18 Master Ch. 03: Party

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Once again I knelt, naked, in front of a door. This time I was not in front of a hotel room door. When they told me to strip in the car and walk, naked, to the front door of the house, I pictured having to do a mad dash to avoid exhibiting myself to the neighbors. I didn’t need to worry at this house – it was huge, gated, surrounded by trees. We could have the gang bang on the front lawn and no one would see. I stripped in the car. I hurried, but more because it was a chilly February day than from fear of being seen.

I knocked and waited, my eyes on the mat. It was one of those brushy mats, painful on my knees. The rest of my body still twinged from the abuse at the gang bang on Friday. The lighter bruises were fading, but a few would be around for several days. My ass and cunt were still sore from dozens of intrusions. Now the tiny bristles were pricking the tender skin of my knees. I tried to breathe slowly, staying present to the pain, feeling the chill that peaked my nipples.

I could hear voices inside. Eighteen men. I wondered if I should ring the bell? But no, they said knock. Eighteen horny men, eighteen hard cocks. And two sore knees. Breathe. Feel the knees. Were they going to leave me here all day? They could. I had to obey them. Any of them, all of them. I know calling 18 men “Master” was not the way it usually happened, but it was working for me so far. Breathe. Feel the knees. Ignore the cold. Breathe. Damn.

Finally the door opened. I kept my eyes on the fucking prickly mat. I saw two pairs of bare, male feet. They didn’t say anything. My knees were agony now. I was shivering. I drew another deep breath.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

That was Chris’ voice. This was his house. His fucking mat.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good. Keep looking at the mat, but put your hands behind your head.”

I obeyed. The slight shift in weight made my knees hurt even worse. Another deep breath.

“Shake your tits.”

I obeyed, making the needles in my knees dig even deeper. I felt my eyes start to well up with the pain. I felt a hand caress my left breast, toying with the nipple. The small pleasure from that helped offset the pain from the bristles, but just a little.

“All right. Follow me. Crawl.”

The hand came away and I gingerly leaned forward to put my hands on the floor inside, moving my knees slowly across the tiled entryway. It was lovely tile, the sort of rough look I usually love, but not on my sore knees. It wasn’t far, though, before my knees were sinking into deep, cream-colored carpet. Even then they still hurt. I followed the bare feet of my master, feeling the other master walking behind me.

We came to a carpeted stairway and Master led me down the stairs, still crawling carefully. Along a hallway he turned into a large recreation room. The carpet here was dark brown, but still luxurious. He stopped a few feet into the room.


He ordered me like I was some kind of animal. I liked it. I knelt there, feeling my large breasts hanging below me, my bruised ass and cunt visible to anyone who was watching. I assumed they were all watching, because the conversations slowed and then stopped as they noticed me there.

“Stand up.”

I moved carefully to just my knees, feeling them hurt even in the deep pile of the carpet, before I pushed to my feet. I kept my eyes on the floor.

“Hands behind your head.”

I obeyed, still looking down as his hands moved roughly over my body. He inspected me, paying attention to the bruises still on my tits. He pushed on my head, bending me over to check out the bruises on my ass. He pushed on a few, making me wince. Grabbing my hair, he pulled me upright again, turning my face towards his. He held my gaze, still fisting my hair, until the pain made me wince. At that he laughed, and pushed me away.

“Relax. We want to just hang out for a while. We’re going to watch a soccer match. We’ll fuck you after.”

He indicated a huge flat-screen TV, covering most of the wall. For the first time, I could see the other men, my other masters. They were dressed casually, jeans and t-shirts, some in shorts. Some eyes were riveted on me, others went back to talking in small groups. He handed me a brown towel, as fluffy as the carpet.

“If you sit down, use a towel. Do you want a beer?”

“Um, sure.”

He said to relax, but I still wasn’t sure how to process all this. A soccer match. Not that I knew anything about soccer, just that they played together on a team.

Chris turned to the guys.

“You can touch her any way you want, but no cumming, and no penetration until after the match.”

He opened a fridge in the kitchenette. This room was huge, bigger than my whole apartment. Dozens of places to sit, all with a good view of the TV. There was a pull down bed in a corner. The sliding glass doors looked out over a wooded backyard. Chris handed me a very cold bottle, already opened and wisping at the top.

“We have a little time before the match starts. You were right on time. Hey, Andy, I bet subayevleri escort you’ve been dying to give her a foot rub.”

Andy had been one of the ones watching me carefully since I came in. He was tall, with bright red hair and green eyes, and huge hands. He jumped right up and took my little hand in his big one, leading me over to a leather sofa. I had to juggle the towel and the beer, but eventually he got me settled on the towel with my back up against the arm of the sofa and my feet on his lap. Those huge hands picked up my left foot and start massaging. I felt hands on my shoulders, and looked up to see a shorter, balding guy standing behind me. Clark. He wasn’t really looking at me, just at my tits, but he started kneading my shoulder muscles, arching me back. I think he was doing it just to see my tits move. A few guys watched us, some watched the muted TV showing some sort of sport highlight show, the others talked and drank their beers. Chris was watching carefully, but he must have had one eye on the TV because as soon as they were starting the match, he hit the volume button and all of them were glued to the screen. At least at first.

Andy split focus between my feet and the TV. I guess just touching a girl’s feet was enough to get him going because I saw his cock get hard. Clark watched the kickoff and then his eyes went right back to my chest. He massaged for a few minutes more, watching my tits. Sitting there, naked, with two guys touching me, I felt my nipples harden. As soon as Clark saw that, he gave up on my shoulders and came to the side of the couch to start massaging my tits, flicking the nipples. As soon as he moved, another pair of hands started stroking my hair, massaging my scalp. I didn’t bother looking to see who, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of three guys touching me. Clark’s touches were getting me hot and I felt my hips moving. Andy moved to the right foot.

I felt hands touching my pussy lips and opened my eyes. A guy with coffee colored skin and short, dark hair spread my labia and started to stroke my clit. I don’t know how they all fit there – I’m only 5’3″, so they had to cram a bit to get their hands on me. I wished we were on the bed, so more guys could be touching me at the same time. I moaned a bit, approaching that wonderful state of overload.

“Don’t let her cum, Nick!” Chris warned.

My eyes flew open to find him was still watching the game; he must have great peripheral vision. Or maybe he could smell me, I was such a bitch in heat.

The dark guy, Nick, pulled back from the clit, but still held my cleft wide open. He leaned in and blew gently on my clit, making me shiver. He looked up and found my beer on the coffee table and put the cold, wet bottle on my clit. I bucked my hips, but Nick and Clark held me down while Nick kept the bottle on me. I loved the pressure of them pinning me back to the couch and almost came just from that.

The couch struggle and my groans of stimulation caught more attention. A blonde guy, very thin, grabbed my right foot, moving Andy back to my left and forcing my right foot so I was spread wide. He held my right foot and moved his hand up and down my calf and thigh. It tickled. It was erotic. It made me struggle even more. With my legs spread, Nick moved his inspection even lower, spreading me until my gaping cunt hole was visible.

“Chill out, guys, come on! No penetration. Save some for later!”

I think if Chris hadn’t said something, they would have shoved something in me, but that changed the mood. They were all pretty alpha, but he was definitely the Alpha alpha. They backed off a bit.

“Let someone else have a turn, why don’t you?”

A guy, Tom, I think, walked over to the sofa and offered me his hand, pulling me to my feet. He turned me so he could still peek at the screen as he leaned over to take my left nipple in his mouth. He was a short, stocky guy, like a wrestler, with huge, broad shoulders. His hand grabbed my other tit, squeezing hard enough to make me gasp. Josh moved to next Tom and pushed his hand away.

“Share!” Josh growled.

Josh had spiky gelled hair, brownish but bleached at the tips. He had an earring in his left ear that looked like a diamond. He attached his mouth to my right nipple and sucked it in hard, grazing me with his teeth. I remembered him from Friday – he was the one who started the tit sucking that had me cumming on the table.

Josh and Tom were working my chest so aggressively that I would have fallen over, except I felt a solid back at my chest, and a huge bulge rubbing against my ass. I was sandwiched between someone dry humping me from behind and two hungry mouths. I felt myself almost cumming from the sensation. I didn’t know what would happen if I disobeyed, and I didn’t want to find out, but I couldn’t stop the determined sexual assault from three strong men. I started watching the TV myself, hoping for distraction to cool me down. In a chair next to me, I saw Tim had whipped out his cock and was stroking yenidoğan escort himself. He was a compact guy, well-defined muscles, but not bulging. His dark hair was buzz cut, his eyes were small and dark. He had a long, thin dick, which made me wonder if the was the “pencil dick” who had taken my ass virginity on Friday. He did have one of the thinnest dicks I’d ever seen, but my ass still burned as I remembered how it felt to have something shoving past my tight sphincter. That helped me cool down a bit.

I looked at the clock. It felt like no time, but they’d been groping and stroking me for almost 30 minutes. And there were still so many guys who hadn’t touched me yet.

“My turn.”

I couldn’t see who spoke, but the other men yielded to him. I saw my towel spread on the floor in front of the TV and I was forced on my stomach. I felt someone straddling my waist and then felt his hands, slippery with lotion, work into my neck and upper back. Heaven. I closed my eyes and let his amazing hands dig in. I still had some bruises from Friday, and I hissed as his hands found a tender one, but I didn’t want him to stop. I sighed happily and enjoyed his oiled hands traveling all over my back side, wishing he could just roll me over and take me.

I heard people shifting around and figured the game must have come to something like half time.

“I’m next.”

I felt my massage god move away. Someone rolled me roughly to my back and grabbed my hair. I looked up into a tanned, weathered face with hazel eyes framed by bushy brown eyebrows. His hair was also busy and brown, a bit wild. So far I’d felt pretty safe with these guys. They’d pushed my boundaries and done things no one would mention in polite conversation, but they all looked like they desired me and liked having me here. This guy, Donald, looked at me with so much contempt, if he had spit on me I wouldn’t have been surprised. He straddled me, still holding my hair painfully. With his other hand, he pinched my left nipple so hard I gasped.

“Don’t scream,” he ordered. “Don’t say anything. Nod if this hurts.”

I nodded as best I could with his hand still tangled in my hair, pulling as I moved. He smiled, and pinched harder. Just when I thought I couldn’t bear it without screaming, he let go, leaving me panting, but before I could recover, he pinched the other nipple, as hard as the last one. I froze, my face contorted with the effort of not screaming my head off. It felt like forever before he let go and pushed off me, still smiling and walked off to get another beer.

I lay there wondering what would happen next when another guy got down and laid right on top of me, with his knees between my legs, pushing them open. He had bleach-blonde hair and huge brown eyes, with lashes so big they almost looked fake. They were all very fit and muscular, but this guy was totally ripped, like a body builder. He positioned himself so his mouth was right next to my ear and in a sweet, sexy voice he started to tell me all the really filthy things he wanted to do with me, like stripping me in a crowded bar and fucking me on the table because I was such a whore, or making him suck his cock while I was chained to his desk as he made his daily calls. I was turned on and horrified at the same time.

“Give her a fucking break, Oliver,” Chris said, as he sat down with a fresh beer in his hand.

“I’d rather give her a fuck, Chris,” Oliver said. “Why aren’t we raping this whore already? She totally wants it. Look!”

Oliver pushed off me and sat back on his knees, then without any warning shoved three fingers in me, wiggled them around, and pulled them out. They were dripping wet. He was right, I wanted them, all of them, but I felt so ashamed with him letting my cunt juice drip onto my stomach.

“Yellow card, Oliver. You want to go for red?”

Oliver just laughed and stood up.

“If we don’t give her some serious cock soon, she’s gonna have to fuck the whole city. Twice. Slut!”


Chris jerked is head at a guy with brown hair, very curly, and blue eyes. Pete helped me up and took me to another sofa. He put me over his lap. I was afraid he was going to start spanking me, but he just rubbed my ass, tracing my bruises and sweeping his fingers up my back. I turned away from the game and closed my eyes, trying to calm myself again. I felt a few other hands on me, on my feet, my hair. I guess I drifted off.

When I came to, I realized the TV was off and there was a finger working its way into my ass. I started to tense, then heard someone say Shh. I tried to relax, breathing slowly. Pete still stroked my back, though he shifted me so my tits were on his legs as someone shoved a pillow under my hips.

I felt the finger go deeper, deeper, then pull back, before plunging in again. I couldn’t turn my head far enough to see who was violating me so I just closed my eyes. After a few minutes of this, I felt myself relax enough that I started to enjoy it. The friction was a strange feeling. My ass muscles yenimahalle escort tried to grip but the finger was so lubed that it kept slipping in and out. I could tell everyone was watching me and felt my cunt start to heat up. Then a fresh intrusion of pain as another finger moved with the first, stretching me more, slowly at first, but building. I was liking it, but wanted more, more on my clit and in my cunt. My hips started grinding into the sofa, trying to get some pressure on the front, but I couldn’t make contact with anything until Pete moved and left me just humping the pillow wedged under my pelvis. Bliss, then, as strong fingers slid into my sopping cunt and started circling my tender clit. I was reeling from that sudden explosion, still trying not to cum, when a lubed cock slid into me. I was starting to see why people like anal sex. I felt him tense and move faster until he was slamming into me, ramming his finger into my slit. He stiffened and barked out a strangled cry as I felt a huge tide of wetness shoot into my ass. He stayed there a minute, his finger on my clit but not moving. He finally sighed and moved off me, leaving me frustrated. Another well-lubed cock slid into me, more easily this time. It hurt just a little, then turned to pleasure as he stroked in and out of my ass, also fingering my clit. I started to feel the frenzy of pleasure building.

“Please, Master, may I cum?”

“Not yet,” says Chris.

I swallowed my moans and tried to stay present without giving into the orgasm that was building. My bucking hips seemed to encourage my assailant, and he shot his load into me. As he pulled out, I felt some dribble on my bruised ass.

“Put her on the bed.”

I think it was Chris ordering that, since he seemed to be back in charge this time. Two guys lifted me and hauled me to the mattress. I notice they were nude. On the bed, Barry waited, also nude, his thick cock standing straight up. I started to freeze up, thinking of that width stretching my tender asshole, but when I was deposited on the bed, Barry shifted me and impaled my cunt on his rigid shaft. My clit was so sensitized, I almost lost it when I slid all the way down and bumped against him. I went to move up again, to ride him, but I felt a hand on my back, pushing me forward, and felt a cock slide slowly into my ass. I was sure there was no way this could possibly fit. They both felt so huge in me, even before they started moving. Somehow they both started moving, pushing off each other, grinding into me. Then, as I opened my mouth to cry out, someone shoved a cock down my throat, pumping into my mouth. I struggled to keep my teeth from scraping the new cock. Triple penetration at last.

I wanted to beg to cum, but I couldn’t with my mouth full of dick. Fortunately, I heard Chris calling out his permission into my ear as he rode my ass.

“Cum for us slut! Show us you like having every hole filled.”

My body exploded, and my explosion triggered the other explosions, first Chris shooting in my ass like a jackhammer, then Barry screaming out.

“You fucking slutty whore! Ride me!”

I felt him cumming as he anchored me to his cock.

My face was fucked for a few more strokes, before that cock pulled out to spray a massive load all over my forehead. I felt so happy, I wanted to start zooming around the room. Before I could do anything, Chris pulled out of my ass and I was shifted off Barry’s spent dick. I had to keep my eyes closed because of the large load of cum weighing down my eyelids. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t see. My cunt was impaled on another shaft and immediately after that another cock penetrated my ass while another cock forced its way into my mouth.

Again and again I was fucked, filled, and fucked again. I know there were only 18 guys there, but it felt like twice that. By the time the third or fourth round of cocks, I had so much cum in my holes that I squelched. They didn’t have to lube their cocks before plunging in my ass. It was good that they traded off cumming in my mouth and on my face or I would have drowned. I think I came again at least once more, but it was all a blur of sensation. I just know that after I felt a cock pulled out and not replaced with another hard cock, the next hole wasn’t filled, and the final hole was left empty. I lay there, cum dripping out of me, my eyes cemented by drying cum, and I fell fast asleep.

I was disoriented when I awoke. I felt like I had Friday night when I left the hotel, covered in the cum of 24 men. Not exactly the same, this felt like more. My eyelashes were stuck. I rubbed them gently, trying to open my eyes and look around. It was so quiet.

“You’re awake.”

Chris’ voice. I made some incomprehensible sound in reply, sort of agreement crossed with a groan and a moan.

“Stay still,” he ordered.

I heard water running, then sloshing near me as I felt him sit on the bed. A ripple of dripping water, then I felt a warm cloth washing the dried cum from my eyes. He expanded a little to my nose and mouth, then stopped. I quivered, wishing he would wash my whole body like that. I wanted him to touch me everywhere. I don’t know how I could possibly want that after being used so completely for hours. What time was it? It was dark, but dark came early up here in winter. I found the clock, 7:20. I looked up to find Chris studying me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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