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I think of you when I touch myself. Softly touching, like butterflies landing on my skin.

You. That first time. Remember?

We were both so bashful about it, about actually being without clothes with someone else. We were nineteen and at college, just you and I, alone in our dorm room, the window shades drawn and the door locked.

The moment of truth.

You were so pretty. I know I told you that over and over again even though you never seemed to believe it. I constantly thought of you, of your face and eyes and hands. Pretty hands.

You’re so pretty. I think about your prettiness and touch myself…now. Just there. Like you did that first time. Right there where it counts.

Soft bursts of pleasure. Tingles racing. I couldn’t breathe. You touched me there – right there – and it made me feel so good. My own hand froze, remember? I was reaching down and down (like you were), but you touched mine first and my mind went blank. I opened my eyes – because they shut tight! – and there you were. Your pretty, smiling face, looking like you just achieved an award.

Then things went wild and hot and passionate. We couldn’t stop ourselves. We didn’t want to!

Reaching further down, spreading my legs a little, I push casino şirketleri my finger in. I gasp. I can’t help it. Like that first time. Involuntary. Out of control. Body trembling inside and out. I feel that knot in my tummy now, like then – like always. Just twisting up inside, wanting to stretch and flatten and spread open.


Now you’re on your back, knees drawn up, legs spread. I just stared at you. You didn’t know because you had your eyes closed, waiting. I stared though. I looked right down at what you were so bravely offering to me. It was so pretty. You were so pretty there with your cute little muff and your pussy lips so swollen and excited. How could anyone resist such a prize?

I gasp in pleasure and the remembrance. My finger is wet, slick. Deep inside me, then out. The air cools it and I push it in again. My pelvis lifts up and I reached further down, thinking of you and your pretty pussy. So sweet and vulnerable. I didn’t know what to do to it at first so I continued looking at it, letting my eyes wander up your raised thighs then down your shins. Your feet were pale and lovely and would get the attention they deserved – but later. Not now.

Now I was transfixed on your pussy.

Then the entire fabric of time seemed to casino firmaları snap and I found myself hungrily feasting on that pussy of yours. You gasped I remember – out of surprise and shock I think! – but then you moaned so softly and so contentedly that it only made me want to do more to you.

To do everything to you.

I ate you for almost an hour that first time. I can still remember your taste, your sweet, fragrance and the thick, wonderful texture of your juices. So much. You were so wet!

But then I was too, like now. Like this very moment as I masturbate over your memories – in and out, rubbing my clit with the pad of my finger. Rubbing, pushing, circling. Orgasms swell and explode. My navel feels as though it will suck inward and then shoot a beam of white light from its center.

You. You gasping on that long ago bed, squirming, covering your eyes with the back of your wrist, your chest heaving, ribs showing. So beautiful! Everything so beautiful!

And then I came too. Just laying there on my front between your feet, I felt the tension reach the point of no return and I came. I don’t know if you remember my grunting out against your pussy lips but I did. I grunted and moaned and then it was over and I was back to rubbing my tongue güvenilir casino between your wonderfully swollen labia. Up and down and around, pushing them to the sides, tasting, smelling. You finally grabbed your knees and pulled them back to your chest, your ass rolling up at me. I pushed my tongue into your pussy-hole and you grunted something – my name I think – and then your toes curled. I tongued you deep, as deep as my stretched out tongue would reach, and you began rolling and pushing against me.

Together, we made you come seven times before you remembered your name and sat up and pounced on me. I was treated to the most wonderful tongue-bath ever by the prettiest woman ever and in the end there was not a single part of my body that hadn’t been explored by you.

In the soft, quiet, dark hours afterwards we simply lay together, breathing, thinking, touching. My mind was a flurry of thoughts and ideas, of worries and concerns, but my emotions were steady. They were laying against you, rising and falling with your breaths. I looked at your nipples and how soft and satisfied they were. I loved them. I loved your breasts even though you always complained about how small they were in comparison to mine. But I loved them, touching them, kissing them – just seeing them.

You I’m thinking about…just you. Just now. Just when the warmth seems just about to turn into pain in my depths and the release flows and pushes and comes out of me. The pleasure.

My pleasure with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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