed sprayed over her tongue and down her throat. “Fuck…fuck…fuck…ahhhh…ahhhh, fuckkkkkkk!”

I held her head tight, while I fucked her mouth, and emptied my balls, “Yeah, Ti…Tina…uhhhh…uhhhh…drain…drain it…drain that dick…fuckkkkkkk!” She held tight, too, with illegal bahis her lips taking over and pulling out every drop.

Filling her mouth with my release, I felt her swallow a couple times and I panted, “Fuck, baby girl! That…that was fucking crazy…crazy hot!”

She let it fall from of her lips, “It was…but that was just the start…I think we need to take this inside…to the bedroom.” She grinned, “Mmmm…love that after-taste,” licking cum from her lips. She sat up, still licking her lips, “I guess this jeep has seen some pretty hot action today.”

“I guess so…but it’s always seen a lot of action…you and I have had quite a few Jeep encounters,” grinning, “scotch in bed?”

“I think you read my mind.”

When I walked into the bedroom with the whiskey, she was under the covers and wearing nothing. I sat the glasses on the nightstands and dropped my pants to the floor. There it was, nearly ready to go…fortunately. I was back in action already, and happy about it, “Look, I got a full pouch!”

She giggled, “Shut up, you’ve always got a full pouch…by the way, I really love that underwear.” Giggling again, “It displays everything nicely.”

“I think you bought these for me.”

“I did…a woman always knows what looks good on her man.”

I parted her legs, and feasted on her pussy, tracing her lips and fucking with my tongue. Almost licking her to orgasm, I dragged my tongue back and forth, flicking her clit and sucking it between my lips.

She moaned loud, tightening her thighs around my head and grinding. “Oh god…Rob…ju…jus…just like that…yeah…yeah…yeah, just like that!”

I pumped a finger into her, teasing her with the penetration and knowing she wanted a lot more. When I took her clit back between my lips and flicked with my tongue, she moaned, “Oh…oh…oh god…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s gonna…make me…make me cum!”

I lubed up and teased a little more with just the tip, pushing inside and pulling out, over and over. When I rubbed it over her clit, she squealed, “Tease…put it in…put it back in me…god damn…fuck me…mmmm, fuck me…please…please, fuck me!”

I started pumping gently, with every last inch; I pulled back slow so just the head remained and then pushed all of it back in with one slow, savoring thrust…I wanted to feel every bit of her pussy’s tight, loving caress.

She squealed with delight, as the pace increased, and I started pounding her; I knew it would send us both into the clouds. Ploughing her hungry, aching pussy (and some serious rubbing), had pushed her closer and closer, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…fuck me…Rob…oh god fuck me.”

As it started to build, I felt her hands grip my ass, urging me to fuck hard…and deep…she wanted it all. Her body shuddered, and her grip tightened; she was cumming hard, moaning loud and bucking her ass off the bed. It was a long…intense orgasm, and her body melted over the bed, when the moans faded.

I just kept humping into her sated body, savagely driving deep into the tight, quivering warmth. I sprayed hot seed, deep into her wanting pussy. Wracked with pleasure, I gave her what I had left, and groaned, “Tin…Tina…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…oh fuckkkkkk!”

As I pulled out, catching my breath, she picked up her glass, and took a sip, “Baby, that…and this is exactly what I had in mind…third load’s a charm.”

I clinked her glass, “Same here…but you and Jodi are gonna wear me out…and give me a big head.”

She giggled, “It’s already there…and I think you’ll find we like that big head…and the ego, too.”

I sipped my scotch and kissed her forehead, thinking about Monday, pondering what Pete had said. I thought I’d better rest up…and save up; I wanted to have a 2 or 3-days’ worth…plenty for Jodi and Pete to share.

Tina and I talked about our schedules for that following week (the way couples do), but I kept running the Monday evening through my head. Knowing Pete, he would be ready for cock with his first cocktail…or whisky…or maybe we could go for a drive after dinner. We could make our way to that secluded spot in the park…we could have more fun in the back of the jeep. It’d be hot as fuck with their legs spread and up in the air, or maybe we could spit roast Jodi. Either way, it would be a another steamy, jeep encounter…a hot, fertile and creamy jeep encounter, a reward (or benefit) they can both share.


Monday June 7th

Pete got off early and late Monday afternoon, he sexted me…it was a familiar breast (Jodi’s right breast) and it read, “Jo’s really anxious…we still on for tonight?”

I responded, “Definitely! But I’m not on my way, yet.”

Then the left breast came through with a caption “I couldn’t get them both in the one shot…lol!”

Shortly after the left breast, I got a pic of Pete, pulling his cheek aside to show me his hole. “We’re both ready for some Magnum!”

A few minutes later, another text came through; she had her lips wrapped around his cock…and she looked smokin’ hot but so did Pete…or I should say his cock looked smokin’ hot.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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